Between the Lines

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I wrote this story to try and fill in some of the gaps I imagined when reading some of my favourite stories on Literotica. There’s not a lot of sex here, unless you read between the lines… Of course all characters in sexual situations are 18 or over.


-Omigod, that was amazing! I came so hard then! And you came so deep inside me! Thank God I’m still on the pill or I’d be having triplets. No, you just lie there on top of me while I get my breath back. I can still feel your cock pulsing inside me…

Hey, I’ve been reviewing this paper for the conference – no listen to me, this is relevant – which looks at women’s first sexual experiences and their subsequent relationships. And it turns out women whose first sexual experience was with an older man were found to have better lives overall – happier marriages, were more sexually fulfilled, and in turn had happier, better adjusted children than those whose first experience was with a peer. And the highest of all was when the first lover was her father! Wow, no wonder this women is having trouble getting published!

So this started her wondering why this might be so she interviewed a whole bunch of women whose first sex was with older men including their fathers.

– And?

– Well she found a whole lot of factors. Firstly the men were more experienced, so there was less fumbling, the older guys knew how to make a girl feel relaxed, to take it slowly. They were able to focus on her pleasure rather than their own. Or they made her pleasure their own. Unlike the young guys who just wanted to get off. Or add a notch to their belt. And the fathers had even more advantages – they knew the girls so well, knew what they liked, what turned them on. They’d probably been lusting over them while they’d been growing up. And finally they loved their daughters and only wanted what was best for them. And the daughters loved their fathers, trusted them to make things right. After all, he was probably the first sexual being she’d seen, she and her friends would have been comparing their fathers, fantasising about them, imagining what they got up to with their mothers, they would have heard them making love. So it’s not surprising that daddy would be their ideal.

– But what about the girls who get raped by their fathers? Or are too young? That can’t be good for them…

– She’s only talking about consensual experience all the way through. The women whose first experiences were non-consensual or too young are the lowest on all scales regardless of whether it was a family member, a boyfriend or a stranger. So she’s just looking at the consensual ones. So it’s hardly surprising really… Is that your cock getting hard? You like this don’t you?

– No, no. It’s interesting though. Of course I can’t imagine doing anything like that with our daughter.

– Oh come on, stop intellectualising. I’ve seen you looking at Natalie ever since her body’s been developing – yes, you have been! Of course you’ve been very subtle and I doubt if she’s noticed. I’ve seen you shooting a look into the bathroom when she’s in there. And when you’re watching her at cheerleading practice with Allie you can’t decide where to look, your tall, slim blonde daughter or her curvy brunette friend. Do you think I haven’t noticed? And yesterday morning when Natalie came down for breakfast with the low cut baggy t-shirt and her boobs all free – I saw you checking her out. You stood behind her for a while trying see her nipples… You saw them didn’t you – don’t deny it! Your cock’s telling me you saw them. And you liked it!

– Well she’s a very attractive young woman and if she goes around dressed like that, it’s very difficult NOT to look. God, I hope she didn’t notice me doing that. Not that I am, of course… Sometimes it seems like the two of them are trying to tempt me. But that doesn’t mean I’d do anything apart from look.

– But you’d love to wouldn’t you?

– No of course not, I’d never do anything like that.

– Not even if it meant she would be happier and more fulfilled for the rest of her life?

– That’s not fair! Of course I’d want that for her. But even if it is true, I can’t imagine anything like that happening. Anyhow you turned out ok regardless, without any of that.

– Mmmm… I’ve never actually told you about my first lover, have I?

– You mean Kevin?

– No, he was my first boyfriend, and we did heaps of stuff together, exploring our bodies and all that. But at first he was too impatient to take much notice of my needs. And I always felt I was teaching him.

– You mean there was someone else? Who was it? You don’t mean…?

– Hold that thought and put that cock back in me. Then I’ll tell you a story…

– Ahh, that’s better. Well, you know how my mum died when I was twelve, and my Dad pretty much raised me and my little sisters by himself? He had a few girlfriends in that time, but I don’t think he had the energy for a proper relationship with four of us to deal with. Of course we had to spend a lot of time looking after each other while he was at work, Casibom so we were pretty close. But you know all that. He tried to take the role of ‘mum’, dealing with all these teenage girl things, bras, periods, and all that, and he did a great job. Of course it was a bit embarrassing all round, and I guess we learned as much from our girlfriends as we did from him, but the thing was that he really loved us and put all his energy into helping us to grow up well adjusted.

Well, there was this night when I’d been out with Kevin. He was a sweet guy and we’d been going out together for a few months now. We’d done a bit of stuff, feeling each other up, I’d sucked his cock a few times and given him a few hand jobs. He’d sucked my tits but it never felt that great. I didn’t even know that there were things he could do to me, and he certainly didn’t know much. So I was thinking it was about time to take the next step and go all the way. We went out to the drive-in theatre in Kevin’s car – he had one of those big old ones with a big bench seat. We were both getting pretty hot and heavy and he was lying on top of me with his cock in my hand. I was pulling down my panties so he could fuck me for the first time and suddenly he just came all over my hand. I was feeling so horny and frustrated but I could see nothing else was going to happen that night. He felt pretty bad too, although I reassured him that it was all right and we could try again another night. And after we cleaned up, I made him drive me home. I was angry, I just couldn’t see how it was ever going to happen, how we could ever progress beyond where we were.

When I got home, Dad was still up watching TV, well waiting for me really. He could see I was really upset so he invited me to come and sit next to him on the couch. He put his arms round my shoulders and just held me and stroked my hair. Must have been about half an hour. While I was thinking, this was crazy, this was the first time tonight I felt that anyone cared about me, that I wasn’t just there for their pleasure. It wasn’t that Kevin didn’t care for me, it’s just that he was so wrapped up in his own needs he had no time for mine. Whereas Dad, all his attention was on me.

Well, after a while I was feeling really warm and cosy. He’d had a few whiskies which smelt really nice. I leaned up and kissed him on the lips and told him I loved him. He said he loved me too, but I shouldn’t kiss him like that. Five minutes later I kissed him again, this time longer and with a bit of tongue. I could see he felt uncomfortable about it. But it was also starting to affect him and he tried to subtlely adjust his cock which seemed to be getting hard. I decided to go for it. I swung my leg over and sat on his lap facing him. I could feel his cock expanding under me as I kissed him again.

Of course he resisted, but… long story short… he didn’t take that much convincing. After all, what man could resist a lovely young girl offering herself to you, especially if it’s your own daughter. Number one fantasy for every man, I reckon… God, is your cock getting hard again? You’re insatiable. You’re so going to fuck our daughter!… So we kissed for about an hour (it seemed like that), then I took off my top – he protested, but not very convincingly ‘cos pretty soon he was sucking my nipples and kissing my body all the way down to the top of my skirt – yes, just like you’re doing now… Then off with the skirt and panties and he started licking my hairy cunt. I was shocked at first, it hadn’t occurred to me that a guy would do this. Of course I knew that girls sucked boys’ cocks, had to really, and I’d done plenty myself, but I never thought that it could work both ways. Certainly none of the guys ever suggested it. That’s when I realised there was so much more to sex than I’d thought. I must have come about three times while he was licking me, exploring every nook and cranny, pulling those sparse little hairs with his teeth, putting his fingers inside me and teasing my clit – ooh, yes… Daddy… keep licking me. Aaaah, I’m coming again…

He was still reluctant to fuck me but I insisted. Of course it was wonderful and I came twice more. He even asked if he could come inside me. Not too many guys would have done that. I was so shocked I just said yes. As I felt his cum jetting inside me I imagined what it would be like to get pregnant by him. I had a bit of a nervous week waiting for my period to come. Then I got on the pill as soon as I could.

We kept fucking for over a year after that, it was quite intense, I was really in love with him for a while, and perhaps he was too. But of course we knew it couldn’t be permanent. And we had to be so careful! One time we were fucking on the living room sofa, I was just about coming and Ella walked through into the kitchen to get a glass of milk. I don’t think she saw us, but we were never really sure. And by then I was fucking Kevin several times a week.

Katie and I being the two eldest, we shared a room and of course we talked all the time, including about boys and sex and all that. It didn’t take long Casibom Giriş for her to pick up what was happening. One night she crept out and watched us. Then she confronted me about it. She wasn’t surprised – she’d suspected something for a while – but she wanted to know all about it. Pretty soon she decided that Dad was going to be her first too. So I helped her with that. I talked to Dad about him fucking her. Again he was opposed to the idea at first, but I persuaded him that she really did want to. And clearly the idea turned him on. So one night after Katie and I had been playing round a bit, we dressed her in a sheer white bridal nightdress and I led her into his bedroom, almost like a sacrifice. That was the way she wanted it, to be taken by a strong man, and after my encouragement he didn’t need much prompting. And then later on little Ella – well she didn’t need any help, she was Daddy’s girl and she knew all along what she wanted, and that was her Daddy! And we’ve all turned out pretty well I think, great relationships, happy well-adjusted kids.

– What about Julie? She seems to be the odd one out. I mean the guy she’s with now is ok, but she’s had her issues, done drugs, hooked up with some real losers.

– Well that’s just the thing! She never wanted to do it with Dad. She knew about me and Katie, then later about Ella, but she couldn’t face it. Just wanted to hang out with one dodgy guy after another who treated her like shit. We tried, really we did, but ultimately it was up to her. So you see that’s why I find this woman’s research plausible. And that’s why you have to be Natalie’s first!

– I’m still not sure this is a good idea…

– And Allie too. I was talking to her mum Stephanie about this the other day, and she said her sister had a thing with their father, same results – blissful marriage, lovely kids, the works. Steph never did anything like that and she’s been regretting it ever since, searching all her life for Mr Right. Maybe she’ll find him now that that arsehole husband of her has gone. She thought it was a great idea and was worried that Allie would never be able to have that sort of experience, with a good father that is, not that scumbag. So I said to her that you’re almost a substitute father, seeing that Allie has always spent so much time round here…

– You’ve got to be joking! Are you saying you not only want me to fuck my own daughter but also her best friend?

– Well, if you don’t want to I’m sure we can find someone else to do it. But the way your cock has got hard again in record time suggests to me that at least that part of you finds the idea attractive.

– It’s not a matter of whether I find it attractive or not. I can’t go round forcing myself on young girls like that. And what if they don’t want to? There’s nothing so pathetic as old guys trying to pick up young girls.

– Ah, but that’s the point, you don’t have to. It’s them that will feel they are forcing themselves on you! It’s all about them being ready. They’re not ready yet, but they’re close. How long has Natalie been going out with Bobbie? They must be thinking about it at least – the point is to intercept it before it happens. And I reckon there’s a real spark between Natalie and Allie, just waiting for something to kindle it…

– You mean, Natalie and Allie…

– Of course! That’s what girls do. I don’t think I told you everything about my sisters and me…

– Whaaat? Omigod!

– That night Katie confronted me about Dad, she wanted to know everything about what we did. And she wasn’t content with me telling her. She insisted I show her everything! So I started off hesitantly kissing her. I think it was a bit strange for both of us. But I could see she was getting into it and I did too. The kissing got more and more intense and passionate, lots of tongue and licking. But she wanted me to do more. So I started stroking her boobs over her clothes at first, then under them. Then taking her top off. All very cautiously but she didn’t stop me. By then I was getting excited by what was happening. I kissed her nipples and all over her boobs. I never thought she’d want more but she insisted. Pretty soon I was taking off her panties, licking her pubes, her labia and her clit. She just exploded in an amazing orgasm. I’d never thought about girls getting pleasure from each other but once it happened it just seemed so natural. Of course I was incredibly turned on by then so I fingered myself until I came. The next time, she decided to lick me as well, which meant licking our Dad’s cum out of me. And it kept going from there.

After a while Ella started joining in. Often she’d be with Katie while I was with Dad, then I’d return to join them. I don’t think Dad knew what was happening, although Ella must have told him later, ‘cos there was one amazing time when the Katie, Ella and I ended up in Dad’s bed all night. But never Julie. All of us tried to find ways of getting her to join us, but she never would. That’s the only thing I regret about all of this because I think she felt quite isolated. But she Casibom Yeni Giriş left home quite early to live with one of her boyfriends so she wasn’t around much anyhow.

Of course it wasn’t just my sisters. Some of our girlfriends…

– You mean he fucked your friends? Who…?

– Oooh, I’m not sure if I should tell you. Fuck me again and I’ll think about it…


– Well there was Lucy, you remember you met her at Dad’s 50th – the redhead you tried to get off with…

– I did not!

– Ha! You were all over her! I might have let you, you know…

– What!!

– If you’d asked me nicely I might have. Besides her husband’s a spunk – might have been a nice swap.

– But…

– Maybe next time… Anyhow, she was just about my best friend the year Dad and I got off together, so of course I told her everything. She was stunned at first, couldn’t imagine doing it with her old man who I have to admit was pretty gross. So it wasn’t really surprising when she wanted to join us.

I only brought a few of my friends round to Dad. But Ella was amazing – she must have brought half the class at different times. I don’t know how Dad kept up his energy, with a new girl or two every few nights. Of course by then Ella had decided she preferred girls (apart from Dad of course) so it gave her a chance to get off with them as well. And of course one of them, Lainie, stayed and after a few years married Dad and started having his babies.

There’s a whole other aspect to this to do with pregnancy. Most girls want their father to impregnate them. It’s not something they’ll readily admit and its mostly at the unconscious level. But it’s wired into them to want their children fathered by a strong male, who they look up to, who will protect and care for them. And if it’s someone they already have a strong active sexual bond with, then so much the better. Of course most fathers want to impregnate their daughters (ooh, your cock’s twitching again…), but that’s not surprising. The man’s biologically programmed to put his sperm into any woman, preferably attractive and young, and who better than the girl they love most.

Of course it’s not usually a good idea – often the girl is still at school or university and becoming pregnant can really throw their future into chaos. And from a social, emotional and economic aspect most girls want to be in a relationship they can openly acknowledge such as marriage or at least living together with their man before they commit themselves to that step.

Think about the marriage ceremony. A huge part of it is the father walking the daughter down the aisle and giving her away to her new husband. He’s relinquishing his rights and responsibilities to another man. Yes I know it sounds archaic and sexist, but from a biological point of view that’s what’s happening.

These days most couples don’t marry until they’re ready to have children. Typically the bride is already pregnant when she walks down the aisle. Some figures say 60%. And this is not just modern practice. There is research showing that for centuries the proportion of pregnant brides varies from 10 to 30%, even more at times. Most of the others plan to get pregnant immediately, ideally (and romantically) on her wedding night or her honeymoon. So she’s gone off birth control. The girl will plan her wedding to correspond with her ovulation cycle, so as she’s walking down the aisle she’s at her peak of fertility.

And she’s surrounded by men who sense this and want to fill her with their sperm and make her belly swell up with their child. Of course most of them would never dare admit this, but I’m not talking about what’s socially acceptable, I’m talking about biology. The groom, his best man, the groom’s friends, the bride’s friends’ boyfriends, the bride’s friends’ fathers, the uncles, brothers, cousins on all sides. Of course most of them have no hope but they can fantasise. And redirect some of that passion to their own partners, not to mention the bridesmaids and any other attractive woman at the ceremony.

It’s an incredibly powerful feeling for the bride, knowing that every man in the audience wants to get into her pants. And she has the power to choose who does. Of course she’s chosen the groom and he’ll have a chance to impregnate her that night, or over the next days, as long as he doesn’t stuff it up by getting too drunk. That’s the theory anyhow.

Now another woman researcher collected data on marriage and birth dates which shows for all the women who give birth 8 or 9 months after their wedding day, in 40% of cases the baby’s father is not their husband. Which means they’ve fucked someone else around the time of their wedding. Maybe in those wild party days before the wedding, or just before the ceremony, or even on the wedding night. When she interviewed the women, she found that in over half of those cases, the baby’s father is a close relative, often the woman’s own father. Then that’s not counting all the brides who don’t get pregnant then even though they’ve been fucking someone other than their hubby. Imagine 40% of brides walking down the aisle with some other man’s sperm dripping from their cunt. And often their father’s, brother’s, uncle’s. Imagine the turn on it must be for the bride, hoping no-one notices a stray dribble of cum down her legs.

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