Finding Her Way in a Storm Ch. 05-06

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Chapter Five

Over the next week, Skyler meandered her way through her classes almost on auto-pilot, giving little more attention to the daily social dramas surrounding her high school classmates. None of it remotely held any interest for the auburn-haired beauty anymore, not really.

The one exception was the care she took in noticing the girls around her. Though she’d come to realize that she’d been doing it all along, almost subconsciously, Skyler felt just a touch of guilt in secretively ogling her classmates, that naughtiness of the act making the thought of doing it all that much more erotic and arousing.

And the sights she saw in the school halls and classrooms were nothing compared to the ones she saw after school at cheerleading practice. As one of the upcoming seniors on the squad, Skyler had run for cheer captain and handily won over her competition. That meant she was in charge of the team’s remains and ran the auditions for newcomers and incoming freshmen that would take place later in the summer.

The past week’s revelations regarding her sexuality had left Skyler with an entirely new appreciation for the lifts she had to perform with smaller teammates. She didn’t think that she’d ever been as conscious of her hand placement before, but now she noticed it in intimate detail. Little shocks ran down her arm as she palmed the ass cheek of fellow senior-to-be Amberlyn Hall, lifted high over her head. Amberlyn might have been a tad under five-feet in height, and that was with her shoes on. At her heaviest, the tiny teen might have pushed ninety pounds.

Standing there holding Amberlyn above her head, Skyler suddenly became knowledgeable of the fact that she would simply need to slide her thumb forward to rub against her fellow cheerleader’s panty covered pussy. But as delicious as the idea sounded, and as much as the thought of it made Skyler’s clit throb, she resisted the urge.

And if that wasn’t torturous enough, the time in the locker room and showers afterward were delectably agonizing. All of those variations of tits and different colored nipples and areolas suddenly dominated Skyler’s mind. It was everything she could do not to be evident in where her eyes were landing, and by weeks end, she’d actually become quite adept at stealing furtive glances of the tempting treats around her.

But all of the delightedly beautiful sights at school still weren’t much of a distraction from what had really occupied Skyler’s mind for the past seven days. That honor had gone to the beautiful, mysterious, and eclectic Kaia. Skyler always struggled to keep her mind from drifting to naughty thoughts of the lean black beauty and what it would be like to be held by her. The graphic images that flooded her mind left Skyler’s panties feeling perpetually wet.

She walked past Kaia’s new home, both on her way to school, and afterward on her way home. But although she could hear noises coming from the house, what sounded like an electric saw and the occasional hammering noise, she never saw Kaia. It had been maddeningly frustrating to Skyler, who felt an empty ache inside her core, an extreme hunger to once again be in the muscular tattooed beauty’s presence.

She’d even found herself rooted in place on the sidewalk in front of Kaia’s home, staring up at the house’s front door. The urge to saunter up those steps and knock was so strong that Skyler could hardly restrain the need.

Though, what held her back was the thought she would have no idea of what to say once Kaia opened her door. Skyler was almost positive that what had passed between them was felt by both parties. But that didn’t mean that a woman of Kaia’s caliber and worldly experience would be receptive to a relationship with someone as young as her. The thought that Kaia likely saw her as a simple, inexperienced little girl was like a bucket of cold water on Skyler’s arousal.

Things had changed with Jacob as well. Skyler had deftly managed to avoid much of the time the two frequently spent together after school by using a variety of excuses. Unfortunately, it was a Friday night, so she could hardly blow him off again and maintain the illusion that they were together. Skyler’s mother had already asked a question or two when she didn’t see Jacob around much during the week.

The two were supposed to be meeting up with two other couples to watch some new superhero movie the boys were gungho to see, followed by them all sharing some pizza. The typical teen Friday night date that every girl dreams about when she’s twelve or thirteen but finds boring and pedantic by the time she’s a senior.

Skyler went minimalistic with her makeup, curling her long eyelashes, a little eyeliner to accentuate her green eyes, and the faintest hint of green eye shadow with a yellow accent. To that, she added an almost clear gloss to her naturally pink lips, making them shine.

She made her way downstairs in a pair of black jeans and a rather demure looking white sleeveless top that barely covered her midriff. Casibom The jeans hugged her curvy frame perfectly as far as Skyler was concerned, but she knew that her father would likely see them as obscene. As much as he might object, though, he usually reserved his condemnation for more significant matters, even if he had to bite his tongue at times.

Jacob was already in the front room with her parents, the trio chatting away like old friends. He stood when Skyler entered the room, and she greeted him with a chaste kiss on the cheek. The teen could feel her father’s eyes on her but was relieved when he said nothing as they left, her mother seeing them out.

The couple piled into Jacob’s car, a late model BMW two-door coupe his parents had spoiled him with when he turned eighteen. It was definitely ostentatious, particularly for someone so young, but Skyler could think of worst ways to get around.

The auburn-haired beauty nonchalantly looked at Kaia’s house as they passed, no sign of the beautiful creature that had stoked the sapphic fires inside her. Skyler knew that pining away for the beautiful dark lesbian did her no good, but it was an involuntary compulsion, like taking her next breath.

They arrived at the theater to discover the movie they’d come to see wouldn’t start again for another hour and a half, so the six teens made their way across the street to their favorite pizza parlor. Skyler struggled to play the part of a doting girlfriend throughout their meal, not that it seemed to make all that much difference to Jacob. He was too caught up engaging with his friends, leaving Skyler no other choice but to take part in the mindless blather and chitchat between the other two girls, Kara and Joleen. Kara would be a junior next year, while Joleen would only be a sophomore. Skyler barely knew either, and after just a few minutes of conversation was reasonably sure she had nothing in common with them.

As uncomfortable as the meal was, the movie itself was even worse. It wasn’t the film, which Skyler could hardly recall because she was busy for the first hour fending off Jacob’s numerous attempts to fondle and grope her. And his kisses were even worse. It was like he was continually trying to massage her uvula with his long tongue, nearly gagging Skyler at times.

It wasn’t until after his fifth attempt to unbutton her tight jeans that Skyler decided that she’d had enough.

“Can you please stop!” Skyler said in a loud and demanding whisper, faint enough not to carry but loud enough to be heard by those around them.

Jacob flinched, looking around at his friends who were staring their way suddenly.

“What is your problem tonight?” Jacob replied, not even trying to disguise the contempt he felt at Skyler’s rejection. His voice carried just loud enough to draw an admonishment from others in the theater.

Embarrassed and thankful for the darkness, Skyler grasped Jacob’s offending hand and stood, pulling him up and slowly easing out of the aisle and through the theater entrance doors.

“What the fuck, Sky?” Jacob growled as he followed along behind her.

She spun on him when the theater doors had closed behind them, leaving the pair in an empty hallway.

“For one, I’ve asked you a million times not to call me that,” Skyler said, her index finger poking her boyfriend in the chest. “And secondly, apparently your thermostat is broken because you can’t seem to read the temperature in the room.”

The look of utter confusion on Jacob’s face would have probably been cute to most girls, but Skyler just found it tiring.

“I mean, you should have figured out the first time you tried to go down my pants, and I stopped you that I wasn’t in the mood. But no, not you, you just had to keep trying.”

A flustered look on his face, Jacob said, “Fuck Skyler, you’re never in the mood anymore, and I don’t get it. I could walk outside and throw a rock and probably hit a girl that would be more than willing to score with me tonight. So why are you suddenly so frigid?”

The night’s calamitous nature and their entire relationship finally struck Skyler as something that was definitely untenable over the long run. Why was she doing this to herself? It was bad enough before meeting Kaia and having her sexuality challenged, but now it was downright excruciating. Was she really going to let her parent’s expectations regarding her dating life make her miserable?

Not anymore.

“Well, go start throwing rocks, Jake, because she’s more than welcome to you,” Skyler said, her voice surprisingly steady as she turned and walked away from a very stunned Jacob, adding a little shake to her hips as she went.

Skyler stepped out into the summer night feeling strangely ebullient all things considered. There would be countless whispers and a stream of gossip in school come Monday morning and whatever fallout she’d face from her parents. But at the moment, it seemed well worth it.

Skyler was suddenly pleased with her fortuitous Casibom Giriş decision to wear flats with the walk home she was facing instead of the heels her mother had suggested. It wasn’t that terribly far, about twelve blocks, but it definitely would have seemed much further without comfortable shoes.

Skyler had gone about four blocks and was allowing her mind to entertain a rather ribald fantasy where she was in a dark theater with Kaia. Things were just starting to get interesting in Skyler’s mind, her nipples stiffening and a steady pulse building behind her clit, when a voice startled Skyler out of her reverie.

“And what is the beautiful young Skyler doing out by herself on a Friday night?”

Startled, Skyler stopped and twisted her body around to see who was addressing her, her heart skipping a beat at the sight she took in.

Kaia walked up to her briskly, both toned arms raised above her shoulders, her fingers interlaced atop her head. The beautiful black goddess was wearing a very loose gray midriff tank top over the top of a black sports bra and a pair of dark blue lycra running shorts that hugged her tight hips and thighs. Every inch of exposed skin was defined, lean sections of lithe muscle glistening in a sheen of sweat.

Skyler felt herself moisten almost instantly at the sexy goddess’s very sight, the fantasy she’d just been having suddenly seeming wholly inadequate. She told herself once again how there was no way Kaia could ever be interested in a nobody like her.

But God, wouldn’t it be hot.

“Hey, Kaia,” Skyler replied, hoping that the darkness would hide the flushing she felt on her face and chest. She was always that girl with a quick retort or flirtatious response, but not in Kaia’s presence. Around this sexy black vet, Skyler felt as if she was a blithering idiot.

Skyler felt Kaia’s eyes on her, the beautiful black girl’s gaze studying her appraisingly. The auburn-haired beauty felt her legs go weak, her will melting under the intense stare of those unusual gray eyes.

“You look absolutely scrumptious tonight, girl. Your bottom half looks like it was poured into those jeans.”

Skyler breathing began to race, her heart fluttering like mad, was there any interaction she could have with this beautiful creature that didn’t drive her to arousal? And why did it have to be someone so far out of Skyler’s reach?

“Your leg?” Skyler asked, desperately wanting to redirect the conversation away from the subject of how she looked. It wasn’t that she didn’t adore every second of attention Kaia heaped on her, but it made it nearly impossible for Skyler’s brain to function. “How can you be running on your leg?”

Skyler looked down for the first time noticing a much smaller brace on Kaia’s knee than the large bulky one she’d worn on the day they first met. It wasn’t much more than a canvas sleeve with metal braces attached to a disc with bearings on each side at her knee. It only covered about three inches above and below the joint, making the prominent scarring on her leg much more visible.

Kaia laughed lightly and said, “I was wearing the big brace the other day because of all the lifting I had to do. My injury still hasn’t quite fully healed, and my leg isn’t yet at the strength it was before, so I didn’t want to risk putting too much weight on it.”

“But the way you were limping?”

Reaching down to rub at her left thigh, Kaia said, “I had a long drive here and the clutch in that old truck is really heavy. By the time I’d gotten here, my leg had stiffened up, thus the limp.” She then quickly added, “Speaking of which, can we get moving before I cool down and it stiffens up on me, otherwise you might have to carry me home.”

Though Skyler knew Kaia was speaking in jest, the image of the sexy woman’s arm around her neck, Skyler’s draped around her back, her hand resting firmly on Kaia’s firm hip as she helped the former Marine the final seven blocks to her house was a delicious one. She could only imagine in her mind how wonderful the taut and sexy black woman’s body pressed against hers would feel.

“Sure,” Skyler said, as she slowly began to walk alongside this woman who’d come to fascinate her so. Her awareness of their bodies’ closeness seemed to have every nerve inside her alight with possibilities, and the sudden compulsion to reach out and take Kaia’s hand was nearly overwhelming.

“So, tell me, Skyler. What is your functionally mute oaf of a boyfriend doing allowing his beautiful and sexy girlfriend to wander the streets alone on a Friday night?”

There it was again. Skyler didn’t know Kaia well enough, nor did she have any experience with gay women to know for sure, but it felt for all the world as if the sexy woman was flirting with her again. But as rapid as the thought made the auburn-haired beauty’s heart pound in her chest, her insecurity left Skyler feeling cautious about flirting back. After all, this could just be Kaia’s nature, and she might act the same with most Casibom Güncel Giriş women.

“Well, I don’t know about the beautiful and sexy part, but Jacob no longer has a say in what I do with my time. I just dumped him back at the movie theater.”

Skyler caught the surprised look on Kaia’s face, secretly taking pleasure in knowing that the enchantingly sexy black beauty was unaware that it was she who had ultimately inspired Skyler’s act of rebellion.

“And what brought on that sudden change of heart? What about your parents?” Kaia asked inquisitively

Skyler shrugged her shoulders while looking down at her feet, almost afraid to look at Kaia and have the sexy lesbian beauty see the arousal and longing in her eyes.

“They’ll be disappointed and I’m sure I’ll catch a lot of grief about it,” Skyler replied, pausing briefly before adding in a much softer voice, “He’s just not who I want to be with and I know that now.”

The two walked in silence for what seemed an impossibly long time to Skyler while the teen’s admission hung in the small space between them. The auburn-haired young beauty wasn’t sure she was more anxious at the thought that Kaia might question her more on the subject. or that she wouldn’t.

“Got your eye on some other guy?” Kaia asked, breaking the silence between them with a teasing hint in her voice. “Someone a little older maybe?”

The nervous teen felt her breath catch in her chest at the answer that came to her mind, the weight of her new reality, and not being able to share it with anyone a burden. If she couldn’t share it with Kaia, then who could she share it with?

“No, she definitely doesn’t qualify as a guy,” Skyler responded, immediately feeling relieved and terrified at having the reality of her sexuality open to anyone.

“Wow…and just who is this lucky girl?” Kaia asked, her voice sounding full of surprise and maybe hinting something else that Skyler couldn’t quite discern.

The sexy auburn-haired teen couldn’t resist a smirk or in being coy with her response.

“Just someone I met recently that I can’t get out of my mind.”

The two walked on in silence for another block before Kaia finally ruptured the pregnant pause that had settled between them.

“This girl…”

“She’s a woman, actually,” Skyler said, interrupting whatever Kaia was about to say.

“Oh…” the sexy black girl replied, and Skyler could feel Kaia’s eyes on her almost immediately, but was unable to meet them.

“So, is this woman gay or bisexual? Do you think she’s interested in you, too?”

Skyler knew she had to be careful here. If she wasn’t, she would basically be announcing to Kaia that she desired her. After all, how many hot gay women could she have recently met in a town this size?

“I don’t know for sure to answer your first question, though I think she might be. As to the second one, I seriously doubt it,” Skyler replied, the regret that she felt seeping into her words. “But that doesn’t stop my mind from thinking about her constantly.”

“And you? I just assumed that you were straight, with you previously having a boyfriend and all.”

The two were just a couple of blocks from Kaia’s house, and Skyler knew that her time with the sexy goddess was again running out. Steeling her nerve, the beautiful young teen braved a lingering glance at the object of her obsession.

“I think for a long time, I assumed that I was too. What’s more, I think I wanted to be, but it just doesn’t feel right. It’s like I’ve been wearing a mask and trying to fool everyone about who I really am,” Skyler replied, her vision suddenly blurring slightly with a coating of tears.

The teen found herself lost in the look of caring she found in Kaia’s gray eyes, so much so that she was only tangentially aware of the sexy black woman’s hand grasping hers, their fingers interlocking like pieces of a puzzle that were a perfect fit.

Skyler couldn’t help but release an audible sigh, the instant state of contentment she felt at the intimate gesture bringing her a sense of peace that she hadn’t felt…in maybe forever.”

“That can be tough to deal with. I’ve known a lot of women who suddenly realized that they were gay in their twenties. It can be a bumpy road,” Kaia said, squeezing Skyler’s hand, almost in a sign of solidarity.

Skyler allowed her thumb to slide back and forth over the smooth skin on the back of Kaia’s hand, aching to touch so much more of the beautiful black vixen.

“When did you know?” Skyler asked, then suddenly realizing her mistake added, “I saw the tattoos on your arm.”

The smile Kaia gave her in return nearly melted Skyler’s heart. The way her plump lips curled up and were dotted by the dimples that her smile created sent flutters flying in Skyler’s stomach.

“I was lucky,” Kaia replied, “I knew when I was really young. While all the girls around me were cooing about the lead man in a movie, I was getting naughty feelings about the leading lady.”

Kaia thought back to the movie she’d gone to tonight. What little she’d seen of it when not fighting off Jacob’s irritating advances had featured the pleasing sight of Scarlett Johansson in a skin-tight outfit that had sent shivers down Skyler’s spine.

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