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I see you through the window, sitting haphazardly in a chair at the kitchen table. You’re zoned out, eyes staring unfocused on the table beside you and I stop just out of sight to watch you. You don’t appear to be bothered or anything, but I can see the tension in the set of your shoulders, the tightness around your eyes, the pressure of your clenched jaw.

I have no idea what may be wrong, and it doesn’t even matter because no matter what it is I’ll still want to fix it. So I think over the many things I can do to ease that tension as I quietly make my way inside. I strip out of my clothes in the hallway and by the time I walk into the kitchen all I have on me is a throw pillow from the sofa. I walk directly to you and you don’t even notice I’m there until I place my hands on your thighs and pull you to the edge of the chair. You start a bit then blink down at me, your eyes lighting and your lips quirking as I kneel on the pillow I dropped on the floor between your legs.

I raise my eyebrows, smile at you saucily and you reward me with a smile that reaches your eyes. I brush my hand over your face then weave my fingers through your dark hair, pulling you down to me, licking and nibbling at your lips until you open for me and our tongues slide together. I purr into your mouth, my hands gripping tighter, pulling you closer and you respond in kind.

I ease away from you, pushing you back and pulling you forward until you’re reclining in the chair just the way I want. I unbutton your jeans and you raise your hips up so I can move them down a bit, freeing you to my seeking hands and hungry mouth. I maneuver myself at your feet, shifting and twisting until I find the correct angle where I can look you in the eye as I suck your cock, and I do just that; licking a slow line from base to tip before fluttering my tongue around the tip.

Your breath catches, your head falls back and your eyes close slightly. I smile around kırklareli escort you then get to work, sucking and licking and nibbling until I can feel you struggling to stop yourself from thrusting up into me. I grab one of your hands and place it on my head. You take the hint and soon both hands are threaded in my hair and I’m gasping around you as you slowly fuck my mouth.

I wrap a hand around you, the other braced against your hip to steady myself and I seal my lips around you and stroke along your shaft with my tongue. I feel a new kind of tension in you building, hear the rasp of your breathing and taste the salty proof of lust on your dick and I moan around you, taking you in as deep as I can. You thrust into my mouth, stretching my lips and just grazing the back of my throat before retreating again and the faster you fuck my mouth, the hotter and wetter I get between my legs. I love to please you; it just does it for me.

I’m intent on making you come in my mouth, on tasting you on my tongue and swallowing you down, but your hands on my shoulders stop me. I pull back a bit, stare up at you questioningly as I tongue the head of your dick. You groan, practically growl, “Fuck me, baby” and then you’re gripping my arms with both hands, pulling me up onto your lap. I straddle you, rubbing my wet pussy against you. You squeeze my ass in both hands and we slide around until the tip of you nudges where I’m wet and open for you. I roll my hips, taking you inside me in a slick rush and I feel stretched and full and I squeeze around you, tight and wet and hot.

I wrap my arms around your neck, pulling your head down to mine as we rock against each other, and I’m moaning into your mouth. I slide my tongue over your teeth, pushing in to flutter over the roof of your mouth before tangling with yours. Your hands grip my ass, guiding my movements just the way you like it afyon escort and the press of you against my clit makes me writhe closer, closer, closer.

I raise myself up as much as I can, using my arms on your shoulders as leverage. I slowly sink back onto you, shivering as you stretch me and I feel your hands forcing my down, down, down until there’s no where else to go. I pause there, my inner muscles twitching around you, and I pump my hips, rubbing myself against you before setting an easy rhythm, riding it out, reveling in the sound and scent of our fucking until I have to fight myself to keep it slow and easy.

Without warning you lock an arm around my hips and I squeak in surprise, arms and legs wrapping around you as you shift forward, taking us both to the floor. You move the pillow where you want it then spill me onto my back, the pillow under my hips raising me up where you want me. You keep your eyes on mine as you lean over me, your intent clear as you lick a line up my inner thigh. You nibble the sensitive spot where my leg meets my groin then blow teasingly over me as you give the same treatment to the other side.

I whimper, curse, then reach down and grab two handfuls of your hair, forcing you where I want you. You smirk at me, exhaling onto my sensitive flesh and I pump my hips, rubbing myself against you. You lap at me, tease me, nipping and sucking and tongue fucking until I’m panting and moaning for it. You bring me right to the edge then pause and my grip on your hair tightens as I rub myself against your mouth harder and faster. You push two fingers inside me, curving them upward into my g-spot and pleasure rolls over me until I’m sobbing and cursing and begging for more, more, more.

I’m still sobbing and begging as you move over me, shoving your cock where I’m hot and wet and quivering for you. You waste no time getting to work, thrusting into me amasya escort balls deep, harder and faster, your hands braced on the floor by my head. I spasm underneath you, my first orgasm quickly forced into another as you touch that spot deep inside me and you grind your pelvis into my clit.

I clutch at you, my nails digging into your sides and I lock my feet together on your lower back, urging you in even deeper. I squeeze my inner muscles around you as you push into me, releasing you as you withdraw and soon the pleasure increases until I can no longer comprehend my movements and I have to force myself to just breathe and take what you’re giving. I let my feet slide down you until they’re braced on your calves and the shift in position allows you a greater range of motion and I work with you, my hips pumping up to meet your thrusts.

You’re looking down, your eyes focused on your cock moving in and out of me and I can’t look away from your face and the abject pleasure there. A whimpering sob falls from my lips and you shift your gaze to my face just as you bring me over again. My eyes fall shut and you’re kissing me, your tongue mimicking the action of your dick between my legs. I suck your tongue into my mouth, my lips and teeth ravishing you as you continue to pump into me, your motion quickly becoming choppy and a bit frantic as you start to lose it.

You pull back, levering yourself up on your arms and I open my eyes just in time to see you bite your lip, your breath coming out in a curse as the tension peaks. You gasp my name and I look up and meet your eyes just as I feel you pulse inside me and the hot rush of you makes me quiver, a last whimper torn from my throat.

You melt into me, your clothed body blanketing my nude one, and I relax underneath you, my hands stroking whatever skin I can reach. You sigh, shudder, pushing your still hard cock inside where I’m now drenched from you and it makes me writhe and pull you even closer. I feel you relax even more, your weight pressing me into the floor and I can’t bring myself to tell you to move even if the stretch of my legs is quickly turning uncomfortable.

I don’t relish the idea of an evening nap on the kitchen floor, but no isn’t a word I use with you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32