How I Became a Milked Boi – Intro

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This is a little introduction about how I recently had my first experience with a guy. An older guy. Everything in this story is true including people’s names and ages.

This first part is just so you get an idea of how we “met” and the kind of things we got talking about.

I’m Jay, a pretty ordinary 21 year old guy. I’ve always considered myself straight and like any ordinary 21 year old guy I’m always looking for stuff to wank to.

So a couple of years ago I started looking around some chat sites for a bit of fun. I’d try to chat to the girls on there but nothing much would happen. Then some of the guys started messaging me.

I’d ignore it at first, but then I started to get interested. Chatting with guys was straight to the point. No messing around, just;

“Hey, how’s your cock?”

“Hi, fancy wanking with me?”

I guess that’s when I started feeling a little bit away from completely straight.

Anyway, long story short, I eventually settled on one site which was JUST guys tossing off and talking dirty to each other. I dread to think how much jizz I’ve shot due to the horny chat on that site! Most of the guys were fun, we’d get really dirty and descriptive and I’d get what I was after.

Then a guy called “edgehound” showed up. Our first chat was instantly different than any of the others. Bayan Escort Gaziantep We clicked straight away. Everything we said to each other just made us both crazily horny. We started having more and more wanks together, learning each other’s kinks.

He loved that I wasn’t even half his age and really got off on the fact. He even learned that he enjoyed some humiliation play. Having me teasing him and laughing that I’d never let his pervy old cock anywhere near me!

I learned a lot from him too. For a start I learned how hot it was to be objectified and have my body inspected (we did some roleplays like this). Edgehound told me all about how he’d love to have my legs up in the air and spread wide, spread my pussy and give me a thorough inspection. Describing it and perving over it.

That’s another thing. Pussy. In the past I’ve said things like arse, bumhole, ass, the usual stuff. Now I always refer to it as my pussy. My boi pussy. We played out so many horny scenes of him perving over my exposed body, edging me for ages, controlling my orgasm and everytime milking out the biggest loads of semen ever.

He’d offered for me to come over and have it done for real a few times. I was still pretty shy though and we lived quite far apart so I always politely declined.

Then, a couple of weeks ago, we started chatting. It was the usual stuff, inspecting my pussy, describing my cock. Some kind of perverted cross between a medical exam and just some sleazy guy wanking me off. We both had the day free so we let it go on for a while. We got quite a few hours into it, maybe 6, and I started getting desperate.

6 hours was about the longest sessions I’d had up until this point, and believe me you really start to gag for the release! I begged him to let me jizz.

“Oh no, you’ve got at least a couple of hours to go yet,” he said.

I don’t know why I let him do it but I obeyed. I could have just wanked off there and then and got my relief, but I kept going. Things started to change then. I was going crazy with lust. So desperate to spunk but loving the desperate feeling in my cock.

By this point I’d learned that edgehound’s real name was Rich. Rich had changed tact a little too by this point in our wank. Normally he was very focused on my pussy during our chats. But now he made sure I couldn’t take my mind off my bellend (a big fetish of mine!).

He was talking about it constantly. Making me stand in front of a mirror admiring it. Telling me how he’d inspect it and keep it right on the edge of orgasm. It was amazing and after 6 hours of our usual sleaziness it was blowing my mind!

About half way through his 2 hour limit it got even more amazing. I was in the middle of typing to Rich when I felt a throbbing in my cock followed by a warm trickling feeling over my stomach and crotch. I looked down and my slit was pouring with precum.

This had NEVER happened to me before. I’d dripped a bit in the past when I was really horny but nothing like this. I got so excited and Rich started to tell me how I’d just learned to milk myself. It was like I’d just learned to wank for the very first time.

Over the next hour he managed to milk me 2 or 3 more times. There were strings of the stuff hanging from my slit, between my fingers. Everywhere!

In the end he kept to his word. After about 2 hours he told me he was going to let me ejaculate. He made me stand in front of the mirror, looking at my bell end again, and wank myself over the edge. I’ve never felt anything like it. I let out a huge high pitched moan and after 13 or 14 explosive shots I collapsed down against my bed, watching the most semen I had ever produced pouring down the mirror. My helmet throbbing and pulsing in front of me, a deep shade of purple.

After a couple of minutes I came to my senses and went back to the keyboard. After that performance I knew what I wanted.

“Rich… I have to meet you…”

Now you have a bit of an idea of the kind of chats that we’d had. How this all started. And so we arranged to meet up for a bit of a “chat” on the next weekend…

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