Four Play Ch. 02

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This is chapter 2 of 5. This chapter has lesbian/FF bisex, the rest of the story contains explicit MM as well as 4 way/every way sex. If that is not your thing, that’s OK, please move on. Comments and suggestions welcome, please rate so I how I’m doing.


Jasmine came to consciousness slowly, not exactly sure when she had slid from sleep to wakefulness. She luxuriated in the warmth of the bedding, the soft sunlight sneaking in around the curtains and most especially how her body felt. Oh! Right! As she took stock of her totally relaxed state, she remembered how she gotten there. Last night. Wow! She’d never done anything like that before. Well of course she and Jim had made love before. To be honest, they usually fucked each other silly. Once they’d done it on a blanket at the lake after they were sure no one else was watching. But doing it right next to other people? People doing the same thing? No way! But, oh lord had that been hot or what? She couldn’t remember ever losing herself like that before. And what about kissing Tara? It just happened, and it was like lighting. And the second time, she was the one who started it and it was just as good. She had to tear herself away to kiss Jim and she was not even sure why she switched back. Just for the variety? She giggled. I’m not sure what’s going on, she thought, but Jim was certainly OK with it last night, and so were Matt and Tara… Wow, Tara… She needed to think about this. A lot!

She also realized she was alone in the bed. Well, that was not unusual as Jim was up before her most days. But she had the feeling that the other two were already up as well and if this were so, she realized she was going to have to make an ‘entrance.’ There was no way she would just wander downstairs looking mussed and half asleep. It was time to get ready to meet the day and her new friends. Jasmine headed for the shower in the huge full bath attached to their room. She wondered what Matt and Tara’s room must look like, as this ‘guest’ suite was as large and as nice as their master suite at home. Luckily getting ready wouldn’t take too long. She had splurged in preparation for the vacation and had gotten herself waxed from the neck down. Her underarms, pubes and legs were silky smooth and her skin felt sensually soft. Running her hands over her body, she waited for the shower water to warm. Using her fingers she played softly over her mound, sliding lower as she daydreamed, remembering the lovely time in the hot tub last night. Her fingers reached the top of her cleft, easily parting it and exposing her clit. Automatically her fingers began to move in that lovely way that got her off every time. With a start, she realized that she was standing in front of the shower masturbating, while the water ran, and her lover and friends waited downstairs. Her whole body shivered in a little ripple of excitement as she removed her fingers. Testing the water temperature, she stepped quickly into the shower before she got lost in her sexy daydream again.

Jasmine stepped out of the shower, her smooth skin glistening with oil perfumed by her namesake flower. She finger combed her curly dark hair and twisted it into a messy, sexy pile on top of her head. They were supposed to be heading to the beach today so first she put on her navy blue string bikini. She’d bought three new bikinis for this trip and she still couldn’t believe she’d have the balls to wear them in public, but whoa Nelly they made her look hot. Next she shimmied into her favorite Daisy Dukes, barely long enough to cover the creases at the bottom of her firm, round ass cheeks. Finally she pulled on a tight little hot pink tee over the bikini top. She smudged on some eyeliner, flicked on some mascara and tinted her lips with gloss. With a critical look she decided she looked sexy but not too made up and was ready to go.

Standing at the top of the stairs, Jasmine took a long, deep breath. Then trying to remain calm and look sexy, she stepped down and followed the sounds of conversation to the sunny kitchen. Three smiling faces greeted her as she surveyed Jim, Matt and Tara sitting at the table over cups of coffee and remnants of rolls, jams and fruit. Tara said “Good morning Jasmine, you look lovely!” then pointed to the counter and said “Grab a cup and whatever else you want and come on down.” Jasmine smiled and said “Good morning,” to the three and turned to get her breakfast. As she leaned over to reach a cup at the back of the counter, Matt whistled and said in a husky voice, “Man o’ man, those are one lucky pair of cutoffs.” Jasmine turned an absolutely adorable shade of pink and managed to throw a flustered smile over her shoulder. Tara giggled. “Don’t mind him; he’s always like that around beautiful women.” At that comment Jasmine blushed an even deeper shade of rose and hid her face behind her coffee cup.

The three gave her a break from all the attention and went back to their discussion about what had been happening around town since Jim had left. 1080 porno When she sat down at the table, Jim leaned in for a kiss and quick hug murmuring, “Good morning, love,” with that smoky look that always made her knees shake and her lower belly tingle.

“Ole Matt here started right in on the old rivalry and has promised to beat my ass at a game of racquetball, IF I’d be so good as to tie one hand behind my back and wear my shoes on the wrong feet.” Matt snorted loudly. “So, if it is OK with you sweetheart, let me go school this smart ass. It won’t take long. Then we can go to the beach, OK?”

“Sounds good to me,” Jasmine said with a chuckle. “I’d be perfectly happy to have a slow morning and get to know Tara better.” Looking at Tara with a smile she said “If that works for you of course. If you need to do anything, I’d be happy to help, or I can stay out of your way by the pool and read.”

Tara retorted, “First it’s your vacation, so no work! Second out by the pool sounds perfect and getting to know you better sounds even more perfect! So we’re settled. Let these barbarians go do battle with clubs,” she pronounced, with a fond smile for both males,” while we damsels wait with bated breath to hear the outcome of their contest.”

At this, all four broke into laughter, which brought Jasmine right back to the laugh they all shared in the hot tub the night before. That got the tingle Jim had just started going all over again and she thought to herself, damn at this rate I am going to be horny mess. My bathing suit bottom is never going to be dry. But what she found even more curious was the thought of having such a juicy cooze just caused her tingle to get stronger. She snapped back to the present with the thought that this is going to be a very interesting week.

As Jasmine’s focus came back to the kitchen, she realized everyone but she was in motion. The guys had headed for the garage to get their racquetball gear and Tara was clearing the table and placing the dishes in the dishwasher. At this, she jumped up, grabbed the nearest armload of dishes and joined Tara in the cleanup operation.

“Hey stop that! It’s your vacation, no need to clean,” Tara said over her shoulder. “Please let me help,” Jasmine replied, “or I might get to think I really am a damsel waiting for the return of the knights.” They both started laughing again as Matt and Jim came through the garage doorway. Matt surveyed the scene and pretended hurt feelings, “Wow, I didn’t realize that I was that funny, all I had to do was make an entrance and they’re in stitches.” Unable to maintain the pout Matt, and then all four were laughing again. Again Jasmine felt that tingle. Before she realized it, Jim had swept her up in body hug, planted a very promising kiss on her lips and gave her ass a playful squeeze. “Have fun and I’ll return, my racquet held triumphantly over my head, or being carried upon it!” Matt just groaned. Jasmine laughed “You’re a bit big to be hefted on a racquet aren’t you?””

“Thank you Jasmine! You have saved my back and Jim’s racquet.” as he released Tara from a similar embrace. “I promise I won’t beat him up too badly to be useful later.”

Both guys were laughing as they each leaned over to give a quick peck to the other’s partner and then they whisked out the door. Within seconds the car had started and could be heard pulling out into the street.

“Well!” chuckled Tara, “now all we have to do is relax and wait for the return of the conquering hero, whoever it is. But truthfully even after all that bravado, they don’t care who wins; they usually don’t even keep score. They enjoy the taunting as much as the playing.”

Jasmine giggled back, “Boy’s will be boys. They are certainly fine ones, but…”

“Oh, yes they are fine. I’ve known them most of my life and they are the best men I’ve ever known. Honest, caring, hardworking and the best lovers ever!” Suddenly Tara realized that she’d just admitted to Jasmine that she’d had sex with Jim. She blushed and squeaked “Oh, shit…”

Jasmine jumped right in. “No worries girlfriend, if I hadn’t figured it out before, last night pretty much made it obvious. I’m totally OK with it, really. It happened way before Jim and I even knew each other. I know it goes deep with you three and I never want to get in the way of that. Maybe one day I could be part of it. I mean your closeness is amazing and since I’ve been here… ah …yeah…speaking of last night…you know I’ve never done anything like that before. Ah …being with someone else while we were all… ah… on top of another couple doing…you know.” Now it was Jasmine’s turn to blush. “And I’ve never kissed a girl before. I almost freaked when you kissed me. But, god that was hot… Are you OK with it?”

“OK with it?” Tara’s grin split her face. “When you kissed me the second time I was over the moon! I half wanted to grab you back when you turned to Jim, but I didn’t want to be greedy. I thought I was going to explode 2 k porno or melt, or both!”

As they talked, the girls each leaned a hip against the counter, about two feet apart, facing each other. Both were wearing bikinis and cutoffs and there was a lot more skin than cloth showing. The girls seemed to glow a bit as they looked at each other.

“Oh myyyyyy!” Jasmine gasped. “Whew, I was afraid I’d crossed a line and done something really stupid. I am so glad I didn’t because wow that was sooo good.” Still feeling a bit foolish she asked timidly “Have you ever done something like that before?”

Tara looked at Jasmine with a sensuous smile and murmured. “Yes Jasmine, I have. I’ve been bisexual all my life, I never learned to choose. But right now,” closing in on Jasmine and stopping when her small firm breasts and Jasmine’s larger softer ones, were barely an inch apart, “I would like to make a choice and find out where last night’s kiss might take us. I am not meaning to jump on you and I will stop with a word, but your kiss just set me off, and I have a feeling that it did the same for you; and while the boys were totally part of it, we had something more as well. Please tell me it wasn’t just me feeling it.”

Jasmine swallowed with an audible gulp. Again, she was afraid the sudden wetness between her legs was going to soak through her bikini bottom and cutoffs and run down her legs. Tara’s proximity was setting off fireworks in her body. All she wanted to do was lean forward and sink into that kiss. But unlike last night’s kiss, this kiss would only be the beginning. Tara was so beautiful and her breath on Jasmine’s lips was already like the softest of kisses. She started to lean forward, their lips making the barest of contact. Jasmine was almost lost in the moment, beginning to fall into Tara’s mouth. Her insides clenched and more wetness slicked her lower lips, but suddenly she pulled back. “Shit!! Oh Tara, I want to, oh my god I want to! But, I mean, Jim…and Matt. I, I shouldn’t be doing this. And I’ve just met you and ah…” Jasmine closed her eyes and waved her hands back and forth as if she were warding something off.

Tara took a steadying breath, she was almost lost herself, but she had expected and prepared for this moment. After all, if Jasmine really did love Jim as much as she, and Jim and Matt thought she did, this wouldn’t be an easy moment. Falling into the arms of their hostess with one of Jim’s oldest friends and an old lover as well, wouldn’t be something she’d do without knowing how it would effect all of the relationships involved. “Please forgive me for doing this, but I hope that this will answer your concerns. I only respect you more, and want you more for stopping right now.” With that Tara reached over the counter and picked up an envelope which she handed to Jasmine. With a bit of a sly grin, she said, “Prior proper planning…” I’m going to have seat in the living room, please come and join me, if you want to, after you read this. With that Tara gave her a soft hug, a hopeful smile and a quick but promising kiss on the lips and swayed out into the living room.

Jasmine was practically shaking at this point; in desire, confusion, a little fear and a lot of curiosity. She flipped open the envelope. Inside was a handwritten note, obviously in Jim’s neat handwriting, it said:

Jasmine My Love,

If you are reading this, Tara has worked her charms on you and you want to find out where that might go, but you were worried about the possible repercussions.

Please don’t worry!

I love you and I trust you. Please go ahead and enjoy yourself with Tara, in any way that you want.

I love you, but I do not, and will never pretend to own you. There is room in our love for others.

So, have fun if you’d like to, and we can talk more about it after I beat Matt’s butt.

Love, forever!


Jasmine stood there a bit stunned, trying to take in what she had just read. For a second she was furious. He had set her up? She thought, wow they really did mean welcome to the family, but I had no idea what that really meant. So, Jim knew, he had to, before we even came here, that all of the sexy things that have been happening would happen, or at least they’d all try to make them happen.. WITH HER! But… Jim, none of them, had forced anything, they just offered it to her and she was the one making the choices. They had already chosen by inviting her into their circle. And, what was wrong with that? It was honest, loving and if it was any hotter, she’d burst into flames. How often did something like this happen? This situation gave her the possibility of being able to explore herself and her sexuality with people she felt comfortable with, as well as someone she loves. So why the hell shouldn’t she?

With that, she tugged and wiggled her bikini bottoms, cutoffs and top into their most alluring positions. She bit her lips, fluffed her hair and briefly thought about just 3 k porno stripping before she even walked into the living room. But then she decided taking off what little they were wearing might be even more fun. Yikes, where did that come from? What was happening to her? With a laugh at herself, she gave a little shake and with hips swaying Jasmine walked into the living room with what she hoped was a sexy smile.

Tara looked up at Jasmine’s entrance. Letting out a breath she hadn’t realized she’d been holding, she said, “Well, I think I can guess your decision by the way you look, which is delicious by the way.”

Jasmine returned Tara’s brilliant smile and let herself completely fall into the moment. She slowly strutted to where Tara sat on the couch. Sliding one of her legs between Tara’s, she stood over her. “I have no idea what has been happening to me since Jim and I got here. I’m no prude, but the three of you just ooze sex and I feel like every nerve in my body is buzzing almost non-stop. Last night in the tub and just now in the kitchen are unlocking something in me that I didn’t know was there. Somehow you all are releasing it and I’m ready to learn.”

Tara smiled up at Jasmine, her whole posture inviting and reached up to take Jasmine’s hands. Jasmine dropped to her knees, moving her legs as she did to slide between Tara’s parted knees. They ended up with their hands clasped between their flat bellies, the V’s of their cutoffs just touching and their faces level.

For several moments they stayed this way, smiling at each other with almost dazed looks that became increasingly hungry. Then Tara moved her hands to encircle Jasmine’s waist. As she leaned in for a kiss, Jasmine let out a soft sigh and closed her eyes. Deciding to feel and do everything, she felt herself tumble into complete sensuality as Tara’s lips touched hers. It was just like last night, better. Their mouths slipped open, tongues slid out to gently meet and greet, softly snaking back and forth. As they both moved closer together, their bathing suit covered breasts touched then pressed into each other, the thin material allowing each to feel the other’s nipples grow and harden. Tara moved forward on the couch and Jasmine pressed in more tightly. They were now both moaning softly into each other’s mouth as their hands began to explore each other’s bodies. The kissing became deeper and more intense as they lightly brushed each others skin. Tara cupped Jasmine’s ass and pulled her in so close they were completely joined from neck to groin. Tara wrapped her legs around Jasmine and pulled her in until it was hard to determine where one stopped and the other began.

Seemingly by magic, without even breaking the kiss, Tara managed with a few deft tugs to undo and remove both of their bikini tops. Now their breasts touched unimpeded. When their nipples brushed, Jasmine gasped and Tara moaned. They separated a fraction to take advantage of the feeling. Cool air now flowed between their bodies except where their nipples touched. Both girls squirmed just a bit, so their pebbled tips teased and danced with each other like their tongues were doing just above.

They were both losing themselves in the moment. Both of them practically glowed, their skins developing a sheen from their excitement. Tara pulled back for a second, took a deep breath, let it out and gushed, “Wow! I’m about ready to go into babbling meltdown and we’ve barely started. Were you a sex goddess in a previous life or something?” she said with a giggle.

Jasmine giggled back, “I don’t know, and I was about to ask you the same question. But now that we’ve managed to undo our lips for a sec, I need to taste more of you.” With an intensity that belied her lack of experience, Jasmine met Tara as an equal in passion, kissing Tara’s neck and shoulders, alternating butterfly light touches with sucking wet kisses and flicks of her tongue. Tara cooed back, rubbing Jasmine’s shoulders and back. Removing Jasmine’s hair clip, she tossed it to the end of the couch and ran her fingers through Jasmine’s long dark hair. Jasmine moaned as Tara lightly pulled her hair, then she descended a few inches and took her first lick of Tara’s pencil eraser nipple. It was like an electric shock, going right to both of their cores. Tara almost screamed, wrapped her arms around Jasmine and pulled her face hard to her breast. Jasmine responded by opening wide and engulfing a good part of Tara’s smaller but shapely breast in her mouth, alternately twirling her tongue around Tara’s nipple and closing her lips to suckle on it like a baby. Tara was practically trembling when Jasmine turned her head and latched on to Tara’s other nipple with equal hunger.

While their top halves have been exploring their bottom halves didn’t want to be left out. Pressing of their mounds on each other through the cutoffs and suits had progressed to a full-on hump and grind. It was having an effect, a big effect! They were both lost in the moment and the feelings and when Jasmine nipped Tara’s right bud, she just shattered. She wrapped her arms and legs around Jasmine and practically smothered her against her gasping chest. She bucked and writhed while Jasmine literally just hung on for the ride, almost cumming herself as Tara ground against her.

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