Breeding Time at the Hucow Farm Ch. 04

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The early morning sun seeped through the curtains, warming the room in a brilliant glow. The sound of birds could be heard from the Dairy Farm’s back garden outside as the world woke to a new day. I rested back against the propped up pillows on the hospital bed, my arms cradled across my udders.

‘He has your eyes,’ Mark said beside me.

‘He does,’ I mused, looking at our baby calf. His bright blue eyes searching the room around him. Taking everything in. He had barely made a peep since I gave birth.

The door to our room opened and a blonde hucow stepped inside. She beamed at me and my calf and approached my bed, her curvy rump bouncing with each step she took with her long legs.

‘How are you feeling?’ she asked me.

‘Fine,’ I replied. ‘Just a little sleepy.’

‘That’s perfectly normal. You’ll have some time to rest soon. First we need to show you how to breastfeed this little guy.’

‘Oh,’ I said, trying to sit up, only to feel her hand on my shoulder.

‘It’s quite simple, you won’t need to move. Just guide him down to your teat, yes, like that.’

I clumsily followed along with her instructions. It felt somehow counterintuitive to hold my calf so far away from my chest. Perhaps that was just my human instincts conflicting with the reality of my body. I just wanted to hold him close and safe, but with the size of my udders, it would be nearly impossible to feed him in that position.

‘That’s it,’ she said, ‘now he won’t be able to get your whole teat in his mouth, so just let him latch onto the end of it.’

I cradled him with one arm and grabbed my fat teat with the other hand, guiding it toward his mouth. Before too long he latched on and began suckling. A smile spread across my face as I looked up at the nurse.

‘Very good, Jessica. I’ll leave you to it and be back after he’s finished so you can get some rest.’

‘Okay, thank you.’ I said, still beaming.

With a flick of her blonde hair she turned and strode out of the room, giving us a good view of her curvy rump as she left.

I turned to Mark only to see his cock slowly lengthening as he watched her leave.

With a sly grin I grabbed his growing member with my free hand. It gave off a delicious heat beneath my fingers.

‘Whatever you’re thinking; not now.’

He wiggled free from my grasp, the same warmth of his cock rising in his cheeks.

‘I wasn’t planning on missing any time with this little guy right now. Just… you know, instinct.’

Her flat belly hinted that she wasn’t bred. She was probably incredibly fertile too. Mark must have been fighting a huge urge to stay with us.

‘To think. All this started the same way for us. Nine months ago I was just as fertile as her,’ I nodded to the door. ‘And you bred me so well. And now we have this beautiful little boy.’

Mark ran his hand over our calf’s head as he sucked greedily from my teat.

‘The first of many more you’ll give birth to.’


The week after I gave birth to my calf had not been uneventful. Firstly, after much debate we finally settled on the name Oliver for our calf. It suited him.

Secondly, one day while taking Oliver to the nursery, I caught Mark mounting the nurse. Lucky girl, really. He had given me such a beautiful calf and in nine months she would give birth to her own beautiful calf.

And finally, my sister, Chloe, had, for once in her life, taken the initiative in something. Although whether I am happy or annoyed by that depends on my mood. I had never gotten around to calling our parents. Ten months and a calf later and they had no idea the both of us were milking hucows. They could have been buying our milk and never known they were drinking milk from their daughters. But, even after many prods from Chloe, I still hadn’t picked up the phone.

So she did for me. And today was the day they were coming.

I sat on the end of the bed, waiting. My insides were doing flips at the thought of what was to come. Would they disown me on sight? What had they heard about a hucows life? Oh god, did they know how… ‘open to sex’ hucows were. What if they saw some other hucows mating on their way up to my room? We really should have met somewhere other than the Dairy Farm, but Chloe had suggested it. I could have prevented that if I had been the one to call them, but that was neither here nor there now.

I played with the hem of my summer dress as the minutes ticked by. It had once been a modest dress, but now with my large udders filling out the front, it came quite high up my thighs. I had insisted that Mark and I dress to meet them. Though I was uncomfortable, even in this loose fitting dress, it was far better to greet them like this. It would be too much of a shock to dump every aspect of my new life on them at once. Though I had wrestled with even this decision. I had spent almost a year as a hucow, and was very much looking forward to spending the rest of my life being milked and bred, as naked as Casibom was natural for a hucow, mating with as many bulls as I desired. This was who I am, why was I putting on a face to hide that? I mean, simply showing Oliver to them was a tacit admission that Mark had bred me.

Mark wore a kilt, his bull balls far too large for any pants. He leant over the basinet, watching Oliver. I fidgeted with my dress. No matter what I did with it, I could still feel it rubbing against my sensitive teats. They formed little tents around the waist of the dress, erect from the stimulation. I shifted my legs apart, my clit already responding to the restrained need of my teats. I hadn’t worn any panties. Besides hating the confined feeling they gave my rump, they would have added even more stimulation to my growingly tortured clit. I bit my lip, hoping I could take my mind off it. The last thing I needed was to get wet before they showed up.

Finally a knock came from the door and Mark strode over and opened it. My heart froze in time as I saw the faces of them, waiting for their judgement. To my relief a big smile spread across their faces as they came over to me. My mum held out her arms and pulled me up into a hug.

‘Oh!’ she chuckled as my udders squeezed between us. ‘My, they are big, aren’t they?’

I let out a shy laugh as my dad pulled me into a hug, thankfully from the side this time.

‘It’s been too long,’ he said as I hugged him back. ‘Don’t leave us in the dark again. We care about you, sweaty, and we don’t want to miss a moment of our grandson’s life.’

Oh, there would be far more grandchildren than just Oliver. I was going to be bred many more times. But that was for another time. They would come to understand eventually.

‘I know… I’m sorry.’ I said. Strangely, their words felt no more chastising then if I had only forgotten to call for a month and hadn’t become a hucow. It was comforting to hear.

We broke apart and they both moved over to the basinet. Oliver was still fast asleep.

‘Aw, look at the little darling!’ mum cooed.

‘He should be awake soon,’ I said. ‘He went down a while ago.’

‘Then let’s chat until then. I’m sure there’s a lot to catch up on.’

I smiled back at her, yet my insides clenched up at the implication that there was a ‘lot to catch up on’. Just how much did she want to know?

Mum and dad moved over to the couch and sat down. I bit my lip as I watched them. Mark had mounted me many times on that couch. Oh god, don’t think about that now! Don’t think about that now!

I joined Mark sitting on the bed opposite them, holding my breath as the fabric of the dress moved over my teats.

‘I suppose we should start with the obvious question,’ dad said, motioning his hands toward me. ‘When did this happen?’

I glanced at Mark, hoping that he would help me with this.

‘Uh… About ten months ago, I guess.’ I said. ‘We were in some financial trouble and I decided this might be an interesting… uh… career choice.’

‘You could have come to us if you needed help, you know,’ dad said.

‘I know,’ I said, finding my voice for the first time. ‘I kind of wanted to try it and I’ve found I really enjoy doing it.’

Dad let out a sigh. ‘I won’t pretend that I’m not a bit annoyed that you didn’t tell us about it before you signed up here, it was certainly a shock to hear that both my daughters were now hucows, but as long as you’re happy that’s all that matters, I suppose.’

The knot in my stomach finally relaxed.

‘You have no idea how worried I was about today.’

Dad looked taken aback. ‘What for?’

‘I was… I don’t know, I was worried that you would see me and not approve.’

‘Oh, sweaty,’ mum said. ‘You’re our daughter. We’ll always support you.’

I raced over to them and gave them both a big hug. I didn’t care if my udders were pressing into them.

A small cry from the basinet broke us apart.

‘Looks like someone’s finally up,’ mum said. ‘He’ll probably need a feed before anything.’

‘Yeah,’ I said. I had milked early this morning and could already feel my udders filling up again. Plenty for my little calf.

I strode over to the basinet and bent down to Pick Oliver up. As I scooped him into my arms I felt the hem of the dress pull tightly up my rump and onto my lower back. The front weighed heavily down with my udders. Horror dawned on me as I realised they would have a full view of both my pussy and my engorged hucow clit, complete with bull ring piercing.

I straightened up with a shock and pulled the back of my dress down over my rump once more. My face was flushed red.

‘So where is Chloe,’ Mum chimed up in an attempt to break the tension. ‘I thought we told her ten o’clock.’

‘Um, y-yeah. I’m sure she’ll be here soon. Y-You know how she is with time.’

I shuffled sheepishly back to the bed and sat down with Oliver in my arms.

‘He’s beautiful,’ mum said, watching Oliver squirm in my arms. It didn’t Casibom Giriş appear as another attempt to break the tension, but it worked far better than her previous comment.

However, I was faced with another predicament. I hadn’t fed Oliver with clothing before. My udders were too big to pull up through the top of the dress. I would have to lift it up to give him access to my teat.

I crossed my legs in an attempt to prevent flashing them for a second time and lifted the front of my dress. The pressure my thighs put on my clit was mind numbing, but I forced myself to not give in to it. By the end of today my juices would surely have soaked through the back of this dress, but as long as I didn’t turn my back on mum and dad again, it would be fine.

I pulled my teat from beneath my dress and let Oliver latch on to it. I looked up to see mum and dad staring intently at it.

‘My…’ mum gasped, ‘they’re…big.’

‘Uh, yeah,’ I said sheepishly. ‘Everything about them is kind of bigger.’

‘Remarkable,’ she said still staring at my teats. Finally, upon breaking her gaze she continued. ‘So, I didn’t know you two were thinking of starting a family.’

Mark spoke up before I could answer.

‘We weren’t a year ago, but, you know, a change of work for Jess led to us thinking of making a fresh start in other things.’

‘That sounds nice. So how have you been since the delivery, Jessica?’

‘Uh, all right, I suppose. I haven’t really had any troubles, luckily.’

I didn’t want to get too far into the details with them. The delivery had been easy, really. The nurse had reassured me that the extra muscles we hucows have in our vaginas that allow us to accommodate a large bull cock made delivery a breeze. The recovery time was quick too. Just last night I was finally able to take Mark inside me once more. God, was it good after a week without.

Before mum had a chance to respond the door opened and Chloe stood there, still completely naked. I scowled. She hadn’t listened to me.

‘Mum! Dad!’ she cried, running forward and pulling them into a hug despite their shocked expressions.

‘Chloe!’ mum cried. ‘My god! Couldn’t you have put something on?!’

Chloe snorted as she let go of them. ‘It’s not like I wear anything around here anyway.’

‘Oh, Chloe,’ dad said, ‘we don’t want to know that.’

‘Sorry,’ she said, sitting down next to Mark on the bed, her udders bouncing against her small baby bump as she did. ‘So what are we talking about?’


My parent’s visit went well, all in all. The only hitch was when the question came around to the father of Chloe’s calf. We had decided not to tell them that Mark had been the one who bred her, and thankfully Chloe upheld that agreement. I’m sure it was difficult enough for them to comprehend both of their daughters being pregnant so suddenly, let alone knowing that the same bull bred both of us.

But things calmed back down to normal over the following weeks. Mark and I began mating regularly again after our week denied. Although, I guess Mark didn’t suffer from it as much as I did, seeing as he got to breed the nurse. Successfully, I should add. I was so happy for her when I heard.

The topic of my breeding had resurfaced. We would have to wait until I ovulated again, but that was close now. Very close. And I couldn’t wait.

I longed once more for the feeling of being pumped full of hot bull cum, carrying a calf for the powerful bull that took me in that moment. Dominating me completely. My body was so perfectly made to be bred. My womb’s desire to be filled was only natural, as was the bull’s instinct to fill it.

Oliver was everything I could ever have wanted from being bred. I wanted to give birth to many more beautiful little calves. I never wanted to stop breeding.

I sighed deeply into the milking table, feeling my throbbing clit against the padding. The gentle thrum of the milking machine tugged at my teats. Each pull eliciting a wonderful spark of pleasure through my udders and down to my clit.

I was so horny today. No matter how much I masturbated, it hadn’t gone away all day. It was as if… oh.

I was beginning to go into heat again. I knew that feeling. My ovulation must have begun.

I bit my lip with dreamy delirium. Once Mark got back tonight I would have him breed me. I was giddy just thinking about it.

My mind wandered as my udders were drained by the rhythmic sucking of the machine. Where was Mark right now? I think he said he was delivering our milk shipment to the factory today. He would be out for the next few hours. Damn. Maybe I could head down and meet him when he got back. It would still be a long wait, regardless. I would enjoy it far more to wait and spend the whole night mating.

I was sure that my mind would change over the next few hours, though. I could remember how torturous my first heat was.

I rubbed my hips into the padded table again. My clit felt so swollen and demanding. It would Casibom Yeni Giriş only continue to swell over the next few hours as my heat enveloped me. Swelling and becoming so intensely sensitive. Over the next week or so my world would come to surround the need of my clit and the longing of my womb to be filled.

I grinded my clit into the padding. My bull ring pulling against the surface. At least I had that this time around. Last heat I could never satiate my clit with just my fingers. The bull ring still wasn’t quite enough, but it was certainly a far step better.

I grinded harder against the milking table. The passion in me rising higher and higher with each stroke. But it wasn’t quite enough. My hand shot down between my legs and I raised my rump up high. The bull ring jingled as my fingers flicked back and forth across my bulbous clit with a fervent speed.

A moan escaped my lips, far louder than I had expected. My mind was foggy with lust, my whole body burning with desire, my skin tingling with warmth. There was no denying that I was falling into heat. I was primed to be bred.

A knock came from the door, snapping me back to the room. I blinked the fog from my mind, holding my swollen clit tightly between my fingers. The pressure a wonderful sensation.

‘C-Come in,’ I called, my voice breathless. It was quite common to find a hucow breathless with masturbation while on her milking machine, but I suddenly felt very vulnerable at being found in heat.

The door opened and Ethan stepped inside. He gave me a smile which I returned through my flushed face. I had hoped it would be a hucow at the door to assuage my feeling of vulnerability, but seeing a bull enter caused me to realise how silly it was. I needed a cock and Ethan’s was one of my favourites. I watched it hang between his legs as he approached me. So long and thick. His large leathery balls hanging even further below his cock. So full of potent cum.

I blinked again and returned my gaze to his face.

‘What’s up?’ I asked.

‘Just thought I’d come say hey,’ he said, sitting down on the bed. His cock sat perched on top of his bull balls between his legs, even higher than his muscular thighs. ‘Hayley’s down in the nursery and Mark’s out working.’

‘What about Chloe?’ I asked.

‘Couldn’t find her. Her room’s empty.’

‘She’s probably somewhere in the garden, mating.’ I mused. It seemed like a favourite spot for her.

‘Sounds like fun,’ Ethan said. He must have been imagining it as his cock began to slowly lengthen, like a snake slithering its way over two boulders. I bit my lip, trying to keep my eyes off it. My sopping pussy was still so wet. I could imagine that cock sliding straight into me with no resistance given how wet I was.

Once more I was snapped back to reality. This time from the tugging on my empty udders. I hit the off button and lifted them up from the cups, massaging the soft skin around my teats.

‘How have you two been handling Oliver so far?’ he asked as I sat up on the table.

‘We’ve been fine. A few sleepless night, but beside that he’s been good.’

‘Have you thought about being bred again?’

The question caught me off guard and I visibly shivered in anticipation of my plans for the night.

‘Mark and I have been talking about it. I want to be bred again as soon as possible, of course.’

Ethan chuckled. ‘Hayley was the same. She was keen to be bred again after her first calf.’

I shrugged. ‘I don’t know. I like it. It’s just… a good feeling’

Ethan chuckled again. ‘What the mating or actually being bred?’

‘Both,’ I said with a wry smirk.’

‘To think when I first met you, you were so reserved.’

‘And when did the change in that occur to you? When you were balls deep inside me?’ We both laughed as I watched his cock grow even more, standing upright and thickening out. ‘Besides, we’ve both changed. You could never get a girl back then, and now you’re regularly mating with half the hucows here.’

‘Breeding a good few, too,’ he said. I could feel my juices leaking off the table and down my leg. My clit throbbed with each beat of my heart, making my bull ring feel incredibly tight.

‘Bred any ones I know, lately?’ I asked, trying to find something to say so he wouldn’t notice my state of arousal.

‘That depends, really,’ he said, rising from the bed and approaching my milking table. His fat cock pointed straight at me. ‘I can tell you’re in heat, Jess.’

I looked at him with surprise. ‘You can tell?!’

‘Hucows in heat give off a sort of musky scent when they’re in heat. It’s hard to explain, but we bulls can tell.’

‘I went into heat just this morning,’ I admitted. He ran his rough hand along the soft skin of my shoulder before grabbing my arm and lifting me to my feet. I could feel the warmth radiating from his cock as it nearly touched my stomach. I could only imagine how good that would feel inside my wanting pussy right now.

‘Wait,’ I protested as his hands found their way down my waist. ‘Mark will be back this afternoon and I had planned on being bred by him.’

He ran his fingers along the length of my udders, pinching my teats at the end. I couldn’t help but shiver at his touch.

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