Can I Get A Lift Coach?

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What a terrible practice today. I am so disappointed in our squad. Our girls just cannot seem to get together. As head cheerleader, I am extremely invested in the team and truly have my heart in it. I only have a few months left until graduation before I leave college and enter the real world. Although I am very excited to get there, I realize how many things I am going to miss when I leave. I love my home town dearly and have really grown attached to our team. Certainly, above all, I will dreadfully miss the head coach. He and I have gotten so close this last year.

As I am walking out to my car by myself, I feel my panties start to moisten and my nipples harden while I begin to recall my most favorite memories of the head coach. He and I have shared some rather intense moments this past fall. I have always had a thing for our school’s head football coach, ever since freshmen year of college. Something about him just always had me fixated on him. It began with just the simple tingly feelings I would experience on my clit when I rubbed up against anything during our stunts at the games. Soon it turned into innocent fantasies about kissing him or him pressing on top of me. Once I began my junior year it quickly escalated into full on masturbation sessions imagining him pushing his body up against me, telling me how naughty I am for thinking of him in that way and forcing me to swallow him whole. I had recurring thoughts of him asking me to stay after the game so that he could scold me for tempting him so terribly with my plump thighs, fresh large 36D sized breasts and absolutely adorable face that I knew he wanted to fuck mercilessly. So many times I fingered myself harder and harder begging him to punish me for being so bad. I was incredibly turned on by him and it started to become nearly unbearable. I felt as if he had a certain affinity for me but I was never really sure.

Of course the coach is married and significantly older than I am so he is always sure to keep a certain distance. Did he keep his distance because he was not interested? Or was it because he knew he could not trust himself around me? How could I ever think that a man nearly twice my age would ever come near me or believe how much I truly desired him? He constantly kept his cool. He was always in control. My favorite thing is to imagine him secretly feverishly jerking off to the thought of fucking my tight little pussy in one of the many bathrooms in his huge house while his boring wife was folding laundry downstairs. She could never fuck him properly like I knew I could. She could never fill her mouth full of his cum as aggressively as I knew I wanted to. I liked picturing him in the shower just beating off to me after every game during the same time I went home to rub my clit raw. I would pleasure myself repeatedly vocally saying his name out loud. I imagined myself begging him to cum for me. I desperately wanted to be the one that was responsible for him blowing a huge load all over my titties. I enjoyed the feeling of satisfaction of being the one to please him and I wanted to do anything to please him. These were my thoughts non-stop until they started to become my very own slutty reality.

As I got into my car I recalled what happened the first time I realized the coach wanted to fuck me as much as I wanted to fuck him. He had caught me changing in his office and I was completely mortified and thought it was going to be such an awkward situation. Instead, that was the first time the coach put his hands on my body. The first time he felt the juices between my legs. The first time I was able to stroke his shaft. It was the first time he pushed himself so deeply inside of me I came without having to do the handiwork Escort Bayan myself.

Shortly after that I became braver and so did he. He had made a request asking to meet the new girl on our squad who had also been one of my longest best friends. She just happened to be a best friend that also had an attraction to me and very much enjoyed drinking from my pussy. She and I treated the coach to a delightful show where we allowed him to watch her eat and finger my dripping wet slit. When she was done pleasing me I was focused on pleasing him. I took him fully erect into my mouth and like a talented little slut who eagerly was seeking to please her object of affection; he filled my mouth deeply full of his cum. I am still reeling at that experience; I loved being the one to make the coach cum.

As I attempted to start my car I nearly panicked at how badly I needed to get home to go down on myself. I quickly realized that something was not right. Turning the key again and again I only got a ticking sound and no engine starting at all. Oh great, a terrible practice, a completely wet pussy with no coach and now my car was shot. The next train of thought naturally was who I was going to go call to pick me up. Then suddenly as my clit twitched, almost commiserating with me, I had a fabulous idea; maybe the coach could help me out! He was always saying that he was there for us and would always be available if we ever needed anything. I heard rumors that the guys on the team sometimes texted him to pick them up if they got too hammered at parties. I quickly searched for his cell number listed in our contacts list for the team directory and sent him a text that read, “Hey Coach. It’s Clair from the squad. I’m stuck at the gym at school. My car is shot. Any chance you’d be around to be able to give me a lift?”

I hit send. After about a 5 second delay I quickly sent one more text that read, “We had a dressed practice today ;)”. I mean what would it hurt if he knew I was stranded all by myself dressed in my cheerleader uniform?

I waited about 10 minutes and was just about to call Amber my best friend when I heard the phone ding! He replied back. His message read, “Sit tight. Be there soon.”

Wow! I was just beyond the moon, my heart began to pound with excitement at the thought of seeing him shortly especially after all of the reminiscing I was just doing. Of course my pussy was already throbbing for his cock and I decided in that very moment that I was going to settle for nothing less than a major pounding from him.

As I waited for him to get there I began imagining him sliding his dick inside of me. I imagined watching his dick fuck me. I began picturing it glistening with my juices as he stroked my wet hole. I thought about him moaning and grunting being unable to control it because my pussy felt so amazing wrapped around his cock. I started to really get myself worked. Hey no one is around and I have time to kill. I slowly ran my hand up my deliciously pink inner thigh anticipating the sensation of touching myself. I gently rubbed my mound on the outside of my panties just to tease myself. With two fingers I gently pushed my panties aside and began to softly rub my clit recalling the sensation of his body on top of mine. Wow, even I could not believe how incredibly wet I was becoming as I applied just a little more pressure and moved my fingers just a little faster. I feel myself pulsate and my thighs began to tighten around my hand. I began to moan slightly whispering under my breath tightly, “Make your pussy cum, that’s right you little whore. Make your sweet little whore pussy cum.” My other hand crept up the side of my body and found its way onto my chest as I began to squeeze my tits and play with my very erect nipples. I imagined myself begging the coach to fuck me. I rubbed and manipulated even more quickly and harder moaning out loud and enjoying every minute of it. I started to vocalize more.

“Oh coach, fuck me. Cum inside of me coach. I need you to cum inside of me. Fuck my tiny little tight pussy.”

I was so surprised at how quickly I was able to feel the beginning of my climax and even that made me more eager to make myself cum. After just a few more short breaths and an aggressive manipulation of my tender sweet little bean I was cumming so hard I could not believe it. This man just had that effect on me. I completely craved him so badly.

Upon finishing myself up I felt how wet my panties were and noticed the ribbons of pussy juice forming between my fingers and decided the panties had to go. That would make for a better ride home I’m sure anyway. So I carefully shimmied down the light pink lacey thong and wiped myself down thoroughly and stuffed the panties into my gym bag. This felt far more erotic now. My final thought before he pulled into the parking lot was, please let him make me his whore today.

As he pulled into the parking lot I could not believe the car he was driving. I had heard the boys on the team a bunch of times talking about how the coach had some vintage type of fast car and apparently it was some kind of impressive vehicle because the guys went nuts over it. I am not too familiar with cars but it was talk about my coach so I paid attention and there it was him parking next to me in his black Buick Grand National.

I am used to seeing the coach dressed in gym gear for coaching so it was a pleasant surprise to see him in what I guess you would call some casual clothes, just jeans, a T-shirt and flip flops. As I got out of the car and leaned up against it he asks what I did to break it. “Very funny,” I reply.

“Nice wheels by the way,” I said to him, “I’m probably the forth cheerleader you picked up today.”

He just smirked, shook his head and got into the driver seat of my car and fiddled around a bit and declares it is at least a lost cause as far as getting it started and to have my parents have it towed to a shop.

“I have to be somewhere this afternoon so let’s get going,” he remarks.

I slide into this fabulous car and feel my bare ass touch the seat and begin to wonder if my wet pussy is going to leave a mark the next time I stand up. Casually we pull out of the parking lot and start driving along.

“What are you up to today?” I ask him.

“I have a family party to go to. It’s my sister in laws birthday,” he replies.

His right hand is resting on the transmission shifter casually and I notice he is not paying nearly enough attention to me so I decide to gently take his hand and move it to my thigh and remark, “Oh but coach. Can’t you make any time for me?”

He doesn’t take his hand away but instead runs the tips of his fingers back and forth across my left thigh as if he was considering something. He then squeezes the inside of my thigh tightly almost like telling me “don’t worry little girl there is always time for you.” He moves his hand up my thigh and now my heart is beating through my chest. Very quickly he discovered that I am not wearing any panties. Remaining focused on the road he stares forward and just very slightly raises an eyebrow indicating his discovery. He then slightly rubs over my clit and feels the intense wetness I have. Finally he glances over to me with an almost devilish looks and says, “Is that all for me?”

I relax my legs and let them fall apart wider and as he strokes me for a few seconds more I say to him, “It is always all for you.”

He pulls his hand away and places it on the steering wheel and seems to be doing some sort of calculations in his head. Very soon after we turn down a street that is definitely not on the way to my house. I quickly feel an intense rush of excitement and become even more turned on, he was going to give me exactly what I wanted, a deep dicking.

I asked where we we’re going but all he said was not to worry about it. I asked if he was going to be late to his party and he stared straight ahead at the road and said, “It can wait a little bit longer.”

We pull into an almost make shift forest preserve area which was clearly not well visited by anyone. How he knew it existed I did not know and I did not want to know. He parked the car and said, “Let’s get out”.

The anticipation of what he had in mind for me was driving me crazy and I could feel my pussy throb for his cock.

He led me to the front of the car and grabbed me by my hips and very swiftly pushed me onto the hood of the car. He then placed his hand on the side of face and cupped my chin and cheek in a very sultry way and began to kiss me very passionately and almost forcefully. It felt as if he needed it from me more than I needed it from him. It felt so amazing to feel his body slide between my legs and his hard cock in his pants press up against my wet mound. He moved his mouth over to my neck which he knows is one of my most week spots and begins kissing it seductively. He then slid his two fingers inside of me and began to finger fuck me moving his mouth up to my ear where he whispered, “You are such a naughty little whore and I need to have your little tiny whore pussy wrapped around my cock.”

I could barely contain myself. This comment was it. It sent me through the roof and I loved it. I quickly undid his pants and reached in to pull out his stiff muscle. I stroked up and down his shaft three times while whispering in his ear, “I need to be your whore.”

I then guided his dick inside of my twat and he pushed it so deeply inside of me I could not help but both moan and gasp for air as I playfully bit down on his shoulder. I ran my hands up his back and dug my nails deeply in pulling them all the way down his back. He grunted wildly at the sensation. He was pummeling me so forcefully I had my arms very tightly wrapped around his shoulders as leverage. I was completely holding onto him for dear life and he repeatedly let out loud breaths and multiple grunts while exclaiming, “Your pussy feels so good. I love fucking your tight little pussy.”

It very much turned me on to hear him desire me so badly.

“Oh coach fuck me! Fuck me harder coach,” was all I could muster out of me when I realized how hard he was already pumping me in the middle of the day surrounded by trees on the hood of his Grand National.

He fucked me harder than I had ever been fucked before. He was able to thrust inside of me deeper than he ever had before. It felt almost like a bit of hate fucking and at that moment I correlated that concept I came so hard that I could barely catch my breath. My pussy tensed all around his dick and my whole body trembled for just a few seconds and he loved every minute of it.

Just then he remarked, “That’s right honey. No one can fuck you like I can.”

Just a few seconds after I could get a hold of myself he pushed just once more into my sloppy wet hole and blew a very hard load inside of me. I loved how it felt when he tensed up slightly at dumping it inside of me. He clutched me tightly and groaned eagerly one last time.

Both of us could hardly move for about 30 seconds and when we finally did he very casually kissed me on my neck and brought his mouth to my ear where he whispered one last declaration, “You are my very special little whore.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32