A Summer to Remember

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The rain fell down as soon as we went inside. There we were. The two of us, alone. The light was fading into evening and the temperature had dropped rapidly enough to make it uncomfortable.

After our day in the blazing sun, it seemed strange, to now, be almost forcibly contained in the little beach shack that had been my home all through the summer.

“Would you like me to light the fire?” I asked hesitantly, afraid to break the moment with speech. The days were hot, but at this time of year, the nights could be bitterly cold.

“Yeah. I suppose you’d better. It’s getting cold and it doesn’t look like we’ll be going anywhere else in a hurry! Would you like me to get something to eat, while you do that?” she said, moving toward the tiny area of “the hut” that served as a kitchen.

“There’s not much there I’m afraid. Writers living by themselves don’t tend to keep a lot of food in the larder. We either don’t eat or tend to spend a lot of time eating snack and takeaways whenever we are in town.” Not strictly true. I did spend a lot of time fishing and foraging for seafood, at my slice of Paradise

She opened the pantry door. Glancing briefly at the selection of packaged and tinned “dinner for one’s”, she smiled and laughed “ You’re right, there isn’t a lot here, but I bet I can cook a gourmet meal fit for a king, with what is here. God knows, you look like you could use one!” And then she winked.

The moment was gone, for now at least. What did she mean, “God knows, I could use one”? Did I look that skinny & undernourished after my “self exiled” summer? I had had no reason to keep up appearances out here. I had come seeking solitude. I had deliberately sought the most inaccessible property in the Moray Cove area. 120 kilometres from the nearest town, down unnamed tracks through the lush tropical jungle typical of this part of northern Queensland.

You had to try hard to get here, and that was what I had wanted. I didn’t want people “just dropping by”. After the pain of my divorce, and Jenny getting custody of Alison and David, all I had wanted to do, was immerse myself wholly and solely in my writing. No interruptions. No friends. No contact with anyone unless I chose to.

I wasn’t the only “hermit” living in this area though! The crusty old estate agent had said, “there we’re heaps of people living like me”. He didn’t care what they did, as long as they paid the rent, didn’t start fires and kept the place tidy. Since I had paid the rent 6 months in advance, I hadn’t seen him since that day. Old goat!

About once a fortnight, I made the trek into Salisbury to re-supply. This was the only contact I had with the outside world. The petrol station, the supermarket and the Post office to pay some bills, collect my mail and phone the kids. That was it. I came and I went. I chose my contacts. That was until today.

Where had this woman really come from? Why was she here? Where was she going to?

I grabbed the basket for the firewood. “Thanks. I won’t be long,” I said.

“No problem. I’ll be here,” she said, smiling. She was still staring at me as I headed for the door.

What was it, with this woman? She was always goddamn smiling and laughing. Beautiful as she was, she was getting to me.

She’d appeared this morning. I was walking down to the beach for a swim, when I saw her. She was coming out of the water, after a swim. She was nude! And she was the most gorgeous woman I had seen, ever! Let alone, on a beach in the middle of nowhere. Tall, long blonde flowing hair, perfect breasts perfect legs and thighs, in fact, perfect everything.

How did she get here? I had seen no vehicle! The single lane track to my shack was hard going and definitely four wheel drive only, forged through the thick jungle, by the single blade of a dozer many years ago. There was no vehicle access along the beach. My nearest neighbours (whom I hadn’t met), were some 50 kilometres up and down the beach respectively. The problem with that, was that thick mangrove swamps and crocodiles put paid to any possible contact from either direction.

Which left …. the ocean. I quickly scoured the beach, and saw no sign of any boat, except mine.

Seeing me, she picked up her towel and dried herself as she walked toward me. She said, “ Hi, I’m Karen! I hope you don’t mind if I swim on your beach?” and smiled. Just smiled, the first of many that day.

“No, of course not.” I stammered, in shocked surprise “It’s a free country and no one owns the beaches. But, how the hell did you get here? It’s a long way to come for a swim and it’s definitely not like you took a wrong turn on the way to Bondi!” I was carrying my gear for the day. My beach chair, umbrella, towel and laptop computer.

She gestured to the ocean and replied, “My fiancee, well, now ex fiancee, dropped me off this here, early this morning and told me to find my own way back to civilisation.” I noticed the slight lilt of an accent when she spoke, but I couldn’t place where from. It sounded, well, it sounded perfect. Crisp, clear, Kıbrıs Escort concise. Not Australian nor pommy, not American or Canadian. Strange!

“We’d been having an argument all night, I told him I had had enough, and I wanted to go home. The fucking bastard said he wouldn’t take me back, but he would drop me off on shore! I told the prick I wouldn’t spend another minute with him. So, at first light, we lowered the rubber ducky and weaved our way through the reef, until we saw the roof of your hut and this beach ”.

She seemed close to tears, but was determined not to break down. It sounded believable.

“He didn’t even stay long enough to find out if there was anyone here, the bastard.”

Putting my gear down on the sand, I noted, ” Well, he couldn’t have found a more remote spot for you to start back to civilisation from. We are at least 50 kilometres from anything or anyone, except me, so I have to agree with you, he is a fucking bastard.”

I was annoyed at the situation between Karen and her boyfriend. But I was more annoyed at the fact that I, was now expected to act the white Knight and rescue this damsel in distress from peril. Why me?

“I suppose I’ll have to take you back to Salisbury, so you can “get back to civilisation”, won’t I!” I said, with a touch of resigned sarcasm. I started to pick up my gear. “C’mon let’s go. I don’t suppose your boyfriend thought to contact anyone to let them know you we’re coming ashore, did he?”

Surprisingly, she laughed. What was so funny? This was a serious situation. Here she was a young girl, stranded, by herself, in the wilds of far north Queensland. If I hadn’t have been here, this girl could die. She looked too much of a city girl to survive on her own, much less trek to civilisation. Nothing was funny!

“ No. He didn’t contact anyone, but I’m a big girl and I can look after myself thank you very much”, her eyes flared as she spoke with conviction. The accent, if that’s what it was, was definitely more pronounced after this outburst, but where was it from? “I could stay here, cook and clean for you and if and when you decide to go into this Salisbury, I’d go with you then,” her tone changed abruptly, seductively, “unless of course, you would like me to stay and keep you company”.

“You don’t know anything about me. I could be a serial rapist or murderer hiding out from the cops. Christ, you don’t even know my name yet. How could you be so stupid?” I was getting angry.

She glared at me, defiantly. “True. I don’t know your name, because you haven’t told me, yet.” Well that much was true. “ And two other things, firstly, I am more than capable of handling myself against anyone or thing. Don’t ask how or why, just believe me” about that, she sounded quite certain. “Secondly, I do know, that you’re decent enough to offer to drive me into town, probably to the police station and you did care that someone should know that I have come ashore, even if that bastard of a fiancee of mine didn’t. A serial rapist or murderer on the run from the cops wouldn’t give a toss about those things, and he most certainly would not be discussing it on the beach, while we are both nude, Mr. “ she paused, smiled and laughed “what is your name?” Despite the speed with which she spoke, she was calm throughout.

Now it was my turn to smile, it wasn’t from embarrassment. I simply hadn’t even considered the fact that I was nude as well. Being out here, I never gave a thought to putting clothes on, except when the sandflies were biting. Clothes were superfluous on my beach.

“Sure enough you’re right. Let’s start again, properly this time. My name is Brian Manning, and if you want to stay you are most welcome, for as long as you like.” I gestured toward “the hut” in welcome “Mi casa su casa!”

“Thank you.” Again, that smile. ”My name is Karen McCaullay from Collaroy, Sydney, although more recently off the cruising yacht ‘L’il Sister’. My fiancee and I we’re on the first leg of our trip to America. Huh.” She laughed. “We didn’t make it very far eh. Not even to the northern tip of the Great Barrier”

“Well, Karen McCaullay, late of the cruising yacht ‘L’il Sister’ are you hungry? Would you like some breakfast?” I didn’t know what we’d have, but I had to make the offer.

This girl with the strange accent and very little, if any attire was a mystery, and I was now determined to solve it, even if it took a long time. Maybe I could have some fun in the process. A gorgeous young girl being around couldn’t be all that bad after all.

She turned back toward the shoreline and carefully started to lay her towel flat on the sand, “No thanks. I’m not hungry. It’s such a beautiful day, I’m happy just to lay here and soak up some rays and swim when the mood takes me,” she started to lay down on the towel, “if it’s no bother to you that is?”

She lay on her back, hiding nothing. In this position I could clearly see her blonde tuft of neatly trimmed pubic hair. It did little to hide her perfectly shaped labia or the tiny bud of her clitoris hiding Kıbrıs Escort Bayan within. Her breasts and blonde hair were glistening in the sunlight with droplets of water from her recent swim.

She had lain in this position deliberately, perhaps to allow me to observe her more carefully. She knew I was watching her, evaluating her. Her body was perfectly formed and well maintained. Maybe too perfect, just like the rest of her.

Coming out of my reverie, I looked down the beach at her small suitcase. I realised she was either travelling to America very light, or had had little time to pack her gear before she left her boyfriends’ yacht. “ No bother at all, do what you like. I won’t stop you.” Gesturing toward the case I said, “What about your gear? Wouldn’t you like to take your gear up to the hut before you settle down?”

“No. There’s no rush. I’ll wait till you go up.” She twisted around, pointed toward my laptop saying, “You came down here to do something, so don’t let me stop you. I certainly don’t want to be a burden on my first day”

I didn’t think I’d get much writing done, with a beautiful naked woman swimming and lying on the sand in front of me. “No burden, no problem,” I started to put up my umbrella and beach chair.

“Well. I’ll go for a swim, and get these muscles moving. See you when I get back.” I grabbed my mask and flippers and headed toward the crystal clear water that made up my beach.

This is paradise. Swimming usually isn’t a problem here. Except for a few small reef sharks that slip through, the Great Barrier Reef generally protects the coastline from the predators. Of course, there was always the threat of the saltwater crocs. Even though I hadn’t seen any, they could, if they wanted, come here. Strictly speaking, this was their area, but they’re very territorial and prefer to stay in the murky waters of mangroves and rivermouths. There is always the risk of stepping on a stonefish or a stingray or something like that. If you’re going to enjoy paradise, you can’t worry all the time.

The biggest problem is the bloody sandflies, especially at sunset. The estate agent had warned me, right from the outset, that people had disappeared, without a trace. Generally, they were people like me, who were alone for long periods of time.

However, if I were to hazard a guess about what happened to them, I wouldn’t blame crocodiles, sharks or any form of misadventure, I’d say they simply got fed up with the sandfly bites and headed back to civilisation, never to be seen here again. If that were true, however I’d have to say it was a damn shame.

This place could rope you in, till you became part of it. You loved it. Unless you had a valid reason, you couldn’t leave. It’s easy to see why people come up here and go troppo. The weather is always ‘beautiful one day, perfect the next’. There is the occasional evening thunderstorm, these come up in no time, blow for a couple of hours and then disappear, as quick as they come.

Now that the “summer” is ending, the nights are becoming colder, but from sunrise to sunset the days are “glorious”, with temperatures in the mid to high 30’s. There are coconut trees, plantains and mangoes growing around “the hut”. The sea harbours a huge array of edible seafood, within easy reach of shore, and if I want something bigger, I have my boat to take me further out.

I had been swimming for about 20 minutes, poking around a reef, that generally had some good sized crays lurking under an overhanging shelf, when I sensed her presence nearby. I turned slowly and there she was. In the clear vision offered by my dive mask, I could see her naked body swimming toward me. At the last minute, she dove underwater, between my legs. The back of her heel touched my cock, as she descended and turned to make another pass. I instantly became erect.

You couldn’t blame me I suppose. After all, I hadn’t made love with a woman since before Jenny and I had separated 2 years ago. Our relationship had soured long before then and sex wasn’t a regular occurrence at that stage. So, it had been quite a while since I had been this close to a woman.

Now that she had my attention, she frolicked up to me and said “Hi. Having fun?” with that she reached down, grasped my erection with one hand and squeezed gently.

The surprise of this initial assault, had me at a brief loss for words. I tried to keep a calm tone to my voice “Yes thanks. You’d better know what you are doing?” How can you possibly keep calm at a time like this?

She laughed, almost fiendishly and replied “Oh, I know what I’m doing alright! Sex is what I like doing best!”

She bobbed down beneath the water again and proceeded to take my cock between her gorgeous lips. I jerked in response. She started to suck. She took my whole cock in her mouth. She started to move up and down the length. Sucking, rubbing her teeth against the sensitive skin, caressing. It was absolutely fantastic. Even though I never wanted her to stop, she couldn’t do this for much longer. She released Escort Kıbrıs the suction on my cock and came to the surface again, for air. Smiling.

I had to try and get control of this situation. “I think, if we are going to do this, we had better do it somewhere where we both won’t drown! Don’t you?”

She nodded her head in agreement and said, ”Let’s go back to the beach then. I’m sure we’ll be a lot more comfortable there!!”

Before I had a chance to reply, she gently reached down and grasped my cock, then she proceeded to sidestroke, with me in tow, toward the beach.

There seemed to be no hurry, yet at the same time, there was an urgency. There was now a passion that could not, would not, be slaked, until we were both satisfied. We both knew what we wanted, needed, and we needed it now.

As we neared the waters edge, she released my cock. She moved quickly up the beach, toward the towels and lay down on her back, arms by her side and with her legs spread wide, knees bent, feet digging into the warm sand. “Now it’s your turn.” was all she said. Her beautiful vagina was completely exposed. I looked at her face. I knew what she wanted. The look she was giving me, was one that simply said ‘please lick my cunt ‘. I didn’t need a written invitation.

I knelt in the sand in front of her and lowered my head toward the centre of her womanhood. I immediately zeroed in on her clitoris. It had looked so perfect when I had taken furtive glances while she was sunbaking earlier, before I went for my swim. Up close, it was like a perfect pink pearl, embedded in a fresh oyster. Waiting to be picked.

The tip of my tongue gently caressed her clitoris. She gave a little start, then wiggled her hips toward my tongue. Trying to tell me I was in the right place. I dug deeper with my tongue, and found the base of her bud. Engulfing the entire clitoris between my lips, I sucked on it, just as she had done when she sucked my cock. I moved my lips up and down the length of this miniature penis. I probed it with my tongue, teased it, flicked it, caressed it, loved it.

My tongue delved deeper, down to her entrance. I scooped up some of the juices that had already started to flow. It tasted like honey, O, so sweet. I stroked my tongue from the entrance of her vagina to the tip of her clitoris. Scooping all the nectar I could. I traced my tongue over the sensitive outer lips. The soft skin at the edge of her vulva. She moaned with delight “ O yessss. Don’t stop. It feels sooo gooood.” She emphasised each word as it slowly escaped her lips. I kept going, teasing her. She was wet, flowing.

I scooped up some more nectar and used it to lubricate her vagina, as I gently inserted one finger. She pushed toward me, wanting more. I inserted another, then another, then bunching my hand I inserted yet another and started to slowly move my hand in and out. My thumb continued to tease her swollen bud. Tossing her head from side to side, she started to moan, to rock, to heave, to buck.

I knew her climax was approaching. I withdrew my hand and once again, my tongue paid attention to her burning sex. I pressed harder, teasing her clit with my tongue. She moaned long and soulfully “I’m coming! I’m coming!” She started to shudder. Probing harder, deeper, I didn’t relent.

She started shaking violently, I took the index finger of my right hand, held it to the sopping, dark freckle of her backside and pushed, easily gaining entrance to the tight hole. Her hips left the ground, she started to scream “ Oooooh yessss! yessss! yessss!” I twisted my index finger again. She bucked and heaved some more. She was shuddering so violently. It was like trying to tame a wild horse.

Then suddenly she stopped.

I knew she was finished. She could take no more. I withdrew my finger, and climbed on top of her to kiss her lips.

She was smiling as I drew up to her face. She wrapped her arms around me, holding me tight. “That was absolutely incredible” she beamed. She kissed me. The juices from her pussy were still on my lips, in my mouth, on my face. This didn’t bother her. Her mouth tasted wonderful. She welcomed my tongue.

Duelling with each other’s tongues, we stayed in this position for ages. Kissing and caressing.

Finally, she broke away looked me directly in the eye, smiled and said, “Thank you, but now it’s your turn!”

She twisted around onto her knees, facing my feet, then bobbed down and gently grasped my hard cock in her hand. Moving closer with her mouth she slowly licked the entire length, as if she had an icy pole. Abruptly she screwed up her face and said “Salty, but we’ll fix that.” She took the domed head lightly between her teeth, and proceeded to corkscrew down the length of the shaft until she had consumed the entire organ. Gently she applied just the right amount of suction, and started back up the length.

This was incredible. With her pussy just inches from my face, I could smell the heady aroma of a woman on heat. I tapped lightly on her left knee, to indicate that she should straddle my face while she sucked my organ. She was still very responsive from our session a few minutes ago. The instant my tongue touched her clit, she moaned and ground down onto my tongue. Harder, more insistent, demanding.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32