Confessions of a Married Guy

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My heart was already pounding when I heard three loud knocks on the door. I looked at the digital clock next to the bed. It was 1:12 p.m. The dude had told me it would take 15 minutes to drive from his house to mine. He was three minutes early.

I set the laptop on the bed next to me and went to the front door to let the dude in. When the door swung open, a middle-aged guy about my height and weight stood on the bottom step. He wore a patterned collared shirt and khaki pants, the standard office casual outfit for professionals everywhere. I looked at him, and he looked at me. I nodded, and he returned the gesture. Then I stepped aside to let him.

“You ready to cheat on your wife,” I asked, while shutting the door and turning the lock.

“Fuck yeah,” he said.

“Follow me,” I said.

We walked in silence through the kitchen and down the hallway to the master bedroom. The laptop was still sitting open on the bed, the same bed where I fuck my wife. I hit play. A compilation of facial cumshot videos started playing on the screen. One hot, young slut after another took loads on their faces.

“That’s perfect,” the dude said.

“You wearing your wife’s bra and panties?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he said.

“Let’s see,” I said.

He stripped off his shoes, pants and shirt. What he’d told me on Grindr 30 minutes earlier was true. He was wearing a lacy, black bra and matching boyshort panties. He had just enough fabric in front to contain his balls and stiff cock. He wasn’t close to passing as a woman, but still, my prick was rock hard.

“You love cheating on her, don’t you?” I asked.

“Yeah,” he said, “but only with men.”

“Hell yes,” I said. “Me too. I love violating the sanctity of marriage.”

I pulled off my Led Zeppelin T-shirt and slid down my jean shorts. All I had on underneath was my wife’s lacy, red teddy and matching thong.

“Holy fuck,” the dude said.

“Ready to have some dirty, gay sex?” I asked.

“Oh, fuck yeah,” he said.

“Take off your panties,” I said.

The dude hooked his thumbs under the elastic at his hips and pushed the dainty panties to his ankles. He straightened himself and stepped out of them. His cock poked the air like a finger pointing in my direction.

“Bareback?” I asked.

“I’m clean,” he said. “Are you?”

“Yeah, totally,” I said.

I put my hand on his back and guided him to the bed. He kept his feet on the floor and bent over, resting his forearms and elbows on the mattress. I slid off my wife’s thong, grabbed the KY Jelly off the dresser and positioned myself behind him. We both had a great view of the cumshot video. A hot blonde bitch was getting facialized by six guys.

The dude reached back to open his butt cheeks while burying his head in the comforter. I squeezed a health dollop of lube onto my fingers and rubbed it on his asshole, then tossed aside the tube and grabbed his hips. My cock throbbed Casibom as it neared his hole. I pressed the head against the dude’s puckered anal button without entering.

“I’m about to make you my bitch,” I said. “Does your wife know you’re a faggot?”

“No,” he said.

“Want me to take your manhood?” I asked.

“Fuck me,” he said. “Make me your bitch.”

I eased my hips forward. His involuntary “uh” echoed off the bedroom walls as my cock slipped inside him. Pleasure rushed through my veins.

“Our wives have no idea,” I said. “We are faggots.”

I started pumping, slowly at first, my seven-inches of flesh going only about halfway inside him. He moaned. I started pushing my cock further up his ass and picked up the pace. Pretty soon, my balls were slapping off his buttcheeks. The dude started grunting hard.

“Cum inside me,” he said through gritted teeth.

“You want to bring my load home to your wife?” I asked.

“Fuck yeah,” he said.

I could feel the jizz rising in my loins. I finally couldn’t hold back any longer and took one last thrust. The first spurt of goo burst out of my cock like removing a kink in a fire hose. It felt like I was planting 1,000 gallons of cum deep inside him. The dude soaked it all up, moaning like a whore. I squeezed until I was empty and then pulled out.

“Do you want some?” the dude asked.

“Fuck yeah,” I said, still panting.

We switched positions. I watched the cumshot video with my elbows on the comforter and my bare ass exposed. A brunette was getting bukkaked by about 50 guys. Goosebumps raised on my arms when the dude stuck his fingers between my buttcheeks to lube my hole. One of his fingers slipped inside me maybe about one or two knuckles deep. I shuddered with pleasure. As soon as I was lubed, the dude wasted no time. He pulled out his finger and shoved his eight-inch salami inside me with a quickness I’d never thought possible. He fucked me hard and fast. Every thrust was like a lightning bolt up the ass. The dude grunted as he got closer to cumming. I surrendered my manhood to him. It felt good to be the bitch. It felt dirty.

The dude shoved his cock balls deep inside me one last time and came hard. Barebacking strangers is a major rush, and his moan said it all.

Then he pulled his cock out of my ass. I felt my bunghole hrob.

It was clear what to do next. I quietly took off my wife’s lacy, red teddy and put on my T-shirt and jeans, while he went into the bathroom and closed the door. When it opened, he had on his regular guy clothes. He nodded to me, and I nodded back. Then he showed himself out the front door. I heard it quietly slip shut.

If you’re waiting for a moral to the story, you won’t find one. This is my real-life sex adventure. It happened about a week ago, but it’s just one of many hookups I’ve had over the past 20 years. I’ve cheated on my wife with about 30-40 guys. At first, Casibom Giriş I found them on AOL messenger, then Craigslist and now Grindr. Most of the guys are business travelers and can meet in their hotel rooms. Sometimes I’m the business traveler with a hotel room. Other times, my wife goes out of town or to work, and I hookup in my house.

My indiscretions started off once or twice a year, but the frequency has steadily increased. Last year, I had sex with nine guys, all but one married. I topped three guys, and three guys topped me. Two guys blew me. I exchanged blow jobs with a transsexual.

I am a total sex addict. I’ve gone to 12-step meetings and three different therapists to try to quit. None of it has worked. I’ve given up. Now I just fuck dudes as often as I can. I’ve accepted that I’m half a fag. This post is my way to work through it, to get these secrets out of my head.

Why I cheat with guys isn’t a big mystery. It’s just how I blow off steam. Every session begins the same. I start watching straight porn on my laptop or phone. Nothing extreme, especially in the beginning. Just hot women stripping off their clothes. While watching, I pinch my nipples and dry hump the inside of my boxers. I take occasional breaks from the porn to check Grindr for new messages.

When I’m watching porn and surfing Grindr, I go into a total trance. Nothing else in the world exists. It’s the best feeling ever, and I do it almost everyday. Most of the time I don’t find a hookup, but sometimes I do. When I do, I always regret going through with it. Shame floods every cell in my body as soon as I cum. But knowing the shame is coming is part of the thrill.

This blog is just a sampling of my sex escapades, a chance for me to relive some fun times and share them with you. You won’t find any morals or compelling plot. Just pornographic descriptions of real-life sex.

Which brings me to my next nasty, little tale.

About three months ago, I had to drive to a city about three hours away for work. The truth is I invented a reason for my company to send me there so that I would have a hotel room for the night. I left for the hotel just after noon, and made the drive in less than three hours. I checked in and went to a nearby Super Walmart for a six-pack of IPAs.

Back up in the room, I opened my laptop and brought up a video of Tori Black stripping off a lacy, black bra and panties. I rested my back against the headboard and stretched out my legs, resting the computer on my lap.

After Tori finished stripping naked and diddling her twat, I clicked on another video, this one showing Roxanne Milana sliding out of a short, black dress. I opened up Grindr on my phone and cracked open a beer. Pinching my nipples while watching the striptease sent me into a lusty trance. I took breaks to gulp more beer and check Grindr.

It didn’t take long for me to find “Married DL.” I wrote “hi” and then hit send Casibom Güncel Giriş to start the conversation. I quickly learned he was a white guy with a white-collar job and wife. His office was a quarter mile from my hotel. He shared my fetish of talking about wives during sex with married guys.

“Want to swap blow jobs?” I asked him.

“Room number?” he replied.

The dude knocked at my door less than 10 minutes later. His timing was perfect. I was on my third beer in less than 45 minutes, and the alcohol was starting to work on me.

When I opened the door, the dude charged in. He was perfect. Impeccably dressed for success and probably a couple years younger than me.

“Let’s fucking do this,” I said.

The dude didn’t say a word. He just nodded nervously, barely making eye contact. I went over the bed and stripped off my jeans and boxers. My cock was already hard. The dude knelt down and put his mouth on the head of my cock.

“You like sucking cock, you dirty bitch?” I asked.

The dude moaned as his lips slid down my pole. His head started to bob. I crossed my arms and pinched my nipples while watching Jayden Cole dance a striptease across the computer screen.

“Your wife is probably out fucking a real man while you’re in here sucking cock,” I said. “You’re nothing but a faggot.”

He loved it. The dude was burying his nose in my pubic hair with the completion of each down stroke.

“You’re cheating on her again, you piece of shit,” I said.

I felt the cum rising. He must’ve tasted the precum, because he started sucking faster. I pulled my cock out of his mouth just in time to keep from blowing a load.

“Let me suck you,” I said.

He stood up, kicked off his shoes and stripped naked from the waist down. He had a hard, slightly curved cock, probably seven inches. We switched spots, him sitting on the bed with his legs spread and me on my knees.

“Cum in my mouth,” I said.

It felt so good to wrap my lips around his cock. I felt so subservient. In that moment, I was his bitch. He grabbed the sides of my head and rammed his prick down my throat. It took only three thrusts for him to cum. The dude held my head in place until he squeezed out the last drop. When he pulled out, a little stream of cum slipped out of the corner of my mouth. I opened wide to show him the pool of creamy jizz in my mouth and then swallowed.

“Let me jack off on your face,” I said.

The guy laid back on the bed. I stood next to him and stroked my cock. The dude opened his mouth and closed his eyes. It didn’t take me long to blow my load all over his face.

When I finished, the dude disappeared into the bathroom. I pulled on my boxers and jeans. The dude stepped out of the bathroom and, without a word, got dressed. He nodded at me and bolted for the door. We chatted on Grindr later. It turns out he hooks up with dudes about as often as I do, and we agreed to keep in touch.


So there you have it, the first two tales in my series of real-life sex stories. I’ve got lots of them, and I’m always adding to the list. Let me know what you think. I love to hear from readers.

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