Electric Thrills

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My name is Amanda. However, only my father and my dom call me that. Everyone else calls me Mandi. I am a submissive longing to become a slave- wondering if I am cut out for the job. I live with my dom. He owns my heart as well as my body. Believe it or not we met at work. He was my supervisor. Never before had I been dominated though I’ve always longed to be. There is a hole in me that I know can only be filled when I am totally dominated-when I become his slave.

From the start, we hit it off. Within a week we were living together. Within three, there I was, wrists tied to my thighs, one rope behind my neck pulling my legs to my head. We made a single pact that was not to be broken or altered. No permanent damage would be done to my body. That’s all I could ask for. At fist I said no to the idea of anal sex. Mainly because I knew it would hurt worse than any other torture imaginable. As I cam to love him and in turn to trust him, I soon let go of that occlusion- I broke even that barrier. Even as our scenes progressed, I was not afraid of him. From mere ropes and blindfolds we advanced to a cane by which I was beaten when needed, to a hood and gag. Candles came soon after.

Having had a near death experience with fire before in my life, the flames were unendurable. Paralyzed with fear, petrified within, I had to use our safe word. Tears ran down my face that night as they had done so many times before only this time due to guilt. It was the first time of three that I ended the scene and I felt horrible. I felt as if I had failed to make him happy. He took me downstairs, gently showered me and put me to bed telling me the whole time what a good little submissive I was- that he was not upset with me for using the safe word- that he loved me. I knew it was true, but I was still scared he’d think I was trying to top him. Never would I try that. I know my place.

Before long we were using wax, clothespins, belts, a pulley system, hypodermic needles and tourniquets. Then all at once our scenes stopped. Upon talking about the interruption, I learned that he wanted something more. He was not bored with me, but with our equipment. It was then that he introduced the idea of electricity. At first I was scared. But by then I had long since established an ” I’m happy to try anything that makes you happy” mindset. ensest porno So electricity became our next endeavor. For weeks he “played” with items in the house trying to crate an instrument that would work- that we could trust. Finally deciding on two switches and a phone line, he concocted the device that soon we would use.

That evening started out with a nice dinner and afterward, we both experimented with the electricity. He held the wires in his hand and dialed our phone number from our other phone line. When it rang he jumped a little and laughed as he let go of the wire.

“You will enjoy this.” He said. “Here, try it.”

So I did as he had and I too jumped from the shock. Cautiously, I raised my shirt to reveal my breasts. I held the wire to my nipple and very slowly dialed our number. I cried out in pain as the current charged through my sensitive tits.

“Please not on the nipples.” I begged. Grabbing a fist full of hair, he pulled my head back so that I was looking him square in the eyes. Then in the softest voice I had ever heard he asked, “Who’s in charge here Amanda?”

Hating myself for having begged him, I quickly replied, “You sir. You are in charge. Please forgive me.” “You will be punished.” He assured me. “As I should be.” I said to myself, not daring to speak. Into the room we went. He led me hand in hand to the foot of the bed. The pulley system had been set up earlier. The “toy drawer” as we call it was open. I watched as he walked to the drawer and brought forth my hood.

“Put this on dear.” He said handing me the black hood. I took care to pull my long blonde hair away from my face. It would not please him to have to move it later at a more crucial time.

I stood silently hood, in place as he applied the dark tape over the eyes of my mask. This keeps out any smidgen of light that might try to shine through. Normally I would be calm at this point however tonight was very different. My legs could not stop trembling as master tied the knots that bound my wrists behind my back.

“Are you scared?” He asked. Violently I nodded.

“I can’t hear you. Speak up.”

“Yes, I am very scared. “I said meekly.


“I am nervous about the electricity.”

“Oh. I see. Why don’t we get that out of the asyalı porno way first then?”

I felt my body freeze as I heard those words. Master must have seen or felt the change in me. Soon he laughed and said, “No. On second thought, we’ll keep you in suspense a bit longer. ” I relaxed a little as I felt him attach the pulley to my wrists and begin to lift them high, higher, so high I was on my tip toes to keep from falling. Soon I felt the tourniquets being rubbed across my chest, which was jutted out due to the elevated position my arms were in. My nipples hardened as his warm mouth engulfed one of them. Even harder still they became as he bit down onto it. He kissed the tender area he just bit before tying the tourniquets around each breast. The rubber irritates my skin as it is tied tighter. The second pulley is to be used next. A rope is wrapped around the tourniquets in order for my breasts to be lifted and pulled. I grimace as they are stretched, for the tourniquets and rope only grow tighter.

“Remember begging without permission earlier?”

“Yes.” I say aloud.

“Never beg unless you are told to.”

WHAP! The sting caused by the cane makes me whimper. Five more follow. WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! Four were in the same spot as the first-right across my butt, but the fifth was a little lower on my thighs. That one hurt the most. He paused to ask, “Have you learned you lesson? Will you beg again?”

“Yes sir, I have learned. I am sorry. I will not beg again.”

WHAP! Intentionally across my thighs the cane lands. “See to it that you don’t.” He ordered.

An hour of bittersweet punishment passes. The nether parts of my anatomy are swollen from the constant pressure of the clothespins. My breasts feel as if every drop of blood in my body has gathered in them. The welts on my ass make it hard for me to sit back on my legs as I caress my master’s turgid flesh with my lips and tongue. Before long I am forced to lean over the bed. My feet are spread on the floor as I bend at the waist onto the queen size mattress. My arms were then hoisted using a hook in the ceiling above our bed. I lay there scared stiff. I knew it was time. “At least it’s not my nipples.” I thought as he taped the bare wire to my lower back, one switch on each side of my spine. gizli çekim porno I wanted to cry as I heard the beeps of the telephone dialing our number. He would not turn both switches on at once, just one at a time. Too soon the last digit was dialed and a current hit me so strongly that my feet were thrown from under me. I screamed not from terror, but from sheer pain. He let it ring that once before turning off the switch. My body was shaking so badly that he asked me, “Are you okay?”

“Yes,” I replied through tears, “I’m okay.”

Once more the switch was turned on. This time it was the opposite one. Again my feet jerked from beneath me and my upper body was thrown about. Dislocating a shoulder would have been possible and was actually not too improbable. The switch was immediately turned off, as I muttered, “Baby please, no more, baby.” Any sentimental term such as “baby” or “sweetie” is a sign to stop for a moment and evaluate the scene. “No more!” I cried as he untied my hands and took off the wires.

“Are you okay? Do you want to stop altogether?” He asked.

“No,” I replied. ” I just can’t take the shock.” Still my body was convulsing. I could not stop shaking. The pain was unbearable. It felt as if the switches were still on. “Please turn them off-no more.” I pleaded. He grabbed me and held me in his arms. “They’re off, they’re off.” He whispered softly. He laid me down on my side of the bed. My body still shook violently.

“Are you okay?” He asked over and over. “You are scaring me.”

“Yes, I’m fine.” The tears had stopped, but not the convulsions. There was electricity speeding up my spine. The pain had yet to subside. Quietly we lied there. He held my trembling body until finally the shaking slowed and I could relax. The pain left soon after the shaking stopped.

“No more electricity. Not until you say you want it again.” He assured me.

I will never forget that night. He seemed so scared. No one besides my family had ever been scared for me. He is so gentle. But that does not make him any less dominate. He punishes me when I need it and he’s damn good at it too. He treats me so well. I could not ask for a better dom. I could not ask for a better boyfriend. He is the love of my life. I love to know that I am making him happy and I know new things excite him. I do want to try electricity again. Maybe not tomorrow or even the next day, but some day soon when we aren’t using house hold electrical items. If I can’t be in charge of the electricity that I feel when his lips touch mine, I will at least be in charge of the electricity that follows.

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