Company Cocksucker Pt. 15-16

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Part 15: Murphy Gets the Other End

About a week after I’d read the ominous diary entry–a pretty ordinary week of sucking off both Tim and Murphy at work–I got called into Murphy’s office. That’s not unusual, of course. I just figured that he wanted to get sucked off. And I was right, but I didn’t know the whole story.

When I opened the door to Murphy’s office, I saw that Tim was sitting across the desk from Murphy. I couldn’t figure out what was going on, so I just closed the door behind me, walked over to Murphy’s desk and stood there waiting. Murphy broke the silence.

“Tim tells me you are a multitalented guy, Jason.” I said nothing because I wasn’t positive what this was about and I certainly didn’t want to make any assumptions that got me into more trouble. Making assumptions was how I got into this position in the first place.

“And,” Murphy continued, “Tim tells me that I’ve been missing out on some of your talents.”

“I don’t know what you mean,” I finally stammered out.

“I think you do, Jason,” Murphy liked making me uncomfortable. So did Tim, for that matter. “And, if you really don’t, Tim’s here to help you figure it out.” Well, now I knew where this was going. I didn’t like it at all, but at least the uncertainly was gone.

“So, Jason,” Tim began, “I was just talking with Mr. Murphy about me taking on some additional responsibilities around here. And I think we’re close to working something out but I wanted to show him that I could manage people well.” Tim paused, I guess for what he considered dramatic effect. “So, I thought I’d show him how well I managed you.”

“Tim, I don’t want to do this.”

“That’s okay, Jason. In fact, that’s better. I’ll show Mr. Murphy that I can inspire people to do things they don’t want to do.”

“‘Blackmail’ is a better word,” I said, proud of what sounded to me like defiance.

“Well, call it what you will. It’s still management. It still winds up that you do what I want.”

I couldn’t deny that so I just stood there quietly, waiting for the inevitable. I didn’t know the exact form it would take, but I knew the general contours.

“Take off your clothes, Jason,” Tim said as matter-of-factly as if he were ordering me to sit down.

I waited but only for a second. What was the point, really? I knew what was going to happen if I didn’t obey. And I had to avoid that at any cost. So I untied my tie, and kicked off my shoes. Then I took off my shirt and pants, slipping my socks off at the same time. I waited for a second in my boxers (under which I had a pair of jockeys to help prevent “seep throughs” in case I came while sucking off Tim or Murphy).

Tim looked as if he was going to say something like, “All of them,” but just the look got me going and he didn’t say anything. I slipped down my underpants and kicked them away. Now I was standing stark naked in front of my boss and my tormentor. I’d been naked in front of both of them enough to have gotten used to it a bit. But it was different being naked in front of both of them. I was unusually embarrassed–the more so when my cock began to rise a bit.

“Now, let’s see you do your thing for Mr. Murphy.”

I got on my knees between Murphy’s legs, unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. This wasn’t anything new, except that Jason was watching. I tried to put that out of my mind as I felt the familiar feeling of Murphy’s cock sliding between my lips and finishing hardening in my mouth. He got fully hard really fast today. Maybe being watched was exciting for him. Maybe it was for me, too. My cock was bouncing like a springboard.

“Now, Jason,” Tim began, “you owe Mr. Murphy an apology.”

“I do,” I thought. “What on Earth for?” I’d been his personal cocksucker for months now. I was right now on my knees servicing him. What could I owe him an apology for? I was to learn immediately.

“You’ve only been giving Mr. Murphy half the goods. And as flattered as I am that you wanted to save yourself–at least half of yourself–for me, I don’t think that was a very respectful way to treat your boss.”

I hated the fact that Tim made it sound as if I was choosing to “save myself for him”. He was my rapist and my tormentor.

“So, I want you to apologize to Mr. Murphy and tell him that you would like to correct the situation right now.”

Jesus Christ! So, he’d found a way to “push the envelope” alright. This was ridiculous. But I knew Tim well enough to know that, in the words of the Borg, resistance is futile. If I balked, he’d threaten and then, we both knew, I’d capitulate. So, I rocked back on my knees, pulling my lips away from Murphy’s cock and, still holding it in one hand and stroking it slowly, said, in as sincere a voice as I could manage, “I’m very sorry, Mr. Murphy.” And then I was stuck. I didn’t know how to continue. Should I apologize that I was only giving him head any time he wanted? Tim came to my assistance (assistance?).

“Tell him you’re very sorry Casibom that you have only been offering him head when you should have given him his choice of ‘heads or tails’.”

I managed to repeat the words, but Tim wouldn’t leave it there. I had to tell him that I’d been practicing and I knew how to milk a cock with my ass muscles and that I was sure I could please him.

Tim had clearly planned this well. He produced from somewhere some lubricant and suggested that I give Mr. Murphy’s cock a few more minutes of oral attention before lubing it up and proving to him how much he’d like fucking my ass. It was strange lubing up Mr. Murphy’s hard cock. He was, as I’ve said, a bit bigger than Tim, especially in girth, and I found myself thinking about whether I would be able to feel the difference and, strangely, whether I’d like it. I sort of got lost in thought stroking Murphy’s cock and watching it get shiny with the K-Y lubricant, thinking of how it would feel. Tim broke my thoughts by telling me to get up and bend over the desk, spreading my ass cheeks widely for Mr. Murphy.

Murphy was hot. If it hadn’t taken him a few minutes to kick his pants off and walk around the desk, I think he might have cum the minute he entered me. As it was, he had a minute or two to come down a few notches. He took it sort of easy, actually, which was a blessing because I could certainly feel the difference. He was stretching me like Tim had never done. I realized that a fairly slight difference in girth could make a significant difference in feeling in my ass. It wasn’t painful, like the first time Tim had fucked me, but it did take a minute to get used to. But then, it started to feel good–really good, actually. I felt my own hard cock as it pressed against the desk.

Just as Murphy was settling into a good rhythm with deep strokes, Tim interrupted things. He pulled me over to the side of the desk so that my head available for him. I hated the interruption because I’d been so focused on what Murphy was doing in my ass. But, after Tim got his cock in my mouth, I found that I liked being filled from both ends. Sucking on a hard cock while being fucked seemed very natural, I thought. An odd thought to describe what most would call a very *un*natural act, but it felt natural to me.

I felt Murphy begin his ascent to an orgasm and I remembered to clamp down on my ass muscles to grip him and milk his cum into me. That put him over the edge as he had my hips in a vice grip thrusting as deeply into my rectum as he could to plant his seed there. Murphy’s hard thrusting against my prostate had the predictable response: I shot a huge wad of cum–jet after jet–between the desk and my abdomen. Unlike the first time this had happened with Tim, this was accompanied by a full-fledged orgasm. I felt as sexually satisfied as I’d ever felt. I could feel the warm, wet, slipperiness of my semen lubricating the top of the desk. I liked the feeling of sliding to-and-fro on the desk in response to Old Man Murphy’s final thrusts. Somehow, despite my situation, the fact that I’d cum a lot made me feel as if I had some power, some potency. The way I slipped back and forth on the desk was a tangible reminder of this.

When Murphy had started to cum, I’d pulled my mouth off of Tim to concentrate on Murphy and, surprisingly, Tim hadn’t forced me to keep him in my mouth. After Murphy’d finished cumming in me, though, Tim pulled my mouth back to him for me to suck him. I didn’t want to suck him. I was spent; I had no energy and certainly no sexual energy. He was just keeping himself ready to take sloppy seconds on my ass.

After Murphy pulled out and sat down, Tim moved to my ass and slipped into me easily. This was the first time I’d been fucked in the ass immediately after an intense and completely satisfying orgasm. I didn’t like the feeling much. I felt as if I was done and I didn’t want to do this. Of course, my wants didn’t matter. So I just lay there, on the desk in a pool of my own cum, providing a tight wet hole for Tim to use for his pleasure. I felt as if I had a glimpse of what it would be like to be a frigid woman who put out for a man: no pleasure, just duty.

Tim talked to Murphy as he fucked my ass. He told him that he really didn’t know whether he liked it in my mouth or my ass better. But, he said, that it didn’t matter because he didn’t think *I* knew which *I* liked better. And, we had plenty of time to do both as much as he wanted. But, he emphasized, that the variety was really important.

As he was talking, he was getting closer and closer to his orgasm. My eagerness for this to end, now that I’d already shot my wad, made me realize that the other times I’d been fucked in the ass I’d derived more pleasure from it than I’d been willing to admit to myself. Now I knew what it was like to just feel a hard cock sliding in and out of my ass and get no sexual excitement from it.

Tim was getting a lot of sexual excitement, though. I think that watching Casibom Giriş me with Murphy, and maybe performing in front of Murphy, got him especially excited. He held my hips tightly and thrust violently in to me as he spewed his sperm in my ass.

After Tim pulled out of me, I didn’t know what to do. There would have been no doubt in either of their minds that I’d cum on Murphy’s desk. I stood up and it was even more obvious as a string of cum pulled like taffy from the desk to my cock.

“Shit, Jason,” Murphy yelled. “That’s my desk you came all over. Can’t you control yourself? Do you love taking it up the ass that much?” These were rhetorical questions and I didn’t have to answer. But he went on. “Clean it up! Right now!”

I looked around for his box of Kleenex but he stopped me with his next words. “No, Jason. Clean it up with your tongue!”

Well, what could I do? Tim had me blackmailed good and Murphy was my boss. I was stuck (well, in more ways than one, it seemed). I leaned over the desk and, in clear view of my two impalers, carefully licked all of my cum from Murphy’s desk. When I was done and I’d straightened up, I realized that my little soldier had straightened up, too.

Tim saw it: “He likes cum so much even the taste of his own turns him on. I guess the downside for Jason of taking it up the ass is he doesn’t get to taste the cum.” I was embarrassed and I didn’t think what he was saying was fair. Some scenes are just very sexually charged. You don’t have to like the taste of cum to respond to that. I didn’t try to argue or defend myself, though. I just put my clothes on and thanked my lucky stars that they were done humiliating me for the time being.

A couple of new lines had been crossed today. For a few weeks after that, we were in a holding pattern. Murphy was banging my butt more than he was fucking my face. I guess he liked the novelty and I’m sure his old lady wasn’t giving him any anal. Sometimes Tim would be with us and sometimes not. Tim still made more demands on me than Murphy. He seemed to like the new dimensions of his control. When he had me on my knees in the storeroom, sucking his cock, he’d often talk about Murphy fucking me. He’d ask me if I liked it and whether I’d cum when Murphy fucked me. He didn’t expect an answer; he didn’t even want one given that I’d have to take my lips off his cock to answer. He just wanted to humiliate me. He did. He also made me very excited. Sometimes I would cum in the morning when Murphy fucked my ass, then again, later, as I sucked Tim off to his patter about Murphy fucking my ass.

Part 16: The Plan

Things went along in this new pattern for several weeks. Tim wasn’t one to let things coast for too long, though. He needed new thrills which, unfortunately for me, meant new humiliations for me. He took his managerial duties seriously and I became more of a personal—very personal—assistant to both him and Murphy. In his capacity as a sort of office manager, he came up with his new plan to boost productivity.

Tim and Murphy referred to “the plan” a lot in my presence, but I wasn’t told anything about it except that it was an incentive plan for the top salesman. I put two and two together from some of their comments and figured out that they were going to turn the old Friday “calling on the carpet,” which had started me down this awful path I was on, to some sort of Friday reward. Every one in the office knew that there was some sort of reward for the top salesman but no one knew what it was. People were asking me because of my position working as an assistant to Murphy, but I had to tell them that I didn’t have a clue. As it turned out, this was exactly right.

Friday came. Murphy got the numbers and everyone waited to see what the big deal was. Murphy called Tim into his office first. Then, after a few minutes, Tim called me in. I didn’t get it because I knew I couldn’t have been the top salesman that week. I’d never come near the top since I had all my extra duties added. When I went into Murphy’s office, Murphy was on the phone but Tim told me to sit down. As I did, I heard Murphy say, “Get on in here for your reward, Bob!” So Bob Jackson was the top seller this week.

Bob came in and looked around. He didn’t know what was going on but neither did I so we both looked back and forth from Tim to Murphy.

“So, Bob,” Murphy began, “great job! This is one of your best weeks ever and you were way ahead of the rest of the pack.” Bob beamed and thanked Murphy. I realized that Old Man Murphy had become much more free with praise than he used to be. Maybe getting all the sex he wanted had made him a kinder, gentler man.

“Now, for your reward …” Murphy paused. “You’re going to have to trust me for a minute on this one. Think you can do that?” Bob was uneasy but muttered his affirmation.

“Okay. I want you to take your dick out.”

Bob was stunned; he was speechless. But I’m betting I was more appalled than he was. Casibom Güncel Giriş I knew where this was going now. I knew what the reward was going to be. Why else was I called in here? How could I have been so dense?

Bob finally blurted out an inarticulate “What?”

“Come on. Come on. You heard me, Jackson. Take out your dick.”

Bob reached down and unzipped his pants. He fished around in his pants for a second and pulled his dick. He was facing Murphy and I was pretty far off to the side so I couldn’t really see him but I could tell he was embarrassed.

“Well, Jason, what do you think?”

I don’t know why I pretended that maybe this wasn’t going where I thought it was going, but I did. I played dumb.

“What do you mean, ‘What do I think?'” I asked.

“I mean, what do you think of Jackson’s dick?”

“I can’t really see it.” But this was certainly not a case of “out of sight, out of mind.” I knew where things were going and I felt a nervous tightening in my throat that I hadn’t felt for quite a while—since I’d finally become used to sucking Murphy and Tim off.

“Well, come around here and take a look.”

When I hesitated, Tim said, “You heard the boss. And you know … well, we don’t have to talk about anything else, do we?”

No, we didn’t. I knew what Tim would do if I disobeyed. I didn’t need everyone in the office knowing about me. Better to do this with Bob. So, one more person would know. At least the whole office wouldn’t know what I’d been doing.

I walked around so I could see Bob’s dick, but I didn’t say anything. Bob looked really puzzled, but he didn’t say anything, either.

“Well,” Murphy grunted. “What do you think?”

“I think it’s a dick. That’s what I think.”

“And what do you do with dicks, Jason?”

What was the point of going through this? I really didn’t want to go through the verbal games. I didn’t want Tim and Murphy to force me to talk about this. It was easier just to do it.

So, I sank to my knees as I had so many times before in this office—this time to take a new cock in my mouth. And the newness of it wasn’t lost on me. I could feel my dick straining against my underpants even before my lips touched Bob’s cock. He was beginning to harden, too.

I’d sucked a lot of dick recently, but not a lot of dicks, if you know what I mean. I’d sucked only two dicks before in my life—hell, I’d only touched three, including my own. Still, I guess I was getting to be a discriminating cocksucker. I could feel the difference between Bob’s cock and Tim’s and Murphy’s. Bob’s cock was longer than either of the others but not as thick as Murphy’s. It didn’t have as well-defined a helmet; the shaft blended into the head almost without a ridge. As a result, it slipped past my lips easily. But the length meant that only about a third of his cock was in my mouth when the tip began pounding the back of my throat. I wrapped my hand around the base of his cock and I couldn’t take him deeply enough to touch my hand with my lips.

I began pumping Bob’s cock with my hand and he was responding. His cock was extremely hard and he was thrusting his hips to push his cock back and forth between my lips. I hated this, of course. But I also took some pride in the ability to get Bob so excited. I didn’t like being a cocksucker but at least I was a good one.

Tim and the Old Man began to talk about me and what a good cocksucker I was. I knew they were doing it just to further humiliate me. It’s not as if Bob needed to be told. And he wasn’t listening anyway. I looked up and saw that his head was thrown back; he seemed to be lost in it all. So I just ignored Tim and Murphy and set about finishing this thing up.

I’m betting it had been a while since Bob had had a really good blow job. A little pumping with my hand and a slight squeeze of his balls with my other hand while I bobbed my lips up and down his shaft and I had him ready to explode in almost no time. I felt his cum squirt past my hand and then my mouth began to fill.

Bob came a lot. More than either Tim or Murphy ever had. Maybe it really had been a long time since he’d had his balls drained. I swallowed over and over until his spurting subsided. When he’d finished, I squeezed his cock from the base to the tip to press the last drops into my mouth. I realized as I did so that there was another difference between Bob and Tim and Murphy. I’d gotten used to the taste of their cum. After the initial revulsion, I’d gotten so that it didn’t bother me. But I’d never really thought that they tasted good. But Bob tasted different and, really, kind of good. His cum was slick and salty like Tim and Murphy’s but it had a sort of sweetness to it that theirs didn’t have.

“Oh Jesus!” I thought to myself. “What the Hell? Here I was savoring the flavor of another man’s semen like some sort of cum connoisseur.”

I pulled away from Bob’s cock and looked up to see that he was looking down at me. He had a strange expression—sort of a mixture of disbelief, ecstasy and, maybe, contempt.

“So, Jackson,” Murphy intruded, “what do you think of the new reward program?”

“It works for me.” Then, looking down at me again, he said, “He’s good!”

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