Heart’s Desire

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It was deep midnight as Kyra glanced at her watch. She couldn’t sleep, so she decided to take a walk through the french quarter.

Kyra sighed. The night air was balmy and her shirt clung to her like a second skin, making the thin transparent shirt she put on as see-through as possible.

This made Desiree smile. She liked the looks of the woman standing across the street; especially her breasts. She wanted to hold them in her hands and lick the nipples until they were hard.

Desiree decided to take her chance. She walked across the street, waiting for Kyra to acknowledge her.

Kyra smiled at the other woman. She had noticed her around during the day in the French quarter.

“Hi,” she commented, “Nice night.”

Desiree smiled to herself. She knew this would be Kyra’s first time being with a woman.

“Come with me.” she says, her voice almost hypnotic as she takes Kyra by the hand and leads her to her plantation.

Kyra follows. She always wanted to try something different, and knew it was about to happen.

As soon as they made it into Desiree’s room, she lit a candle. “Relax.” she tells Kyra as she rubs her hand across Kyra’s cheek. “Undress for me.” She kisses Kyra softly on the lips.

Kyra nodded. She slowly began to peel off her shirt, exposing her firm breasts; sarışın porno her nipples already taut from the crisp night air.

Desiree moaned as she watched Kyra step out of her shorts. All she wore was a tiny baby blue g-string.

Desiree walked over to Kyra and laid her back gently on the huge king-size bed. The black satin sheets felt cool to Kyra as she lay there liking the feel of Desiree’s hands roaming all over her body.

Desiree touched the tip of her tongue to Kyra’s mouth wanting to taste her. Kyra opened her mouth for further access. She moaned as she felt Desiree fondling one of her well-proportioned breasts.

Desiree rubbed the tip of her thumb against Kyra’s nipples, watching them grow hard from her touch. She began to suck on one then the other, making Kyra moan in pleasure.

Kyra inhaled sharply as Desiree pulled aside her g-string and began to slide her finger in and out of Kyra’s already moist pussy. She pushed up against Desiree’s hand, wanting her to go in deeper.

Desiree smiled as she listened to Kyra’s gasps of pleasure. She started to kiss Kyra down her neck.

Kyra grabbed the sides of the pillow as she felt Desiree part her legs. She writhed underneath her as Desiree began to flick her tongue inside her, making her sex hikayeleri slick with need.

Kyra pulled Desiree to her, and kissed her with more passion; then began to rub her breasts. She liked the sound of Desiree’s reaction, one of pure delight.

Kyra whimpered as Desiree began to tease her clit with her with the tip of her finger. She screamed as she came.

Desiree laughed with pleasure as she watched Kyra’s reaction. She licked Kyra’s cream from her fingers. She walked over to her dresser and began rummaging through one of the dresser drawers in search of something.

Kyra smiled anxiously as Desiree strode back over to the bed now wearing a strap-on. She began to tease Kyra’s slick pussy with the tip of the head. Kyra moaned as Desiree began to rub her firm ass and began to finger her tight anus.

“First, I am going to fuck your pretty pussy and then your lovely ass.” Desiree informs her. Then I want you to suck on my pussy until I come in your mouth.”

Kyra gasped as Desiree entered her with the strap-on. She groaned as she felt Desiree’s hips grinding against hers. She grabbed Desiree’s breasts and began to fondle them, then sucking on the nipples until they became pointed little peaks.

Kyra buried her face into Desiree’s shoulder şişman porno as she climaxed a second time.

“Turn over so I can look at and fuck your lovely ass.” Desiree said.

Kyra willingly complied. She squeezed her eyes shut, awaiting Desiree’s entry of her anus. She never had taken it in the ass before.

Desiree could sense Kyra’s apprehension. She walked over to the dresser once more and grabbed a bottle of lotion.

Slowly, Desiree entered Kyra’s anus with the strap-on. Kyra moaned from the pressure then sighed as she began to enjoy the feelimg. Desiree grabbed Kyra’s ass with her hands and began to thrust faster and deeper. She wiggled her fingers in and out of Kyra’s pussy until Kyra was about ready to explode.

“Now it’s your turn.” Kyra said throatily as she pulled Desiree to her awaiting mouth, flicking her tongue in and out of Desiree’s pussy. She watched as an expression of sheer pleasure swept across Desiree’s face.

Desiree moaned a Kyra began to suck on her sensitive clit. She went wide-eyed as Kyra slid her finger into Desiree’s anus.

Desiree entangled her fingers through Kyra’s long auburn hair as she had her orgasm. She thrust her pussy deeper into Kyra’s mouth, allow her juices to flow into it. Kyra lapped it up hungrily.

“That was great.” Desiree smiled at Kyra wearing a look of satisfaction.

“Yes, that was.” Kyra practically purred as she got up and began to dress.

Kyra awoke the next morning, sunlight warming her skin. She decided to take a stroll into the French quarter where she spotted Desiree, who wore a flirtatious smile.

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