And Then There Was Katie Ch. 05

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“There! Right there!” Katie yelled, pointing off to the right.

Mike saw the place she was indicating, and quickly braked to decelerate the vehicle. As he pulled on to the shoulder of the highway, he felt the anti-lock brakes engage as the Suburban started to slide across the loose gravel.

The dirt road approached so quickly that Mike did not think he would slow down in time to make the turn. He quickly returned his wet right hand to the wheel, expecting the worst, but his vehicle’s technology amazed him, allowing him to whip out a hard right off of the pavement. Still moving at 20 miles per hour, it took only a few seconds for them to disappear into the grove of trees, out of sight of the highway only fifty yards away.

As the Suburban came to a stop, Mike’s heart was pounding, only partly due to the exit from the highway. Breathing heavily, Mike looked over at Katie who was already looking at him. After a brief moment of silent stares between them, he threw the gear into park, unbuckled his seatbelt, and opened his door. Katie quickly followed suit, exiting the front seat and heading for the back of the vehicle.

Mike reached the back first, and quickly opened the hatchback door. Without saying a word, Katie climbed inside. The view was a treat for Mike; with her pants already around her ankles, her sexy ass wiggled from side to side as she shimmied her way in. Grabbing a pillow and slinging it into position, Katie did the stop, drop, and roll, ending up on her back in the back end of the Suburban.

Mike jumped quickly inside as well, peeling his shirt over his head on the way. With the back bench seat folded up, there was room to accommodate enough of Mike’s 6’2″ stature to be comfortable. He looked down at his incredibly sexy sister-in-law, who was nearly finished unbuttoning her white shirt. After unfastening her front-clasp bra, her unrestrained breasts stood out proudly from her chest, and as the last button came apart, the shirt’s material fell to her side, exposing to Mike her stiff dark nipples for the first time that afternoon. The sight brought a smile to his face. Reaching up, he grabbed the strap on the underside of the door to shut it behind him. As the sounds of passing cars diminished with the click of the door, Mike’s mind replayed the events of the past three weeks in an instant, the images flashing by at lightning speed.


“Why don’t I just drive down there, then the rest of you can fly, I’ll pick you up at the airport, then we can all drive home?” Mike had asked his wife nearly three weeks earlier.

“That’ll probably work really well,” Jennifer answered. “That way, you’ll have the Suburban to get around while you’re there. So you’re seminar is Wednesday through Friday, right? So would you drive down there Tuesday evening?”

“I suppose so,” Mike sighed. “Going to this stupid conference is bad enough without having this wedding afterwards.” In three weeks, Jill Johnson, the daughter of Robert and Carla Johnson, the lifelong family friends of Mike’s in-laws, would get married in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. It just so happened that Mike needed to attend a trade conference that same week in the same area. Mike’s boss John, who also happened to be his father-in-law, asked him to go since their company was a finalist for a fairly prestigious award. Neither of them held out much hope of actually winning, but it was one of those things where one of them had better be there, just in case.

Mike liked conferences only slightly more than the networking “meetings” he so often found himself attending. At least at a conference, there were usually interesting speakers and classes. There was also plenty of the standing around, drinking cocktails and eating bad finger foods, trying to act like he gave a rat’s ass about what the other people in the circle were saying. At least, Mike thought, he would be able to skip out on that stuff and hang out in his hotel room or go and visit old college friends around the metroplex.

“I hate weddings almost as much as conferences, you know,” Mike said, giving Jennifer a pouting look.

“Awww, you poor baby,” she said in feigned sympathy. “Would a little ‘romp in the hay’ help turn that attitude around?”

Mike smiled at her as she winked at him, stood up from her recliner, and walked over to the couch where he sat. Being 10:00 p.m., the couple’s daughter Hannah was long since asleep, a fact for which Mike was thankful as his sexy wife wiggled her curvy body into a straddling position over his lap.

“Poor baby with your conferences and weddings,” she said with puffy lips, still playing the part. Taking his face in her hands, she leaned in and kissed him passionately, her tongue beginning its familiar dance with its counterpart. As she had through three years of dating and seven years of marriage, Jennifer had Mike’s cock at full attention as she began to grind her crotch against his. Mike savored the feeling of her panty-clad pussy massaging Antep Escort Bayan him through his thin shorts, and he kissed her all the harder.

They took their time, kissing, licking, laughing, caressing, loving. Clothes began to be removed…a t-shirt here, and night gown there, but ever so lazily. The number of times Mike and Jennifer had danced this dance ranged high into the thousands, but here they were, once again, enjoying every little aspect of it. A little sigh, a soft moan, a knowing smile, more kissing, and suddenly the two found themselves naked there on the couch.

After what must have been thirty minutes of foreplay, Jennifer was more than wet. Mike had always loved that about his wife, knowing how wet he could make her, sometimes just by looking at her from across a room or whispering a few sweet nothings in her ear. The scent of his wife’s arousal filled Mike’s nostrils, and as she lifted herself up to join her body to his, Mike’s hands found her luscious breasts and squeezed them gently.

“Ahhhhhhhh,” Jennifer sighed softly as she slowly impaled herself onto Mike’s hardness. Mike never tired of hearing that sound or feeling that wetness envelop him like a velvet glove. Hands rubbed, tongues licked, breathing quickened as Jennifer began to make love to her husband.

Mike heard David Letterman’s voice straining against the low volume setting of the 42-inch widescreen LCD television only a few feet away. The night’s top ten list was the only sound in the room other than the quiet squishing of body parts meshing together. Neither of them said a word. Neither of them needed to.

Mike and Jennifer made love for another thirty minutes before cumming within a minute of each other. It wasn’t wild, it wasn’t raunchy, it wasn’t hot and sweaty; it was fantastic and beautiful, and the couple kissed passionately as Mike’s hot cum seeped from his wife’s still-twitching pussy.

Still not saying a word, they leaned to their side until they were laying down, entangled in each other’s arms, eyes closed, and drifting off to sleep. And there, in Mike’s mind’s eye, stood Katie.

The image of the sexy, goddess-like body of Mike’s sister-in-law seemed permanently burned into the back of his eyelids. Every time he closed his eyes he saw her, lying naked on a bed, or bouncing wildly on top of his cock, or quivering in orgasm underneath his touch. Mike was wildly in love with Katie as well as her sister, his wife. As he had so many times in recent months, Mike fell asleep, his gooey cock still resting inside his wife and his thoughts completely inside his sister-in-law.


Katie called Mike’s cell phone about 10:00 a.m. “Guess what,” she teased.

“You want to jump my bones,” Mike answered quietly.

“Well, yes, but there’s something else. Didn’t you say you had a seminar thing in Dallas the week of Jill’s wedding?”

Mike’s heart up-shifted into its next gear. “Yeah…” he said with anticipation.

“Well,” Katie continued, “it just so happens that I have to do two days of continuing education sometime in the next two months, and there’s a good class in the metroplex Wednesday and Thursday of that week that would fit just perfectly into my schedule.”

“Tell me you’re not shitting me,” Mike said, his excitement growing exponentially at the thought of three days and nights completely alone with his illicit lover.

“I shit you not,” she replied, laughing. “So how are you getting there and where exactly is your seminar?”

“I’m driving down there Tuesday night. My conference is in downtown Dallas Wednesday, Thursday, and half of Friday. Jennifer, Hannah, and your parents are planning to fly down Friday evening and have me pick them up at the airport, then we can all drive home on Sunday after the wedding.”

“I see,” she replied. “So what would you say to carpooling and saving a gal from having to buy a plane ticket?”

“I’d say ‘when can we leave.’ Actually, you should probably call Jennifer and ask her about it and say you thought you remembered me going down early for the wedding and ask about my plans and such. Then work it all out with her for us to drive there together.”

“Oh you silly boy, I already did all of that.”
Mike smiled into the phone. “I see, so you just wanted to tease me and lead me along, huh?”

“Of course, dear,” Katie said playfully. “I never pass up a good chance to tease you.”

“So where is your class?” Mike asked. “Is there any chance of us staying in the same hotel? Or do you think that would be too obvious?”

In the week since returning from Florida, Mike and Katie had talked and talked over the issue of her infamous missing panties from their Friday evening tryst. They still had no idea which family member had found them or how that person interpreted the fact that a white thong that could only fit Katie’s small frame was lying in the floor where it had not been only minutes before. As the days passed and nothing seemed to come of it, the two became less and less worried about it all.

Katie just snickered at the question. After a brief pause, Mike realized she was really milking this for all it was worth. “You already arranged that too, didn’t you?” he asked.

“Yes!” she squealed as she broke out into laughter. “My class is actually in Grand Prairie, but Jennifer offered up that I should just stay with you. She said you already had a room booked and the company was paying for it. She said she even thought that the room had two double beds. How convenient for us – that’s one bed to fuck on and one bed to sleep on.”

“Oh Katie,” Mike said exhilaratingly, “could you in your wildest dreams have imagined us getting an opportunity like this? I mean, other than the times we’re at our conferences, we’ll be together and alone for like seventy-two hours! And truthfully, the only part of the conference I really have to be at is the awards ceremony the first morning.”

“Well, unfortunately I’ll actually have to attend my class. I have to do it to stay licensed, but the class is only scheduled from 8:00 – 4:00 for those two days. After that, I’m all yours baby.”

Mike and Katie continued to talk about their road trip until duty called for Mike. “Uh-oh,” he said, “I’ve gotta go. I’ll talk to you later!”

“Bye, love,” she said before hanging up the phone.


Both Mike and Katie self-admittedly masturbated fairly often to relieve some of the horniness they created in each other, despite their overly-healthy home sex lives. About a week later, Mike called Katie with an idea.

“Hey, why don’t we both refrain from giving ourselves any orgasms until our trip? I don’t think it’s possible to stop having sex with our spouses without raising red flags, but at least we can try to minimize it. I just think it would be awesome to be so hot and ready for each other when we leave town. What do you think?”

Katie remained silent for a few seconds before answering. “I don’t know if I can do it. You make me so horny virtually every time we talk. We don’t leave for another week-and-a-half! I’ll be a totally messed up ball of lust by then!”

“That’s exactly the idea,” Mike said. “So let’s make a deal. You don’t do it, and I won’t do it either. Only the bare minimum with our spouses…otherwise, no more orgasms.”

“Okay,” she replied hesitantly. “It’s a deal.”

So for the next nine days, Mike resisted satisfying his increasing level of horniness, and he managed to avoid sex with Jennifer except for two times the Friday night before the trip. When he crawled out of bed that Tuesday morning, needless to say he was so ready for a fuck that he didn’t know if he could make it through the day full of anticipation of being with Katie that night.

As usual, Mike awoke and dressed for work while his wife and daughter remained peacefully asleep. Like clockwork, he was ready to head out the door promptly at 7:00. He kissed Jennifer like he had every other morning since she had quit work to stay home with Hannah, and she drowsily said, “I’ll miss you sweetie. Be careful driving.”

“I’ll miss you too. And don’t worry, Katie will be there to keep me awake.” He smiled to himself at the double meaning in his words. Grabbing his packed bag, Mike quietly exited the house and hopped in the Suburban. Turning around, he confirmed that his specially packed cargo of trash bags, sheets, blankets, and pillows was concealed in the back. After all, he thought, they might need a break on the long drive. They might even need more than one. Smiling, Mike started the engine, cranked up the tunes, and drove towards the office.

The sun was just starting to rise over the lines of houses, and traffic was light. Living in a city with four universities meant much lighter traffic during the summer, and Mike enjoyed his easy fifteen-minute drives to work every morning. On this particular day, Axl Rose kept him company on the way. “Take me down to the paradise city where the grass is green and the girls are pretty.” Mike loved music, and he loved when the song fit the moment; today, Dallas was his Paradise City.

Mike breezed through the workday, tying up loose ends and verifying that everything would be handled during the rest of the week. Four o’clock rolled around before he knew it, and he cheerfully said his goodbyes and returned once again to the Suburban. Within ten minutes, he pulled into the driveway of Katie’s duplex. He was greeted at the door by her husband, Thomas.

“Hey Mike,” Thomas said in his usual friendly manner.

“What’s up?” Mike asked his old college buddy as he strolled through the door.

“Same ol’ same ol’…you?”

In a very monotone voice, Mike answered, “Oh, I’m so excited to being doing this. I can’t think of any better way to spend a week than going to a conference and then a wedding. I’ve been looking forward to this for so long.” The tone of his voice provided false sarcasm to the words whose meaning was so true. “Anyway,” resuming his normal voice, “how’s the pest control business?”

“Can’t complain,” Thomas admitted. “It’s been better, but it could definitely be worse.” Thomas had started his own extermination company straight out of college. Within a few years, it quickly grew to more than ten employees, providing a very healthy income for Thomas and Katie, not counting her substantial nurse’s salary. “Katie, Mike’s here!” he yelled down the hall.

“I’ll be right there,” Mike heard her sweet voice call back. “Go ahead and load up my stuff!”

Mike and Thomas each grabbed a bag and walked back outside, still chatting about a variety of things. By the time they shut the Suburban’s back door, Katie walked out the door. She looked gorgeous, even though she was dressed fairly modestly in capri pants and a not-too-tight sleeveless white button-down shirt.

Walking around to the back of the vehicle, she smiled and said, “Hey Mike. You ready to hit the road?”

“As ready as I’ll ever be, I suppose.”

Wrapping her arms around her husband, she gave him a kiss and a squeeze. “I’ll miss you baby,” she said, and Mike wondered how much truth was in her words. His wondering stopped when Katie, while hugging Thomas, flashed him a wink and a sly smile.

Breaking their hug, Thomas turned around and looked at Mike. “Now, can I trust you two to behave while sharing a hotel room and all?” He looked back to Katie, who’s face had gone to red and angry-looking. Mike got the distinct impression that they had previously had this discussion, and it had not been a pleasant one.

Not wanting a confrontation, Mike jumped in with an answer. “I don’t know, Thomas. Now that you mention it, Katie is pretty hot. Maybe I’ll just stay here and send her so you won’t have any worries.” The majority of Mike’s sense of humor employed sarcasm as its mode of expression, and this situation was no different. “I mean, we’ve been on dozens of trips together and never had any problems, but this time I might just jump her when we get there.”

“I don’t think so!” Katie said loudly. “How about you go and I’ll stay here?”

“Okay, okay,” Thomas interjected. “I’m just messing around with you. I know I don’t have anything to worry about.” Mike was relieved to hear the words, but concerned by the almost imperceptible glare Thomas momentarily gave him.

Thomas quickly kissed Katie again as Mike walked around to get in the vehicle. By the time he fired up the engine, Katie was climbing in from the other side. Once they were buckled in and ready to go, Thomas was back standing by the front door waving goodbye. The two waved back, pulled out of the driveway, and lazily drove off down the street.

“What was that all about?” Mike asked. “Is he just messing around, or does he really suspect something?”

“I don’t know,” Katie moaned in aggravation. “He told me last night that he didn’t like the idea of us sharing a room. I made some joke about it, but he was serious. I told him he was being an ass and not to worry about it, which just made him mad. We ended up yelling at each other about it for awhile before agreeing to disagree.”

Mike didn’t answer but continued along the fastest southeast route out of town, a route which took them directly past his office. The sound of the road and the thump of the music were the only sounds circulating inside the Suburban. Neither of them said a word, although Mike suspected that Katie was thinking the same things as he. All he really wanted to do was to pull off the road, throw up the fold-down console, and jump her like a wild animal. The vivid thoughts had his cock already standing at full attention. He knew the time for those actions would come later, but they first had to get far out of town. Mike rested his right elbow on top of the console, somewhat grateful that there was a divider in between his body and hers, albeit one that was easily removable.

As they drove past Mike’s place of employment, Katie finally broke the silence between them. “I’m so wet,” she said, staring straight ahead. Mike waited momentarily, expecting more, but she said nothing else.

“How wet?” he asked, trying to keep the conversation going.

She turned toward him and answered. “About as wet as you would expect considering that I fantasize about you night and day, I have thought of nothing except this trip for a week-and-a-half, and I haven’t had an orgasm in six days. Does that adequately describe it for you?”

“God, you’re sexy,” he replied. “You know we’re not going to make it anywhere close to Dallas without stopping and fucking…more than once.”

Smiling, she just nodded. After a brief pause, “But let’s see just how far we can make it. In fact,” she continued, unbuckling her seat belt, “I think we should just tease each other until we can’t stand it anymore.”

Katie turned to her left and folded up the console, leaving nothing between her and Mike. She slowly lowered her torso until she was below the level of the dash and windows before slithering her way over the last foot of empty seat.

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