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Ava Addams

Note: In old swedish folk lore there is a creature called Näcken, or The Man of the Stream that lurks in waters to drown the bypassers of his waters. Maybe some lost ones never actually drowned…


She took the same path she always did, through the forest, over the bridge by the falls and further up the mountain. At his time of year, when spring was very hard to separate from summer, the streaming water was high, foaming and almost violent as it fell in cascades over the rocks. Below the falls there was calmer areas, where the sun had time to warm up the pools, contrasts in both temperature and motion.

The morning had been early when she left home to take this weeks food to her sister, that was watching the cows on the mountain, but had now turned into lunchtime. She sat down by the pool just below the large waterfall to eat her lunch. She put her bottle of milk in the water, to chill it. In the corner of her eye, she thought she saw something move behind her, and turned around, but there was nothing but the trees, being gently rocked by the warm wind. Nothing disturbed the silence but a few bumblebees, busy with the flowers in the grass. She felt the soft grass with her naked feet, looked out over the water and noticed that the big rock slab in the pool was now under water. You could see it ripple the surface, but none of it was visible. As she had finished her meal, she leaned over the calm water to get her milk. She saw her reflection, and for a second it looked like a man was standing over her! Startled, she jumped up, but there was nothing. She felt a bit silly, letting her imagination run away with her, being an adult and all…

She drank the milk and more hastily than she’d like to admit, were off to her sister. She knew she’d be welcome company, even if there were not many places that was more beautiful than the mountain in the summer, it also was very lonely.

She had stayed a bit too long with her sister, chatting about boys, the competition from other girls, and dreams of getting well wed. On her way home, she had to hurry, if she wasn’t to lose the daylight completely. The brisk walk down hill had caught her a bit of time, so when she reached the stream again, it was merely dusk. There was a faint sound coming from the waterfall, she thought. Where there people there? Maybe she could have some company on her way home?

As she came closer, she heard that it was someone playing the violin. She got curious, who did that on a Thursday evening? When she got to the bank of the stream, she saw it was a man sitting in the running water. He was completely naked, his hair were long and wild and his skin was freshly tanned, the shade of river sand. His eyes was green, like the woods surrounding him, and maybe it was a trick of the sinking sun, but it almost looked like they were glowing.

“Oh Lord!” she thought, “He has no clothes on! Not a thread on his body!”

The man looked up and gazed into her eyes.

“I’ve seen you here before.” he said and smiled.

She couldn’t look away, her dress felt suddenly very snug, the skirt warm and itchy. His voice was like he wind in the trees and soaring of the water as he asked her:

“Where were you born?” He slowly rose from the water moving towards her, still fixating her with his eyes. “Where were you raised?”

“I can’t answer it!” she thought. “He’s putting a spell on me!” vaguely aware that the water wasn’t going to hide anything very soon.

“Where were your maiden dress laced?” he finished softly.

“I… I can’t… ” she answered weakly, as her heart was pounding and she was short of breath.

He moved closer, the water was flowing from his long hair, down the chest. She couldn’t help following it with her eyes further down where it dripped off his semi hard cock.

She wanted it, she thought, then hastily added “to go away”

He reached out to her and smiled a little, took her left hand in his, and she could feel the chill of the water and roughness from his palm. Wet… His grip was soft and tender, but yet she wasn’t able to let go. She didn’t notice meeting his other hand herself, she just became aware of his cool grip.

He opened his mouth again. She saw his white teeth, like pearls…

“Where were you born? Where were you raised? Where were your maiden dress laced?” he insisted, softly touching her chin. “Whe…”

“The Clearwater parish!” she said. “Clearwater! Clear..”

His smile filled her with joy and anticipation and he put his arms around her, making her blouse wet.

“The water is still running off him” she thought, “Where does it come from?”

He let his hands run over her body, up to her face and kissed her gently, nibbling her lips, parting them with his tongue. He pulled her off the bank into the water with him, his left hand caressed her breast as he kissed her deeper. She felt him rolling her nipple between his fingers through the fabric. Her genitals were swollen, throbbing. She could feel her own wetness lubricating her labia. His hands continued around her waist, mobil porno supporting her as he leaned on her with his kiss. The right squeezed her ass, as the other were gathering her skirt, pulling it up. The wet hemline clinged to her buttocks, and his hand wandered over her hip, the groin and found her swollen cunt. His fingers gently caressed her, parting her and running along the delicate folds.

“Do you want me?” he asked, “I cannot have you if you don’t give yourself to me willingly.”

She moaned, wishing he would just press his fingers into her.

“Do you want me?” he repeated, now stopping the movement of his finger.

“Yes!” she replied “Yes, I want you!”

She could feel him smile through his kiss, and he slid a finger into her, softly. When he slid it out, he let another follow, pushing two into her, watching her. When they left her, she felt so empty she almost wanted to cry. He lifted them to his lips to taste her, then kissed her again, she could feel her own flavour on his tongue.

He led her deeper into the water, and she gasped for air as the cool water reached her hot, blood filled genitals.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

She nodded, even if she wasn’t sure if she was, or for what.

He lifted her up, taking her with him out in the stream. He stopped at the slab in the middle of the pool, just an inch below the surface and laid her on it. Her dress was loosened and whirled away, sinking as it drenched with water. The string in her under dress was loosened in the neck, and he pulled it down to reveal her breasts. The now wet fabric clinged to her chest, both warming and cooling as she was splashed with water. He let his mouth play with her nipple, sucking, gently biting, licking it, sending sensations through her that she never dared to imagine the dark lonely nights she had wished for this to happen.

He lifted her under dress, kissing his way down over her stomach, making a trail with his tongue. It lightly touched her clit on the way down to her inner thigh. He kissed her all the way down to her feet, taking her toes into his mouth, licking them, playing with them.

She moaned, “How can it feel so good?” she asked, but he didn’t answer. He was back between her legs again, his tongue teasing. One second light as a feather, the next stabbing into her, leaving her to circle her clit, then back, thrusting deeper. She felt the climax building and suddenly he stopped.

“No. please, more!” she begged. He laid himself on top of her, his body covered hers. Water still flowed from him, and she looked into his eyes as he kissed her again, sucking on her lips. The force of his tongue almost took her breath away as he kissed her deeper.

“Please, please…Touch me again…” she said.

There was a flash of mischief in his eyes, but he seemed to take no notice of her. She felt his cock harden against her belly, just below the lump of fabric rolled together, that was the front of her under dress. His hard flesh against her sensitive skin, she could feel the blood throbbing.

“Please?” she begged again.

He rose up, took her hand and pulled her up with him in the water. He made a little twirl, making them change places, so he could sit on the rock where she just laid.

“Show me that you’re mine..” he said, gently pressing her shoulders to show her where he wanted her. The drawstring in he under dress was almost out, her breasts free and the hair on his chest tickled her nipples as she fell on her knees in the water before him.

“I’m yours!” One of her hands touched his ass, the other grabbing his hard cock.

“Kiss it!” he said, “Show me!”

She tasted it with a lick, took the head in her mouth, felt the salty taste. She let her tongue circle it, tickle him on the underside, sucked it in harder, testing to see how much of it she could swallow. She let it go to lick the shaft down to his balls, and back. He let her wet hair flow through his hands, holding it by the fistful, guiding her to his rhythm.

“Ah, yes, so you are. All mine” he said.

She looked up at him with her mouth full. “Enchanted..” she thought, but the word was no longer frightening, nor did it have any meaning.

“Mine!” he said again, the look in his eyes were greedy, yet filled with love. Her answer was just a mumble over his hardness. He pulled her up to him again to kiss her mouth, her face, her whole chin was in his mouth.

“Come to me.. as you are mine” His hands on her ass lifted her, to straddle him, and she felt the rough surface of the slab to her knees, cold and uneven. Such a contrast to what she could feel resting between her legs, waiting to enter her. Warm and smooth. he parted her cuntlips with his fingertips, his palms resting on her ass.

“You want it?” he asked with a playful smile.

She tried to lower herself on him, but his hand held her back. he moved his pelvis, making the tip of his cock gently rubbing up and down her slit, lubricating it with her wetness. He could see the answer in her face.

“Yes! I want it”

He alman porno loosened his grip on her, letting her impale herself on him. She was more than ready, the entry being easy, her movement almost desperate. As she held on to him, riding him up and down she thought she saw eyes gleaming in the dusk, but she couldn’t care less. He took her breast into his mouth and moved with her, thrusting into her, filling her, leaving no room.

He got up, with her clinging on to him and laid her on her back. On top of her he sunk his flesh deeper and deeper into her as she screamed of pleasure. He kissed and bit her neck while thrusting upwards, making sure his cock either rubbed her clit on its way in, or the front wall of her cunt. He twisted her hair between his fingers, mumbling in her ear as he took her. “I’m going to fuck you forever” he said, “This is just the beginning, I will fuck you for years and years, you will beg me to do it.”

She realized it was true, he could fuck her forever, and she would just beg him for more. But she didn’t care. She was his.

He changed places with her again, now lying down with her on top. He took her under dress off completely and threw it away. Sweat and water made her body glide with his movements, riding him harder and harder until she finally came. Her scream echoed out in what was now darkness, and he filled her with his own juices.

As she collapsed on him, he stroke her hair. “You are quite a catch!” he said. She rolled off and laid on his side, catching her breath, his semen flowing out of her.

He looked into her eyes again. “I will fuck you forever..” She wasn’t sure if it was a threat or a promise, but he want down on her again, lapping up his own sperm as she leaked it. He avoided the sensitive areas, and concentrating on fucking her slowly with his tongue. Inevitable, he woke her again and she started moving with him.

He took her by the hand started to lead her to the waterfall.

“Is he going to drown me?” she thought, but he was not. He led her into the waterfall, where a cave had been formed by the water, strangely lit by the rock itself, from within. Not a clear, bright light, more of a dimmed non-darkness. He pointed at a flat rock, covered with moss, and she sat down on it. It was remarkably comfortable.

“You gave yourself to me” he said, “and now, I will accept your gift!” One pair of the eyes, she had seen before were closing up to his side, and she could not make out what they belonged to. It was small, hairy, and she saw teeth flash dangerously. The creature was carrying something, and she could hear a metallic clatter, muffled by cloth.

“What is that?!” she asked, and she probably looked a bit scared, because he reassuringly stroke her thigh.

“They are just my servants” he smiled. “Don’t worry about them, they will make your life comfortable, on my command, and would never hurt you.” He took the burden from the creature, and it immediately disappeared back into the shadows. It was a bag, and he took out a shackle from it.

“You won’t need that!” she said.

“But I think I will!” he said. “You are mine, and I want to do what I like to you, how I like it, and as long I like. I have no doubt you will like it too!” Gently he locked it around her left wrist, took out another one and continued with her right wrist. He stretched her out on the soft stone bunk and fastened her shackles over her head. He took out another set of shackles, these intended for her feet, and fastened them so she laid flat on her back with her legs parted.

He resumed his kissing, starting with her neck, now he was in no hurry anymore. He took his time, coating her with his saliva, exciting her. His whispers in her ears were both meant to relax her and egg her on.

“I know your desires, I can feel them in my blood… Tell me… how much do you want me?”

He let his glans slide up and down her opening, teasing her, arousing her and she tried to meet him, but were held back by her chains.

“So you want me to fuck you? So soon my love?”

“Fuck me….” she moaned “Fuck me again!”

“No chance of that yet, I’m afraid… I want to play with you first.” He smiled again and moved up, so that his knees rested on each side of her chest, and let his cock touch her lips. “Come on, take it…”

She opened her mouth for him, feeling him fill it. The soft skin touching the roof of her mouth. Her shackles rattled as she tried to reach for it, not yet used to how it restrained her, and he looked amused. She took as much as she could of the hardened flesh, letting him fuck her mouth as he pleased, and it was arousing, to the point of almost being painful. As she let her tounge whirl around the tip of his cock she could hear him breathe heavier and he withdrew. He let his cock slide over her cheek,under her chin and over the other, painting her with her own saliva.

“Not so fast!” he said and winked at her.

She writhed on the moss covered bed, trying to rub her swollen sex against anything, his body, alexis texas porno herself, but there was nothing to give her relief.

“I know what you need, say it and it will be yours… eventually”

“Please, fuck me, touch me, anything, please…” she begged.

He let his hand run up her legs, and kissed her inner thighs. “Here?” he said and le his finger follow the outline of her cunt. “Maybe here?” he let his index finger slide into her.

“Yes! More, please, more!”

He fucked her with a finger, then two and three. His thumb lightly massaged her clit from side to side, but not firm enough to let her come. The fingers teased her, holding her at the edge of insanity, making her beg, plead, and fight her chains. He took the fingers out, enjoying her desperation the few seconds his hands were off her. Then he softly pressed his well lubricated finger to her ass, just a little, then again harder, until it opened for him. His thumb went back to her clit, now pressing it, letting her push to it herself, and at the same time against his finger, that went deeper into her. When he could more easily slide his finger in and out he tried two.

“You like it?” he chuckled, well knowing that she wasn’t able to answer with more than moans. “I do.. I am going to fuck your ass.. I want to see if it’s as sweet as your lovely cunt.”

He made a quick nod with his head to her foot restraints, and she heard feet over the wet cave floor, and the chains were pulled from the shackles. The chains holding her arms were loosened. He rolled her over to her belly, and pulled her down so her ass were right at the edge of the bunk, and her hands, once again stretched over her head.

He leaned over her, letting his cock rest between her butt cheeks and licked he back of her neck. “Do you feel it?” he asked, “It’s all for you…” He spread her hair like a fan over her back, caressing her and finally his hands were on her ass again. He dipped his cock in her cunt, taking her wetness and smeared it over her back entrance, went back and let it sink all the way in and then pulled it back again, gently pushing her anus. His hand went down to her clit again, not moving, just resting over it. He could feel her shivering, not from cold, just from unreleased tensions.

“Do you want it up your ass? Just ask for it and i is yours.”


“Yes, what?”

“Yes I want it! Fuck my ass, I’m on my knees for you! Fuck me, please!”

He pushed harder, and entered her, as he fingered her at the same time. For every push he went further in until he had buried himself in her, and she pushed against him for more. She just couldn’t have enough, every time he pulled out she felt so empty, and every time he filled her it was so good. He picked up pace and fucked her in long, hard greedy strokes, she felt his balls slapping her every time he went in.

“Mmm, harder, more..” she cried.

His thrusts became harder, his fingering more intense and as he came he bit her shoulder, and his roar of pleasure sent her over the edge too, the feeling so intense she got tears in her eyes. He didn’t roll off, he stayed on top of her, inside her, feeling her sweaty back against him. Exhausted, she enjoyed his weight upon her, and fell asleep, with his soft whispers in her ear: “I will fuck you forever, and ever….”

When she woke up, she realized she was no longer on the bunk. She could see it on the side of her, a bit closer to the waterfall. She could see more of the cave now, as the sun was up, and some of its rays penetrated the curtain of water she was now behind. Further in she saw water running down the entire cave wall, into a shallow pool and led away out in the stream.

She was very comfortable though, but still wet… The shackles were still there, now chaining her to a wall, from where a warm rivulet run. It ran down the cliff wall, out on a little wedge and with perfection dripped over her genitals, both cleaning them, soothing them and massaging them. The water then flowed over her belly and tickles the underside of her breasts as it dripped onto the cave floor. She turned her head to see where her lover was, but the cave seemed empty. She let out a little cry when she turned her head back and found one of the creatures standing by the side of her head. It peered at her with the yellow eyes, blinked and held up a wild apple. She couldn’t hear it speak but in her thoughts she heard its words.

“Mladee feed!” What did it mean? “FEED!” The little creature shook the apple and held it against her lips. She understood that this was breakfast, and that there was not anyone that had any plans to unchain her. She bit the apple, it was sweet and tasted nice. She licked up the apple juice that tried to get away in the corner of her mouth. “This is good” she said, not really knowing how you handled a furry beast, eagerly feeding you with fruit. This immediately trigged a tooth filled grin and it said: “Is MORE!” It shoved some hazelnuts into her mouth, and as soon as she had chewed and swallowed, it poured fresh, cold spring water into it, to help her thirst. The meal was perhaps not her cleanest, since the thing seemed beside itself not to let her wait an unnecessary second for her treats, but it tasted good, and the creature had even a hand full of blueberries to finish it off with.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32