An Office Encounter Ch. 02

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I ‘phoned Dot. “Are you alone in the office? — Good — here is a little suggestion. Tell me what you think. Instruct Lisa that she has to come to my office at 5-30 p.m. sharp. There will be no one else about by then. On the dot, you might say! And tell her to remove her knickers before she comes — perhaps in more than one sense of the word! I’m sorry, but you have made me feel suddenly very wicked!”

“And I have not forgotten about you. As you know, one of my executive privileges is to have a small toilet and shower room as part of my office suite — you can come up before Lisa and hide in there so that you can watch and listen.”

“What have you got in mind,” asked Dot.

“You will have to wait and see.” Now emboldened, I added, “But if it goes well, maybe we could go further and have a weekend together. If nothing else I could provide her with a good dinner. I’m not a bad hand in the kitchen these days. Well, what do you think?”

“Sounds good to me,” said Dot, “But just one thing. Lisa does not know about my wish to be involved, and I would rather it stayed that way just at the moment, just in case it all goes pear shaped.”

“OK, agreed. And tell Lisa that I will understand and not hold it against her if she decides she does not want to do this. I have no wish to force myself upon her — this arrangement has to be by mutual agreement.”

“Oh, I think she will be there” said Dot, and hung up the ‘phone.

Having made my plan, I was able to get on with the rest of my work. Indeed I seem to have acquired a spring in my step, not to mention other parts of my anatomy, that I had not felt for some time as I went about my various tasks.

At about 5-15, I cleared my desk. I had remembered a Christmas freebie I had been given some time back, an oversized plastic ruler, half a metre long. I’d no idea what to do with it — until now. I dug it out from the back of a cupboard and laid it across the desk.

There was a soft knock at the office door, and Dot came in. She looked at the cleared desk top and the ruler. “Oo — that looks interesting!”

“And you called me a dirty old man!” I said, “What about you being a dirty old woman!”

“A bit less of the ‘old’ if you don’t mind,” she sniggered, as she went into my little rest room, leaving the door ajar.

I was by this time feeling both excited and distinctly nervous. But at 5-30 prompt there was another soft knock at the door.

“Come in,” I said, firmly, trying to sound in charge of the situation. Lisa’s head came round the door.

“Ah, Miss Jones — come in. Oh, and lock the door behind you, if you please”

Lisa came in and stood before the desk, looking demurely at the carpet. She was wearing a good quality black business suit, knee length skirt, white blouse, black flat shoes, with discreet make-up, and her hair up in a bun.

“Now, Miss Jones, do you know why I have sent for you?”

“No, sir.” The ‘sir’ shook me a bit; she was willing to play her part, then.

“Miss Jones, it has come to my attention (not the only thing that had come to attention, either!) that you are not wearing knickers in the office.”

(It was rather a good little idea, although I say it myself.)

“But sir, Mrs. Masters told me to take my knickers off!”

“I don’t care what Mrs. Masters said. It is company policy that all employees should be properly attired at work.”

“I’m sorry sir, I did not mean to be naughty.”

The magic word.

“Very well, Miss Jones. Naughty girls should be punished, don’t you agree?”

“Yes, sir”

I picked up the ruler.

“Bend over the desk Miss Jones!”

She quickly complied. I stood up and walked round the desk.

“For this infringement, Miss Eskort Bayan Jones, I think six strokes are appropriate.”

“Yes, sir.”

“On your bare buttocks, Miss Jones. Then you will understand better why you should wear knickers. Pull up your skirt.”

“I’m sorry sir, I can’t do that.”

“Miss Jones, if you disobey my instruction, you will receive twelve strokes. Now do as you are told!”

She started to cry! “I can’t do that sir,” she sobbed.

“Miss Jones, stop that nonsense. You are a grown woman.” Judging by the shapely arse in front of me, I was rather stating the obvious! “Now what is the problem?”

“I think I might have been doubly naughty sir, and I don’t want you to be too cross with me.”


“I can’t sir,” she said, and the tears started to flow again, and she blushed with embarrassment. I soon found out why.

“Very well, I shall do it for you.” I pulled her skirt up over her waist, and got the most delightful surprise. I put it into words so that Dot could have more listening pleasure.

“Miss Jones, I am deeply shocked,” I exclaimed, “I thought you were a sweet, innocent young woman, and here I find that not only are you not wearing knickers, you are not wearing tights, but wearing stockings and suspenders! Really Miss Jones! This is most irregular. Twelve strokes it is then! Prepare yourself.”

What is it about stockings and suspenders? Or is it just men of a certain age, like me?

I swished the ruler through the air once or twice for effect while admiring the view. The bottom now available to me really was most shapely, and the effect of the stocking and suspenders was incredibly sexy. Perhaps not unnaturally my eyes were drawn to her beautiful young cunt. The lips looked quite swollen and glistened with dampness, and I thought I could see a little button poking through. My little game seemed to be having the hoped-for effect of getting her turned on. It was certainly working for me – I was well aware of now sporting the most enormous hard-on!

I thought I would just wind Dot up with more verbals, and perhaps prolong the “agony” a bit more for Lisa.

“I am pleased to note in your favour, Miss Jones, that your anatomical response is positive. I note that your external labia are swollen and moist, and that your clitoris is visibly erect. This mitigating circumstance will reduce the severity of your punishment.”

I had not taken into account how far into it Lisa now was.

“Please sir, that won’t be necessary. I have been very naughty and deserve to have my bottom spanked good and hard. Please beat me soundly sir. Please do it now. Shall I count the strokes, sir?”

“Miss Jones, I did not ask you for a contribution. However I like your idea and you may follow your wish. Let us therefore proceed.”

I took up my position a couple of feet to the left of Lisa, raised my arm with the ruler to full height, and brought it down with some force across Lisa’s buttocks. There was a satisfying “Thwack” and a nice red stripe appeared on her arse. There was a sharp intake of breath — but I was not sure whether that came from Lisa or the bathroom, where, I had almost forgotten, Dot was listening and possibly peeping.

Tears welled up in Lisa’s eyes, but she started the count. “One, sir.”

“Did that sting, Miss Jones?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. It was intended to.”

I brought down the ruler on her arse a second and third time without delay, varying the positions of the strokes slightly. Again Lisa counted, but she did not make much noise. She certainly did not move or protest. I was beginning to enjoy this. I was finding out new things about myself. Just pure lustfulness – having this young sexy arse available for me to abuse.

I applied three more strokes in rapid succession.

“Four, five, six”

“Miss Jones, I think you should be aware that I am very pleased with you. Your ability to accept your punishment without protest does you great credit. I shall now vary the approach slightly, by applying strokes to the tops of your thighs. Part your legs so that I may have access to your inner thighs and your clitoris.”

I thought I detected a slight shudder when I said this, but she did not delay in complying, opening her legs a good couple of feet.

I aimed to the top of her left thigh. “Seven.” Then her right thigh. “Eight”

Then I moved my position slightly and aimed for the inner side of first her left thigh, then moving again for the inner side of her right thigh. “Nine.” “Ten.”

“You really are a very good girl, Miss Jones, I am deeply impressed by your stoicism”

“Thank you sir”

“But now for the Coup de Grace.”

I moved back to Lisa’s left side, and swung the ruler down on her bottom two last times, aiming right across her cunt and clitoris.

That did it — this time she sobbed out loud counting the last two strokes.

I waited while she had time to recover herself. She did not move from her position prone across the desk. I hoped I had not overdone it.

“May I speak, sir?” she asked, after a few moments.

“Ah, Miss Jones, you have learned well! You may speak.”

“I’m sorry I was naughty sir. Thank you for punishing me. Those last blows really hurt. Please sir could you….”

She hesitated. “Yes Miss Jones, what is it — speak up girl!”

“Please sir…..Will you kiss it better?”

Quite clearly I had died and gone to heaven. I thought I would take the opportunity of teasing her (and Dot) some more.

“Really Miss Jones, that is a highly irregular request. I am a senior executive of this company and you are a new employee.”

I paused.

“However, on mature reflection, since you have been such a good girl, I think it only right that on this occasion that I accede to your request.”

I put out my hand to her left buttock, enjoying the feel of her soft skin.

“Miss Jones, you have lovely smooth skin. My compliments. You obviously look after yourself well.”

So saying, I moved to kneel between her still open legs.

“Miss Jones, you should be aware that not many other people in this company have brought this executive to his knees!”

I started to massage her buttocks and her thighs gently, allowing my fingers to brush her moist labia and clittie, which seemed to cause slight shudders.

“I hope this is making you feel better, Miss Jones.”

“Oh, it is, sir, it is!”

I could not mistake the sexy aroma.

“Miss Jones, you seem to be in a state of, how can I put it politely – sexual arousal. I feel I should take certain steps to alleviate those feelings.”

Without beating about the bush — to coin a phrase — I leant forward and applied a big wet kiss to her cunt. The sensation was totally gorgeous, soft and velvety, and Lisa seemed to like it, judging by the way she started to push her arse to my mouth. I started to lap the full length of her cunt, making sure I gave attention to her clittie, and going along the sensitive tissue as far as her anus.

“Oh please sir, can I cum? I want to cum now sir!”

“Please do!” So saying, I grasped the front of her thighs, enjoying the erotic feel of stocking top, thigh, and suspender, and pulled her towards me. I started to concentrate on her clittie, sucking and nibbling, and in what seemed like no time at all, she started to shudder and push her arse even harder into my face.

“Oh, god, I’m cumming,… I’m cummmmmmming!”

This seemed to go on for some time, until the intensity died down and she started to relax, Finally she flopped onto the desk top with an audible, satisfied sigh.

“Thank you sir, that was wonderful, just what I needed.”

After a few moments, she asked, “Can I go now sir?”

“No, Miss Jones, but you may rise from the desk; there is one problem remaining, which you can help me with.”

“Yes, sir, gladly, sir.”

“The problem is this, Miss Jones. You have had sexual satisfaction, but I have not. I still have a full erection, but sexual intercourse would be unwise, because at the short notice at which your punishment was arranged, I was unable to get to a chemist to obtain a prophylactic. You understand my meaning?”

“Yes, sir”

“I think you know what to do?”

“Yes, sir”

A change seemed to come over her. The shy innocent girl had gone, and a more confident, predatory character emerged. Without further prompting, she loosened her hair, allowing luxuriant locks to frame her face. She took off her jacket and unbuttoned her blouse to the waist. She was wearing a very sheer white bra, which made her erect nipples very obvious. Her breasts, though not large, were beautifully round and inviting to the touch.

“To put it in simple terms, I am to kneel in front of you so that you can fuck my mouth and make me swallow your cum!”

“I have doubts about the colloquial directness of your language, Miss Jones, but its succinctness is only to be admired. Very well, proceed.”

She immediately knelt in front of me and before I knew it my trousers and Y-fronts were round my ankles, my erection boldly on view. Lisa looked up at me with a slight smile on her lips, and a wicked look in her eye.

“I am ready — fuck my mouth!”

I leant forward slightly so that I could reach down to feel her breasts, cupping them in my hands, before giving her nipples some good hard tweaks. She closed her eyes and her head went back, sighing with pleasure. The now open mouth was too much of an invitation, and I pushed my penis in. Her lips closed around my shaft, the glans resting on her tongue.

After such a session, it was obvious that it would not be long before I started to cum. I pushed my hands into her beautiful soft hair behind her head and held her gently while starting to thrust in and out of her mouth, so that the glans of my penis rubbed along her tongue, and in no time I was spasming, my cum spurting into her mouth.

“Miss Jones, you are just wonderful!” I exclaimed, not knowing how to say what I felt about the marvellous blow job she was giving me.

She kept gently sucking on my penis until my erection had receded, then she looked up at me and opened her mouth to show me my cum, then she swallowed it down.

“Very well, Miss Jones, you may go.”

She stood up and headed for the office door, not even pausing to adjust her clothes. As she went to unlock the door, she turned her head and with a slightly lascivious smile, said, “I may be naughty again, sir. If I am, sir, will you spank me again sir?”

“You may count on it, Miss Jones — much as you did today, in fact. Oh, by the way, I have something for you in my desk. I walked round the desk and took out a piece of paper. I went across to Miss Jones and handed it to her. As she read it, I moved behind her and put my arms around her waist, gently pulling her to me. There was no resistance. She read:-

Saturday, 7 p.m. for dinner, Bring overnight bag.

Dress — plain, black, silk lingerie

And it gave my address and telephone.

There was a footnote — Another person, a lady, may be present.

She nodded her assent and turned her face towards me. She gave me a long gentle kiss as I cupped her breasts for one more time. Then she opened the door and was gone.

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