Amber , I Ch. 08

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*** Preamble

It was hard to focus on work that day. Not only had the last two months with Amber been a whirlwind of sexual passion, but I knew that night would be something spectacular. Helen and Christina had been plotting something, and all they would tell either Amber or myself was that we should be prepared for anything, and that they were sure it was going to be amazing. I had the impression, which I could not justify, that there was some sort of party afoot. Neither Amber nor I, either together or separately, had had any further encounters with Helen and/or Christina, since the little orgy in my office, though both women had been quite flirtatious when they’d seen me at work, and I knew Helen and Amber had talked on the phone a number of times.

Just the night before, I had cornered Helen and pressed her for a hint as to this evening’s plan. She merely laughed, kissed me and said, “Don’t worry, lover boy, I promise you’ll have the time of your life,” all while she was stroking me through my slacks. I had told Amber about this incident, and it drove her into a frenzy. I was obliged to bring her off three times before she could bear to go home for the night. None of which is to say that I didn’t love every moment of it!

Now I found myself almost beside myself with anticipation, as well as continually distracted by memories of Amber from the course of the best months of my life.

*** The first night…

We had finally dozed off, our bodies finally succumbing to the climb up and down the cliff and the hours of unrestrained and rather noisy sex. We lay naked on top of my opened sleeping bag in the tiny tent. Our legs were intertwined, and we were facing each other, our faces only inches apart. The sudden crack of thunder that woke us came, for us, out of nowhere. I found myself looking directly into her startled, beautiful amber eyes. My heart was pounding from the sudden adrenaline, but I was overwhelmed by how stunning this woman in my arms was. I smiled at her.

She closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. Then she whispered, “For a moment I didn’t know where I was or who you were.”

I brushed some of the hair out of her face and leaned in to kiss her sweet lips, then asked, “Do you need reminding?”

There was a flash of lightning and two seconds later a loud crash of thunder. I felt Amber’s hand on my cock, which was already hard for her. She laughed, pulled in close, said, “I think I remember well enough,” and kissed me back.

I held her close to me, kissing her deeply, our tongues slipping over and against each other. She pulled on my sex as we made out. There was another stroke of lightning and a loud rumble. Amber pushed me onto my back as our legs sorted themselves out. Soon she was lying on top of me, her legs straddling mine. We were still kissing. A flash then accompanied by an immediate, deafening bang shook the tent and the forest around us. Amber laughed with delight, and I felt her shifting so that she could get my penis inside her.

A barrage of lightning flashes lit up the tent brightly, as Amber began to move up and down against me. The thunder drowned out the quiet sounds I could feel her body making. The sensations of our long, deep, slow kiss, her lithe, muscular body on top of me, and the hot, wet tightness of her vagina squeezing me were thoroughly intoxicating. I felt as if I were in one of those intense dreams that seem more real than life, in which your senses seem supercharged and aflame.

She pulled away from my hungry, insatiable mouth then. Looking down at me from just three or four inches, her eyes were almost glowing in the wan light and then lit golden in the lightning. Her hair, now a mess from our exertions, hung down around our faces. She had her hands on my chest, and now pushed herself up away from me, but without taking her eyes off mine. She sat on my lap, slowly working her pelvis against me, pussy slowly and firmly milking my cock, looking down at me with ardent lust, as the lightning played all around the tent and the thunder boomed and shook the world.

Amber leaned back, and her hands were now on my belly, while my own held on to her waist… I do not think I have done justice to her narrow, tight waist in these stories. To hold that waist in my hands is a sublime joy in and of itself. …I lay back and watched her rocking back and forth on me. Eventually, she let her head roll back a bit, then threw her hair back. She started to move up and down on me then, while still grinding herself against my body. I held on to that waist to help and support her.

The feeling of her pussy wrapped around and stroking my cock was amazing. It was only matched by the vision of this beautiful naked woman riding on me. Her taut abs and beautiful breasts moving up and down in the tent, the muscles of her arms stretched down to reach for my body with outstretched fingers, and the line of her neck as she leaned backward, were all lit by the flashing strokes of lightning that were ravishing the night all around us. There was a sudden crescendo as nişantaşı escort a series of five or six flashes of bright light were followed almost immediately by a deafening roar of thunder that seemed to last for at least a minute. During this fury, I felt Amber’s body shaking as her orgasm rolled over her. Her pussy clutched and pulled on my cock as the ecstasy took her. I heard her gasping cry, but only barely over the thunder.

Then the sky finally opened up and the rain fell on our little tent like a deluge. I found myself sitting up then, holding her tightly against me. My cock was still hard up inside her, and her legs were wrapped around me, but for that moment we held on to each other in the middle of that stormy night. She was trembling as I stroked her hair and kissed her neck.

*** About six months later, after the encounter with Helen and Christina…

“I really didn’t have any idea that sex was this much fun,” Amber said.

“This much?” I asked, shocked. We were walking hand in hand through a quiet park in the night.

She laughed, and replied, “As much fun as it’s been, since I met you.”

“Well, I’m glad it’s been fun,” I smiled.

“It’s more than that, though,” she said seriously. “I enjoyed sex before, but it was never anything like this.”

“Well, thank you,” I chuckled.

“Oh, you’re amazing!” she laughed and moved closer to me. After kissing me on the cheek she said, “But that’s not what I meant. I don’t think you know this, but I really was rather inexperienced when you met me.”

“Don’t take this the wrong way,” I said, “but you could have fooled me!”

“Aw, thanks,” she smiled and hugged my arm. “I think you were mistaking enthusiasm for experience. Although I think I learned a lot from watching porn on the internet, I really hadn’t done much before you met me. There was my husband and just two other guys, one in high school and the other in college.”

This was the most personal information at one time that Amber had ever given me. I encouraged her to continue by patiently listening attentively.

“Jim, in high school, well, we were just kids,” she sighed, “we didn’t know what we were doing. He loved me to death, but I really just didn’t feel the same way. It was different with Steve, in college, I was nuts about him, but I think he was just using me. He had a big cock and was very handsome, so he never bothered to learn how to please a woman. I thought I was having good sex, and was just devastated when he dumped me for a girl with bigger tits. Of course he was done with her in a month and moved on.”

“What an idiot,” I said quite sincerely.

Amber smiled at me, then laughed, “She did have great tits! They must have been fun, but I’m sure Steve didn’t bother to figure out what to do with them.”

She paused then, and we walked in silence. I thought perhaps she might talk some about her husband, but she eventually said, “But, I never really knew how wonderful sex could be until I met you. You’ve shown me what it’s like to be with a man who really cares about giving a woman pleasure, and you’ve shown me that there’s so much more to sex. I fantasized plenty before, but I had no idea living these things out … that day on the beach, the other night in your office! … God, just thinking about it makes me want to fuck right here in the snow! I want you to keep showing me things. I want to try it all!”

I chuckled, “I don’t know — there are some really twisted things out there to try.”

She laughed and pulled on my arm, “Fair enough. Just show me anything and everything you think I will like. That should be good for a start.”

“Yes,” I nodded and smiled devilishly, “for a start.”

*** With Sable…

I lay back in lazy contentment, just watching. Amber had pushed Sable over on her back and mounted that enormous dildo Sable had strapped on. It was incredibly erotic to watch the two of them together, both athletically fit, but so remarkably different. Sable’s ebony skin against Amber’s tanned but comparatively body, Sable’s flat chest against the full curve of Amber’s tits, and between them the thick, fake black cock that was stretching Amber’s pussy as it slid in and out. Now and then Amber would lean forward and kiss Sable, or let her tits hang down to be sucked, licked and bit. Mostly, though she rocked back and forth and fucked up and down on that monster, alternating between squeezing her own tits and playing with her clit. When she caught me idly toying with my stiffened cock, though, she insisted, “Bring that bad boy up here so I can suck on it!”

Naturally, I complied, and stood over Sable so that Amber could take me into her mouth. Looking down on the two beautiful women, while my lover was sucking hungrily on my now fully hard cock, I considered myself to be easily the luckiest man in the world. Holding herself in place, and regulating the motion in and out of her mouth with one hand wrapped around the base of my cock, Amber reached down and concentrated on playing with her clit. She was moaning and çapa escort sucking on my cock with more abandon than I’d ever seen, even from her. She looked up at me with those gorgeous eyes ablaze with wanton lust. She seemed to be thinking something and wanted me to just know what she had in mind. Either my telepathic skills weren’t up to the task or I was just too happy standing there getting my cock sucked, though. She pulled her mouth of me and said, in a tone of voice that would make most men cum in their pants, “Do me in the ass, baby, just like last night.”

I didn’t make her beg. Soon I was lubed up and sliding my cock into Amber’s ass while she continued to ride Sable’s dildo, in something of a repeat performance of the night before. I pushed slowly into her incredibly tight butt, and felt that fat dildo inside her pussy. I smiled down at Sable over Amber’s shoulder and got a broad, happy grin in response. “Let’s fuck her good,” Sable urged.

“Yes, please!” Amber added quite enthusiastically.

I drew my cock out and slid it back in, eliciting a happy groan from Amber. I felt Sable working herself underneath us, and that fat cock moved in and out of Amber’s pussy. Soon Sable and I were moving in an alternating rhythm, sliding in and out of Amber with passionate abandon. Amber held on to Sable for dear life as we fucked her. Her orgasm building gradually but quickly so that it took me a moment to realize it was happening, Amber came in a shuddering frenzy of biting and kissing Sable.

This state of affairs led rather naturally to an exquisitely long session of three-way making out that ended up with Sable sitting on my face while the two women made out. Though I could look up and see the two women caressing and kissing each other, I concentrated on licking and sucking at Sable’s clit. Dipping my tongue now and then into her pussy, I savored the mixed taste of our juices. Sable rocked herself down against my busy tongue and hungry mouth, and I could tell she was building toward her own climax. Just then, though, Amber started to push Sable backward. As the two women fell onto the bed, I scrambled out of the way.

After a few moments of readjustment Sable was lying on her back while I continued to go down on her. I lapped purposefully at her clit, and took advantage of the new position to slip two fingers into her pussy, where they began to slow twist in and out. I watched as the two girls continued to make out. I watched as Amber let Sable suck eagerly on her tits, and saw that Sable had worked her hand down between Amber’s legs, where she was fucking two long dark fingers in and out of Amber’s pussy, while also rubbing against her clit. Amber moaned, and I heard Sable say something but not what.

I imagine it was an invitation or suggestion, because Amber suddenly crawled up and knelt over Sable’s face. I continued to lick and suck Sable’s clit, while my fingers plied her pussy and I watched Amber rocking gently over Sable’s mouth. Sable pushed herself harder against me as Amber lowered herself a bit further and leaned forward. Sable began to moan, and Amber started, murmuring, “Oh god, I’m going to come again!”

Sable’s fingers held on to Amber’s ass, holding her clit in place, and I saw those fingers tightening. Amber let out a long, low groan that was echoed by a throaty sound from Sable. Then Sable’s pussy was clenching my fingers and her body was writhing. She never stopped licking Amber, though, and almost immediately thereafter Amber was crying out as she came too.

This last set of orgasms was followed by a wonderful haze of kissing, caressing and cuddling. The sun came up outside, putting a technical end to the weekend, but we were all fast asleep.

*** Two weeks later…

We had traveled into the city for the weekend, and were having an intimate candle-lit dinner at a tiny, out of the way restaurant, when Amber apparently decided it was time to talk about her husband. Quite out of the blue, she said, “He adores me, you know.”

After working out what she was talking about, I smiled and said, “Yes, I’m sure he does.”

“I’d never been loved so completely before,” Amber continued, looking out into the shadowy dining room. “He’s the kindest, gentlest man you’ll ever meet. I loved him… I do love him. He’s never done anything bad to me, ever.”

There was a long silence. Then she said, “We used to make love two or three times a week, at first, and it was nice — beautiful, but really just nice. Then things dropped off to about once a month, then less.”

“Have you…”

“Oh yes, I’ve tried to start things, but that never works well. He says he feels pressured. We’ve talked about it. We’ve had long, long conversations about it. That doesn’t help either. He eventually decided he’s just not that into sex. This was just before I met you,” she smiled across the table at me.

I smiled back and took a minute to think before I said, “Have you thought of just asking him how he would feel about you taking a lover?”

She nodded, “Yes. You should have seen fatih escort his face. He was crushed by the thought. He wasn’t angry, just devastated. That’s why I haven’t left him, and why I try so hard to keep this from him. He doesn’t deserve to have me do this to him.”

I thought of a hundred things to say then in that silence, but I kept my mouth shut.

Finally she said, “But he doesn’t deserve to keep me to himself and to insist that I live a life without happiness, without pleasure. I love sex!”

I smiled, knowing that everyone in the restaurant had heard that last bit, and said, “I know you do.”

“It’s not just about having fun,” she insisted, “though it is a lot of fun. I need, and have a right to, enjoy my life, to have pleasure. I just don’t see how I can deny myself so much happiness just to keep from hurting him. Isn’t he hurting me by keeping me to himself without making any effort to satisfy my desires?”

“Perhaps he just can’t,” I offered.

“Then maybe we’re both just making each other miserable,” she sighed.

“If he knew how unhappy you were, what would he want you to do?” I asked.

She grew quiet then, and the evening moved on.

*** Later that night…

The subway was almost deserted. After dinner, we had done some dancing, shot some pool in an all night pool-hall, and then wandered around until the hours of flirting and playful, surreptitious groping had driven us to the boiling point. If it weren’t still so cold out, we probably would have found a secluded dark corner and gone at it. As it was, we couldn’t keep our hands off each other on the subway platform. Amber had been kissing and nibbling on my neck while stroking me through my slacks, while I reached into her warm coat and had pulled her short skirt up to fondle her very wet privates.

We somehow managed to stumble on to the train, and get to a seat. There wasn’t a soul in the car, so, naturally, we continued our mischief. Soon Amber had my pants undone and my cock out. She stroked it for a while as we continued to make out like teenagers. My hand was again busy in her panties, but not for long. She stood up, catching hold of the nearby pole to balance herself, and quickly removed her panties, stuffing them into the pocket of her coat. Amber then returned to the seat next to me, and proceeded to bend over my cock, taking it into her mouth.

I began to reach down between her legs to get my hand on that sweet pussy of hers again, when the train came into the next station. I expected Amber to stop what she was doing, but discretion was not her priority at that moment. She continued to suck up and down on my cock. An older couple, dressed elegantly, were the only people on the new platform, and of course, they got into our car. I saw them both glance in our direction, the man did a subtle double-take. I think they exchanged a look between themselves and maybe there were words exchanged, but they calmly took a seat on the opposite side of the car not too far from us.

I looked down at Amber and saw that she was watching them as she worked my cock. Then she looked at me and gave me a wink. I looked back and saw that the couple was watching us. Amber noticed this too, and began to get even more theatrical, bobbing her head on me more enthusiastically. I noticed that the woman across the car and down the aisle had now had her hand in her partner’s lap.

We stopped at another platform, but no one got on or off from our car. As the train started forward again, Amber stopped sucking my cock and said, “I want you to fuck me right now, while they watch us.”

Naturally, I said, “OK.”

Laughing a little, Amber pulled away from me and stood up. She slipped her coat off her shoulders and tossed it onto the seat she’d just vacated. In her high heeled boots and short skirt, she took hold of the pole in front of her and leaned on it, as if she were beginning a pole dance. She turned to face the couple, and slid down the pole, so that her butt was up in the air. I got up behind her, and ran my hands up the backs of her strong legs. I pushed her skirt up and felt the moist lips of her pussy with my fingertips. I paused for just a moment to brush my fingers over her clit, then took my cock in hand and pushed it into her. Amber pushed back onto me, forcing my cock to fill her in one swift motion. The heat wrapping my sex was so intense I almost came right then.

To delay my orgasm, I held still in Amber, and looked at the couple. Both the man and the woman were watching us raptly. I noticed now that the woman was quite attractive with a beautiful long neck, only partially wrapped in an expensive scarf. Her brown hair was shot through with silver strands, and though it looked quite long she had it done up around her head. She noticed me looking at her and I swear she smiled at me. She seemed to have worked her hand into her partner’s slacks.

Amber shoved back at me a little impatiently then, so I pulled back almost all the way, and then drove forward. I heard a happy grunt from my lover, who leaned against the pole and pushed back into my thrusting. One of Amber’s arms was wrapped around the pole, and I felt her fingers brushing the base of my cock as she rubbed her clit with her other hand. I drove in and out of Amber, almost oblivious of the subway.

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