Guilty Pleasures Ch. 07

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Big Tits

“Why down here?” Susan asked as I led her downstairs towards the basement shortly after she’d arrived home.

“Because, I made a special little place up for us for one thing. But for another, just in case someone does come in, or come home unexpectedly, we have a quick way out, or rather I do anyway,” I said grinning at her. “You might get away with being partially undressed being that this is your home, but I think someone coming in and finding me in a likewise state, might raise more than just a few eyebrows.”

“Like a few cocks you mean?” Susan said snickering. “Especially knowing Jared’s friends, I bet you would too!”

“Yeah well…which is why it’s better to be safe than sorry. And besides, like I said, I fixed up a cozy naughty little place for us to play in.”

There was a door leading up from the new downstairs den to the outside up a short flight of steps. I had used the reasoning behind coming down here as this room did have a door which I could quickly, and easily slip out of if I needed to. I had also chosen it as a place for us to have fun in because of all the large comfy cushions and soft pliable beanbag like chairs we could also use. All of which I had carefully arranged in order to keep Susan facing in one direction, and me in another.

It was the one aspect of Jared’s scheme I still wasn’t all that comfortable with.

Bill had been remodeling the new family den for quite some time now in his spare time. And though he’d most recently finished it, he hadn’t as yet started in on the small attached bathroom. It was still nothing more than a tiny little room with no fixtures having been installed within in yet. That’s where Jared had proposed he would be, hiding inside the room, peering around the corner at us, spying on us. As long as I kept Susan facing in the opposite direction, which I intended to do with the way I had arranged things, Jared could in a reasonably safe fashion, watch us from his hiding place without Susan’s even being aware he was there.

The problem with that was, anything could happen. If he sneezed, coughed, accidentally bumped into the wall, or did anything stupid, we’d be found out, and then there would no doubt be hell to pay, all the way around. He’d assured me half a dozen times as he showed me what he’d intended, and where he would be, that he’d be quiet as a mouse, and that his mother would never know he was ever there.

The truth was, I hadn’t liked it when he’d told me about it in the beginning. Susan was my very best and dearest friend. As much as I wanted to establish some level of trust with Jared, I also didn’t want to betray my trust with my best friend either.

I was walking a very thin line here, and it was one I could have very easily fallen off of.

I had glanced worriedly several times towards the unfinished bathroom, so far…I couldn’t detect that Jared was actually standing inside there, actually wondering for a moment if he had perhaps decided against doing so. After we had both gotten undressed, as I’d expected, and as Susan had initially suggested, we sat down in front of one another, legs spread, crossing over one another. Susan’s back facing towards the vacant bathroom. She had always enjoyed masturbation, perhaps more than most even, and so included that aspect of her sexuality in almost everything she ever did. And this was to be no exception.

She had told me a few days ago how she had recently purchased a new toy, one that we could both use simultaneously. She’d been anxious to try it out, and as she had soon after convinced me, so was I. It was a lot like a double-ended dildo, connecting the two of us together, stiff well enough, though still flexible for comfort and ease of movement, but also working as a vibrator simultaneously too. We’d be experiencing the same sensations together simultaneously as she turned it on to the lowest setting. The life-like looking toy, thick veined now inserted inside each of us as we sat there, legs crossing over one another with the obscene toy bridging the pussy gap between us.

“Feels nice doesn’t it?” she asked sitting there grinning at me as I sat there grinning back. Truth was, it did. But I passed part of that off on the fact I was highly aroused anyway, and even a vibrating toothbrush on my clit would have felt good at the moment. The fact that there was an element of danger seemed to heighten the intensity of all this too, especially when I got the first indication that Jared was indeed standing back inside the vacant little room he was in. Glancing up looking over Susan’s shoulder as we sat there, I saw the first indication of his head just then peeking around the corner looking in at us. Once again, I began to rethink my reasoning here, but it was too late for that now, not with Susan and I sitting there connected to her vibrating toy, Jared behind us standing there in the semi-darkness, no doubt fondling himself as he did so.

Admittedly, it was nice, and I was becoming more and more aroused as bostancı escort we continued to sit there facing one another, moving only slightly. Even that I found pleasurable, the slight adjustments we made, did…causing the toy as it rotated, vibrated, and thrust of its own accord, even without our help into us both simultaneously was really quite pleasurable. In addition to that, it was also nice to be able to reach out, sitting there as we caressed and fondled one another’s breasts. I did enjoy the sensation of Susan’s much larger breasts, her firm erect nipples with tips that were as thick as gumdrops, though much harder as I sat their toying and playing with them, just as she did to mine.

And as we did that, I stole quick fleeting glances up and over her shoulder towards the room. Jared himself quite obviously enjoying it as he watched us, sneakily exposing his manhood to me as he allowed it to be seen, the blue panties I had prepared for him once again draped over the end of his prick as he stood there caressing himself with them, watching us. Even that was making me hot. Images of my own husband as I stood there watching him, Susan’s sharing of her own encounters with Bill, and then my own most recent experiences with Jared, in particular that very morning. I could feel the intensity of my arousal, passion, horniness…escalating rapidly.

Susan and I were both already nearing fever pitch when she decided it was time to do something else, not yet wishing to climax, though I myself was already hovering on the edge.

“I need to lick you…taste you,” she told me actually licking her own lips as though she was. “How would you like it? Side by side? Sixty-nine? On top? On bottom? Selfish?”

“Selfish,” I said grinning at her, though I knew by the look on her face, that’s what she wanted to do anyway. We both enjoyed that, feeling it, as much as doing it. She pushed me onto my back where I comfortably positioned myself, head slightly raised so I could look down and watch her as she ate me. More importantly however, I also had a clear and unobstructed view back towards the bathroom where Jared stood. Inserting an entirely different toy into herself, she turned it on. I could hear it as it hummed pleasurably away inside her as Susan stretched out her legs behind her, now lying between my legs, her face only inches away.

“Two cums…and then me,” she said winking, laughing, obviously aroused and highly excited.

“I might not make it two cums individually,” I told her. “I’m so fucking horny now, I might cum the moment you stick your tongue on me, and then cum again the moment you lick me even then!”

“Make it three then,” she giggled, and then leaned forward just barely brushing the tip of her tongue up the wet glistening furrow of my sex. I nearly did cum too, as excited as I was, though I somehow managed to hold off, regaining control of myself as Susan’s tongue now began to work its magic on me.

As she began doing that, I looked up and watched as Jared stepped a bit more boldly, a bit more daringly into view. I knew he could see easily enough from his previous vantage point, almost cursing him for his daring exposure, though I was likewise grateful for it too. He now stood there, still back well enough he could duck in an instant, yet now fully revealed as he stood there fisting and stroking his rigidly hard cock, his mothers panties, soaked through with my own cunt juice, once again sliding up and down along the sides of his shaft as he stood there milking himself.

“Fuck your cunts wet and juicy!” She exclaimed. “More so than the other night!” she then added as she tickled my clit with her tongue, her finger sliding in and out of me with a nice smooth rapidity that soon had me pouring out even more of my essence than it was already. “Oh yeah! Yeah! Listen to this!” She now added, and proceeded to finger-fuck me in such a way that neither of us could fail to hear the sloppy-wet sounds my cunt began making. As she did so, I knew that Jared too could easily hear them, stopping briefly as he removed his mother’s panties from his cock, now placing them against his face, sucking the crotch, which I knew contained my aroma, my spending as he sucked them into his mouth, his hand once again furiously pumping his cock as I lay there watching him pleasuring himself.

If I thought all, or any of this was decadently wicked before, it had gone well beyond that now. I was more than a bit nervous that Jared had so fully exposed himself, though I was well prepared to reach down and shove Susan’s face into my pussy if I had to, to keep her from accidentally looking up, turning around. Short of Jared doing anything really stupid, crying out perhaps then he would remain as undiscovered, though it still made me nervous to see him standing there so openly, even if it was damn fucking erotic!

When Susan lifted her face away from my wet juicy crotch, I nearly did just büyükçekmece escort that. Seeing her movement however, Jared too immediately disappeared back into the shadows. Looking down I now watched as she cupped one of her magnificent breasts, feeding it to my pussy. This I had never done, or felt before. Grinning, Susan began rubbing my pussy, in particular my clit with her breast. It looked obscene, and felt wonderful. I groaned deeply as she mashed her breast even more fully against my lips, in effect kissing them, and then tit-fucking me as she continued rubbing her breast, her nipple up and down, back and forth against my still oozing cunt.

Just the idea alone of her doing that to me triggered the first of my three explosive orgasms.

I have never considered myself to be a “squirter” really, I’ve gotten very wet, extremely wet in that sense perhaps, enough so that I did indeed leak out a substantial amount of slick lubrication when I climaxed, but this…was far beyond anything I had ever done before. I know it had to have been a combination of everything that was going on at the moment. The feel of my best friend’s breasts as she literally fucked me with it, driving those fat thick nipples up my split, they way she teased my clit with them driving me insane. Jared…standing there so provocatively, his prick perhaps harder, stiffer and longer than I remembered seeing it, his mother’s sheer panties once again draped around it as he stood there, hands free now teasing me with the vision of it. I watched as his prick bounced up and down, using only muscle control in order to do so as the panties still clinging to them waved back and forth erotically as he did that.

“Fuck!” Susan squealed out in delight, feeling the copious discharge of my feminine juices as they bathed her breast, soaking it in the rich frothy cream. “That’s one!” she said diving back towards my pussy, her lips immediately wrapping around and about my blood engorged clit. I was barely coming down from my first orgasm when the second one hit me as she did that. I screamed out at the top of my lungs, taken by surprise by the intensity of the sensation as she sucked, and now held my clit within her mouth, vibrating it with her tongue.

I know it was my unexpected scream of delight that not only startled myself as well as Susan, but it had also caught Jared by surprise as well. I’d watched the panties on his cock do a rather amazing summersault as they flipped upwards into the air, he had jumped, stepping back into the shadows upon hearing me cry out. Startled, perhaps worried that there’d been some inadvertent movement or discovery. I watched the panties hit the floor as Jared disappeared, soon after realizing he’d left them behind, reaching out from the darkness with his hand in order to retrieve them. He bumped the wall with his shoulder when he did. A small sound, hardly a sound at all, but it was out of place and I’d heard it clearly myself.

“Ready for number three?” Susan said looking up at me again, her face smeared with my pearly essence.

“Not yet, in a minute,” I informed her. “Time for you to have two at least, then we’ll switch off again.”

There was very little that Susan and I hadn’t shared with one another over the years we had known one another. We’d gotten comfortable enough in time to have shared many secrets, admitted and confessed to several kinky little quirks we very often thought of or entertained. Neither one of us was judgmental about them for one thing, and I often found some of the things Susan shared with me to be very erotic and highly sensual, even if I might not ever actually entertain doing them myself.

One of those…for Susan, was getting toe fucked. A quirky little kink perhaps, but she had told me a while back how the turn on of doing that never failed to send her head spinning. Bill had done it once, found no real pleasure in it for one thing, and hadn’t done it for her since. Wanting to keep her attention and senses focused on me, and nowhere else, I pushed her onto her back on the pillows with her the top of her head facing towards the unfinished bathroom. Jared for the moment, remained out of sight, no doubt collecting himself, and perhaps scared shitless after the near blunder he’d just made moments ago.

I saw the surprised, curious look in Susan’s face as I stretched myself out in front of her.

“Scoot back a little in the chair,” I told her, which she did. “Now…spread yourself wider for me…wider,” I said eyeing her though I caught movement back in the shadows as I told her to do that. “Good. Now…spread your pussy apart with your fingers, yes…that’s it, just like that.”

I now placed my foot, though more specifically my toes at the opening of her sex. As a child, I’d always been fairly flexible with my toes. I had made a game of running about picking things up with them, and had for a while actually gotten good enough at doing çekmeköy escort so that I could print out my own name reasonably well with a pen or pencil. Realizing what I was about to do, I saw Susan’s face light up in pure bliss, my toes now spreading, reaching out and literally clasping her exposed clit between them as I began rubbing them back and forth against her, catching, releasing, and then catching her clit once again between my toes. Susan gasped audibly with delight, calling out.

“Oh Jen! Jen! That feels so fucking wicked!” She cried out. “Yes baby yes! Fuck me with your toes!” She now added.

That brought Jared out once again, though it was only his head that peered around the corner, now being a bit more cautious perhaps than he had been, obviously still a bit nervous, worried at his near disaster.

I now inserted my toes inside Susan’s wet slippery cunt, still holding herself open, she helped to guide them as they entered her. Once inside, she now closed her legs, trapping them in as she worked herself on my feet. I could feel the inner contractions of her pussy as she milked them, essentially masturbating herself with my toes trapped inside. I now added a bit of my own movement to hers, now fucking her as she closed her eyes, reveling in the exotic sensation as her first orgasm now rapidly approached.

“Don’t stop! For gods sakes Jen, don’t fucking stop!”

I didn’t, feeling her climax seconds later, the contractions of her pussy gripping my toes like a hand, her audible cry of release as she did that. Looking up, just in time to see Jared once again plastering the panties to his face, his cock bobbing up and down, and then suddenly spunking. I was surprised to watch it spurt, his hands still up around his face as his cock lurched, the first streamer of his semen clearly visual as it shot from the tip of his prick in a long thick rope easily surpassing three or four feet hitting the opposite side of the wall. I watched another, and then another quickly follow, his cock tossing sperm ropes one after the other.

“Fuck that felt good!” Susan said now finally releasing me. Having heard that, Jared once again passed back into the shadows.

“Ready for number two?” I now asked nervously relieved that he had, once again pushing her onto her back, this time inching forward, my hands already reaching up to capture and fondle her breasts as my mouth came into contact with her neither lips.

“More than,” she moaned laying back once again spreading her legs for me, allowing me easier access to her wet glistening cunt.


Minutes later, I sucked the second climax out of Susan’s pussy. We lay for the longest time just trying to collect ourselves and catch our breaths. Eventually Susan sat up.



“There’s another toy I want us to use and try out,” she informed me. “But I left it upstairs! Might take me a moment to find it, and clean it off…but I think you’ll enjoy it,” she stated. “Be right back!”

She stood up, and then headed up the stairs still naked. The moment I heard the door to the basement open and then close, I looked back towards the still darkened bathroom calling out Jared’s name, just loud enough for him to have heard me.


He stepped out into the light the moment I did so.

“You scared the hell out of me!” I told him a second later. “If I heard that…”

“I know…I’m sorry, won’t happen again. But…fuck watching you two is hot!”

He made me laugh at that, “Well…to be perfectly honest, having watched you has been pretty fucking hot too, though I’m still not so sure this was a very good idea, just remember your promise to me!” I reminded him.

He nodded his head, and then worried me a bit more as he came all the way into the room, both of us on edge, listening for the slightest sound that would tell us that his mother was on her way back.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Lick my dick, it still has a little cum on it,” he told me. “Please Jen, please. Let me feel your lips on my shaft, sucking and licking it, something else besides my own hand for a moment at least!”

Against my better judgment, I quickly did so, mouthing is already stiff shaft which I was willing to bet, hadn’t softened one iota since his own climax only a short time ago. And admittedly it felt nice, sucking his hard stiff prick, running my tongue over and around the fat spongy head as he ran his hands through my hair, momentarily fucking my face.

“Ok there,” I told him making him step back. “She should be back any moment now.”

He didn’t immediately turn and head back however, making me a little nervous as I once again glanced over my shoulder towards the stairs listening.

“Jen? One more small tiny little favor?” He now asked.

His favors weren’t so small, and they were making me even more nervous, but I asked anyway. “What?”

He stepped forward again, his hand fisting his cock, I saw a large dollop of precum suddenly emerge from the tip. Before I realized his intent, or even what it was he wanted me to do, he placed his prick against my breast, smearing his essence around and about it, quickly squeezing out another and then doing the same to my other breast. I looked up at him questioningly.

“Make her kiss them,” he told me. “Suck them a little…please?”

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