Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 17

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*The pursuit of power is pointless unless you know how to use it*

(The last of the current crop Frontma has delivered but more are to come)

(Yes, this tale is supposed to be somewhat humorous and outrageous too. While not always comedic, I’d like to think it is mostly a good-natured romp.)


“Zane? God Damn it, Zane!” Raven screeched at me as she barged into my room. What could I say? Barbie Lynn was halfway under the sheets but her tumultuous breasts were clearly exposed. Paige was totally naked, face down on the other side of me but had clearly been fucked thoroughly and her tight pale ass spanked hard. Oh, yeah, and I was kneeling between the two, totally naked as well.

I vaulted over Barbie Lynn (who was closer to the entrance and Raven) because I didn’t want to hurt her injured knee, snatched up my robe, and put it on.

“Very complicated — long story — we can laugh about it later,” I dazzled Raven. I took her by the elbow and headed her out of my bedroom. “Why don’t we study on the far side of the main Solarium?”

The look of betrayal in Raven’s eyes destroyed any doubt that she was crushing on me in a big way. For the love of God, I really needed to find some lesbians to hang out with because these straight chicks were driving me crazy. Before we could leave, Iona nearly piled into us.

“I’m sorry, Zane. She slipped past me,” Iona apologized.

“I only wanted to talk with him and…and he was in bed with yet another girl,” Raven bitched.

“I’m still ready to study with you,” I offered.

“How can we study if you are always having sex with other women?” she stomped her foot in frustration. Iona shot me a worried look.

I put a hand on Raven’s shoulder and made eye contact.

“Raven, I promise you we will get this project done, you’ll get your good grade, and I’ll carry my part of the project. I’m here for you,” I assured Raven.

“You…you aren’t giving any thought about us…our project together,” was her accusation.

“What do you want me to do?” I asked evenly.

“I…I think I should go to Ms. Goodswell and request another partner,” Raven sighed. I looked to Iona who looked to the living area past the Jacuzzi.

“Ms. Goodswell is right over there,” Iona indicated our teacher who was sitting with Dana and five other teachers who had come in while I was…busy.

“Your place has controlled access,” Iona answered my unasked question as to why I had so many other educators in my place. “Bass’s people can ‘accidentally’ step in.”

Raven was not deterred by the other teachers hanging around Virginia as she made a beeline across the room. At least she was polite enough to wait while Virginia disengaged from the others so she could talk to us.

“Raven, Zane, how can I help you?” Ms. Goodswell inquired, yet I had a sneaking suspicion that she was way ahead of the situation.

“Ms. Goodswell,” Raven started, “I really need to get a new project partner.”

“Why is that, Raven?” Virginia asked.

“We simply aren’t working out,” she sounded exasperated. “And…I think the other girls were right; I don’t feel safe around him,” she tacked on. I lowered my head and sighed. This sucked.

“Very well. Zane, do you want a new partner?” Virginia turned to me.

“Sure…whatever. If Raven doesn’t feel safe, she deserves someone new,” I shrugged.

“Alright, then, but I want you two to know a few things,” Virginia began. “First off: Raven, I don’t like being lied to.” She held up a hand to forestall Raven’s protest. “You were so uncomfortable with Zane’s presence that you came up to his dorm uninvited, asked his whereabouts, and went into his bedroom unescorted. At what point in time did you feel unsafe?”

“He was in bed with two girls — Barbie Lynn Masters and Paige Zeller,” Raven said angrily.

“Did you ask Zane what was going on or did you simply assume something and storm out?” Virginia stated. Raven opened her mouth, then shut it. “Now, do you think I assigned you to Zane solely because you answered one question incorrectly?”

“You mean why I didn’t want Zane as a partner initially?” Raven suggested.

“Precisely. Raven, you scored the tenth highest placement score for English. That is why you are in my room — I have the top twenty freshmen in my class. Do you know what Zane’s placement rank was?”

“I don’t know,” she finally admitted.

“He was second,” she informed Raven…and me. I had no idea and really, such things don’t interest me. “Raven, I didn’t place you with Zane to help out Zane; I put you with Zane to help you.”

“Oh,” Raven said in a small voice. “I didn’t know.”

“What you have committed is reverse discrimination,” Virginia explained. “Everyone assumes that since Zane is attractive, that he’s not too bright. It is the same way most guys perceive bubbly blondes with big breasts — mentally insignificant.”

“Finally, your real problem with Zane is not his intelligence, his self-control, or the time he is willing to spend with you; it is his libido,” sıhhiye escort Ms. Goodswell instructed. “You may want to ask yourself why you are upset with what Zane does with other students in his spare time and discuss this with him. He is standing right next to you, after all, and he could be elsewhere if he desired.”

“Very well,” Raven conceded, “I’ll work with Zane as long as he agrees to not get distracted while we are together.” She looked to me for confirmation.

“Agreed…I mean, I will try,” I responded. Raven didn’t seem totally satisfied but she allowed my promise to stand. “Let’s get started.”

“Good,” she said, but then she hesitated while she looked around at the other girls in various groups in the Solarium.

“Let’s go back to my room,” I suggested. Seeing her skeptical look, “I need my tablet and then we can pick out a place and start studying.”

“Why do I need to come with you?” she glared.

“With you, I’ll be safe,” I informed her. “Sometimes the ladies can forget I am here to get a degree and you help remind them of that with your seriousness.” Raven shrugged and followed me back to my room.

When we got there, Barbie Lynn was sitting on the edge of the bed, pulling up her socks. She was otherwise dressed. Paige was spread-eagled on the middle of the bed, staring up at the ceiling.

“Hey, Zane,” Paige smiled. “Are you finished?”

“We came back for his tablet…Paige,” Raven growled. “We haven’t started yet. Stay where you are; we have work to do.”

Paige’s mouth dropped open in shock and outrage (Raven is a freshman, after all). I was happy Raven didn’t call Paige a slut because I knew that was actively on her mind. I grabbed my backpack, retrieved another bathrobe from the wardrobe, and walked over to Paige.

“Here you go. Take a little time in the Jacuzzi,” I suggested.

“I have nothing to wear,” Paige rolled her eyes at my stupidity.

“Go naked; you have a beautiful body that’s a pleasure to behold,” I told her. Paige studied me, weighing my dare to her. Barbie Lynn shot me a smile and a wink for me pressuring Paige.

“Zane, we need to go,” Raven insisted. She took hold of my elbow but didn’t try to move me.

“As you wish,” I bowed to Raven. As we turned to leave, Paige called out,

“The Princess Bride!” she laughed. Raven looked at me to make some sense of that.

“It is a movie I like; it’s old,” I explained. We trecked out but I deviated from our course long enough to grab Rio, who was publically molesting Mercy.

“Take it to an alcove, you two,” I said softly. Rio challenged my stance but then we both started chuckling.

“I can’t promise to keep it quiet, Bro,” she winked.

“Stuff your panties in her mouth,” I suggested.

“I’m not wearing any,” she grinned.

“Put her panties in her mouth, then,” I told her.

“She’s not wearing any either,” Rio teased me.

“Fine, I give up,” I threw up my hands and continued off with Raven.

“Was it like this for you…before you came here?” Raven asked me once we sat down in an isolated area.

“It was different but similar. After a few weeks everyone knew everyone else, so it wasn’t like us kids weren’t aware of one another,” I explained.

“So you’ve always lived like this?” Raven sounded incredulous.

“Raven, how would you describe your relationship with your parents?” I began.

“I’m not sure what that has to do with anything but my father died of cancer when I was twelve and I have been raised by my mother ever since,” Raven explained. “We are pretty close and we’ve both worked to raise my brother, who is four years younger than me.”

“So you had a partnership of sorts,” I filled in. Raven nodded. “My parents and I were very close; we did almost everything together, and I was a part of their lives for as long as I can remember. When they died, I went to the far side of the globe to guardians who didn’t want me hanging around, yet expected me to act in a very restricted moral way with no training or incentive.”

“My Uncle only had enough time for me to punish me for not living up to his moral code while my Aunt parroted his beliefs. I guess it was only natural that I formed my own code of ethics and relationships. I had a strong sexual curiosity and personality that drove me to express it,” I added.

“Where is this going?” Raven sighed.

“It means I have no serious understanding of monogamy outside of marriage. Worse, I have little respect for restrictive authority. Mindless discipline strikes me as unnatural. Don’t get me wrong, though; I don’t really care how you, or anyone, choses to live, as long as you respect that right in others.”

“Couldn’t you have conformed to what the rest of us want at this school?” Raven countered. “This is a Christian Girls School and we shouldn’t be having sex.”

“I think we have a fundamental misunderstanding here,” I nodded. “We both accept that I want to have sex, but why do you assume that some girls here don’t?”

“That is not what tandoğan escort matters,” Raven declared. “What matters is that they wouldn’t be succumbing to temptation if you weren’t here.”

“That, I have to agree with you there,” I admitted, which stunned Raven. “I doubt any of the girls I am with now would go trolling the local college for guys to score with.”

“So you see what a problem you are and how you shouldn’t be at FFU,” Raven concluded.

“Belief without temptation has no merit,” I quoted. “A promise to abstain from boys is nothing more than empty platitudes if there are no boys around.”

“Zane, we came here because no boys are allowed. Our pledge is a declaration of solidarity with our fellow students,” Raven stated.

“But the pledge is voluntary so you should respect their decision to do something else if the situation changes,” I suggested. “A lot of girls here treat me nicely but aren’t jumping my bones…girls like you.” Raven didn’t comment for several seconds.

“I only wish more girls felt like I did,” she said weakly.

“Well, I’m glad you feel that way about me,” I told her, as I pulled my legs up to a lotus position, adjusted my robe, and got ready to work, “because I find you very attractive and that would make things difficult.”

“Yes…that would make things difficult,” Raven muttered sadly.

It didn’t really matter how Raven ended up beside me, her legs curled up under her and her head poised at my shoulder looking over our choices of works to read through. She didn’t have Iona’s insightful genius but she had a dedication to detail that was remarkable. She was apparently impressed with my ability to link Irrelevant Detail A with Curious Reference B.

In two hours, Raven was excited over the progress we’d made.

“Of course you are happy,” I teased her; “you expected nothing from me so everything you get is a bonus.”

“I apologize,” she said softly.

“Don’t worry about it,” I chuckled, “you are hardly the first girl on this campus to think I’m an idiot.” No sooner had I spoken those words than Paige hopped over the seat behind me and took the armrest of the chair opposite Raven.

“You are a moron, not an idiot,” Paige corrected me. “Now, it has been two hours and I’ve finished my homework. Let’s go.”

“Hey!” snapped Raven.

“Excuse me, but did we have plans?” I addressed Paige crossly.

“You have been sitting over here for two hours with this bimbo. If she hasn’t finished working with you by now, she’s even duller than she looks,” Paige informed us.

“Bimbo!” responded Raven as she stood up to confront Paige.

“Paige,” I cautioned, “why are you doing this? This is way beyond your normal anti-personnel skills.”

“I don’t like her, and I like her spending time with you even less,” Paige declared.

“At least I didn’t have to spread my legs to make him spend time with me,” Raven retorted. That seemed to upset Paige so I intervened.

“That’s not true,” I told Raven. “I hang out with Paige because she is intriguing and smart — like you. Anything else is a private matter between her and me.”

“I don’t like her,” Raven replied.

“You suck up oxygen that would be better used by mewling infants,” Paige countered.

“Enough!” I snapped. I turned, cupped Raven’s jaw, and kissed her on the lips, leaving her shocked. I turned to Paige and with my countenance, I let her know she’d gone too far.

I walked off, looking for somewhere else to be, but the floor was pretty occupied by freshmen now, in their little groups studying and relaxing. I even caught sight of Rio playing pool with Valerie and enjoying herself. Iona was with a group of students I recognized but Barbie Lynn and the teachers were gone. Only Dana remained, an isolated island of calm, watching her television and drinking her beers.

I slouched down on the seat next to my former coach.

“You are not getting a beer,” she told me.

“Do I look like I want a beer?” I sighed.

“No, you look like you need a beer,” she chuckled, “which is worse.”

“Man, that is a sad assessment of my situation,” I groaned; “accurate, but sad.”

“You need to say ‘No’ occasionally, Zane,” Dana observed. “Since I can no longer keep these girls safe from you, you need to keep yourself safe from them. If you don’t set some boundaries, there is going to be trouble.” I digested that for a minute.

“You are laughing at me on the inside, aren’t you?” I remarked.

“Pretty much, yes,” Dana winked.

“This is some twisted plot of yours to make me take some responsibility, damn you,” I continued.

“Yep,” she quipped.

“You would think that having so many girlfriends, or potential girlfriends, would be a great thing,” I stated. “My problem is that there are so many wonderful girls to meet and I want to get to know them…and it isn’t like I get to know someone in one hour, or one day, or even one year, really.” Dana laughed out loud so hard she started to cough.

“Who would have thought tunalı escort you were a romantic,” she snorted. “If you limited yourself to one-night stands, your life would be far easier.”

“I frankly don’t think that is a possibility for me,” I shrugged.

“Even Paige?” Dana asked, “I know she annoys the crap out of you and she’s a total stalker.”

“She is not,” I defended Paige. “She’s different but I like her intensity.” Dana smirked and a set of arms wrapped around me from behind. Paige rested her head on my shoulder and kissed my ear.

“I came back to bitch you out for taking Raven’s side over mine,” she said softly, “but now I think I’ll simply forgive you and be done with it.”

“Damn it, Paige,” I snapped nervously, “would you stop sneaking up on me?”

“No,” she responded after a moment’s introspection. “I want you to be somewhat afraid of me.”

“Paige, you might want to consider what the hundred and some other girls are going to do to you when they learn you want exclusive rights to Zane,” Dana grinned.

“We don’t have to be exclusive,” Paige informed her, like I wasn’t even there (this happens to me way too much). “He only needs to be available when I need him. We’ll work out other arrangements for us by the end of the semester.”

“Paige, you accept me on my terms or we don’t get together at all,” I warned her.

“Part of your appeal is that you do so many other things so well,” I continued. “You don’t need me.”

“Zane, I gave you…” she reminded me with a mixture of anger and sadness.

“Paige, you were my first, too,” I enlightened her. “I’ve never taken a woman’s virginity before.”

“It was special to me,” she whispered. I turned my head and shoulders far enough around to kiss her.

“It was special for me, too, but I know it meant more to you. What I did can’t compare to what you went through,” I related. “It is not meant to. I haven’t forgotten my first time; that doesn’t change the fact that I love someone else and I want to spend the rest of my life with her. It has nothing to do with you or any of the other girls. I feel she is the one for me and it doesn’t make rational sense,” I explained.

“I respect that, Zane,” Paige allowed. “You are an idiot and a moron; I’m going to need to train you to accept what is best for you, which is me. I became a woman through your exertions and I’m not willing to surrender that glorious feeling to anyone.”

Dana laughed uproariously while I groaned in despair.

“Fine, I’ll let you deal with Christina and company,” I grumbled. I stood up and disentangled from Paige. She followed me around the sofa until she was cuddled up against me.

“Do we have some time?” she inquired while rolling her hip along my pelvis and getting a response from my suicidal cock.

“Dinner first, but I wouldn’t be opposed to some bedroom time with you,” I grinned to Paige. “I’m thinking a hot oil massage, then some cowgirl action.” That definitely excited her. Food did end up taking precedence over sex because I was desperately hungry. The meal time was tense, with bandaged members on both sides of the aisle.

The big news was that the Board of Directors was meeting tomorrow morning in an emergency session. No mention of the fates of Coach Gorman or Heaven was made. When I got back, I borrowed Gorman’s phone and I gave Heaven a call. She exploded all over me when she realized it was me and not the Coach.

“I was afraid something had happened, damn you,” she snapped. “There is a little thing known as caller ID.”

“Um, Heaven, you didn’t let me get a word in,” I pointed out. “How are you doing?”

“I’m going nuts,” she groused. “I think it is worse, being so close and not being able to help.”

“Being here isn’t all that great,” I related. “We are all stuck in our rooms, pretty much. The Coach was fired so she’s over here, drinking beer and watching TV.”

“That has to be weird,” Heaven noted. “Are you okay?”

“Actually, all my problems are solved,” I told her. “Paige Zeller has decided she owns me.”

“Zeller? That little albino Science Club geek?” Heaven muttered. “When I get back, I’ll fix her ass.”

“Gee, thanks,” I chuckled, “but I think I can handle her. The important thing is that we are going to get you back, and as soon as we do…”

The TV went dead.

“What the…” a few of the girls working at the computer stations and at their laptops exclaimed.

Our answer was twofold. Ms. Marlowe and five security guards came up the stairs and stared out over the room. My ‘room’ was a lot to take in the first time around.

The arrival of campus security explained the loss of outside access. When the guards entered the security code for the door, it had alerted the system the Science Club had put in place and stopped security from finding our illegal hook-ups with a cursory search.

“Ms. Gorman,” gawked Ms. Marlowe, “do you have beer up here?”

Dana raised a half-drained beer up, examining it intently.

“Yes, that would seem to be the case, Edith,” Dana responded. “Do you want one? I have five left.”

“No! This kind of behavior is not allowed,” Ms. Marlowe declared.

“I’m not employed here anymore, or did you miss that outburst this morning?” Dana chuckled. “You can’t kick me out of my room for a month, or so my contract states. I’m not letting any of the students have any, if that makes you happy.”

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