Baby My Baby Ch. 03

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Baby left my office area and went upstairs. I could hear the shower running, so I checked my email and looked at our sales projections for a few minutes. About a half hour later she came downstairs.

“Daddy, I’m hungry. Can we go get something to eat?”

“Sure, honey. Let me make a call and we’ll go.”

I punched the number in as she went back upstairs. I rushed through the call and soon joined her in the living room. She was seated on the couch, watching tv. I sat beside her and put my arm around her neck.

She leaned back against me and snuggled in. I always loved holding her, and she loved it as well. Many nights we had sat together like that, eating popcorn and watching television.

It felt great to hold her and I would have stayed there all evening, but she kissed my cheek and got up.

“I thought we were going out to eat.”

“Ok, Ok, get off my back.”

I laughed as I grabbed her and tickled her until she screamed and kicked, trying to get away. I tickled her a few more times and let her go. She fell to the floor laughing as she always did.

I took her hands and pulled her up. She stood up then, and I pulled her to me and kissed her cheek. She turned and kissed my mouth. I didn’t react immediately and she pulled back and ran to the door.

I followed and we drove to the mall. She loved an Italian restaurant there, and we ate dinner. She wanted to get some running shoes, so she left to find a pair and I strolled around.

I saw Victoria’s Secret and looked in the windows at the displays. I loved to shop there and had spend thousands of dollars over the years, before my wife left. I missed those shopping trips more than I missed her.

I went in and walked around. I didn’t have any intentions of buy anything, because I didn’t have anyone to buy for.

I found a night shirt with a little pattern and I took it from the wall. I checked the size. I looked at others and found the right size for Baby. I held it and a sales lady came to me and looked at the shirt.

“That’s cute.” We have silk pajamas on sale this week. Did you see them?”

“No, I don’t think she likes pajamas.”

“Well how about a nice silk gown?”

She took me to the inner room and showed my a display of knee high and longer gowns. I felt the texture and smiled. She looked at the nightshirt size and found a corresponding gown.

The cream color was calming and I liked the feel of the material between my fingers. I placed in on top of the night shirt.

I was hooked then and I went to the camisoles and corset area. I found a soft pink camisole with matching boy cut panties. I found the right size and gave it to the sales lady.

By the time I left, I had purchased two panty bra sets, the camisole, night shirt, gown and a black lace garter belt with bra, panties and stockings.

I stopped at an Old Navy store and bought myself a jacket and put the pink VS sack inside the Old Navy bag. I went to the shoe store and found her paying. We left the mall and got in the car.

“Show me your shoes.”

She pulled the masaj porno box out of the bag and removed a shoe and handed it to me. I turned it over and looked at the strange sole and the top of the shoe. I handed it back and started the car.

“Show me what you bought.”

“Wait till we get home.”

“OK, then, what did you buy?”

She turned to the back seat and reached for my bag. I stopped her.

“Don’t be so nosey. I didn’t know you were so interested in my boxer shorts.”

I laughed.


She laughed and turned back to the front.

We pulled into the street. She fiddled with the radio and then slid over next to me. She had never sat that close before. It was getting dark and I turned the lights on.

I decided to go by the office to be sure the employees had turned the lights off.

Her hand moved to my leg.

She didn’t look at me but continued singing with the radio. I felt her hand sliding up my thigh. I watched for some change in her expression in vain.

I could feel my cock swelling in anticipation and the more I thought about her hand, the more my cock stiffened. She moved her hand closer and my cock grew. In a couple of minutes, her hand touched my cock.

She moved her hand to cover it and she squeezed it and held it tight. Neither of us acknowledged her activity, and she began to rub her thumb across the head.

She leaned against me harder and rubbed my cock with more intensity. It was very hard and I knew she could feel it pulse in her hand. After a few minutes of that play, she released my cock and I felt her hand feel for my fly.

She found the zipper and lowered it. I felt her hand reach into my pants and move down my leg to my cock. She felt it and tried to pull it to the opening, but it was erect and she had to maneuver it so she could get it out. Soon I felt the air hit my cock when she had it out.

She stroked it and felt the shape. Her hand explored the length and the thickness and she tried to squeeze her hand around it. She slid her hand to the head and ran her finger across the soft shape, then down to the base.

I felt her other hand touching my cock at the base and she pulled my cock back to my belly so she could feel my balls. One hand held my cock and the other cupped and squeezed my balls. She turned to me as she played.

I slowed down and looked for a place to park away from the traffic. I saw a park a block away and I drove into the first entry. It was dark and there were no other cars.

I parked the car and pushed the steering wheel up and I turned to her. She stroked my cock harder and faster and she leaned down. I turned the interior light on and she looked at my cock as it jumped and pulsed. She looked up at me.

“What do you want me to do, Daddy?”

I sat quietly for a moment as I thought about the options.

“Lie down on the seat and suck my cock, Baby.”

She lay down and placed her lips over the head and sucked it. She pulled back and licked up the shaft then around it and then sucked öğretmen porno the head again. I leaned toward her and I felt down her side until I had my hand on her ass.

I pushed her ass back to the seat so I could feel between her legs. Her skirt had ridden up and I felt her soft panties. My cock jumped and felt like it would explode in her lips as I felt the wetness of her crotch.

She moved her legs apart and I pressed my fingers against the fabric, until I could feel the line where her lips met. I pressed and rubbed until I managed to push some of her panties into her little wet pussy.

She sucked as much of my cock as she could get in her mouth and gagged herself a few times in her greed to get it all.

I pushed her skirt up out of the way, and then found the waistband of her panties. She always had worn white cotton bikinis. I grabbed her panties and pulled hard, forcing them tight against her pussy.

She moaned at the pressure. I reached back down and pressed the panties back between her lips and continued to push more in with my fingers. She pushed her hips back at my hand and hungrily gulped at my cock.

I tired of that game and pulled her panties out. I ran my finger under the leg elastic and felt her wet flesh. My finger wiped across the face of her pussy, then I slid my hand completely under her panties, and pressed my knuckles against her mons.

I rubbed up and down and then turned my hand and cupped her hot little pussy and rubbed it in swirling movements. I love her thick pussy hair and I would just pet it if that’s all I could do.

She had her ass up off of the seat then and she ground her needy pussy against my hand. I began to finger her, and as my finger probed inside I rubbed against all of the sides then started to stab it in and out.

I fingered her little pussy hard and deep, and the faster I went the harder she sucked my cock. I felt her shake and stop sucking suddenly and I knew she was cumming.

I slowly carressed and rubbed her pussy in the gentlest way I could. Her legs went limp and she sagged back down on to the seat.

She was still for about a minute, then it was as if she just remembered what she was doing, and she began to suck again. I was so close to cumming, I knew it would only be a few seconds before i filled her mouth.

Just then I saw lights of a car turning off the road and into the park.

“Quick. Sit up and straighten your clothes.”

She bolted up in the seat and I struggled to force my cock back into my pants. It hurt as I bent it to clear the fly, and it remained hard as I pulled the zipper up.

I started the car and drove out before the car was near to us. I pulled onto the street and headed home, a little shaken by the close call.


“What Baby?”

“You made me feel so good. I’m sorry I couldn’t you.”

“You did Baby. I felt great and you were wonderful. I was about to make it when the car came. Thank you baby. I loved it.”

She snuggled back against me and I put my arm around her and oral porno held her tight to me for the rest of the drive. I pulled into the drive and sat there for a minute.

“I love you sweetheart.”

“I love you too Daddy.”

I needed to kiss her then, but knew I couldn’t in our neighborhood. We got out and carried our shopping bags in. She went to her room to try her shoes on again and I waited in the living room.

Soon she came out wearing the new shoes. She modeled them for me and in exaggerated poses, flounced around the room, laughing and teasing me. She came over and looked at the sack I held.

“Show me what you really bought. I can see something pink in the bag.”

“I will under one condition.”


I opened the bag and removed the nightshirt and held it up.

“You have to model whatever I take from the bag.”

“Even boxer shorts?”

She laughed.

“Yes dear, whatever I take out of the bag.”

She grabbed the nightshirt and ran to her room. I waited for a minute or two and she appeared. She had taken her skirt and shirt off. She walked in front of me and slowly shimmied and started to raise the bottom hem.

I stared as I saw her legs revealed, then her thighs, then her pussy. She stopped there and turned and bent over so I could see her open pussy between her buttocks. She rotated her ass slowly, then stood up and turned back to face me.

“Thank you, Daddy.”

She kissed me but I didn’t kiss her back. I didn’t want to start the inevitable yet.

“Ready for something else?”

“Really? Yes, please”

I carefully opened the bag, shielding it from her view and found the silk gown. I pulled it out and handed it to her.

She smiled broadly.

“Daddy, that is so beautiful. It’s silk isn’t it?”


She started running to her room, but stopped and came back and kissed me, then ran off. I laughed and waited in nervous anticipation.

She walked back and stood in front of me, with her hands on her hips. She was so elegant and beautiful. The Victoria Secret models would have been envious of her.

My heart pounded in my chest with pride.

“You are breathtaking, Baby…breathtaking.”

She smiled at me and looked at me with the softest most mellow eyes. I could see her love flowing to me and I felt unworthy of anything so perfect.

Neither of said a word. I fumbled in the sack again and pulled out the camisole. She shook her head, unbelievingly and took it and walked to her room.

I watched her come out. The pink looked so magical on her. She looked like a goddess or a princess.

She stood before me for approval. I took her hands and pulled her to me. We kissed for a minute, and then I pulled her down onto my lap and held her tight as if I was afraid she would disappear. I truly was afraid, for our love was too good to be true.

“One last gift.”

She got up and turned away so I could surprise her and I brought out the corset, and panties and bra and stockings.

“Here Baby…for my sweet lover.”

She cried when she heard that and saw the present, then she climbed back on my lap and held my face in her hands and kissed me in the most loving manner.

She slowly stood up and walked like she was in a trance to her room. I also stood up and I prepared myself for what I knew was about to happen.

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