Good Fortune Ch. 03

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Diana considered again the evening before her and the course it would take. She shivered with excitement even as she neared the end of her 30-minute session on the elliptical. She was taking it easy this evening, just doing some toning because she didn’t want to be tired out when her friend arrived. It had only been a couple months since that fateful night when an unplanned evening in a motel room with her close coworkers had led from friendship to love-making. The thrill and newness had not yet worn off.

They had met at Anna’s house a couple weeks later. Anna was the smallest and youngest of the three coworkers, all of whom took good care of their physical condition. Anna had that petite body with those perky little breasts, and was a bundle of energy and sensitivity. She had mousy brown hair, and nicely shaped girly hips. Anna had invited them over for a follow-up experience and their session of strip-Wii followed by intense oral sex had been everything they could have hoped. Diana glanced down wondering if some of the moisture around her panties was more than just sweat from her jogging.

She finished her workout and headed to the shower and lathered up. Diana was the tallest of the three coworkers at 5’8″. She kept her blond hair in a bob, and since their first encounter her pubic hair had changed from neatly trimmed to shaven. Her breasts were a nice medium size, maybe not as firm as they used to be, and certainly not as full as Paula’s. She was a little disappointed that their friend Paula was not able to join them this evening; she actually had a date with a guy. None of them had written off guys and the pleasures to be had, but they’d added the fun they could have with each other.

Anyway, Diana thought it might be easier to try something a little different with just one friend. She might feel less embarrassed and awkward trying it with just one coworker than if they were both there. And though she harbored a slight misgiving that her idea wouldn’t be accepted she was pretty sure that Anna had an adventurous spirit enough to go along with it and enjoy it. And if Anna didn’t want to, there were plenty of other things to do: no big deal.

Diana walked through the house, toweling off as she went, and spending a little time in the kitchen making sure that dinner would be just right when Anna arrived. She was preparing a light Chinese meal which she thought was appropriate since that’s what they’d eaten the first night they’d become lovers. She remembered the fortune cookies that they’d read which, with a little exaggeration, had encouraged, perhaps dared, them to have sex with each other that night.

As Diana finished dressing she entertained the idea of skipping dinner when Anna arrived and going straight to the fun stuff, but every time they’d been together they’d found that the anticipation of waiting before beginning their love-making had heightened the intensity of the experience. She still wasn’t sure how she intended to transition from dinner to . . . dessert, but it shouldn’t be too difficult since they both knew that’s what they wanted.

The hour finally arrived and Anna was right on time. Diana opened the door and Anna stepped right in. Diana closed the door and turned around, opening her arms to give Anna a hug. And she could tell Anna was eager as she stepped right into the hug. It wasn’t a social lean-over-as-you-hug type, but Anna stepped in close for the full-body-contact hug of lovers. They stood in each others’ arms for a few moments, relishing the contact. Anna relaxed her grip, but raised up on her toes as she leaned forward and kissed Diana on the lips. It was easy to tell that Anna would have been just as willing to forego their dinner, but she exercised self-control and stepped back, smiling and saying how glad she was to be here and how she looked forward to their time together. Her voice may have been a little husky as she said so.

They walked to the dinette and sat across from each other at the little table. Anna had brought a little bouquet which they set on the table. They chatted about the recent murder mysteries they had read, the plot twists on the law drama that they both watched, and the natural disaster which occurred just 100 miles away.

The repast went by quickly and they were soon picking up the dishes and putting them in the sink. Diana turned toward the table and saw that there was nothing else to pick up. The leftovers were already in the refrigerator and Anna was rinsing off the last of the dishes. Diana stepped up behind her friend and wrapped her arms around her waist, placing her cheek against the side of Anna’s head. She whispered, “That’s good for now. They’ll keep for later.” Anna turned off the water and put the scrubber down. She leaned her head back so that her cheek could touch her friend’s and they stood that way for a while. Diana released her grip, reached for one of Anna’s hands, and led her back to the living room.

Diana had intended to sit on the couch, but she wasn’t displeased when Anna stepped up for another hug. Anna murmured, “Thank porno you for the invitation and tasty dinner. I enjoy the special time with you. It’s too bad Paula can’t be here too. And even though she can’t, I know we’ll have a wonderful time.” She fell silent as they continued to hug. Diana reached her hands to the sides of Anna’s head lifting it up. She bent her head and gently kissed Anna. They continued that way for a few minutes, gently kissing each other on the lips, cheeks, nose, eyes. Anna began nuzzling and kissing Diana’s neck, then gently sucking on it, careful not to leave any marks. Diana sighed at the sensation. Her hands began to roam more freely and she soon had one on Anna’s cute butt, squeezing and pulling their groins closer together.

They began to purr and murmur more frequently as their mouths opened and they explored each other with their tongues. They alternated between French kissing, and sucking or licking a neck, nibbling a cheek, pursing lips over the tip of a nose, nuzzling a nose to an eye. Anna was the first to lift her hands to her friend’s breast. She gently rubbed the side and they decreased the pressure between their bodies enough for Anna to slip her hand between their bodies and to begin squeezing and massaging Diana’s breast through her clothes. Anna’s eyes widened as a sneaky smile lit her lips: “You’re not wearing a bra. I can’t believe I didn’t notice earlier.” Now that Diana was excited it was easier to tell that her engorged nipples were pressing directly against the fabric of her pullover. Anna pinched and twisted her friend’s nipples gently with one hand as she reached the other behind Diana’s head, pulling it toward her as she leaned in again for a long and passionate kiss.

They finally broke off and Diana stepped back reluctantly, holding her friend’s hands and catching her breath. Her voice cracked as she started to say, “Shall we . . .” and they both giggled and smiled. “Shall we go upstairs?” Anna’s eyes were all anticipation as she nodded assent and allowed herself to be led.

They stepped into Diana’s room. Diana turned around and briefly kissed Anna again. She reached to the bottom of her friend’s blouse and pulled it up over her head. And once again she was captivated by how beautiful her friend was . . . and she wasn’t even entirely undressed yet! She reached behind to undo the clasp of her bra and kissed her again. As she was stepping back she felt Anna lifting her own shirt. She dropped the bra and lifted her hands and they faced each other topless. As if by mutual consent they leaned in again for another kiss, feeling the naked flesh of their breasts against each other. They swayed against each other to increase the tactile sensation, rubbing each others’ backs and bottoms.

Diana stepped back again this time while her fingers traced from the back of Anna’s jeans to the front. She stooped as she undid the button and pulled the zipper down. She pulled her friend’s pants partly down, then reached up and pulled her the panties down part way. Diana reached up to Anna’s hips, gently shifting her friend to the side so that the bed was behind her, then pushing Anna’s bare bottom onto the bed. Anna straightened her legs as Diana grabbed the pants and panties and pulled them off. Diana couldn’t resist leaning in and giving Anna’s pussy a little kiss. She remembered the energy that Anna had used when bringing her to multiple climaxes the last time they’d been together.

Anna wasn’t content to sit while her friend still had clothes on. She knelt down to pull Diana’s shorts and panties down as well. Diana was stepping out of her bunched up clothes when she felt Anna’s magic lips and tongue give her a quick kiss and lick near her pussy. Anna stood up again and they embraced again, this time feeling the full length of their naked bodies pressed against each other.

They kissed some more while their hands roamed. Diana slid a hand between their vulvas and gently began massaging Anna’s pussy. She pressed her middle finger forward a little and was rewarded by feeling it slip between Anna’s pussy lips. She lifted her finger up a little and found Anna’s clit and felt Anna’s body shiver against her own. She lowered her finger again between the lips and felt the moisture building. She crooked her finger and pressed gently seeking Anna’s pussy hole all the while they continued kissing. Anna at this point had both her hands on Diana’s breasts, massing them and playing with the nipples. Diana was gratified when her finger finally found the hole and slipped in. Anna took in a sharp breath as her body stiffened with excitement. Diana couldn’t believe how much moisture was inside the hole – – perfect for what she wanted to do. She pulled her finger out and up, and rubbed the moistened finger against Anna’s swollen clit. She was further delighted when Anna squealed a high-pitched note through their still connected lips.

“Anna,” she whispered. “I’ve got something I’d like to do . . . if it’s alright with you.” Anna looked questioningly at her friend with raised eyebrows. japon porno She looked as though she would have said something if she hadn’t just lost her breath to the pleasure of her friend’s finger breaching her pussy and rubbing her clit. Diana spoke while she was reaching for the middle right drawer of her dresser. “Probably, like many women, I’ve collected a few toys that I enjoy using when by myself. . .” Anna smiled in agreement and nodded her head. “But having friends like you and Paula opened the possibility for . . . different experiences, so . . . I got this the other day,” she pulled something out of the drawer, “and was hoping we could use it together.”

Anna’s draw dropped. Apparently it was not something that had occurred to her as she beheld the strapon that Diana displayed. It had black straps, belts, cinches and buckles . . . more than she would have expected. The head on it was a realistic shape and color. She was initially puzzled that there were a couple other shorter black heads on it, but she blushed when she figured out that one, the longer, would be for Diana’s pussy, and the other for Diana’s butt hole. She stared for a moment in sheer surprise, then realized that her friend was waiting for her. “Diana! Yes! Oh, I’d have never . . . thought of that, but . . . it’s OK with me. Please.”

Diana sighed with relief. She thought her friend’s initial reaction of surprise was negative, but Anna ended up responding with more enthusiasm than she had anticipated. “Anna. Thank you. Here, help me on with it. I tried it on the other day,” Diana said, it was her turn to blush, “so I think I’ve got most of the belts figured out and set for the right length.” Anna and Diana worked together to get it on.

“Would you do me the honor of . . . plugging my holes,” Diana uttered with a sharp exhale. Anna smiled and reached her hand to Diana’s pussy. In much the same way Diana had, she spread Diana’s lips with her fingers, then pressed her finger into her friend’s pussy hole. It was moist, but Anna wasn’t sure if it was moist enough. She couldn’t resist mimicking her friend twirling her finger around her friend’s clit which elicited a sharp gasp. She put some lubricant on the pussy attachment. Anna rubbed the attachment against Diana’s pussy for a few moments, making sure it made contact with Diana’s clit. Diana inhaled sharply again, and urged her friend, mockingly frantic, “Just get it in!” Anna smiled back and gently inserted it. She pushed it back and forth inserting it a little further with each shove until it was all the way in. Diana’s eyes half closed as she reveled in the feeling.

“Now, the other one,” Diana whispered. Anna had Diana lean over the bed so she could see what she was doing. She made sure there was plenty of lube on the attachment and smeared some on her friend’s anus. Diana squeaked a little as Anna finally began inserting it, but then uttered a throaty groan as Anna rocked it in until it would go no further. “Tighten that up! Quickly, please,” Diana begged. “That feels sooo good,” she added. Anna quickly had the last straps tightened. Diana’s face contorted with all the sensations assaulting her as she straightened up.

Anna looked at her friend appraisingly, but soon stepped into her arms again. It was very different now with the strap-on head between them. Anna lifted it so it was pointing more up, and she could rub her groin against it while they made out some more. She slowly extended to her tippy toes and back down, up and down, rubbing her pussy against the cock. She changed to a circular motion, loving the feel of their bodies against each other and the slight stickiness of the light layer of perspiration building on them.

After a few minutes Anna asked, “Diana, how do you want to take me? I’m ready now if you are.”

Diana kissed Anna again, then motioning toward the bed said, “Go ahead and lay down on your back.”

Anna crawled onto the bed and rolled over her shoulder till she was laying on her back, her legs a little apart, and her arms outstretched. “This is perfect.”

Diana climbed onto the bed as well, again highly pleased with the sensation of the attachments in her pussy and anus, and doubly pleased at the welcoming sight of her friend before her. She kept a little low on the bed and straddled one of Anna’s legs. She reached down again with one hand to feel Anna’s pussy, and to make sure it was still wet. She was gratified to feel juice leaking out when she inserted her finger. She put both her knees between Anna’s legs conscious that this was very different from how she would have sex with a guy. She was conscious of the tight squeezing sensation of her pussy on the plug inside her.

Diana leaned forward, her breasts just barely rubbing against her friends’, then leaned down to give her friend another tender kiss. She pushed her body up a little and reached down with one hand to grab the strapon cock. She pressed it against Anna’s pussy lips lifting it up and down to lubricate the head a little, to stimulate her friend lezbiyen porno a little, and to feel for her friend’s pussy hole. After a few moments she was pretty sure that she found it. They both held their breath as she straightened the cock and leaned forward pressing it in.

“Ohhh! Diana!” Anna squealed. “Ohhh! That feels great! All the way!”

Diana didn’t need any more encouragement and soon pushed the strapon in as far as it would go. Anna bucked and lifted her knees as Diana began methodically pumping inside of her. Diana vaguely thought how great it would be to be a guy and to have a real cock and have the pleasure of being inside her friend, however the intensity of her current experience quickly drove those thoughts away.

Diana lowered her upper body onto her friend so that they could kiss while fucking. She loved the feeling of their boobs pushing against each other. Their bodies were covered with a light sheen of sweat, glistening, with skin slipping against skin as they moved. Diana put her left hand under Anna’s neck to help give her some leverage while she humped her friend. Anna whispered intently, “Fuck me, Diana, fuck me!”

Diana experimented a little with the position of her knees and the angle that she entered her friend’s pussy. Initially she kept in positions in which she could continue kissing her friend. After a while she pushed up with her hands, lifting her upper body off of Anna. She loved the view of Anna’s body beneath her as she continued thrusting her hips back and forth. After a couple minutes her arms shook a little, and she lowered her body again, reestablishing their passionate kissing.

Anna was entranced by the feeling of her female friend on top of her. When Diana had raised up she was mesmerized by her friend’s boobs hanging down and had cupped them in her hands, rocking them with the rhythm of her friend’s thrusts. She continued cupping and squeezing one of them as Diana lowered herself down on her again, her other hand shifting to Diana’s bottom where she could pull her friend more forcefully into her.

Anna turned her head to the side for a moment to catch her breath and pant out, “That cock is bigger . . . than I’m used to, but . . . it feels sooo good. I’m going to come . . . soon. Don’t stop.” Anna’s hands roamed Diana’s head and neck, back and butt, often squeezing and rubbing them. While rubbing she accidently hooked a finger under one of the straps and pulled it to the side for the moment. Diana’s groan let her know that instead of hurting her, she’d actually brought an intense wave of pleasure. She began experimentally tugging on some of the other straps, and Diana’s stifled shrieks let her know not only that she was bringing her friend intense pleasure, but that her friend wasn’t far from cumming. She felt her own orgasm building within her, her pussy growing hotter each moment. She grabbed the strap that held Diana’s butt plug in place and started pulling it in and out since it was the most accessible.

Diana couldn’t believe the intensity of the experience. Anna’s breath was coming in ragged gulps and she knew her friend was close to cumming. And while the plug in her vagina didn’t have as much in-and-out motion, it was still enough to bring an intense sensation. But the addition of the butt plug multiplied the feelings she was experiencing. When Anna began pulling the anal plug in and out, Diana knew she wouldn’t hold out any longer.

With renewed energy she rocked her hips back and forth, slamming the cock into Anna’s pussy. She latched her lips onto her friends’, her tongue a frenzy of motion. Her eyes were squeezed tight as she concentrated on the sensations all over her body, and especially the warmth growing in her pussy. Anna’s body bucked under her so that their pussies were crashing together. Anna’s panting changed into a drawn out cry that Diana imitated only a moment later. The friends moaned into each others’ mouths as the intensity built. Anna finally tore her head to the side, gasping, while screaming, “Yes, Diana, yesss!” which was immediately followed by a series of gasping cries of “Oh, oh,” and another protracted scream of pleasure. Her body convulsed in a series of tremors as her first orgasm overtook her.

Diana could hold out no longer when she felt Anna cumming beneath her. Diana’s body stiffened and she cried out in wordless ecstasy. She could feel her pussy contracting on the plug inside of her and the juices dripping out her hole and onto her friend. Wave after wave pulsed through her causing her to nearly black out with pleasure. Her body drooped onto her friend, almost too heavily as they panted in each others’ arms.

Anna gasped out, “Diana, that was sooo good. Again! More! Now!”

Diana felt Anna struggle beneath her and realized the Anna was pushing her to the side. Diana lifted some of her weight off her friend, then dropped one arm so that she fell to her side. She felt Anna push against her breast so that she flopped onto her back, and her friend was climbing onto her in an instant. The cock had come out when she rolled over, but she saw Anna grab the now dripping cock in one hand and lower her pussy onto it, her eyes tightly closed with the pleasure of reentry. Anna’s eyes opened as she lowered her face toward her friend, then closed again as they kissed.

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