Ashworth Saga Ch. 01

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Big Dicks

Danny’s 18th birthday party was a Sunday BBQ on one of those late spring days that seemed too perfect, like something from a movie. He felt like it was more than just a birthday party though. As of yesterday Danny had been accepted to every college he’d applied and that he had been confirmed as valedictorian. Plus he just found out (unofficially, of course) that he’d won the Ashworth Prize for Physics Studies. The Ashworth Prize was a big deal. It was a national scholarship that was only awarded every four years. Winners almost always went on to do great things.

He sat at the head of the plastic picnic table and smiled weakly back at the couple dozen people singing him Happy Birthday, most of whom he didn’t really know. It seemed like his parents had more friends there than he did. And his only really friends, Kyle and Mike, were all over his big, slutty, sister, Michelle.

“Birthday parties, bah,” he thought to himself, “it doesn’t take any special talent to be born, millions of people fall out of their mother’s cunt every year. Who cares? We should be celebrating my Ashworth.”

The singing stopped and one of his mother’s friends, Mrs. Samms, brought over a piece of cake for Danny.

“Donny, your mother tole me ’bout the scholarship,” she said, slurring her words. It was obvious she’d been drinking. “The, way, wha’ wuzzut,” she asked, “Ass-worth prize?”

“The Ashworth,” Danny corrected her, “yes, thank you. It’s a great honor. And I’m Danny.”

“Tha’s wha’ I said, Ass-worth, Donny,” she replied, bending over to plant a kiss on Danny’s cheek, “tha’ izz jus’ so amazin’ an’ great. You’ll have to tell me ’bout it sometime. Oh, you are just sooooo cute, I cou’ eat you up.”

Danny had a perfect view down Mrs. Samms’ shirt when she bent over.

Mrs. Samms was what the guys at school called a MILF, 45 years old and two kids, she still had a body on her and she knew how to show it off. Today she was wearing a plain white t-shirt with a low neck that showed off a little bit of cleavage and a zipper hoodie. The zipper was up half way and the open top made it seem like her big tits were popping out of the sweatshirt. When she bent over the whole thing was loose enough that Danny could see right down it. Her big tits hung down with her brown nipples peaking out of the top of a slightly too small lace bra.

Mrs. Samms straightened up and ruffled Danny’s hair. “Jus’ amazin’ an’ great,” she slurred again as she turned to walk away.

“Thank you, Mrs. Samms,” he said. And then, in his head, he added, “Those tits are amazing and great. And the ass isn’t bad either.”

Danny’s thought were interrupted by Michelle’s annoying giggle. “Jesus, Donny,” she teased him, repeating the name Mr.s Samms used, “get a good look? I mean, take a picture, dumbass, it’ll last longer!” Danny’s friend’s, Kyle and Mike sat on either side of her, laughing at whatever taunt Michelle made.

“Did she get you hard?” she asked and a hand reached under the table and pressed against his crotch for a little longer than necessary before pulling back. “Jesus,” Michelle laughed, “you are hard! Or is that a roll of dimes in your pocket?”

Mike looked at Danny and tried to fake an insulted look on his face. “Crap, Dude,” he said, “that’s my mom!”

Michelle stood up. “Come on, boys,” she said, “let’s go see if we can find something fun to do.” Kyle and Mike followed her as if she was pulling them by their dicks. “Danny boy needs to contemplate his ‘Ass-Worth’,” she said. And then, looking at Mike, she added, “or maybe your Mom’s ass worth.”

Kyle was laughing and Mike was saying something but Danny couldn’t hear.

He found himself alone at his party. He wandered Casibom around, randomly talking to classmates he didn’t really know and his friends of his parents for a little bit. After a while he got bored and sad and went inside.

He turned on the TV found one of the Transformers movies he’d seen a dozen times before. He dozed off on the couch and dreamed about Mrs. Samms.

In his dream she’d followed him into the house and told him again how cute he was and that she wanted to eat him up. Somehow, in the dream, she was naked. She asked if she could suck his dick if she let him touch her big tits. He was dreaming of his hands on her big tits as she sucked his dick when his mother woke him.

“I think you were having a nightmare, Honey, ” she said, “you were moaning.” She had her hand on his shoulder and was bent down in front of his. Just like with Mrs. Samms, he could see right down his mother’s shirt. For some reason she wasn’t wearing a bra.

His mom was a little older and a little heavier than Mrs. Samms. Her tits were bigger and hung freely in her shirt, with her nipples pressed to the fabric. The word “Udders” floated through his mind.

“I’m okay, Mom,” he said, not taking his eyes off her chest.

“Okay, well, your father and I are going to take Mrs. Samms home. She’s had a bit much to drink and shouldn’t drive.”

“Both of you?”

“Well, to be honest, I think maybe I’m a little too tipsy drive and it just wouldn’t look right for your father to take a woman home by himself. People would talk.” His mom was still bent over in front of him.

Danny nodded, his eyes still focused on her chest. “I wonder if Dad ever tit fucks mom,” he thought, “it must feel great to have those wrapped around your dick.”

His mother kissed him on the forehead and straightened up. “And you really shouldn’t look at you mother that way, Danny,” she said with a smile, “but it is nice to know boys your age still find my boobs worth looking at.”

Danny looked embarrassed, his face bright red. He tried to say something and no words came out.

“It’s okay, Honey, it’s only natural. You just need to be careful about staring.” His mother’s voice trailed off as she walked down the hall to her room. She re-emerged with a bra in hand. Then, right in front of Danny, she pulled off her shirt, exposing her tits to him.

“Will you be okay alone while we’re gone?” she asked as she put her bra on.

He couldn’t help but stare at her tits even after being caught. He nodded again but didn’t say anything.

She headed out the door and Danny ran to bathroom. The window was right over the driveway and he could hear and see everything. With the lights off, if he stood back a little, they’d have no idea her was there. His father and Mrs. Samms were talking when his mother walked up

“Well?” Mrs Samms asked.

“You were right,” his mom said and they all started laughing.

“The boy knows quality boobs,” his dad said when the laughs died down and they all laughed again.

He opened the door for the back seat, said, “shall we”, stood aside as Mrs. Samms climbed in and then her hand reached out and pressed against his dad’s crotch. His mom kissed him as she pushed him into the back seat and then she got in the driver’s seat. “Make sure to save some for me,” was the last thing he heard her say before driving away.

Danny thought back and realized he hadn’t seen her have anything to drink or smelled anything on her breath. So much for too tipsy to drive.

This was all too weird. Sure, Mrs. Samms had flashed him before, she’d flashed lots of guys, i got her off. But his mom? She’d never seen his mom do anything even slightly inappropriate Casibom Giriş and now she was flashing her own son?

And her parents in a 3-some with Mrs. Samms? Was that what was going to happen? Was Mr. Samms going to be involved? He’d have to be, right? Were his parents swingers? How could he have not known? Was he still dreaming?

His mind kept coming back to his mother’s tits, hanging there in front of him like, well, udders. What would she have done if he’d touched them? If he squeezed them would she like it? Would she let him tit fuck her and cum on them?

He was about to go into his room and relieve himself when his sister stumbled through the front door. She collapsed on the couch next to Danny and put her arm around him. She was drunk and smelled like sex. He was pretty sure there was cum on her shirt and in her hair. It was that or dried up mayonnaise.

“Hey, Donny-boy,” she taunted, “how’s that ass-worth prize workin’ out for ya'”

“Ashworth,” he corrected her.

“Whatever. Had to wait until mom and dad left. Couldn’t let ’em see me this drunk. Geez, I thought they’d never leave.”

Danny sat there loosing his erection. Other guys might have a hard-on for Michelle, but she made Danny’s dick shrivel.

She slapped him on the chest and pulled herself to her feet. “Lemme tell ya’ something about your ass-worth, Donny-Boy,” she said.

Standing in front of him, she reached under her skirt and pulled off her wet, cum stained panties. She dangled them in Danny’s face. He tried to pull away but she grabbed the back of his head and smeared them in his face.

“My pussy-worth,” she said dryly, “is better than your ass-worth.”

He tried to push her off but she was bigger than him. “What’s the matter. Donny,” she chided him, “you’ve always liked sniffing my panties before. And I know you like Kyle and Mikey’s cum on your face; they told me so.”

Suddenly she dropped the panties in his lap and went into her room.

Danny sat there for a moment, tears swelling in his eyes. He was furious. He grabbed the panties and burst into her room. Michelle was already passed out on the bed, face down and legs spread.

He sat on the bed next to her. He couldn’t believe Kyle and Mike had betrayed him and told their secret. If he was pressed, Danny would admit his sister was pretty hot, but Kyle and Mike were his friends.

Danny looked at his sister. Was her pussy that good that it made friend’s betray on and other? He lifted her skirt up and looked at her pussy. It didn’t look that good, it looked sloppy. He touched it and she groaned. He stopped, afraid of waking her, but she just opened her legs a little more. He pushed a finger in and she groaned again.

He looked at her face. Michelle’s eyes were still closed as he slid first one than two fingers in and out of her pussy. She moaned and groaned and said stuff like, “oh yeah,” or, “that’s good,” but never opened her eyes.

Danny’s dick was rock hard. He thought about taking it out and jerking off while he fingered Michelle. He could cum on her. There was so much on her and in her already she’d never know. And then he realized he could fuck her.

Why not? She was, after all, a slut, he’d even heard their father say it once. And more than one of his friends had lost their virginity to her, so why shouldn’t he? Because she was his sister? Just over an hour ago his mother had been flashing her tits at him and joking about it with Mrs. Samms and his dad! And then they all left together apparently to have sex!

“The world is fucked up,” Danny thought, “why shouldn’t I fuck her? The way she’s moaning, she’ll like it.”

He pulled off his pants and knelt Casibom Güncel Giriş behind her, aiming his hard little dick at her pussy. He reached down to spread her thighs and ass cheeks. That’s when he noticed her tight pink little asshole and an evil grin spread across his face.

He reached for the lotion on her nightstand. He squirted some one her ass crack and some on his dick. He pressed the head of his dick to her asshole and then pressed it into her rim. There was just the slightest resistance and his head popped in.

Michelle gasped and raised he head off the pillows, “ohhh, your in my assss”

Danny froze. Had he gone too far? Did he wake her? Was he caught?

But Michelle just laid her head down and closed her eyes again without looking back. She pushed her ass up, giving him a better angle. “‘sokay,” she said, “go head, feels okay, not gonna suck it after tho, okay?”

Danny smiled and pushed his cock all the way in. “Yeah, that’s okay,” he answered, trying to disguise his voice.

“Thank,” she said. And then, “Do I know you?”

“No,” Danny answered.

“Okay,” she said, “cool. Waz yer name?”

Danny was getting distracted by her talking and little afraid she’d wake up. He told her to stop talking. Michelle just said “ooooookay” as Danny pushed his dick into her ass again.

After that the only sound she made was groaning and moaning.

He could have cum right then, but he didn’t want to. He started doing math in his head, simple stuff at first but eventually moving on to quadratic equations. He moved slow and steady.

Sometimes he’d pull his dick all the way out and pop it back in. Sometimes he just slid back and forth enjoying the tight asshole wrapped around his shaft. He couldn’t believe her well fucked pussy felt anywhere near as good. He didn’t think any pussy could feel this good. Not that he’d ever had pussy.

“You feel so good in my ass, baby,” she cooed.

“Shut-up,” was Danny’s reply and aside from weird little whinny noises, like a puppy begging for treat, Michelle was quiet.

She pushed he ass back to meet Danny’s rhythm. Her hands grabbed at the sheets and she bit her pillow. Her asshole contracted and grabbed Danny’s shaft.

“Fuck,” was all Danny said and his balls balls pulsed and his cum began to flow into Michelle’s ass. They were cumming together. It was a big load, the teasing from Mrs. Samms and his mom had him hard on and off most of the day and now he was finally getting to empty his balls.

Michelle finished cumming and collapsed onto the bed and Danny’s still twitching cock pulled out of her asshole, leaving a cum strand from the tip to her ass rim. He watched as little post orgasm waves of pleasure hit her and her body tensed squeezing some of the cum from her asshole.

Eyes still closed, Michelle just said “Thank you” and passed out again.

Danny washed himself off and got dressed. He left his sister laying in bed, cum leaking from her. He took one last look at her before he closed her door.

“Well,” he thought, “now we know what your ass-worth is.”

He was back on the couch watching TV when his parents got home an hour later.

His dad greeted him with a smile, “Hey, Champ, your sister home yet?”

“She’s up in her room”

His mother sat down on the couch next to him and pulled him close. “You do anything fun tonight?” she asked.

“Not really,” he answered, “what about you? You were gone a while.”

She blushed a little. “Oh, we just sat and talked a bit, you know how Megan is.”

She hugged Danny and he could feel her tits against his body. He thought again about tit fucking her and cumming on them.


“Yes, Honey?”

“Can we do something tomorrow, just you and me?”

“Sure, Honey, anything you’d like.”



Danny was quiet for a minute.


“Yes, Danny?”

“Where’s your bra?”

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