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© Alex Carr 2011

Daniel and I stood quite naked, facing each other in the bathroom, our cocks just touching, that certain look in our eyes as we focus on each other.

I was so glad Daniel accepted my invitation to spend and evening in my place. It sounds seedy how we met but it wasn’t really, it was in a toilet. It turned out that none of us are into toilet bashing, it is just that we got talking as we each stood next to each other at the urinals.

We just looked at each other as we came out and he asked me for a light’

“Sorry I don’t smoke, gave it up three years ago” I said apologetically.

And that was a good subject for the start of a conversation in that Daniel wanted to give up too and asked me for a few hints.

“Tell you what how about we chat over a drink?”

“Great I am all for it” I am driving though so will just make it a shandy.

we introduced ourselves as Daniel and me being Pete. At that time we had no inclination to do anything more than just chat.

I liked him though. After I asked him to come back to my car and I’d give him a lift, because he was going to take a bus.

In the car as we spoke I felt a certain charisma about him and quite unwittingly, I don’t particularly know why, but it seemed right at the time – I touched him with my hand.

He just closed his eyes, stretched back his head on the passengers’ seat and parted his thighs slowly, as if prompting me to do more.

And that is simply what led to our meeting at my place and doing what we were doing right now. I enjoyed the feel of him and wanted to do more ensest porno but the car park was becoming busy, so we went for the later date and here we are, standing and enjoying

It was so lovely, he has a lovely cock and I adored the way he stretched it back to reveal that lovely head. Prompting me to do the same which made me feel so good as we touched p-holes. Mmm!

Absolutely fabulous.

For a while we enjoyed each other this way, rubbing cock to cock, balling each other, he was so warm and erect and so was I. Our cocks throbbing so we each started to wank and it was lovely.

He whispered for me to turn and I did, and I soon realised what he was about, and I was so relived because I was a taker and not a giver that way.

I felt him parting my ass cheeks which felt so good, and then, wetting his hand with his mouth he smoothed it around his cock and gently started to massage its head between my ass as I wiggled it for him to enjoy and feeling his strong hands nudging and stretching my cheeks apart I felt completely at ease and at that time knew I wanted his fuck.

After rubbing himself up between my crease he asked if I liked oral and I said I wouldn’t mind. So he laid down on my settee, opened his legs wide, pushing himself up from beneath his balls and announcing, well here it is and what did I think?

Daniel looked divine, so coolly relaxed, his cock standing slightly backwards and high. I wanted for this to be perfect, our first intimacy with each other. I kneeled on the carpet between his legs and began slowly to run my escort porno finger tips along the length of his adorable cock. Me feeling so warm and good, this was quality cock and I aimed to give Daniel my all in every way.

I gently massaged and sniffed him there, stretching back the foreskin to reveal the gorgeous redness beneath, it smelt good but I adore the scent of cock anyway and Daniels’ s was no exception.

I wanted to gradually work up to the oral bit , secretly longing to suck it, it was just asking to be sucked and enjoyed.

We got talking as I felt and massaged him, he told me that what I was doing reminded me of his ex. That he , like me, was bi-sexual and she had a lovely touch.

“Are you still with her?” I asked

He paused briefly as I touched a point somewhere which made him hold his breath in a sort of trance, I was gradually discovering what he liked. Then he told me how one day he got home early and found his ex in bed with a guy covered with a lot of body black hair, and that solved the mystery of why he had noticed black hair in the bed.

I continued to caress and spoil him as he spoke, he had a divine cock and the feel of it was soothing and so good, all the time I was revving up to place it into my mouth and taste the nectar.

He told ,me I was some guy who he so wanted to fuck and showed me how he wanked himself, the particular way he liked to bend and jerk it, I soon caught on. I touched it and moved as he had showed me and he loved it as his hand now found my cock as we delighted each other in a sixty gizli çekim porno nine position and found our heaven on earth. Daniel wasted no time in sucking me either and it was so very good, then I wanted nothing more than to suck him simultaneously as there is always something so very intimate and special about that.

So there I was, I held my breath and went for it, that bulging throbbing length of pure unadulterated quality cock inside my mouth now. I closed my eyes and imagined soon how it would be inside me giving me the fuck I so wanted, it was earthy and pungent and had that certain flexibility and texture I was able to manipulate and enjoy to the full.

It wasn’t long before Daniel wanted more and he suggested I plant myself on all fours so he could prepare me for it. I was so enjoying the heaven feelings of his mouth doing wonderful things between my thighs, feeling his warm hands spread me apart and his mouth and tongue probing me there, he uttering how absolutely beautiful I was and how he loved young ass.

“I will fuck you sound” he said giving me a bountiful slap on both cheeks and I said “Yes please and make it quick!”

And then we so enjoyed that first deep fuck when he went straight up inside me without any difficulty whatsoever because he had taken the trouble to arouse and ease me with lots of lovely sucking lubrication.

“You are beautiful, you are some fuck!” Daniel yelled as he started to build up a lovely arousing rhythm which sent me crazy, he thrust and thrust into me, occasionally stopping as we felt each others strong pulsing throb, I felt it stretch me inside and so enjoyed g-his deep thrusting until I wanted more and more – and when we got to that wonderful climax it was like heaven had opened. Like a volcano had exploded violently and we were both utterly but wonderfully exhausted.

That was Daniel and I wanted more and more of him …

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32