I Had a Dream Last Night

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… And you weren’t in it. But before you get too disappointed, hear me out.

So, I was outdoors, somewhere in the city. I remember there being a lot of concrete and grassy medians. It was a hot day, but not oppressively hot. And I was walking down the street. I seemed to be looking for someone, but I can’t remember who.

As I was walking, I saw a girl walking toward me. She was small, maybe 5 foot or an inch taller and thin. A tiny little thing, if you will. She was Asian, with long, black hair tied in a simple pony-tail down her back. She was also wearing very little: a bustier-style top and some black leggings. It should’ve looked slutty, but she just looked tasty. She had a little smile on her face as if she knew who I was looking for and where I could find him, but her knowledge had a price.

I wish I could remember the conversation I had, but I remember her always stealthily evading my questions, and I felt frustrated. But she was also removing articles of clothing–both hers and mine–with every answer, as if in penance for being unable to answer me plainly. But all the while, she had that tiny smile on her lips.

When she dropped the last scrap of cloth, I saw that she had small, hard breasts with nipples the color of my favorite hot beverage. The aureoles were goose-pimpled, xnxx and the nips themselves were like pebbles, jutting out at me. I dropped to my knees, longing to wrap my tongue around them, and I knew that was exactly what she wanted me to do. Still, I was scared to touch her, so she leaned forward to bring one to my lips. I looked up into her face one last time before I turned my full focus to the task at hand–or, mouth, as it were. I saw her dark brown eyes slip closed, and her tiny lips part as her tongue snaked out to wet them in anticipation. Then, I was concentrating on memorizing the texture of her breast as I wrapped my own lips around it.

Her skin was warm, and she tasted clean with just a hint of soap. But mostly I felt her, her hard nipple as I pulled it softly with my teeth, then flicked it lightly with my tongue. I did, in fact, wrap my tongue around it, and she pressed her body more insistently into mine.

As I switched to her other breast, I grew bolder and put my hands on her slender hips, feeling the bones under my palms. My fingers dug a bit into her soft but firm little ass. I wanted to let her know that I was going to take all of her, not just her little boobs. She gasped at my unspoken declaration but didn’t argue when I began tracing a line with my tongue bakire porno and lips from her breast, down her belly, to her mound.

She spoke again as I kissed the little patch of hair over her lips, but I was no longer paying attention. As I poked my tongue into her slit, I felt her tremble, and I knew what I needed to do. I picked her up, she was so light, no more than 95 pounds or so, and carried her to one of the grassy medians. I deposited her there on her back, and before she could change her mind, I threw one of her legs over my shoulder and spread her dark pink pussy wide with my thumbs.

Her clit was over-sized, it seemed, compared to her tiny body, and she had very thin lips. When I pulled them apart, I could see into her hole. I plunged my tongue into that hole, and she was so tight! I couldn’t imagine her taking a man with any kind of girth to him as her pussy constricted around my tongue. She tasted of musk and citrus. I was getting so wet, I suddenly realized. The feel and taste of this girl was turning me on the same way the feel and taste of you does. My pussy was beginning to throb with arousal, and I fucked her tight hole with my tongue, drooling and grunting into her flesh as she began to undulate in my hands. Breathy moans escaped her in rhythm bedava porno with my licking. I ground my clit into her thigh as my juices flowed. I rubbed my tongue and chin into her and lapped from her puckered, dark asshole all the way to her engorged, large clit.

I poked lightly at her ass before turning my attention to that clit, proudly poking from its hood. Just looking at it, my own stood out a little further, reaching for the stimulation her taut thigh was bringing. I wrapped my lips around it and popped it into my mouth, rolling it between my lips and tongue, feeling its slick stiffness and hearing her sighs as they began to pick up speed and urgency. Her hands pulled me tighter in as I began flicking my tongue over its top while still pinching the little nub lightly between my lips. I could feel my own orgasm impending, and I was a little incredulous; there was no way I was going to cum just from feeling and hearing this beautiful girl’s own orgasm, was there?

But there it was, undeniable, as I helped her work up to her own. I pulled her hips even more fiercely into my face and refused to relinquish my prize as my own juices began to flow freely now.

As she bucked into my mouth, I let loose, cumming on her thigh as she shook and shuddered, coating my chin with her fluids.

I wish I could remember the rest. I remember her shouting playfully angry at me, and I picked her up in a fireman’s carry. She giggled and playfully beat my ass with her fists, when I slipped one hand between her cheeks. But that’s all.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32