Expanding Horizons Ch. 04

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Dear readers,

Thank you so much for your comments and feedback on this story so far. Greatly appreciated!

FYI – There are three previous chapters to this story, and while I think this chapter could stand on its own, you might enjoy it more if you understand the context from the first three chapters.

Big giant THANK YOU to aussie_101 for making the process of editing far more enjoyable than it should be.


Expanding Horizons – Chapter 4

After the limo ride, Keira and Nico are both flushed and grinning madly. The hotel lobby and front desk are crowded and busy as they check in. While walking toward the elevator, Keira silently prays it will be empty when it arrives. Unfortunately a group of other guests gathers in front of the elevator.

They crowd in with the others, and as the elevator ascends, they can’t take their eyes off each other. Keira’s body is humming like she’s got pins and needles all over.

In the hotel room, as soon as the door is closed they both drop their bags and practically launch themselves at each other. She tilts her head up to kiss him as he captures her mouth with his lips, her body with his arms. His tongue seeks hers immediately. His hands slide around behind her, gripping her ass tightly and pulling her closer to grind against his hardness.

She presses every part of her body against him, and moans as she melts into his kiss. Their hands travel over each other, moving almost frantically, exploring every inch. They start tearing at each other’s clothes simultaneously.

After many long minutes, she whimpers as he pulls away from the kiss, leaving her breathless. He steps back, looking her over appraisingly.

She looks confused. ‘What is he doing? Why is he stopping?’ she wonders.

“Take your clothes off,” he says softly but firmly.

“I will if you will,” she replies playfully with a sly smile, stepping closer to him again.

He takes a step back and smiles mischievously at her, then his look turns thoughtful, serious.

“Keira, we have a unique opportunity here. I mean, we could just tear our clothes off and fuck frantically right now, and I’m sure that would be amazing.” He smiles broadly and she does in return, but she still looks confused.

“But we’ve shared so much with each other about our desires and fantasies. There are so many things we’ve wanted to do. Now we can. You told me you have submissive tendencies. Hell, you told me you want to be dominated.” He smiles and takes a deep breath.

Keira nods slowly, comprehension starting to sink in.

“Trust me, Keira, I would never hurt you. I only want to give you pleasure. We can help each other live our fantasies. Give yourself to me and discover how much you enjoy it.”

Keira’s eyes go wide with fear and excitement. Her heart rate speeds up and she suddenly feels so nervous. This is exactly what she thought she wanted. Deep down she knows she has desperately desired this for many years. But now, presented with the opportunity, she finds herself hesitant, afraid to give up control, to give herself to him completely.

She feels like she’s on a precipice, about to tip over the edge. But she can see such sincerity and desire in his eyes. She somehow knows — as she knew fourteen years ago, as she has known over the past few weeks of sharing her most intimate thoughts and desires — that she can trust him completely. It seems only fitting that she experience another ‘first’ with Nico. She nods slowly.

“Ok,” she breathes, a barely audible whisper.

“If I do anything or ask you to do anything that you don’t want, just say so.”

“Ok Nico,” she says, a little more confidently. “I’m yours.”

A frisson of excitement courses through her, and a slight smile spreads across her lips as she starts to imagine the possibilities, wondering what he is going to do to her.

“Now take your clothes off,” he says sternly, but with a reassuring smile. She shivers. He notices, and a hint of amusement enters his eyes.

She complies quickly, shedding her clothes in a matter of seconds while he watches intently. She stands before him naked, her dark hair cascading around her bare shoulders, her nipples hard and erect, her chest heaving with excitement, her pussy swollen and visibly wet. The scent of her arousal is unmistakable.

He inhales deeply as his gaze travels over her appreciatively, longingly. He take a step toward her and she can see an internal struggle behind his eyes as he considers disrobing himself, but he takes a deep breath and holds himself back.

“Now, get on the bed.” his voice is low and soft, but commanding.

She sits on the bed, her legs hanging over the edge.

“No. Sit up, back there,” he says pointing toward the large mass of overstuffed pillows against the ornate headboard. As she moves, he adds, “Prop yourself up. I want to watch you.”

She catches his meaning immediately. Her eyes go wide and her face flushes as a rush of excitement, fear and embarrassment runs tandoğan escort through her.

She piles the pillows up and positions herself leaning back against them. Looking up at him, her eyes betray both her excitement and her self-consciousness. He stands at the end of the bed, still fully clothed, and smiles to reassure her.

“How do you pleasure yourself when you’re alone? Where do you start?”

He knows how she starts. She’s told him in many recent conversations.

“My nipples,” Keira whispers, as a chill runs through her, and her face and chest get redder with her embarrassment at what he is asking.

“Mmmm, yes. Then start there,” he says as his lust-filled smile crosses his face again and his eyes glitter with excitement and fascination.

Keira looks into his eyes and sees his gaze travel over her. His eyes are dark and predatory. She runs her hands wantonly up her stomach, over the swell of her breasts, and runs her palms across her nipples. They’re already taut peaks with the excitement of the moment. With her eyes fixed on Nico’s, she gently pulls at both nipples and rolls them between her thumbs and index fingers. She arches her back and writhes, moaning in pleasure as a jolt of pleasure courses through her body.

Nico’s resolve falters and a low hiss escapes him. She can see his cock straining in his pants. She can see him struggling to stay at the end of the bed.

Pinching and pulling at her nipples harder, she stares at his beautiful face through her heavy lidded eyes, the sensations growing stronger as they course through her. Looking at him as he watches her is one of the most exciting things she’s ever done, and she knows the fun has only just begun.

She bends her knees up and allows her legs to fall open, revealing her pussy in all its red, swollen splendor. His eyes widen as they are drawn to the space between her legs. He breathes deeply and another hiss escapes him. He sits deliberately on the end of the bed, adjusting his pants which appear to be painfully tight at the moment.

“Go on now, touch yourself. I can see how wet you are. I know you want to,” he tells her with his roguish grin. “Don’t hold back. Don’t try to be quiet. You know you like to make noise. I want to see you and hear you.”

She gasps again, releasing a little moan as she exhales. He smiles wickedly at her as he watches her right hand glide down from her breast, across her stomach slowly, ever so slowly. His gaze darts from her eyes to her hand to her pussy and back again, over and over, like he can’t decide where to look. Eventually she notices that his gaze mainly sticks to the path of her hand as it inches lower and lower, reaching her mound, while she continues to pinch and roll her nipple with the other hand. Her breathing is ragged now, her skin on fire, as she watches him watching her.

She slides her hand lower, over her mound and, staring into his eyes, glides her fingers lightly over her outer lips. She gasps and again lets it out as a little moan. Then she slips her middle finger into her slippery slit. She tilts her head back and moans loudly. It’s so wet and so hot, her finger is quickly engulfed and coated in her juices. His eyes go wide and he groans as he watches her arch her back, surrendering to the sensations.

Keira slides her finger in deeper and pulls back, dragging slick wetness over her clit. She makes a sound between a sigh and a cry and shudders as her finger brushes over the sensitive spot. She rubs her clit back and forth very slowly, moaning and panting as she continues to stare into his eyes. His gaze darts back and forth between her eyes and her fingers. She can’t believe how exciting this is — having him watch her while she does this to herself. Her chest is heaving and her skin is tingling all over. She sees him leaning forward, struggling to control his breathing, struggling to keep himself in place.

“Show me how you use two hands to make yourself come,” he says, his voice hoarse and gravelly.

“Oh”, Keira gasps and her eyes go wide, partly with fear, partly with excitement. She remembers describing this to him in one of their recent chats and silently curses herself, or him. Her hands stop moving for a second.

“Show me,” Nico repeats more sternly, his mouth quirking up into a slight smile.

“Come on,” she pleads, panting for breath. “I need you, Nico,” she tells him, looking into his eyes with ravenous hunger. “Fuck me.”

He leans forward, lust and need reflected in his own eyes. Clearly, he wants to fuck her as much as she wants to be fucked. He stands at the end of the bed. She can see that his resolve is wavering. She gives him a pleading look filled with lust and longing. Then a determined look crosses his face and he smiles wickedly at her.

“Show me, first,” he says. Quietly but firmly.

“Oh god,” she whimpers in a small voice. Looking into his eyes, panting, chest heaving, Keira complies and glides her left hand down from her breast, across her stomach. tunalı escort She’s never done this in front of anyone. It is her most private act. She’s can’t believe she’s going to do it for him. It’s so frightening and embarrassing, and easily the most exciting thing she’s ever done. She’s sure she will climax in a matter of minutes. She’s never been so aroused.

Keira slides two fingers easily into her dripping hole. She tilts her pelvis and her right hand stills its movements on her clit as her left hand pushes deep inside. She moans long and low, and her head rolls back for a moment as her fingers connect with that perfect spot inside her, sending a jolt of pleasure coursing through her.

She looks back at him through heavy lidded eyes as she begins her rhythm, two fingers pulsing deep inside her, two fingers rubbing back and forth over her clit. Her fingers make wet squelching noises as they move in and out of her slippery hole. Her heart is pounding so hard it echoes in her ears. She begins moaning with each exhale.

Standing at the end of the bed, Nico watches her, breathing deeply like a predator about to strike, the tension in his body barely contained, his cock clearly straining against his pants. His gaze darts back and forth between her eyes and the movement of her hands.

He starts to undo the buttons on his shirt.

“Yes,” Keira breathes between pants, watching intently as his body is finally revealed to her, inch by glorious inch.

He continues to watch her, and she can see his chest heaving as he struggles to control his breathing. He drops his shirt to the floor, unclasps the button on his pants and pulls down the zipper quickly. Keira’s eyes are glued to the spot, waiting for his cock to be revealed. Staring into her eyes, he hooks his thumbs under the waistband of his boxer briefs and pants and simultaneously pulls both down, letting them drop to the floor as well.

Keira gasps, staring as his rock hard cock springs free. Distracted, she licks her lips as she slows the movement of her hands.

“Keep going,” Nico commands, standing at the end of the bed, breathing deeply, watching her intently. His hand wraps around his cock and he starts stroking himself slowly.

“Nico,” Keira breathes between panting breaths. “I want you…in me…now!” She lets loose an almighty groan, staring at him through glassy heavy-lidded eyes.

Nico smiles wickedly. “Soon,” he breathes. “Come for me first,” he says in a low hoarse voice, staring directly into her eyes with a feral intensity. His gaze deliberately goes to her hands and back to her eyes again.

Keira whimpers, and starts rubbing her clit frantically with her right hand and pounding into her pussy with her left. If this is what it takes to finally feel him inside her, she is determined to make herself come as quickly as possible. Considering her level of arousal, she knows it will not be long. Her gaze darts between his eyes and the slow controlled movement of his hand on his cock. Nico’s eyes widen in amazement as his gaze darts between her eyes and the frantic blur of her hands.

Her chest is heaving as her breath comes out in raspy ragged pants. She starts to make a crying moaning sound with each exhalation. Within a few minutes she feels the tingly heat and pressure of her impending orgasm. Her eyes fly open wide and she cries out loudly as the first convulsions start deep within her.

Staring into his eyes while she makes herself come is one of the most intensely erotic experiences she’s ever had. Keira continues rubbing frantically on her clit with two fingers as she feels her pussy muscles clench around the fingers of her left hand. Intensely hot and tingly electrical jolts of pleasure course throughout her body, from the epicenter to the tips of her fingers and toes. She cries out loudly as her legs convulse, the muscles in her abdomen contract, her shoulders tense, everything seems to tense, and she pulls her knees up close to her chest as her body seems to want to fold in half into a near fetal position. She removes her hands as her orgasm continues to spasm within her.

Keira opens her eyes, only now realizing that she had closed them, and gasps to see Nico directly in front of her, kneeling on the bed almost between her knees.

“That was one of the most incredible things I’ve ever seen,” he says.

He pulls her knees apart and quickly positions himself between them, bracing his hands on the headboard on either side of her shoulders. He slides his rock hard shaft into her dripping, still spasming pussy. The sound that erupts from deep inside Keira’s chest is somewhere between a moan and a scream.

Realizing through her haze of pleasure that she finally has him inside her, she wraps her arms around his back and her legs around his ass and pulls him close against her, relishing the sensation of him filling her up again, reveling in the feeling of touching so much of his naked body once again.

“Oh god yes, finally,” she breathes, and pulls türbanlı escort his head to hers, kissing him deeply, passionately, breathlessly. Her tongue instantly searches for and finds his enthusiastic response. They explore each other’s mouths while they pause and enjoy their joining.

As the kiss heats up, Nico rolls his hips to move within her, but can’t move far because of the grip she has on him with her legs. She smiles into the kiss and releases her legs, letting her feet fall back to the bed, her knees drape open wide, as she loosens her grip around his back and shoulders.

Nico lifts his head and looks into her eyes as he begins a slow rhythm, withdrawing slowly and pressing smoothly back inside. Occasionally he dips his head back down to plant his lips on hers, and pulls back again to gaze at her face, radiant from her orgasm, her green eyes glowing with the intensity of their connection. He smoothes her silky dark hair back from her forehead, and tenderly tucks a strand of hair behind her ear, caressing her face as he continues to glide slowly, languorously in and out of her.

“So beautiful,” he whispers, and plants another long lingering kiss on her lips.

Keira wraps her legs around him and pulls him into her harder on the next thrust. They both groan as he slams against her cervix. Nico takes the cue and begins to pick up his pace slightly and Keira responds by rolling her hips up to meet his thrusts. He’s going deeper with each thrust, pushing harder, moving faster. Keira’s breathing picks up again, and small breathy moans accompany each exhalation.

The hunger burning in Nico’s eyes lights a fire in her. She is sure he can see it reflected in her own. Her need builds to an unbearable level. Patience is gone. There is only her insatiable need for him.

“Yes,” Keira breathes between pants, “Fuck me. Harder. Don’t hold back.”

Nico smiles wickedly at her. He begins thrusting harder, causing Keira to cry out in pleasure with each thrust. Waves of pleasure are coursing through her from her core, radiating outward throughout her body. She starts to feel that building tidal wave again.

She’s thrusting up each time he pulls out and pulling him back down hard with her legs, moaning loudly each time he fills her up again. He’s pumping hard into her, breathing fast and deep, slamming into her with such force. His muscles are straining with the effort. Drops of sweat form on his brow.

“Oh fuck me, Nico,” she cries, “Yes. Yes. Fuck me.”

The incredible pressure building within her breaks and a tidal wave of pleasure washes over her. Simultaneously, her muscles contract tightly around his shaft, her legs contract around him, her fingernails dig into his shoulders, and she cries out.

“Oh Nico!”

Keira closes her eyes and sees stars exploding behind her eyelids, reflecting the explosions that are going off everywhere else. Nico continues pumping hard into her, and she cries out in pure ecstasy with each thrust. “Oh! Oh! Oh!”

The spasms racking her body are so powerful they’re almost painful. Finally, her clenching and moaning has driven him to his own climax. She feels his shaft contract within her and he shoots his load into her with a loud groan, followed by another. Keira clenches her muscles around him repeatedly until the twitches and spasms of his cock are spent. He collapses on top of her and although they are both panting, their lips meet.

“Keira,” Nico whispers, smiling slightly and he bends forward to kiss her again. Finally he nuzzles his face into the crook of her neck and rests there a moment while their breathing slows. She can still feel him inside her and the weight of him on top of her is comforting, warm, and safe. She glides her hands over his back and shoulders, smiling contentedly.

They lie together for a long while, as their breathing slows. They don’t say anything. They simply revel in the feeling of being together, their naked bodies entwined, having finally made love again for the first time in fourteen years. She clenches the muscles of her pussy around him and he chuckles, remembering. He pulses inside her in response. She smiles, remembering.

After a long time lying together blissfully, Nico kisses her deeply and pulls back to look into her eyes. He lightly brushes a hair out of her face and stares at her like he can’t believe what he’s seeing. He kisses her again, then a mischievous gleam kindles in his eyes.

“Let’s go have a shower,” he says.

“Anything you say,” she replies with a broad, sultry smile.

The mischievous gleam in his eyes gets a whole lot more mischievous.

In the shower, Nico takes the little soap bottle supplied by the hotel and starts washing her body. He takes great care to wash first her arms, from her hands up to her shoulders, then down across the swell of her breasts. He slides his soapy hands over her nipples, making her shudder and moan all over again.

He slides his hand down across her belly, and down through the folds of her swollen pussy lips, making her jump and gasp. He chuckles, but then gasps himself as her hands reach out and begin soaping up his balls and cock. It thickens and lengthens with her attentions, and she gives it a little squeeze, making him gasp again as the hot water courses down over their bodies.

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