After Party Ch. 01

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Doggy Style

Please enjoy my new story! You might pick up a reference to an earlier piece, ‘George and Ryan’, which you are welcome to read. As always, a vote or a comment is appreciated.


Let’s kiss, then!”

Kathleen had taken a great gulp from the wine bottle she was holding and lurched toward him. As she closed in he could see from the corner of his eye, his two friends leap backwards with a yelp.

Kathleen was tipsy and excited. They all were, after their concert. An hour and a half of singing great music, in the concert hall and under lights, with an orchestra adding to the crowd on stage, had taken them to a point something like ecstasy. As was usual after a concert, there was a party, with snacks and drinks, music, silly songs, drinks, more drinks… it could be a long night. It was also usual, after so much emotion on stage, for couples to get very romantic together. And not just couples: individuals, ex’s and not-yet’s, someone who’d caught your eye weeks ago – anyone – often found themselves in positions and combinations that surprised themselves and everyone else.

However, Kathleen was different. Quite reserved (yet with a loud voice), even prudish, she was shocked by the shifting relationships in the choir and the “pre-marital sex” as she described it with her trace of Irish accent. She was opinionated as much as she was prudish, she was also quite poor at recognising how annoying she could be. People could find her very tedious and were sometimes quite rude behind her back. He felt a little sorry for her – then at other times he felt very annoyed with her.

Now here they were, in a foyer at the university which had hosted the concert. The party was in a Union building, one of the common rooms that clubs could book for events like a concert after-party.

He was tipsy too, excited by the euphoria after the concert, pleased with how well the concert had run, maybe feeling generous and expansive… for whatever reason he didn’t run away or push her off him. He let her kiss him. He thought, out of kindness, maybe also to shock and impress his mates – Kathleen was not considered worth “pursuing” by the lads in the choir. The two friends had made their opinion very clear just before!

She leant against him, arms on his shoulders, unfocused eyes looking into his face, her wine bottle tapping his back. He sensed a slight hesitation, an uncertainty, then she kissed him. It was wet and unsteady, her lips pushing too hard, inexperienced. She tasted of white wine.

She kept kissing, between hasty breaths. He noticed something build up in her. Her arms wrapped around his neck and her hands gripped him. Her soft, plump body suddenly pushed against him. As he put his arms around her waist he felt her legs against his, pushing, spreading? She tried to squeeze him harder.

He remembered another time, one evening, another party – not so charged as this after-concert one. Kathleen was in the habit of getting drunk quite quickly. Sometimes she got even more opinionated and loud, sometimes she got into intense conversations that didnt make much sense and had odd pauses in them. This time she was watching a couple on the couch. They were kissing passionately, stroking shoulders and each other’s backs. It wasn’t that unusual for what happened at parties, although far beyond Kathleen’s limits of acceptable behaviour. This time however, she watched intently, without judgement (he was sure). When the boy stroked his lover’s neck and she responded, or if a hand crept round a waist and explored the curves below, she took in every detail, as if she was observing something to learn from. Or perhaps he was just over-thinking it.

“Hey Ryan, we’re going back to the party. You think you’ll be alright?” His friend, who had mocked at first, was not so rude now. He had sensed a change – they all had – and was now vaguely puzzled. The quick trip out to the toilets had become something much more for all of them. Ryan guessed he was trying to be supportive, just in a very drunk way. Kathleen pushed harder.

He noticed then that his body was starting to respond to her. His arms were around her and his lips were answering hers, trying to soften her urgent kisses. What was going on? He let himself kiss her more. The friends disappeared.

Kathleen paused, then kissed harder, then paused, then kissed again. He managed to settle her slightly, so things were not so frantic. He could feel her body moving against him. He felt her legs, wrapped around his leg. Something hard was there – her pubic bone was up against him now. The realisation sent a surge through him. She gave a small, deep moan.

She paused again and tried to focus on his face. She pulled back slightly and took a drink from the wine bottle. Then she put her lips up to his ear.

“Ryan, I want you to fuck me. Here. Tonight.”

Ryan froze. Although his body was responding to her advances, his mind wasn’t. This changed things. He drew back to look at her.

“Kathleen, Casibom did you just say… what I think you said?”

She winced. “No. I don’t know – yes!” He could feel her steeling herself, forcing the words out. “All the people here… snoggin’ all the time, at rehearsals an’ all… the concert… the feelings at this party. I’m drunk but I’m standin’, and I’m thinkin’ still, and I’ll tell ye, I want ye to fuck me!” Her Irish accent became more pronounced as she drove on, so that she said an almost sweet, lilting “fock me” by the end of it.

“I know I can piss people off, but I can’t seem to help it. I reckon you’re the only one who’s always been nice to me.” Ryan felt a twinge of guilt at the thoughts he’d sometimes had about her. She fumbled for the bottle but spoke before she could find it. “Everybody’s always on about sex. The songs, the movies, the internet, and look at ’em in there!” She waved the bottle towards the partygoers. “So I want to see what it is. I want to do it. I want to have some sex!”

Ryan’s mind was in a whirl. A part of him was urgently calling, oh yeah man, let’s do this! Make the most of it! Take her before she changes her mind! Another part was trying to work out a place or a time. Another, higher part was saying, wait a minute, you can’t just take advantage of her, what sort of guy are you?

His body had made its mind up already and nearly derailed his thoughts.

“Kathleen, it’s not that simple…”

She gave a harsh laugh. “Ye think? I know, I know. It’s all mad, but I’m going to do it. Now. This has to be tonight, and no more, and I know I might get myself in a hopeless tangle and fall head over heels for ye. There’s another few girls here who’d like to get to know you a whole lot more, judging by their conversations. And there’s a few you’re interested in, and I’m not one of ’em. But I reckon you’re pretty keen on anything in a skirt?” Although she was drunk, she was very accurate with her assessment of the situation – and himself. He warmed to her.

She rested her head on his shoulder. He could feel her breath, panting slightly. He could feel her warmth, her pubic bone against his leg.

She looked up at him. Her vision briefly cleared and she looked into his eyes. “It’s tonight. Just tonight. I have to start sometime, and I know you’d be good to me, you’ll know what to do to… help me. Just tonight. Please, Ryan!”

Ryan paused, feeling her body’s arousal (and his own), seeing her openness, her simple request.

But it’s never that simple.

For an answer, he took her hand and led her away from the main room. Down two corridors he found the room he was looking for, unlocked. It was rarely locked: it held only a meeting table and chairs, and a few couches at the back. He went for the couches.

He got two three-seater couches opposite each other, then pulled the cushions off them and filled the floor space between them, making a padded area about the size of a double bed. The couches stopped the cushions from separating. Kathleen was impressed.

“You’ve done this before!” She smiled.

“I may have!” he returned. He gave a shove here and there to check his workmanship.

Kathleen stood, rocking very slightly. She looked at the couch-bed, looked at Ryan, took a swig of white wine then carefully put the bottle down.

“Kathleen, if you’re not sure about this…”

As an answer, she stared at him, then lifted up her skirt, showing large, sensible black panties. Still looking at him, she slid them down and stepped out if them. She flicked off her shoes. She sat on the edge of the couch and swung her legs over in a surprisingly smooth motion. The effect was slightly spoilt by her losing her balance and sliding down into the bed with a whoosh.

Ryan looked down at her as she arranged herself on the bed. She flicked up her skirt and spread her legs. He took in her small feet (still with socks on), her tapering calves, her pale, generous thighs meeting in a triangle of dark brown curly hairs. She spread her knees wide, put her fingers into her bush and crudely pulled her pussy lips wide open. The pink against the dark brown against the nearly-white surprised him.

Again he felt the contradiction. This girl was literally lying there waiting for him to enter her – part of him shouted c’mon man! She wants this!! But against this, he had a sense, this is not really what she wants, she’s making herself do this. The uncertain look on her face confirmed it. Fortunately the higher part of his mind won again.

Kathleen watched every action as he slowly stripped. He stepped into the couch-bed and gently closed her knees.

“Kathleen, OK just tonight, and no complications. But not so fast. You have to enjoy it too – I don’t want to take you in a rush and go.” He made himself cuddle her, and was rewarded by the feel of her snuggling into him, soft legs and tummy and breasts against his lean, slightly bony frame. He started to undo the buttons on her blouse. Casibom Giriş

Kathleen froze a second, then eagerly joined in, reaching around to undo her bra even while lying down. Big white breasts rolled out and settled themselves on her chest. Her nipples were almost the exact colour of her pale skin, the barest shade darker. Alec stroked and squeezed them. Kathleen watched his actions again, occasionally rolling her shoulders to show her approval.

Her nipples hardened to little hemispheres and he leant over and kissed and nibbled them lightly. She was getting into it more and now thrust them up for him, one then the other.

“That’s better!” Ryan whispered. “Stay there.”

He wriggled himself down her body. He tugged at her skirt and she reached for the zip and unfastened it. The skirt went down to her feet. There, he pulled off each sock and lightly bit each toe. Her feet had the smell of someone who’d been standing for most of a concert – as did her armpits and body. He didn’t let himself be put off – this was for her pleasure as well as his. And I probably smell the same, he thought with a smile.

Kathleen was taken aback and jerked her legs up. He gently but firmly brought them down, then kissed his way up each leg, tickling behind her knee (she jerked again and laughed a funny, deep laugh), then up the top of her plump thighs. He could feel little wriggles of pleasure in her. She ran her hands through his hair.

“Ahh, Ryan, I knew ye’d be good for me! Everywhere you touch feels good!”

“Keep telling me that. If you don’t like something, you have to say.”

“If I can still talk!” Kathleen became more urgent, gripping his head and forcing her legs apart. The scent of her rose up, a mixture of the old sweat and a new arousal. He studied the mat of curly hairs, tapering away beside each side of her pussy. Peeping out of the lips was a single flap of shiny, moist skin. It was almost cute. He wanted to play with it, feel it in his mouth. Kathleen flexed her thighs and pulled his hair one way and another. She seemed to be guiding him in, but pushing him off at the same time.

“Do you want me to…”

“Yes, but you won’t like it! I feel, funny down there…”

“Not just aroused? Anyway, let me be the judge of what I like!”

He slid his hands along her thighs and noticed how wet she was. Not wet – drenched. Her juices were down her legs and around her buttocks. Her skin shone in the dim light.

Ryan slid into the sticky hairs, separating the folds inside. Her pussy was open again, this time bigger and softer. Inside the outer lips, her inner ones revealed the little hood over her clit, above her vagina. Her juices were everywhere. Alec reached in with his tongue and lightly stroked her inner lips, playing with the extra long one. He felt her rocking her pelvis, then suddenly tugging on his hair. He looked up to see her anguished face.

“Ryan, I’m sorry, I, don’t want–

Ryan lifted his head. “Don’t be sorry, just say it. I’m glad you told me. “

“God I’m so sorry, I just don’t… and I’m worried what you’ll think.”

He made his way back up to her face. “I’ll think, she doesn’t like it, so I should respect that. This is about the two of us, not just me getting my rocks off on you. Don’t mix up those bad pornos with real sex, will you!”

Kathleen blushed, but didn’t answer. Ryan could tell she had mixed them up. Time to lighten the mood a bit, he thought.

Playfully he kissed and nibbled her ear. She shrugged and laughed her deep laugh. He played in her pussy, making her wriggle down there as well. He scraped his teeth along her shoulder and up her neck, while his fingers found their way between the folds of slippery wet skin, stroking and stretching and rustling the hairs. She revelled in all the sensations, while her own hand, which wasn’t sure what to do, stroked her leg and his own.

Ryan himself wasn’t sure what to do. He wanted to make Kathleen happy. He was pleased to be offered the sex, but he couldn’t stop thinking of his “responsibility” to her… should he lead the way somehow? She was asking him, pleading with him to be her first, but she was drunk. Was he feeling pity for her? Besides, he was drunk too. The other voice said, fucken get ON with it man! He was confused.

He thought of his own first time, at a party at someone’s house. He wasn’t expecting anything to happen, when suddenly it did. He had been flirting with a girl, who told him to “chase her”. He did, really for the fun of it, again not expecting anything. Then she took him into a bedroom. He could still recall the excitement and anxiety as she took off his clothes. Then the care she took when she realised she had a virgin on the bed. He would never forget it. And now it was his turn.

Kathleen interrupted his thoughts by pulling his head down onto her chest. He realised he’d tuned out briefly. He looked down her pale body, over her large, rolling breasts, her soft tummy Casibom Yeni Giriş with its deep belly button to her wide hips and legs. It was a figure you’d never see modelling a bikini or stiffly propped up in a store window, but Ryan saw it could be sexy. Her legs rose and fell with her mounting excitement. She was unconsciously rocking her hips, or clutching him. He realised she was leading him in a way, squeezing his hand with her thighs, then opening to give him more of her. When she twitched her chest her breasts rolled around in random ways. He enjoyed all her little movements.

She was breathing harder now and her skin felt warmer. One hand roamed over her body or rested on his hand as he worked her pussy. The other was behind his head, fingers locked in his hair, pulling hard, almost painfully. Little, deep sighs were coming out of her. Her arousal was turning him on. He was remembering the pleasure of having a girl coming in his arms.

Kathleen was now tensing up and quivering for short bursts. Her eyes were screwed shut, her mouth was open, her free hand pushing at her breasts and pinching her nipples. Suddenly she bucked her hips up and froze. Her breath stopped. Ryan could feel her vagina pulsing under his fingers as her orgasm stopped everything else.

“GggAAAAhhhhh!” she finally gasped, followed by her deep laugh. She lay there, gulping air. After a short while she looked over at him.

“Jayzus, I’ve never come like that before! It feels almost too much!” She untangled her fingers from Ryan’s hair and tugged at him, trying to pull him across her body.

“But I want you inside me! While I still feel so wild!”

She reached across to her crumpled skirt and found the pocket. Ryan hadn’t even realised skirts could have pockets. She pulled out a condom and gave it to him.

Ryan smiled. “Y’know, I hadn’t thought of that. I’m glad you’re prepared.”

“Ah that. Well, truth be told, the little machine in the toilet’s what’s got me to here. I took it for a sign. Now put that on and fuck me!”

Condom on, Ryan knelt above her wide-open thighs. He brushed his cock up and down against her slick pussy lips. He saw a flash of concern on Kathleen’s face.

“Kathleen, you can still say no if you want…”

“Really? That’d be acting the maggot, for sure!”

Ryan guessed what that meant. “Yeah, maybe, but that’s what consent’s about. You can say yes, or no.” His cock was just inside her lips and nudging up towards her clitoris.

“Well I want you inside me now!” She gave her deep laugh as she lightly touched his shaft. “And since you’ve already started you may as well finish me!”

She opened her inner lips and guided him in. He took it very slowly, easing into her tight vagina. Kathleen looked surprised. She frowned.

“Are you OK?”

“I don’t know. You’re stretchin’ me wide open, it feels. It hurts, but I want it. I think.”

She was so tight. Alec carefully pushed in, then retreated. He thought of George (never Georgina!) who handled him the first time, so gently. Then so wildly. He wanted to be gentle for Kathleen – he hoped he could manage it. Gently and slowly, in and out.

Kathleen’s hands were on his shoulders, when she suddenly clutched him, pulling him down and pushing her face against his shoulder. Almost with a start he realised he was all the way in, pubic bone to soft, furry mound. He could feel her fingers pressing Into the flesh of his shoulders.


“I, I say yes.”

His cock started a rhythm of its own accord. As he slowly thrust in and out he heard and felt her intake of breath against his ear, in sync with his movements. He kissed her neck and she looked at him. She had a soft, faraway look on her face as she gazed at him. Her soft, plump body shook slightly as his cock slid inside and he bumped against her.

She stared intently. He recognised the look of her taking in every detail. She ran her hands around his shoulders, then down his arms as he propped himself above her. She held her breasts as they jiggled in response to him. She ran her hands down her sides and up her wide-spread thighs. She stroked her own legs, then his as she reached underneath.

Ryan felt cool fingers touching his shaft. He smiled to her. He looked more startled when he felt the fingers cupping and squeezing his ballsack. A devilish smile flashed on Kathleen’s face.

“Well well, just hangin’ there for anyone to find!” She gave a low chuckle. “Don’t they get, y’know, injured?”

“You learn to be careful. Or very trusting.”

Her face softened at that. The fingers kept exploring, fondling one testicle then the other, or feeling the fine skin holding them both. Her hands came out and rested on his hairy buttocks, feeling the muscles flex with each thrust. The fingers went back under and paused to feel his cock as it spread her pussy lips and slid between them.

“So this is it. So this is sex,” she said in wonder. “Well, fuck me!”

He paused deep inside her as they looked into each other’s faces. They both laughed at the same time. That classic comment of surprise took on a new meaning.

As Ryan laughed, he also felt the squeeze.

“Mmm, that felt good,” he murmured.

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