Barry and Diane, Encounter No. 07

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I looked in the rearview mirror to check and see if Diane was still behind me. We had been having a couple of drinks and playing cards and she was following me home. She was back there alright, and she was holding her shirt up jiggling her boobs at me! I am sure she was grinning ear to ear behind that top and I was joining her. “God she is beautiful!” I thought to myself as the light changed and I slipped my truck into second gear. My wife was indeed a lovely woman, mousy brown hair that I loved to see hanging down her bare back, a trim waist, gorgeous ass and legs to die for. And I loved her boobs too. Diane was proud of them and she enjoyed showing them off when she was with me. I loved for her to do so. “See these guys? All mine. Eat your hearts out.” I shook the image out of my mind so I could concentrate on my driving. Just then my phone went off, a text message no doubt.

“Like that lover? They are particularly hard for you this evening….”

Whew! I began formulating a plan to take advantage of my wife’s obvious state of arousal. Yeah, this was going to be fun.

Upon pulling into the drive way I jumped out and waited on my beautiful wife. Diane pulled in and parked, exited the car and turned toward me. I was right on top of her by that time, picking her up and letting her wrap her legs around my waist. Diane held me tight and kissed me hard, her tongue probing my mouth. My cock immediately leapt to attention as it did every time she did that. Diane felt this and moaned, grinding her dampening pussy onto my hardening cock. I held my wife tight by her lovely bottom as I made my way up our drive and into the house. Punching the button to the garage door opener, I attempted to open the door to our house. Not an easy feat with a writhing woman wrapped around my torso who was attempting to suck my tongue out of my head.

Getting inside I carried Diane up the stairs and into our bedroom. I dropped her onto the bed on her back with me on top of her. Pressing my mouth to hers I pushed my tongue into her mouth as far as I could all the while undressing her and her me. Soon I had her top and bra off and was pulling her slacks down her smooth legs when I had an idea. Breaking sumo web tools our kiss I got up. “Want a beer honey?” I asked as she lay on the bed, hair splayed out all around her wearing only her watch, panties and a smile. She looked so incredible lying there, sultry and sexy and beautiful all at the same time. I counted my lucky stars again as Diane replied.

“Sure handsome. What ya got?”

“I think there is some Corona down there. Want one of those?”

“Sure! Lime please!”

“Be on your stomach when I get back up here okay baby?” I asked.

“Sure!” Diane grinned to herself. She always enjoyed my little games, and I loved her for being such a playful woman. She was up for just about anything, and it made my cock hard thinking about what I was planning on doing to her tonight.

Down in the kitchen I found an old dish towel. Tearing it lengthwise, I produced five long strips of cloth. Next I got two cold beers out of the fridge and sliced a lime producing two wedges. Squeezing the juice into the bottles I shoved the limes down into the beer and put the one of the bottles in each pocket. Next I picked up one of the kitchen chairs and took it, and my strips of cloth upstairs. Diane was indeed lying on her belly when I entered the bedroom although she was still in her panties.

“That won’t do” I thought to myself as I pulled out my single strip of cloth. Kneeling down next to my baby I whispered into her ear, “You’re going to like this sweetheart.”

“Mmmmmm” she whispered as I wrapped the strip of cloth around her eyes and tied the blindfold around her head.

Sitting her up I gave her a bottle of beer and I got up from the bed.

“What do you have up your sleeve sir?” Diane demanded in mock indignation.

“Oh you will find out soon enough” I told her. “Now drink your beer because you won’t be doing anything I don’t want you too for the next little while.”

Diane grinned ear to ear and took another swig from the bottle. I got into our “toy chest” and pulled out my handcuffs, and Diane’s favorite strap on dildo. Next I positioned the chair against the bed frame with the seating part touching it and the back sumowebtools part away from it. Securing the strapon against the chair back I positioned it so that the dildo was pointing away from the back of the chair. I stood back and examined my handiwork. Everything seemed in order so I took Diane by the hand and stood her up in front of the bed.

“Give me your hands me dear” I asked.

Diane held her hands out and I snapped the cuffs over her wrists, adjusting them so that they were just tight enough to be noticeable but not enough to be uncomfortable. I pulled her panties down and led her around the chair and positioned the dildo against her slit. She was sopping wet now, and I could tell she was really horny as her breathing was fast and her chest flushed. Diane’s nipples were hard and begging to be sucked but that would be for later. Pulling her forward I slipped the dildo into her, sliding it as deep into Diane’s pussy as I could. She gasped at the sudden intrusion. Next I took a couple of the strips and tied one to each cuff and in turn tied these to the chair legs, forcing Diane to bend over at the waist and hold onto the chair seat. Finally I took the remaining two strips of cloth and tied each of her ankles to the chair legs. This had the effect of straightening her legs and forcing her bottom up in the air. Pulling her legs against the chair back also kept the dildo firmly planted in her now very wet pussy. I took a few pulls on my beer and admired the sight I had created. There was my beautiful wife, tied over a chair, blindfolded, and exposed for me to do anything to her that I wanted to. My cock was cooperating by throbbing in rock hard anticipation.

Stepping into my closet I pulled out my ever present box of condoms and pulled one over my aching cock. I looked out and over to her, the site of her bent over that chair like that, helpless and at my mercy, nearly sent me over the edge right there and then. But I composed myself and rolled the rubber down over my erection. Next I grabbed the lube and squeezed a generous amount onto my rubber clad dick, rubbing it up and down and spreading it all over until my entire dick was slippery and coated with lube. I walked up behind my beautiful wife and rubbed my hand all over her bottom, depositing the remaining lube all across her perfectly shaped ass. Next I positioned the head of my cock against her bud and pressed, gently but firmly until I saw her start to relax. I pressed gently until I had the head of my cock into her and then paused allowing her time to adjust. Soon I pushed in some more until I had the entire length of my shaft buried in Diane’s ass.

“Oh it feels so good!” gasped Diane as I started to pull out and then push back in.

As I expected the dildo started moving slightly inside her pussy sending shivers up Diane’s spine as I pleasured her ass simultaneously. I put my hands on her hips and set up a good rhythm pushing deeply into her and then pulling back until I nearly came out of her. Not giving her a chance to catch her breath I pushed back in quickly and a little harder until my balls slapped against her ass. With each thrust the dildo drove into Diane’s pussy as my cock was driving into her at the same time.

“OH! OH! OH!” Diane screamed out with each thrust as the sensations were starting to overwhelm her.

I could feel her muscles start to contract and I knew she would cum soon. This thought was too much for me and I started moaning as well.

“OH Diane! Oh baby! OHHHHHH!” I gasped as I came shooting tons of cum into my condom.

This set Diane off too as she screamed and climaxed over and over, her ass clenching around my cock squeezing every once of sperm out of me. I felt her juices running down her legs from the massive orgasm she had just experienced. Exhausted I pulled away from her and tossed my condom, heavy with cum, into the trash. Flipping open my pocket knife I sliced the strips of cloth off of Diane’s ankles and from the cuffs around her hands. Straightening her up I unlocked the cuffs and dropped them to the floor, wrapping her arms around me. I pulled off her blindfold and held her tight, looking into her eyes I saw such love as I had not experienced before. I returned her gaze hoping that she could tell how much I loved her as well. Pulling her close I kissed her and held her tight, head on my shoulder. I could smell the sweat on her neck as I rested my breath warm against her skin. After a moment I pulled back, looked into her face and told her “I love you Diane, with all my heart and forever more.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32