One of the Girls

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Oh she is just amazing, truly perfect…

Of course I’m talking about Megan, the girl from my psych class who is just perfect in every way. She’s cute, sweet, funny, and all around a wonderful person. She has dark brown hair, brown eyes, and she’s quite petite, but honestly I don’t mind the smaller proportions because she’s still perfect just the way she is, but also to be honest I’m not picky, especially because I may have never had a girlfriend before…

I’m a typical loser, scrawny and not much to look at, most women wouldn’t give a second thought about ignoring someone like me, but Megan… she actually seems to enjoy talking to me. I don’t know how I managed this but this insanely cute girl actively enjoys my company, I think it’s safe to say I’m in love, but first I need to ask her out and I do not nearly have the confidence for that yet, however I am starting to suspect she might know the truth.

One day right as psych ends, Megan approaches me, looking rather excited. “Hey! So I’m throwing a party with my closest friends and I was wondering if you wanted to come” she said with enthusiasm. “No. Fucking. Way.” I thought to myself “I’m one of her closest friends?!” A big smile comes across my face as I try to keep my composure, “Yeah sure, sounds like fun!” I try to say in a cool demeanor, but ultimately still sounding dorky. “Awesome! See you at 8!” She smiles and touches my shoulder before leaving. I have never been invited to a party before, let alone one hosted by the girl of my dreams, this will be the greatest night of my life, and the perfect opportunity to tell her my feelings.

I arrive at Megan’s house exactly at 8, I didn’t want to look like a loser who shows up early, but I also didn’t want to look like a jerk who shows up late. She answers the door in a really cute blue sundress. “You look amazing” I manage to work up the courage to spit out, she responds with “Aww, thanks bud!” Not the Kurtköy Escort best thing for her to call me, but I think I could potentially win her over tonight. As I walk in I see two other girls, I don’t know them personally, but I do recognize them from campus. One is Hannah, she is a redheaded girl who has the best ass I’ve seen, I’ve probably stared at her more often than I’ve stared at my phone screen. The other girl is Bethany, she is tall and incredibly strong, the few times I’ve tried going to the gym, I’ve seen this black-haired beauty outclassing everyone there, on top of all that she has great proportions all around, especially her giant tits. Luckily or unluckily each girl was wearing something that highlighted their best feature, Megan wearing a dress that makes her look adorable, Hannah wearing leggings showing off her perfect ass, and Bethany wearing a top that is so low-cut that I’m surprised I can’t see any nipple.

We all had a blast drinking and playing party games, and to my surprise, the other girls were having as much fun in my company as Megan has. We eventually decide to try playing truth or dare, everyone is in agreement that it could be a lot of fun, and I can use this to learn more about Megan and how I can try to seduce her. Everyone mostly chooses truth and nothing particularly interesting comes of it, so I decide to pick dare on my next turn, to my eventual dismay. The girls huddle together and then Hannah says “We dare you to strip for us.” Of all thing things, they pick that?! I was hoping maybe they’d make me kiss Megan or something, but stripping for them would be completely humiliating!

“Sorry, I’m not really comfortable doing that…” I say looking like a complete coward, and the girls agree. “Wow I didn’t know you were so lame” Hannah says, Bethany then says “come on, we’re all friends here.” Still not convinced, I am prepared to stand my ground when Kurtköy Escort Bayan Megan grabs my hand and says “Please, for me?” My face immediately goes red, the other girls figure out the situation real fast. Before I can articulate a response, Hannah blurts out “If you do it, Megan will show you her tits!” Now both Megan and I are both blushing a deep shade of crimson. Now this is the opportunity of a lifetime, getting to see her cute, perky breasts in their naked glory would be enough to satisfy me for life, so I reluctantly agree to these terms “Ok… Sure…”

The girls all watch very carefully as I begin to strip, my face has yet to get any less red during this process. I first take off my shirt to see the unimpressed looks on the girls faces, or course my scrawny physique wouldn’t do anything for them. I them hesitantly pull down my pants, revealing my boxers, they now look a little more intrigued. Now’s the hard part, I’m not exactly the biggest guy around, and with how uncomfortable I feel in this moment, it’s probably not even at it’s full flaccid size, regardless, I freeze up and can’t seem to bring myself to drop my underwear. “Sorry girls, I don’t think I can…” Then all of the sudden, Hannah pulls my boxers down to my ankles. Hannah and Bethany immediately break out into laughter holding their fingers together, while Megan looks away, clearly trying her best to not laugh. I somehow manage to blush even harder and my hands shoot down to cover my tiny privates. “There’s no use covering, we all already saw your baby dick” she says as she slaps my ass.

I try to reach down and grab my clothes when Bethany pins me to the ground, holding onto both of me wrists, leaving me completely uncovered, I would be mad, but I got to see the best possible view of Bethany’s breasts from this angle, and now I’m starting to get hard. While in this position, Hannah took advantage and Escort Kurtköy decided to take pictures, and steal and hide my clothes, Bethany is just so strong I couldn’t even fathom getting free.

Once Hannah is done, she tells Bethany to get off of me and she says the real fun will now begin. I demand that she gives me my clothes back, but then Bethany holds my hands behind my back, exposing my little friend once again. “Listen loser, we have pictures or your small cock, and if you don’t want those to go up on social media, you have to do what we say.” I look down in defeat, there really was no way out of this. “Good boy… or should I say good girl, because for your dare you are going to go home, only wearing one article of clothing” confused, I ask “What does that have anything to do with being a girl?” Hannah replies “Because I’m so nice, you get to pick one of our panties we are currently wearing to put on for your walk home.”

I don’t know what would even be more embarrassing, streaking or walking only in panties, I guess I don’t have much of a choice, plus I suppose it would cover my dick. “Megan…” I say, at least in some form of victory, I’d get to take home Megan’s used panties. “Excellent choice” Hannah says. Megan blushes as she slips her panties down from under her dress and holds them out to me. They were the most adorable panties I’ve ever seen, they were pink and said “princess” on the butt, clearly they suit her very appropriately, but this would be especially embarrassing for me. I slip them on, they ride up a bit in the back and feel tight in the front, despite having a small penis, but feeling the warmth from Megan’s private region against mine almost made this worth it.

Hannah slaps my ass again “Alright, time to go home, Princess” they push me out of the house and I start my run, I have never ran so fast in my life. A few cars spotted me, they usually honked but I was determined to get home. I finally get back and go to my room and drop onto my bed where I can finally end this humiliation. I was so exhausted I didn’t even bother taking off the panties, I just pulled out my phone and see one new message. I open it to a picture that blew my mind. It was a picture of Megan’s breasts.

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