Mardi Gras Erotica

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New Orleans, Louisiana

It was a beautiful spring day, in sunny New Orleans, Louisiana.

Melody had just gotten accepted to Tulane Law School, and was about to start her first year in a couple of weeks. She fell in love with the city, the first time she laid eyes on it while she was a senior at the University of Southern California.

She had just moved into her brand new modern apartment, which was overlooking the breathtaking city of New Orleans she looked down from her balcony and saw people preparing for the annual Mardi Gras parade as New Orleans is famous for.

Upon turning 22 last month, this was her chance to become more adventurous than ever before. Melody always, had a particular interest in married older men. She felt more aroused at the thought of fucking a hot and handsome, married man, who were twice her age and tonight she was on the verge to do just that.

Her interest in married older men began when she was only 18 years old and working at her father’s law firm, in New York City as an intern. She always wore tight black pencil skirts, and almost see-through white button down blouses, and blazers with either black stilettos or strappy black heels. This caught the eye of her father’s co-partner, Bruce. Bruce, who was 35 at the time, married for about 8 years and had one son found interest in Melody.

One late night, at the office Melody and Bruce were working on a high-profile mergers and acquisitions case, things got a bit heated between the duo and they began to exchange some casual, yet flirtatious comments at each other. Bruce was a very handsome man. He stood at 5’11, Blonde Hair Blue and Grey toned eyes that were hypnotizing, and had a fit and athletic toned body, as well as an impressive circumcised 8 ½ inch cock to match. Melody began to notice his bulge starting to grow in size, once she laid her hand innocently on his thigh, and later unconsciously Bruce began to place his hand under her skirt and found its way to the outside of her red lace thong. Melody could feel herself getting wet and knew that her panties would get soaked if he did not, have his fingers inside of her pussy any moment.

Melody, leaned over and whispered into Bruce’s ear and said “Lets get out of here” Bruce stared back into her dark and hungry eyes, and nodded. He soon darted off to his office to pick up his belongings, and Melody did the same. Soon, they had reached the elevator and had their hands all over each other. Bruce stared deeply, in Melody’s eyes and said “I want you” Melody did not care at the fact that he was married with a child, all she wanted to do was fuck his Gaziantep Kavaklık Escort brains out. And she did, over and over repeatedly in various parts of her apartment, in the laundry room, the shower, and in the kitchen. This affair went on for five months, until the bastard backed out in the last couple of weeks.

Melody was fantasizing about this, and it got her all hot and bothered so she proceeded to pull out her favorite vibrator, and began to lay back in her soft and smooth bed, and began to strip down to nothing but her lace black and purple bra, and matching thong which immediately had to come off since her pussy was begging to be touched. Before she grabbed her vibrator, she decided to get her fingers all over her dripping wet pussy lips, it felt so smooth and silky, and she quickly remembered that she showered earlier this morning, and she shaved her pussy in her marble shower with an amazing and pulsating separate showerhead. She then took out her vibrator, which was starting to pulsate on the outside of her throbbing and swollen clitoris, and began to place it in and out of her dripping wet pussy. “Oh fuck” she moaned. “Mmm yes” “Oohhhh fuck” she moaned over and over and louder, until she reached her climax. She could feel how soaked her pussy was, and she glanced under and saw hot wet her vibrator was.

She glanced over to her watch, and noticed it was 5:00 pm. It was about to be packed downstairs if she didn’t get her ass down there right away for the Mardi Gras festivities to commence. She quickly hopped into her shower, and took a quick cold one. She got out, and picked out a tight black dress, which showed off her quite impressive figure, not to mention her amazing set of 36D size breasts. She then picked out her favorite set of Christian Louboutin, strappy red heels, which her father got for her birthday and she proceeded to put just a bit of makeup on, to make herself look presentable, she then grabbed her clutch and made sure it had plenty of condoms in it. She also, made sure to moisturize all over her body. Then, proceeded to head out the door.

Glancing at her brand new, tag heuer watch she saw that she had made it just in time for the festivities. She made her way down Bourbon Street and found a rather handsome man, who looked like he was in his early 40’s and was walking by himself. He was older, as she liked it and not to mention the ring on his finger, which also made her wonder where the hell his wife was in all of this commotion? He was 6 foot tall, had Black hair, slightly greying on the sides with blue-green eyes and an amazing smile. He was dressed in light blue polo shirt and black slacks, with nice dress shoes, which probably indicated he had recently came from dinner at his hotel earlier. Melody, also noticed that he was wearing a Rolex. “My God!” she thought, “this guy must be some hot shot executive or something!” She then approached the handsome man, and introduced herself.

“Hello, my name is Melody, I apologize for being so forward and rude, but you do not look like you belong in all of this hustle and bustle.” She said as she smiled mischievously.

“Hi There! My name is William.” “you’re right” as he said jokingly but I’m in town for a week for this stupid conference for my job and I decided to check this Mardi Gras business out for myself.”

Melody, could notice the way he was slightly staring at her legs and ass as she was walking. But, she kept it to herself.

“First time in New Orleans?” She said.

“Yeah!” “I’m starting to like this city, a lot actually. Had my doubts about it but its actually pretty great.” He said.

“Ah! Well I’ve only been here for a couple of weeks, and it already feels like home.” She said enthusiastically.

“What are you here for?” “College or Grad School?” He said intriguingly.

“Law School got accepted to Tulane. This is my first year/first semester.” She said.

“Whoa!” Great School, you must be very smart then. He said as he was noticing how beautiful and hot she was.

“You are right about that, Sir. In fact I think I may have misjudged you,” she said.

“Oh yeah?” He said playfully.

“Mhm” “Looks like a man like you, knows how to have fun. But it seems like you have not had a lot of fun recently. Where is your wife tonight?” She said curiously.

“She is not with me actually, she’s back home in California where I am actually from.” He said.

“Oh.” As she grabbed 5 pairs of beads that were given to her by a man walking in the same direction. “Here” she said, and she handed him a pair of bead necklaces to put on.

“Thanks, I need to grab some bead necklaces myself, and I need to stop sticking out like a sore thumb around here!” He said jokingly and proceeded to get 5 more beads.

“Would you like to grab a drink with me?” he said, invitingly.

“Sure, that would be great.” She said, as she couldn’t believe this was happening!

Melody began to follow William, to the hotel bar. They sat down at the barstools, and began to order some drinks.

“What will it be?” William asked her.

“Oh no, I can pay for my drink. Thank you for the kind suggestion.” She said.

“Nonsense. Let me buy you a drink.” He said.

“Hmm, very well. Bartender, I would like a glass of your best champagne.” She said.

He then proceeded to order himself a glass of red wine and was mesmerized by the sight of her. He decided to glance at her for a few minutes, long enough to admire her supple and perky 36D breasts and amazing waistline. He then was staring at her long and smooth legs, and beautiful heels.

He then moved closer to her, and they soon could feel the tension in the air. She decided to put her hand on his slacks close enough to his Bulge; Melody knew it was starting to grow. And then he placed his hand, just slightly above her dress, near the outside of her pussy. She was aching for him to touch her freshly shaved pussy.

Before they knew it, they were back at Melody’s apartment. Everything was hot and heavy, they were making out so passionately and deep, it felt so good. She tore off his dress shirt and tossed it on the floor. And he took off her dress, and began to take off her bra, and began sucking on her bodacious breasts nice and slow and began to pick up speed. She then took off his slacks and undid his belt and threw them to the floor, along with his boxers. His cock was sticking straight up at her practically begging to be sucked. She did just that. She started sucking him nice and slow, then got faster and deeper each time. Afterwards, he threw her on the bed, and pulled down her thong, and began to disappear in between her legs and starting eating her pussy so good, it felt oh sooooo good. He could hear her moans getting louder and louder, with each thrust of his tongue and fingers inside of her swollen and wet clit.

He continued to tongue fuck her gorgeous pink pussy, until she was about to cum. Before she could even say a word, his cock was sliding in and out of her soft and smooth pussy, he could feel how tight and wet the walls of her pussy were and she began to moan louder and was about to reach an orgasm. She then switched positions and straddled him on the bed, his cock was straight up and instantly slid inside of her dripping wet clit. She decided to take control and was taking it nice and slow at first, then picked up speed faster and faster each time she bounced up and down his throbbing, rock hard cock. He grabbed her tits, each time as she went up and down on him. “Oh baby” fuck you feel so good. He said. Mmmm, yes fuck my tight pussy babe.” He did just that until, he came and shot his hot creamy cum inside of her tight pussy, and she gripped his cock tighter until her orgasm was achieved.

They collapsed next to each other on the bed, absorbing was just happened. They then began to kiss softly, and he said “Can we do this again tomorrow?” as he mischievously smirked at her.

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