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It had been an easy night at the restaurant. I play guitar and sing in the corner of the lounge. As gigs go, it’s boring, but so very easy. It pays well, they feed me, and I can have a couple of cocktails in the bargain.

The patrons are the upper crust of our small town. They are polite and semi-attentive, and they tip well. That’s good as a gig gets around here.

I slid off my stool and dropped the guitar in it’s stand. It was Saturday night, and I was done for another week. Time for a last vodka.

I had not noticed that the chef, Damien, was tending the bar until I was already leaning against it.

Damien had a world class smile. It was broad and friendly and toothy.

He lifted a meaty hand over the bar for a handshake, asking, “You want a vodka Rick?”

“Please” I responded gripping his hand firmly.

Damien whipped it up in a second, and moved on to another customer.

I watched him at work. He was tall and overweight, but he carried it well. He seemed solid, not sloppy. He had changed out of the chef’s costume and wore dress slacks and an untucked dress shirt. He smelled sophisticated. He was probably wearing more cologne than is fashionable, but it suited him. I liked it. We could use more sophistication in this dusty little town.

I drank pretty quickly, as I still had to pack up my gear. I found myself watching Damien.

‘GAYmien’ is the unkind nickname he had in town. He was one of only a couple of openly gay men of whom I was aware. Because of this, I found myself fascinated with him. I was relaxed after the night’s work and probably a little buzzed from the drink. I stopped myself from staring, and got after the job of moving my equipment out to my car.

The phone woke me Sunday morning. I had been sleeping in. It was Damien. What the fuck.

He said, “Hey Rick, come on over to my house for an early dinner this evening.”

I was caught off guard. “uhhhhhhh… OK,” I blurted.

“Five o’clock?” He said. “Five o’clock.” I echoed.

“Great!”, Damien said. “It’s a date”.

I said, “OK, see you then.”

“No…” Damien continued, ” I mean, it’s a DATE.” He emphasized the word.

“Ohhhhhh, wow, uhhhhh,” I stuttered.

Damien laughed and said, “Don’t be late.” He added, “OH… you ARE single, right?”

I admitted that I was, and I ended the call saying, “See you in a few hours.”

There it was. I had just agreed to have a dinner date in the home of a gay man.

I certainly was not looking for a homosexual affair, but neither can I say I was against one. My sexual orientation is confusing, especially to me.

There was something about Damien. He was self possessed and confident. He was a member of an ‘opposite sex’ in a way. I wanted to get to know him better. I found his homosexuality to be forbidden fruit, and very intriguing.

A date with a man was taboo for me. Pushing past these social rules was tantalizing, and interesting, with a hint of risk.

I arrived at Damien’s house right on time. He only lived a few blocks away. I drove, but could have walked. Damien met me at the door with and handed me a glass of pino grigio, my favorite.

Dinner was served. A small fresh salad, baked fresh salmon and broccoli… just as fresh. We made small talk about the weather, and I of course complimented the chef. We finished the light meal quickly, refreshed our wine and left the dishes on the table.

I was relaxed from the wine. Damien motioned me to follow him through sliding glass to the his back deck. We watched the sun setting behind the mountains. Damien produced a joint from somewhere. He lit it and took a couple of leisurely hits, then passed it to me.

We sat in the comfortable deck chairs and admired the view.

“So, you’ve been with a man before? Did you like it? Are you gay?” Damien spouted these questions rapidly.

I chuckled. “Yes, I liked it, a lot. I don’t think I’m gay though. I’m not sure I’d like being ‘out’. The social atmosphere in this little town far from progressive. There are many right wingers here, and a many conservative christians.”

Damien wagged his wine empty glass. “Let’s have another sip,” he said.

We went back in the house and my host turned his back to me as he poured the wine. Still turned away from me, Damien appeared to be adjusting his belt. When he turned back to me, his penis was visible, and VERY erect standing out from his open fly. Damien wasn’t huge, but his cock was certainly above average and had a handsome upward curve.

I was mesmerized by the sight of him. I stared at his sex, frozen in place.

“Why don’t you suck my cock?” he asked softly.

I dropped to my knees, grasped his member and wrapped my lips around him gently. He smelled and tasted wonderfully. His penis felt so good in my mouth. Damien moaned appreciatively. I sucked and licked and kissed his member. With every passing second I became more turned on. I gave myself to the cock lust I was feeling. I took him from my mouth and stroked him gently, admiring the altyazılı seks beauty of his shiny, erect rod.

“I was right about you.” Damien said as he looked down at me and smiled. I can imagine what I looked like, eyes glassy, my mouth open, my lips smeared with saliva and pre cum.

Damien pulled me to my feet, wrapped me up and kissed me. His mouth was as delightful as his penis. I kissed him back, lost in lust. I felt his erection, urgent against my stomach.

We kissed and kissed. Damien ran a hand through my hair and guided my head as we made out.

He pushed back just a little and expertly used both hands to open my jeans. He pulled my pants and underwear down to the middle of my thighs. My hardon sprung forward proudly. Damien collected both our cocks in his two hand and rubbed us together as he kissed me again.

Damien went to his knees, and engulfed my penis. He swallowed me, all of me, every inch. His hands went around me and grabbed the cheeks of my ass. He pulled me even deeper in to his mouth and held me there. He was expert. His fingers crawled towards each other, moving to the cleft of my cheeks. Still sucking, he spread me and he touched my hole purposefully.

The pleasure was so overwhelming that I crossed over. The neon sign in my minds eye flashed ‘gay gay gay.’ I let go. So be it. The mating urge was upon me. None of my fears nor inhibitions could extinguish this. I was all in.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh daaaaaaaaaaamn,” was all I managed to say.

Damien released my penis from his mouth and twisted my hips, causing me to shuffle around so that I faced away from him. The kitchen counter was in front of me and I rested on my forearms there, presenting my ass to him.

I made it clear that I was surrendering.

“Atta boy,” was all he said.

Damien growled as he licked the length of my crack. Brushing over my opening. He repeated these long licks several times before he zeroed in on my hole. He poked me with his tongue. He fingered me. He probed and invaded me.

I let him. I felt compelled let him do as he pleased. This was what he wanted. I was no longer sure what I wanted. My ego lost it’s hard edges. My idea of reality blurred with the realization that Damien’s need was as important to me as was my own.

“Yesssssss baby,” I hissed. “Oh yes, that feels good. Are you getting me ready to fuck?”

Damien’s low rumbling laugh was warm and affectionate as he stood. “Yeahhhh,” he drawled, “That’s exactly what I’m doing.”

I instinctively knew what to do. I relaxed and opened my hole. Damien, with two fingers inside me, felt this. He pulled his hand away and began rubbing his cock up and down over my opening. It felt glorious, but it was nothing compared to thrill I felt when he entered me. Damien was gentle and careful. He lined his cock up with his right hand and pushed. He held for a few moments after the head penetrated my ass. I squeezed down on him, then relaxed, then repeated. I wanted to show him that I was ready and receptive.

Damien got the message. He pushed in deeply. I continued to relax and receive him. I moved my hips from side to side.

Damien chuckled softly again and said, “You are the gayest straight man I’ve ever met.”

God, our fuck felt incredible. My lover’s cock was a perfect fit. Damien wrapped his arm around me, holding me close and keeping his member fully inside me. He reached his left hand under my shirt and fondled my nipple as his right hand reached around and kept me glued to him.

I was moaning with every exhalation. I felt right with Damien. I gave myself over to the unthinkable feelings, the lust, the surrender. I leaned back into him, luxuriating in the mating, the connection.

Then, he pulled out of me. The tickle of expulsion was sweet, but was immediately replaced by a burning desire to have him back inside.

Damien kissed me intimately and deeply. Our mouths and tongues fully engaged.

“It’s time for the bedroom baby,” he breathed.

Damien stepped out of his pants that were pooled around his ankles. I danced and fought my way out of the slim fitting jeans I was wearing. When Damien saw was going to take my socks off, he stopped me saying, “Leave those white socks on! I like the cute ‘nerdy’ look.”

There were no lights on in the bedroom. It was still not sunset, and so the room had a subdued, gauzy aspect. Kinda romantic.

We shed our shirts and dropped into bed.

Damien pulled me into a full body embrace, insinuating one of his legs between mine. That move felt proprietary to me, dominant. I liked it. Our cocks were nestled together, still hard. Our stomachs were pressed together. I was laying on my left arm, and Damien’s right was around my neck, holding my face close to his.

“You seem pretty gay to me,” Damien began.

“I can see how you would say that after what we’ve been doing.” I countered.

Damien laughed again. “We’re gonna do a lot more before we’re done.”

I looked down at our entangled arms anal porno and legs. Damien’s very dark mahogany color contrasted with my untanned whiteness. The contrast between us was handsome. I had never had a black lover. I’m embarrassed to say that it was another taboo, but I relished the chance to confront it.

We kissed some more. They were gentle but deep kisses, affectionate ones. I pushed my pelvis toward his. I felt my hardon rubbing against his.

Damien spoke in an intimate voice. “I like sex a lot, and without a partner I don’t get it as often as I need. I’m obviously alpha, and I love being in charge in bed. You are obviously OK with this.”

“Yeah,” I admitted. “I am very OK with it.”

He continued, “You like when a man takes the lead, don’t you.” This last a statement not a


I just looked at him, but my mind was racing. My sex life lately had not been very good. I’d had a succession of girlfriends that I had lost interest in. It seemed like when the newness wore off I could no longer perform in bed. They wanted, at least some of the time, to be ravished. That was not my style. I was more concerned with pleasing them, making sure they felt taken care of. When I tried to be aggressive I became anxious and lost my erection.

I wiggled deeper into Damien’s arms and kissed him. I reached and grasped his penis affectionately. “Maybe I do,” I admitted. “I’ve wondered about being submissive. It’s hard for me to say that out loud.”

Damien pulled out of our hug and said, “Let’s find out.”

The leg he had placed between mine stayed where it was, joined by his other leg as Damien rose to his knees and repositioned. My legs now lay across his big thighs. He lifted me with his hands behind my knees and spreadeagled me.

I was breathing fast, almost panting as I watched him turn his attention to my bottom. He scooted in closer, and began moving his cock across my anus again, handsfree.

“What a pretty little asshole you have baby. I want to fuck it. I want to fuck you until you have no doubt about who you are.” Damien’s voice was low and breathy as he spoke. He continued. “Reach back and guide me in. Show me that you’re ready, ready to belong to me.”

I took his cock and moved him up and down, seeking the perfect angle. I was working blind, but as I moved him across the lips of my pucker he helped and pushed forward at just the right moment.

His cock popped in. I smiled up at my man, quivering my hole, twitching it so that he could feel my delight. I squeezed tightly then relaxed, raising my hips as I did. I was encouraging him, tempting him, proudly proving my enthusiastic acquiescence.

“Fuuuuuuck me, take me, damn you! What you doing to me? I have never felt such overwhelming sex fever. Your cock thrills me.”

Damien answered quickly. “I have only started to turn you. You’re going to be a different guy after this evening.”

Damien long dicked me. His pace was just right. He would pull almost all the way out and hold for a beat or two. This made me crazy. I felt empty and lost without his cock. I would be on the verge of begging and then he slid back into my hole. Each plunge back in made me shout with pleasure and relief from being filled with him again.

I looked up into Damien’s face, and found him staring intently into my eyes. He face was relaxed and his normal bemused smile showed satisfaction.

Somehow, he managed to pull me toward the edge of the mattress without allowing his cock slip from me. Now he was standing as he fucked. With more leverage, our coupling became a bit more forceful. I followed his lead, pushing up to meet his surges. I laughed out loud from sheer delight, and from the curious position I found myself in.

Damien seemed to know what I was feeling, and his smile grew a bit. He allowed his penis to slip out on the next out-stroke. He pulled me a bit over the edge of the bed, and I slipped to the floor and to my knees. I found myself staring at Damien’s glistening cock, a bead of fluid decorating the slit, fresh from my ass.

Damien reached around behind my head and urged me toward him.

Ass to mouth was one of the ‘gay’ things I had always been afraid of. My lips were tight together when the crown of his tool touched them.

“Open,” was all he said.

Reflexively, I did. I welcomed the feel of him in my mouth. The taste was earthy, but far from bad. I sucked him with desire and acquiescence. I took him deeply and amorously. His slippery cock found it’s way deep into my throat and I swallowed to massage him.

Damien growled with pleasure. “That’s gooooooood baby. This is how you pay me for tongue fucking your hole. This is your chance to show me how much you love my cock, and our fuck. Suck me and show me that you want me to breed you.”

I was floating in homosexuality, wallowing in it. I was cocooned in a forbidden world. Damien and his cock the focus of my attention.

He pulled out of my mouth and washed my face with his slippery penis. anime porno I kinda swooned. Damien suddenly squatted down, bringing his face level with mine. He licked the love-slime from my lips, then kissed me. His hands came up to frame my face, and he firmly choreographed a slow passionate deep kiss. He titled my head one way then the other, moving his in a complimentary way. Our tongues moved together at first, then Damien possessed my mouth with forceful explorations. I opened even wider,sucking on his tongue like a cock, instinctively knowing that was my role.

Damien pulled back panting from the intensity of our making out. He still held my face and looked hard into my eyes. “Wow,” He puffed. “You get it. This might be new territory for me too.”

“Bend over the bed,” he finished.

The mattress was just the right level for me to bend at the waist and keep my legs spread. I presented my ass to him, and looked back to watch.

Damien was stroking himself with his left hand. He dribbled saliva expertly onto his hand and cock. His attention seemed to be on something to his right. I followed his gaze and saw a tall floor mirror on a wheeled stand. Our reflection hypnotized me.

Damien smiled at me in the mirror, and moved closer until his cock was riding the cleft of my butt. I watched his fuck motion as he simulated intercourse, his cock staying outside.

“I want to breed you. Will you let me? It’s been a long time since I’ve wanted this.” Damien’s tone was husky and sincere. “If you want my cock, you must agree to take my seed. You must trust that I would never doing anything to cause you harm.”

Damien dropped down and tongued my ass again. He was so very good at this. First slow and affectionate, followed by a deep dive.

I just moaned.

Damien raised up again, and I watched the mirror as if it were the screening of my first erotic movie.

He allowed a large portion of saliva to drop from his mouth to my opening. “You must tell that you want me to cum inside you.” He said. “Do you want my cock bad enough to accept my sperm?”

I pulled myself out of my ragdoll sextoy haze so that I could answer clearly.

“Yes, I want your cock, and your sperm. I want you to fill me with your cum, fill my ass with your cum. Breed me. Do it please, I need it.”

Damien laughed softly. “Yeah, you do.”

With that, Damien gently inserted the head of his cock, just past my pucker. He spit again adding a bit more lube. He took my wrists, one in each hand and pulled my arms back just a bit. He pushed forward moving from side to side. In a bit, then out a bit, then in farther he went. When he was all the way inside me he held for a moment.

The return of him was like an old friend. It was thrilling and comforting at the same time. The satisfaction of being filled was like putting on silk pajamas or a well worn sweat shirt.

Damien pulled back, and then plunged in deeply… more deeply than previously.

I screeched. The flash of pain surprised and startled me.

He did it again, and I screeched again.

“I know baby,” Damien was cooing. “Hang in there, it’ll be alright.”

Again the hard push, then he held himself deeply inside me.

Now I simply moaned with wonder as the pain faded.

In a soft intimate voice, Damien began to describe the world to me.

“This is how we fuck. I fuck you with my cock, and you fuck me with your ass. You’re gonna take everything I give you. Look at yourself taking my dick.”

I was watching every bit of it. It sight was both jarring and highly erotic.

The hard deep fuckstrokes were not pure pleasure. There was a jolt of discomfort at the deepest penetration. But the long outward slide that followed was ecstasy. The pain/pleasure alternation was perfectly perfect.

Damien paused his fucking and told me, “You are so fucked baby. You don’t want to live without this. You’re born to take a dick. Come on over, sweet thing. We both know you’re loving this.

Before I’m done with you, I’m gonna pump you fucking FULL of my sperm.”

Damien was right. I was fucked. “Oh baby,” was all I managed before sex god Damien began to fuck me again.

The renewed assault on my ass was different than before. Damien fucked me medium deep with a rhythmic pace.

Damien was chanting as he rode me. “I’m gonna shoot baby… I’m gonna fill you up with my cum… Your ass is so tight and hot… Ohhhhh god this good!

I couldn’t move, and I didn’t want to move. Damien was still holding my wrists and stretching my arms straight back. It didn’t hurt, but my legs were spread and I was on my toes. I could only hold my position and receive him. The lips of my anus were numb, but I could feel the head of him moving in and out. My ass loosened a bit more, but the wonderful sensation of fucking was not diminished.

My lover was galloping toward his climax, and I was in a perfectly receptive state. Damien pulled back on my arms in time with his pistoning cock. I was relaxed and open, the movement of his cock feeling as natural as breathing.

It was an iconic sexual moment for both of us. We were shiny with perspiration. Everything seemed wet. We panted and moaned. The slurping sound of our fusion providing the rhythm along with the slap of our thighs. We were a well lubed fuck machine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32