Three’s not really a crowd

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I woke that next morning (see ‘Sister’s Been Bad’ for Part 1), anticipating some real excitement. We were lying on our sides, facing and holding onto one another. Sharon was stroking my morning erection. My hands were exploring her warm, soft, smooth body–especially those thighs. My emotions were strong– I was in love with her. We planned to spend the day together. As she positioned herself and inserted my erection into her warm, wet cavern, her phone rang.

She glanced over–it was her supervisor. “I have to pick up”.

“No way!”

Phone rang, then went to message as we kissed, me on top, pressing Sharon back down, as I slowly, rhythmically, pressed in, pulled back, then thrust, this time harder as Sharon met my thrust, pressing herself up to meet my press, the rhythm increasing in intensity until Sharon shrieked, head back, ecstasy, as I, ejaculating, exclaimed “Oh (pause) my (pause) God! We both came–holding on to each other for dear life!

That mood was short-lived. A text. Sharon’s supervisor called a meeting, and she had to go in. I got up, showered, made coffee, Next day, I had to travel to a conference. Just as I was about to board the plane back, Sharon called. She asked me to do her favor. Coincidentally, her friend, Natalie, was flying in the same time I was due back. Sharon had offered to pick her up at the airport and drive her over to her mom’s house. However, there as another emergency at work. She wouldn’t get out in time. Could I drive Natalie instead.

After picking up my luggage, right outside of the carousel area, I looked up and there stands Natalie. Yes, that Natalie, the girl I ran into literally, who appears in the first story I submitted to Literotica.

Natalie was wearing one of those form fitting, spandex, one-piece dresses, hugging her breasts, her flat belly, and her ass, stopping mid-thigh. Natalie was, for me, as erotic a figure as could possible be. She and Sharon could be sisters. She was the same height as Sharon, 5’7″, but has blonde hair (Sharon’s is very dark brown) and has lighter but tanned skin. I could feel an erection coming on.

Sharon and Natalie were close friends, almost inseparable until Natalie went away to University. They saw each other a couple of times a year now, holidays mainly. Sharon had no idea at this point that Natalie and I had a relationship dating back to that time when I accidentally sent Natalie off to dreamland and an unscheduled nap.

Natalie and I had been seeing each other on the sly, ever since. Natalie was another of my obsessions. I’ll be honest with you–those feelings I have for my sister–I had for Natalie too. Natalie was the main character in my sleepy fantasies. Making love to Natalie was intertwined with feelings that were aroused during our first encounter. I was in love with her too!

I was turned on but feeling a bit awkward as we drove toward her mom’s house. It was a while since we were intimate with one another. We made small talk–until I took a deep breath and said, “Wait. Why don’t you come over to my place so we can catch up; then I’ll drive you over to your mom’s. You’re not in any rush, are you?

Once inside, Natalie spoke, ” I’ve missed you. seks hikayeleri It’s been a while. Really good to see you. Thanks for offering to drive me. I could have taken a taxi.”

Fuck! The small talk ended there. We threw our arms around one another and hugged. I just slipped my hands under her dress and found her totally nude–no bra, no panties. I ran my hands all over her body as she just pulled her dress up over her head to reveal in full splendor her gorgeous body. I was so turned on and so hard. She unbuckled my pants, slid her hand right down onto my cock. Then kneeled, pulled my pants down and placed my cock into her mouth and sucked and sucked and gave me head like no one else had ever given me head before. She then pulled me up by my trousers which were down below my knees, over to the sofa and I fell on top of her. She grabbed my cock again and inserted it into her hot, wet, juicy pussy. I rode her very hard.

Then she whispered, “Come down on me–make me cum!”

I obliged. I loved the way she smelled and the way she tasted as I sucked and tongued her clitoris. Unlike Sharon’s squeals when she cums, Natalie breathes hard, and in a rapid breathy whisper exclaims, “Oh… Oh… Oh………”

I then reinserted myself and rode Natalie again until I came, hard, exclaiming in my trademark bark, “Oh My God!”

Just then Natalie and I together heard something and turned our heads, looking up and back toward the living room entrance. Sharon was sitting there, cross-legged on the floor, just staring at us and crying. I had given Sharon a key to my place. She was planning to surprise me, in order to pick up where we left off that last visit, before she got called into work! Neither Natalie nor I heard her come in.

“I have to get out of here, she sobbed as she stood up and headed for the door.”

Both Natalie and I, in chorus, pleaded, “No, don’t go!”

I rolled off Natalie and the couch, landing on the floor. Natalie sat up, grabbed her dress from the floor and pulled it over herself. She rushed over to Sharon who was standing at and facing the entrance door, seemingly frozen. Natalie put her arm around her and tried to comfort her. “It’s OK. I love you. Neil and I know each other more than you know. It just happened.”

I asked, “How long were you standing there–or sitting there?”

Sharon sobbed, “Jesus! Both of you! I came up here to see you Neil–I was missing you all weekend. And you Natalie, Jesus! “

I just watched from the floor, then pulled my pants back on as I stood up.

I muttered, “Now what?”

Sharon spoke, “I need a drink! I literally almost passed out when I saw you two making love on the sofa there. If hadn’t sat down, I would have fallen down.”

Natalie chimed in, “I need a drink too”

As did I “Yeah and me, except I don’t have much here, just a couple of beers”.

Sharon, having regained her composure, suggested “Let’s all three of us go to our trusty bar and try to figure out what’s going on here, and get plastered!”

Our bar was just a few blocks from my house so we walked. There was that booth in the corner where Sharon and I liked sex hikayeleri to meet and make out. Sharon and Natalie sat on the couch against the wall. I sat in a chair facing them. Sharon ordered her martini (she learned about Martini’s from our mom, who would make herself one almost every evening, I ordered a scotch (Dewer’s this time), and Natalie had a glass of wine.

I spoke, “So who’s going to start?”

Sharon jumped in, “So, what do you mean you and Neil know each other more than I know?

Natalie started to explained, “Well, remember when I was staying at that place you and Neil were renting. Neil, you tell her. I was asleep for the interesting part.”

I continued, ” I Hey, what can I say? Your friend here has a glass jaw!

Natalie jumped in, “Glass jaw? You slugged me. I remember looking out the bathroom window after taking a shower, and remarking to myself what a beautiful morning it was. So I slipped on this short robe. I had, nothing on underneath. I was just holding it together, no string or anything, tip-toeing out to the porch. Next thing I know, I was waking up with Neil staring at me!”

I protested, “Hey, I didn’t do that on purpose. This guy I used to know from school was threatening me after I tried to pick his girlfriend up at some bar we were at. I was worried that he’d come by the house and attack me. I was looking out toward the road, not paying any attention to what was behind me. So when you tapped me on my shoulder, I just automatically fisted my hand without thinking, turned and swung. Somehow, I connected with your jaw.”

Natalie added, “Yeah, I don’t remember being hit. I must have been some sight.”

I replied, “Yeah, your just stood there for a moment, just kind of staring straight ahead, blank look on your face. Then you just fell down!”

Natalie exclaimed, “Yeah. I was out cold. You must have had quite a show!”

I continued, “I have to admit. Look at you! You were just lying there, on your back, completely naked, nothing on. I first tried to wake you–I was worried. But your body–My lord! “

Then Natalie asked, “What’d you do? Feel me up?”

I answered, “Hey, I couldn’t help it. No sex. But I couldn’t help it! I just had to touch. You, in the flesh, looked and felt so amazing!”

Natalie continued, “I felt a little strange after I came to, but OK. I didn’t say anything to you, Sharon, because, to be honest, I was actually feeling very turned on. I knew it was an accident, not intentional, and I started picturing you, Neil, standing over me, unconscious, fully exposed, getting so turned on. I envisioned you feeling me up, your erection, and then you know what. I don’t know why I didn’t tell you, Sharon. I was feeling so horny at the time. I was embarrassed.”

“For weeks after that experience that was all I could think about. I masturbated and came to my fantasy of Neil making love to me after I came to. Then Neil actually phoned me to ask me how I was. I invited you over. Remember? We were both so turned on. That was the first time we did it, you know, made love. It was incredible.”

I joined in, “So, Sharon, I know you girls are best friends–how well do you really know each other? Did you ever sleep with one-another?”

Sharon’s face blushed as Natalie’s gaze met Sharon’s. I hit a nerve.

I just said, “Oh. I see. Well. I get it. Now what?”

We had another round of drinks. Like we agreed upon earlier, our goal was to get plastered.

“So, Sharon”, Natalie asked, “I know that it may have been uncomfortable walking into us like that, but why were you so upset? You and I know we’re not exclusive. We see other people, guys and women.”

So far, no word about Sharon and me… one of the rules Sharon and I established at the start of our physical relationship. Sharon simply steered the conversation toward what to do next.

She said, “Let’s go back to Neil’s place. No one here is in any shape to drive. We’ll have some coffee.”

So we paid the bill and literally staggered off to my place. We plopped ourselves down on the couch, me in the middle, Sharon and Natalie my book ends.

Then, surprise! Sharon leaned into my side, turning her face toward me, and started tonguing and sucking on my ear and neck, sending electric shocks through my body.

Natalie, so naturally, put her hand on my crotch and began massaging me through my pants. She then pulled her dress up over her head. She was nude once again.

She ordered, “Take your pants off.”

I stood up, and unbuttoned. Sharon followed me up, hands under my shirt rubbing my chest, then she pulled down on my shorts, exposing my cock, now at full attention. She kneeled down, put me in her mouth and started tonguing and sucking as only she could do.

Meanwhile, Natalie moved her hand to my balls, then ever so lightly ran her fingers over that space underneath, between my balls and my behind. Then she positioned herself behind me and started nibbling and sucking on my ass. Holy shit! I was drunk and feeling like I had never felt before. I was on the verge of cumming over and over again, but somehow held myself back. I wanted this to last forever.

Then Sharon said, “Let’s go to the bedroom.” Sharon stood up, took her clothes off, so both girls were now totally naked, as was I, and we made our way inside.

Sharon and Natalie sat down first on the side of the bed, and they started kissing, and then fell back onto the bed. Sharon rolled herself on top of Natalie, lying on her back, the two of them deeply kissing. Then Sharon slid down to Natalie’s breasts, and started tonguing and sucking her nipples. I finally sat down to their side, and began kissing Natalie. As we kissed, Sharon inched further down to Natalie’s sex, and slowly slid her tongue over Natalie’s pubic area and onto her clitoris and began tonguing and sucking, just like I’ve done to each of them myself! Natalie began breathing hard, more rapidly, “Oh…Oh….Oh….” in that hoarse whisper of hers.

Then, without thinking, just on instinct, I pushed Sharon onto her back, mounted her, slipped my cock into her, and just started banging her, her hips thrusting back up into my penis, maybe just a few times because we both exploded, cumming and cumming. I fell back, totally exhausted and spent. “Holy shit!”

Natalie had the last word. She mumbled, “I thought things were crazy before tonight–me sleeping with both of you. But that was separately. And I’m just a friend. You’re brother and sister. And now, all of us together.” We fell asleep, the three of us. Cats were out of the bag! What next?

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