Dominating Tara Louise

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The Women’s Erotic Liberation Circle held this retreat on the Oregon coast, where I decided to actively mindfuck one of the newer women. Her name was Tara Louise, and she was a real estate agent from Sacramento. Curvy girl, mid-40’s, five-foot-ninish, lovely pale skin, light red curly hair, very busty, and dressed like she was meeting a client. She stood up at the first meeting and read her statement from a piece of paper without looking up. It finished with “I spent most of my married life fantasizing about serving as another woman’s slave, and now that I’m here I want to make it a reality.” She blushed and barely glanced up at the end, catching my eye.

After dinner, I casually invited Tara Louise to join me for a glass of wine on the swing overlooking the beach. I put my arm around her and told her very directly that I was going to take charge of her and make her fantasy real. My fingers grazed her left breast and I could feel her nipple stiffening.

“Do you understand there will be other women, hon?” I said. “I have an bursa otele gelen eskort enormous appetite, an enormous need to be worshipped. Besides, I am a goddess.”

“Yes, you are,” Tara Louise whispered, gazing up at me.

“And you’re a slave. It doesn’t get much simpler than that, does it?”

Before she could reply, I kissed her deeply, rose and walked away.

I turned my head before heading up to the cabins, and she was kneeling on the path, worshipping me. I felt such an extraordinary surge of power at that moment. As I walked away, I swung my hips slowly, knowing that she would be mesmerized by my every motion, aching to serve me as my slave.

The next day at lunch, she wore a server’s uniform and personally tended to my every need. As everyone watched, Tara Louise poured a glass of Chardonnay for my approval. I slowly swirled the liquid in my mouth and swallowed with satisfaction.

“Not bad, Tara Louise. Of course, a goddess drinks from the glass. bursa eve gelen escort bayan You, as a slave, well, that’s a different story.”

I pushed back my chair, pulled the bottle out of Tara Louise’s hand, and, staring her in the eye, lifted my skirt and deliberately poured white wine in a slow, delicious trickle over my pantiless cunt. Smiling triumphantly, I took her by the hair and made her kneel between my thighs, lapping at my hugely engorged lip and clit.

“Does it taste good, slave? Lick my cunt, Tara Louise! Lick me out like a good slave should!”

I groaned with pleasure as the other women applauded. Some had come from as far away as Germany and Venezuela–I saw a cute little Filipina hitching down her slacks to masturbate as she watched me getting eaten publicly, and made a note to inquire about her interest in goddess worship later on…

“This is who I am!” Tara Louise gasped. “I’m a fucking slave and I want to serve you, Goddess! I love bayan eskort bursa kneeling and licking you. I just want to do what you tell me and know that your pleasure comes one thousand percent before mine.”

I pushed her face deeper into my cunt and screamed as she sucked directly on my clit. Women pressed closer, needing to feel my power. Nearing what was to be the first of many enormous climaxes, I knew I had to give Tara Louise the ultimate gift, that of knowing that she was right where she belonged at my feet and could never hope to equal my beautiful, supreme goddess power.

I beckoned the Filipina girl forward and began passionately kissing her, letting Tara Louise know that she was a slave and fucktoy.

“Oh God, yes…your lips are so soft…kiss me while I get worshipped…goddesses like us indulge, while my slave serves on her knees…love it, love it, love it…”

I had to push away with a scream as Tara Louise finally brought me off with her slave mouth, sucking and lapping with all her might. I collapsed into the arms of three surrounding women, who held me across their laps and against their breasts as I recovered from the overwhelming sensations. The Filipina girl stroked my hair. I lay still and then felt another sensation: opening my eyes, I looked down and saw Tara Louise still kneeling, red curls demurely shading her eyes, tonguing and licking my toes…

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