Elvie at the Spa Ch. 02

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It had been 2 days since their visit to the spa. Elvie could not get the memory from her mind. She could still feel the tenderness of her ass where Roberts hand had beaten her. But she didn’t care, the pleasure she had derived from their experience together surpassed anything she had ever felt before. She had been alive, every nerve in her body had been triggered simultaneously at her point of orgasm; she wanted more. Elvie was a little nervous. She wanted to say something to Robert, she wanted to broach the subject with him, but she was afraid of his reaction.

As if feeling her discomfort, Robert opened a small case and took out a DVD. He placed in the player and the picture on their large TV screen filled with an image of Elvie strapped to a table.

She watched in amazement. She had no idea their adventure had been recorded. She immediately flushed with embarrassment and at the same time her excitement grew to see how erotic it was to see her naked body on the screen being roughly treated and spanked by Robert.

They watched together, both aroused by the vision before them. The scene had moved on and Robert was now fucking Elvie from behind, forcefully squeezing her small breasts and thrusting so hard into her that her whole body was shaken back and forth.

“Did you like it?” Robert enquired

“I want more,” was Elvie’s hurried reply.

“You really demonstrated your love for me last week, now, are you ready to give yourself fully to me?”

“Yes, I want.”

“So you are going to be my sex slave, I will be your master. I will control you completely.”

Elvie’s head swam. The notion of being controlled was new to her. She had always valued her freedom, how could she say yes to this, how could she spend her time in bondage? But Elvie knew she wanted it. The release she felt with Robert last time was so complete that she needed more. She was obsessed by Robert, sexually dependent on him.

Elvie nodded her consent.

“Then let’s start right now. Strip for me while you watch yourself being fucked.”

This was all so quick, so sudden, she needed time to get used to the idea of being enslaved. But she had already given up her liberty and now her master wanted her. Obediently, Elvie stood in front of Robert and watched the TV as she carefully undid the buttons of her blouse. She slid it off her shoulders revealing her simple white bra. Next she removed her shorts to show her matching white panties. Robert’s eyes flicked back and forth between her striptease and the TV. She knew she aroused him and that sent a thrill of excitement through her stomach.

“I see you are wet already” Robert noticed. Elvie felt a little embarrassment, why did she feel it now, what had changed? She had never felt any shame before. Despite the mild embarrassment, Elvie’s arousal increased as she heard her screams of delight coming from the TV. Elvie slid her slender hands beneath the elastic waistband of her panties and began to expose her nakedness. As she pulled them down she could feel the slight adhesion between her and the cotton where here sex had leaked into the material. Robert stared at this incredible sight, Elvie knowing the excitement was surging through him.

With only a bra separating Elvie from full disclosure, she undid the clip and gave Robert what he had commanded. He wanted his slave naked, and now Elvie was that naked slave.

Robert continued to sit on the couch, not hiding his delight, his eyes wide and his mouth open. He was the fortunate guest at the best show on earth.

“Lie on the floor, put your legs either side of me, and then watch yourself on TV”, Robert’s voice was firm and authoritative, but not disrespectful. Elvie walked over to where Robert was sitting and sat on the floor, facing him. Her head lower than his, she had to look up to see his face, and he could see the hunger in his eyes. Elvie knew Robert was on fire inside and it pleased her that her master was happy.

Elvie lifted her feet onto the couch, one either side of Robert’s legs. She lay back onto the hard cold floor. It burned against her skin, the discomfort giving another surge of pleasure to her rapidly swelling pussy. As she laid her lead on the floor, she could look behind her and watch the images on the TV.

Elvie could see her naked body being altyazı porno coarsely handled by Robert and his penis thrusting into her over and over again. She had not realised until now how much noise she had made, screams of pain laced with desire and delight.

“Masturbate!” came Robert’s command and she did not need a second invitation, her hands immediately rushed to the source of her craving. Her fingers quickly found their rhythm, one hand working on her labia and the other circling gently around the swollen bud of her clitoris.

Robert gaped at the scene before him. His beautiful girl was naked with legs spread wide in front of him masturbating. His arousal was total, his penis fully erect.

On the TV, Elvie could see the red marks on her white ass where Robert had slapped her earlier in the scene. The sight of her tiny body being so wantonly abused was driving both of them insane with lust.

“I want to taste.” Elvie pushed her fingers deep into her sex and slowly drew them back out. Robert leaned forward to receive his reward. She guided her two fingers over his lips and into his hungry mouth. She teased his tongue with her finger feeling him devour her juices. Elvie could hear Robert moaning with gratification as he tasted this amazing girl.

“Now you,” Robert said as Elvie returned her fingers to her sex. The excitement was palpable and Elivra’s fingers were working furiously. Removing her fingers she cautiously probed them with her tongue. She was aware of a slight musty odor but it was not unpleasant.

“Put them in your mouth,” Robert ordered. Elvie pushed two fingers into her mouth. She was met with the mild, slightly acidic taste of her own nectar. It was pleasant, but what Elvie noticed the most was how much more aroused she felt, having her sense of taste stimulated at the same time as touch and sight.

The scene had now moved on and Elvie could see herself, lying on her back with her legs spread wide. She gazed in amazement at how stretched she looked, two love eggs buried deep inside her vagina. At the other end she was equally stretched. Her mouth was being fucked by Robert’s swollen cock and he was not being gentle. She was surprised at how easily she managed to take him fucking her that way, she was amazed at how she looked like a porn star, strapped to a table and being fucked hard in her mouth, pussy stretched by vibrating devices. But the most amazing part was how turned on she felt now, lying naked on the hard floor watching her own dishonour. The orgasm was upon her before the scene finished. As she started to cum, Robert placed his hands on her ankles preventing her from curling up and ensuring she remained in full view for his enjoyment. Robert watched as Elvie’s stomach muscles tensed to their limit, he saw her mouth open and her eyes close, she screwed up the muscles of her face as if in pain, but he knew different. She was in raptures. He watched as Elvie’s fingers cupped her sex to extract maximum pleasure from her climax, he saw her juices squirt from her sex and flow between the finger of her hands.

As the rampage in her body subsided, she wanted to roll over, hide herself, but was unable to do so due to Robert’s hands locking her in place. She looked at him, and he smiled at her. His voice was gentle and kind.

“I very much enjoyed that. But no more touching. You must save yourself now, we have important things to do next week.” With that Elvie went and showered. Her mind was a blur, so much had happened. She was in now his.

Over the next week, Elvie’s mind strayed, her state of excitement was constant, but nervous about what things she needed to save herself for. Despite her heightened state of arousal, Elvie did as instructed and did not touch herself. Nothing happened and after a week she was beginning to wonder if Robert had changed his mind. A week was too long for Elvie to go without orgasms and she was desperate to be touched once again.

Finally, after an agonizing 10 days, Robert told her it was time, and to get in the car. Elvie nervously climbed into the front seat as Robert put a bag on the back seat. She could not see anything clearly but knew it contained items from the trolley at the Spa. Elvie’s pussy sprang into life, nervous and excited in equal measure.

Robert amatör porno drove in silence. After about 20 minutes he spoke, “take off your panties,” he said gently. Elvie knew it was not a request.

“But I am wearing jeans, Sir” she replied.

“Take off your panties”, Robert repeated, sterner this time.

Elvie undid the button and zip of her jeans. She hoisted her bottom off the seat and wiggled her jeans down. Lifting her feet she removed them completely exposing her pale white legs. The road was quiet, no other traffic was around, but still what if someone saw her? Elvie took a deep breath and again lifted herself off the seat. This time her panties slid off her buttocks and down her naked thighs. The leather of the seat felt unfamiliar to her as she lowered her bottom into it. She removed her panties completely and she saw Robert gaze down at her lustfully.

Despite knowing that no other drivers would be able to see her, Elvie still jumped as another car sped past them. The countryside got more and more remote, rolling hills surrounded them with occasional wooded areas. Five minutes later Robert reached into the bag he had placed on the back seat and pulled out a soft black item. He handed it to Elvie.

“Put this on,” she was told.

Opening it she found it was a blindfold. She opened it, placed it over her head and covered her eyes. Elvie could see nothing. Her world was total blackness. She was tense, but surprised by how excited she was. She could feel the dampness between her legs spreading over the leather seat and coating the underside of her ass and legs.

A few minutes later Elvie felt the car come to a stop. A door opened and she heard Robert get out. As he opened her door she felt the cool air wash over her naked legs, the sensation was exhilarating, her skin tingled and again she felt a wave of excitement. Robert took Elvie’s hand and guided her out of the car. Oh god where are we she thought? I am naked outside. Who the fuck can see me?

Robert did not speak and she knew she should be silent also. Elvie was gently guided by Robert as they walked for about 2 minutes, the cool air continuing to wash over her naked legs and sex.

Rob stopped her and gently guided her backwards until her ass touched something cold. She couldn’t be sure, but it felt wooden beneath her soft skin. Robert let go of her hand and she was alone. No sound. No sight.

Elvie then felt the now familiar sensation of her ankles being shackled. This time, he also restrained her wrists, either side of her head. She was outdoors, almost naked, she could not see and yet she was desperate for more. Her excitement was reaching fever pitch, the nerves mixed with the sexual tension was a toxic mixture for Elvie.

What she felt next made her scream aloud. Her whole body was being rotated backwards, her feet no longer on the floor. Still Robert didn’t say a word.

Elvie had no idea what she was strapped to, but whatever it was, it was not a simple table like last time. Now Elvie felt her feet being raised, legs bending at the knees, opening her up, putting her on full view.

If she had been able to see herself, Elvie would have known she was on a pivoting bondage table with adjustable ankle trolleys. Although she could not see herself, she knew that her body was now horizontal and fully exposed.

Elvira jumped when she heard Robert’s words: “I need you to be naked, I need your tits.” His voice was soft and sooth, unlike his actions, Robert ripped the t-shirt from Elvie’s fragile body. She felt the fabric straining against her skin before it gave way. Next her bra was gone, she assumed he had cut it from her.

“God you are fucking sexy,” Robert’s words thrilled her. “Before we start, I need to examine you.” Moments later Elvie felt the unfamiliar sensation of a cold metal object at her opening. Robert was gentle as he inserted the speculum. Carefully he operated the device. Elvie felt its arms spreading to separate the walls of her vagina. Initially the sensation was uncomfortable, but as it opened her further, Elvie felt the comforting sensation of being stretched. She moaned gently as she felt her vagina being touched for the first time in more than a week. She was hungry, she wanted more.

“Elvie, I can see right amatör porno inside you,” it was the first time Robert had used her name and there was a slight quiver in her master’s voice. “You are so pink inside, and god you are so wet. I have never seen so much juice.”

“I want to see inside you while u are cumming.”

Elvie shook with excitement. She felt Robert’s hands on her naked body, hungrily exploring her stomach, her legs and her breasts. His hands felt strong and he touched her firmly, squeezing her delicate features. Elvie could hear him muttering in excitement. Knowing how excited he was increased Elvie’s arousal. Robert’s animal instincts were taking over and she could feel his passion gripping her flesh. Robert kissed the inside of Elvie’s thighs, her skin tasted of her pussy juices and drove Robert into a sexually charged frenzy.

Elvie writhed with desire as she felt Robert fondle her body and kiss her breasts. His teeth bit her nipples and Elvie jolted her back off the wooden frame in response.

Elvie was alive she needed more and Robert was in a hurry to deliver. His hand moved down to her gaping vagina and started rubbing her clitoris. This attention was too much for her and she knew she would not be able to control what happened next.

“I am going to watch you cum. Cum for me, let me see your orgasm” Robert watched as Elvie’s pussy filled with fluid and her muscles tried in vain to contract, held wide open by the speculum inside her.

Robert waited a few moments as Elvie pulled hard at her restraints trying to free herself in the throes of her climax.

The speculum was removed and Elvie felt the muscles of her sex relaxing. No sooner had it been removed than she felt her legs being raised even higher. Her back was now slightly off the table and her ass fully exposed. Elvie could not see, but she felt sure what was going to happen next. When it came the pain was only mild. This time it felt different, she did not hear the slap of his hand on her ass, it was the crack of leather on her skin that she heard. Robert was whipping her.

The sensation was thrilling again, she loved being used, she loved to feel him searing her skin with his strap. Each stroke was only light, but left a small red mark on her round ass. As he continued to whip her, Elvie could feel the blood flowing, warming her ass, and she knew her whole ass was reddened. With no sight, all Elvie’s mind was focussed on the abuse her tender body was receiving.

Without warning the whipping stopped. Robert ran the whip over her stomach and chest, oh god was he going to whip her tits too?? Elvie tensed her body, waiting for the onslaught on her delicate breasts, but it was an entirely different sensation she felt. Robert’s penis was now fully inserted into her vagina. Elvie screamed in delight and she felt the warmth of his cock violate her sex.

“I am going to fuck you, I love fucking you,” she heard Robert say. His voice was urgent, excited, “you are the best fuck in the world, you are mine and I will never stop fucking you.”

Elvie’s pulse raced, she loved to hear her master speak to her like this.

“Don’t you fucking cum until after me,” he instructed her, “understand?”

“Yes Sir,” Elvie replied meekly as Robert continued his thrusts. He pounded into her again and again. Each time his grunts of delight getting louder and louder. Robert’s penis was fully engorged and filled her completely, his body slamming against hers as his hands clawed eagerly at her hips.

Elvie could feel the familiar rising sensation of her impending orgasm. She knew she was not allowed to finish until Robert had done so. How could she stop the inevitable? She relaxed her entire body, laying limp like a stuffed toy willing the orgasm to retreat a little. Robert continued to fuck Elvie hard, her body flopping back and forth and he thrust into her time after time. Robert wrapped his arms around Elvie’s legs to steady her body and fuck her deeper. Suddenly Roberts movements slowed, and Elvie knew he was about to explode. Each thrust was full length, but paused as he was deep inside intensifying the sensations he was experiencing.

Elvie was aware of three things happening simultaneously. First was the long deep grunt of relief issuing from deep within Robert. The second was the warm jets of fluid gushing from Robert’s penis into her sex, filling her and flowing out between their bodies. Finally, Elvie was aware of her own orgasm overpowering her. She was engulfed by the pressing, unyielding tightening of her being, crushing her soul and releasing her form her bondage.

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