Surprising Mom Ch. 1

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I don’t know how all this happened but all I know is that it did happen. I tried to deny my feelings and lustful thoughts but I just couldn’t completely hide them. My parents got divorced when I was very young. I really don’t know who my father is. So my mom had the task of raising me by herself. My mom did a wonderful job raising me and I turned out to be a really nice person.

It was around the age of 18 when I began to notice certain feelings and thoughts I was having. See my mom is a very attractive 36 year old lady. She had me when she was very young. My mother had a very nice body. A pretty face, nice breasts, slim waist, nice ass, sexy legs, and pretty feet. She had it all. Plus she had a super sweet personality to go with it. The only problem was that I was becoming attracted to her. No, not as a mother, but rather as a fantasy of mine. I tried to hide these feelings for a while. But it was impossible.

My mother was always the nice polite lady. She never had a mean streak in her. In the evenings we would watch TV together. Mom liked to lounge around the house in a short robe and a sexy nightie under it. She even wore these 3 inch slipper heels that matched her robe. They made her legs look that much sexier. One night while mom was laying on the couch in her outfit I sat on the other end of the couch. She commented how much her feet hurt her from going shopping all day.

Being the polite son that I am, I grabbed her ankle and placed her foot on my lap. She raised her other foot and placed it on my lap as well. I removed one of her slipper heels and began to give my mom a foot massage. She looked at me and smiled and moaned out loud at how wonderful it felt. I preceded to massage her ankle and the top of her foot. Not wanting to tickle her I didn’t caress the under side of her sexy foot. Instead I massaged each and every toe one after another. I told her “mom you have such sexy feet” and she looked at me and smiled and said “well thank you son”. I massaged her other foot and repeated the same actions. I was in heaven and hoped mom didn’t feel my erection with her feet, or maybe I hoped she did!! The show ended and mom stood up and said she was going to bed. Bummer I thought to myself.

We shut the house up and she went to her room and I went to mine. I laid on my bed and began to fantasize about my mom. I pulled my sweats down and grabbed my cock and began to masturbate. I closed my eyes and imagined I was caressing my mothers feet. I thought about lowering my head and sucking each of her lovely toes. With that thought I came. But there was something odd. I heard slight moaning not coming from my room. I thought to myself, oh my god its my mom.

I quietly got out of bed and tip toed over to the wall. I placed my ear by the heater vent to hear better. It was my mom. I thought to myself is that my mom, masturbating? And let me tell you from the sound of it she was enjoying it. Then I thought to myself. Did I turn my mom on? My heart was racing. In a few moments it was quiet. I just stood still not wanting my mom to know I was awake. I heard her get off her bed and leave her bedroom. She walked down the hall to the bathroom and closed the door behind her. I heard the sound of the bathtub filling up so I quietly opened my door and tip toed into my mothers room.

There was a small lamp next to her bed and it was turned on. I looked around the room but I didn’t have to look very far. There was my moms panties laying on top of her bed. I heard the water shut off in the bathroom and I heard my mom splashing water so I knew she was in the tub. I reached out and grabbed her panties. I picked them up and knew instantly.

They were wet! My heart was racing as I brought my moms panties to my face and inhaled her scent. I stuck out my tongue and tasted her moistness. My god it was wonderful. By now I had another raging hard on. I pulled my shorts down and wrapped my moms wet panties around my cock. The soft material felt wonderful along with the dampness that was in them. I began pumping furiously. Soon I came again. I had to catch my load in my hand. I placed my moms panties back where they were and quietly made my way back to my room. I cleaned up my hands and laid back on my bed. It was then that I knew. I had turned on my own mother.

Morning came and when I awoke and went to the kitchen my mom was already dressed and ready to leave for work. Since I was off today she gave me a small list of chores to do. She kissed me on the forehead and thanked me for the wonderful foot massage last night and told me I might have to do it again tonight. I smiled and told her that it wouldn’t be a problem. One of the things mom wanted me to do was to buy her a new alarm clock. Just then I had a great idea.

I remember seeing these normal looking digital clock radios that had micro spy cameras in them. I knew I would have the chance to watch my mom now. I dressed and hurried across town to this huge electronics store. I browsed bayan escort around and soon found what I was looking for. There were two different models. A black and white one or a more expensive color one. I took the color one. It was expensive but that’s what I wanted. I charged the spy radio to my credit card and raced home to hook it up.

Once home I raced into my moms room and set the radio on her dresser, facing her bed. I thought to myself that if she was masturbating I was going to be able to see her pussy. I raced through the instructions and realized there were no wires. It used radio waves. I went to my room and hooked up the receiver to my TV. I tested it and it worked perfectly. I went about my business and finished the rest of the chores that my mom requested I do for her and then I went and watched TV.

It was just after 5:00 when mom arrived home from work. I patiently waited. She went to her room to change out of her work clothes. This was my chance. I turned on the receiver to the spy radio and the picture came in clear. Mom began to undress. she stood there looking at the clock radio admiring it and she removed her blouse. She had no idea there was a camera in there. she pulled on a snap and her skirt fell to the floor. There stood before the camera was my mom in panties stockings and garters and a bra. She unfastened her bra and her breasts hung freely.

Oh my god!!! I saw my moms breasts. She sat on the bed facing the camera unaware that I was watching her. By now I had my cock out and was pumping in anticipation of her taking her panties off. She unhooked her garters and began to roll her stockings down her sexy legs. Finally the moment I was waiting for. She stood up and pulled her panties down. Just then I came. This time I had a paper towel to catch my load in. She reached over and grabbed her robe and slipped it on. She made her way to the bathroom to take a shower. I went to the kitchen to eat dinner. Mom arrived soon afterwards and thanked me for the neat alarm clock. If she only knew how neat it really was. After dinner we went to the living room and watched TV.

There were a couple sitcoms on then we watched a movie on cable. As luck would have it she found a movie that had no erotic plot to it. But I began to like the idea of watching a boring movie. This gave me the chance to massage my moms feet again and to know if I truly do turn her on. Because trust me, the movie we were watching was not going to arouse her. About half way through the movie mom asked me to rub her feet again. I could only grant her request. I slid off her 3 inch slipper heel and began to massage her foot.

Seductively I caressed the top and sides of her foot. I complimented her on hew soft it was. She just smiled and watched the movie. Skillfully I massaged each and every toe. I looked over at the end table and saw the bottle of hand lotion. I grabbed it and squirted a few drops on her sexy foot. I massaged the lotion in. It allowed my hands and fingers to slide more gracefully over my moms sexy foot. I worked the lotion into her toes and in between them. Soon I was on her other foot. I gave it the same special treatment that I gave the other foot.

This time I let my hand wander up the back of her calf to just below her knee. She didn’t say anything so I squirted some lotion into the palm of my hand and began to work it into her calf muscle. This time I heard a slight moan escape her lips. I squirted more lotion into my hand and massaged her other calf. As she shifted, her robe flopped open momentarily and I had a clear shot of her panties. That was all that my mom was wearing. I was only able to see one breast and nipple as she swung the material back up and covered up.

By now the movie had ended. We got up and locked up the house as normal. I ran to my room and turned my TV on. In a moment my mom entered her room. she pulled her robe off and laid on her bed in the middle. I watched in anticipation. I waited and waited and I thought she fell asleep but then it happened. My mom reached up and began to caress her breasts. She tugged at her nipples and pulled on them. By now I was completely naked. I began to jerk myself to what my mom was doing. My mom raised her legs and bent them at the knees.

She reached into her panties and then raised her fingers to her mouth. Oh my god!! My mom raised her ass and slid her panties down those sexy legs and in no time at all my mom was masturbating. She worked a couple fingers in and out of herself. She stopped and reached over to her night stand and opened the drawer and pulled out a dildo. I never knew my mom had one but now I did. Soon the dildo was sliding in and out of her pussy. As I stroked my cock I wondered if my mom was fantasizing about me?? Could she be??

A few moments later my mom arched her back and came. So did I. She slid her toy back into the drawer and proceeded to grab her robe and make her way to the bayan escort gaziantep bathroom. Quietly I tip toed into her room after she climbed into the bathtub. I went right to her night stand and took out her dildo. It was still wet with my moms cum. I raised the dildo to my mouth and licked it. My moms cum was so sweet. I licked it till all of her juices were in my mouth. I placed her dildo back in her drawer and quietly returned to my room.

The next morning was like no other. I met my mom in the kitchen for breakfast. She was dressed in a very sexy outfit for work. I asked her why the sexy outfit and she replied that it made her feel young again. I assured her that she was still young and beautiful and that she could still get any guy she wanted to. She coyly smiled and told me I was silly. I still had 45 minutes before I had to leave so I went to my room and replayed the tape of my mom masturbating last night. I came again too. I needed a plan. A plan to seduce and fuck my mom. That night mom came home from work later than usual.

She said she stopped at the tavern with her girlfriends and had a few drinks. Right then I handed her a tall Bacardi and coke and I had one too. I said here mom its Friday, lets get drunk. She accepted my drink and went to the living room. Little did she know that I slipped a little something into her drink to “help her loosen up.” We each finished our drinks and I went to the kitchen to make another one. I slipped my special helper into her drink and returned to the living room. When I sat on the couch she placed her feet on my lap. She said “baby can u rub moms feet again. She still had on her 4 inch heels and stockings. I slipped a pump off of her foot and began to massage her sexy foot through the sheer material of her black stocking.

It felt wonderful to rub her toes and she even told me that it felt absolutely wonderful. I looked up into my moms eyes. I knew I had her. The movie on TV had a sizzling sex scene on it and my moms eyes were glued to it. My mom couldn’t resist now. Finally I was going to have my sexy mother. I slid my hands up her calf to her knee then to her thigh. I slowly and seductively lifter her skirt to expose the tops of her black stockings. I unhooked each of the two garters on her left leg and slowly began to roll my moms stocking down her sexy leg.

And not a word was said from her or any sign of protest. I rolled her stocking past her knee then down her calf then off of her sexy foot. I began to massage her foot. I rubbed her ankle and arch and then her toes. Finally I did what I have always wanted to do. I raised my moms foot and lowered my head and began to kiss her foot. I kissed the top of it then I began kissing her toes. I began flicking my tongue over each toe. Glancing up I looked into my moms eyes. They were still glued to the sex scene on TV. Wow, this drug I bought really does control people.

My mom couldn’t resist me even if she wanted. I could make her do anything I wanted. And believe me I was going to make her do it too. I opened my mouth and sucked her big toe into my mouth. I looked up at my mother and I saw her eyes close and a smile appear on her face. Using a free hand I began to massage my moms calf soon working my way up to her thigh. Her thigh was so soft and warm. I reached over and unhooked the other two garters from her other stocking. I rolled it down her sexy leg then off of her foot. I was soon kissing and licking my moms other foot. I began sucking her toes and I heard a slight moan escaping my moms mouth.

Looking up I saw something amazing. My mom was rubbing her pussy through her panties. Her panties were black to match her outfit and I could now visibly see a wet spot. She slid her pinkie finger under the elastic and under the material and onto her wet pussy. I told my mom to stop touching herself and she listened to me. Wow I thought this shit really works. I instructed my mom to get up and walk to her bedroom.

My mom stood up and slipped her 4 inch heels back on to those sexy feet of hers and proceeded to walk down the hallway to her bedroom. I slipped into my room for a moment to turn on the receiver to the video spy camera and set my VCR to record. Yes, I was going to videotape my mother fucking me. I quickly went into my moms room and she was sitting on the side of her bed. I walked over to her and bent over and placed my mouth on hers. It was no motherly kiss, her mouth was opened and her tongue was on its way to my mouth before my lips even touched hers.

I kissed my mom for a couple minutes while I unbuttoned the buttons of her blouse. I pulled the bottom of her blouse out from inside her skirt and gracefully whisked it off of her shoulders. I dropped to my knees after breaking a kiss and I reached around my mom and unsnapped the button of her skirt. My mom instinctively raised up a bit so I could get the skirt under her ass and then down those gaziantep escort sexy legs. My mom was sitting before me in just her black bra and panties, and 4 inch heels. I stood up and began to remove my shirt but my mom stopped me. She began to unbutton my shirt and kissed my chest every time she popped a button open.

My cock was raging now. finally my mother had my shirt off. She began kissing my skin and flicked her tongue across my nipples. I was in heaven. Mom was nibbling my nipples when I felt her fingers unbuckling my belt. She soon had the button and zipper of my jeans opened and tugged my jeans down to the floor. I stepped out of my jeans and now I was only standing in front of my mom wearing only a dark green male thong. I dropped back to my knees and reached around my mom and unhooked the clasp of her bra.

Yes, I did it. I let the straps go and watched as her 36c breasts swayed gently apart and became exposed to me. I finished removing the material and immediately cupped my moms breasts in my hands. I lowered my head and felt her warmth radiating from her breast. I began kissing them and licking them, running my tongue over every inch of her hot tits. I began tonguing her nipples. First licking only the areolas then the nipples.

I took both of her breasts into my hands and pressed them together and took both of her nipples into my mouth at one time. I sucked on both nipples at once and my mom began to moan. Her hands were now in my hair holding my head to her bosom like she did when I was a baby. Except this time it wasn’t for a meal of milk. I pulled away from her and grabbed the waistband of her black panties and again she lifted her ass a bit so I could remove the sheer thin material with ease. Slowly and seductively I slid her panties down exposing her bush to me and then I pulled the material down her sexy legs and then off of her feet.

Wow! My mom was now naked before me and she was totally aroused and excited. My moms bush was trimmed so there was just a thin rectangle of hair above her pussy. Her lips were exposed like a flower and glistening with moisture. I stood up in front of my mom and she immediately grabbed the waistband of my thong and pulled it down to the floor. She just sat there in amazement as she saw my cock hanging there in front of her. See, I have a nine inch cock when I’m hard and it doesn’t fit into most girls all the way. I jumped up on the bed and positioned my mom so the spy camera could catch an open shot. I began kissing my moms hands and fingers as she lay there with her eyes closed. I sucked on her fingers then licked my way up her arm to her shoulder. I began licking her neck all the way to her earlobe.

Once I flicked my tongue into my moms ear she began to moan. My moms arms were around me pulling me towards her. I began kissing my way to the other side of my moms head to her other ear and began tonguing it. This caused her to pant slightly. I flicked my tongue down her neck and then decided to give my mom a souvenir. I bit lightly on her neck to leave a small sucker bite. My mom let out the loudest moan I have ever heard from her. I traced my tongue down her chest to her ample breasts. With her laying on her back I admired how her breasts were firm and upright and only sagging to the sides slightly. I began kissing all over her breasts. The left one then the right one and then back and forth.

My mom was holding my head and running her fingers through my hair. Soon I began kissing and licking my way to her navel. I seductively traced circles around her navel with my tongue. I drew closer then began to tongue her belly button. Again my mom let out a slight moan indicating her approval and pleasure. Slowly I began to kiss and lick a little farther south. I now was kissing my mothers bush. I could smell her scent, it was heavenly. I grabbed her knees and lifted them so they were bent and her legs were parted. I just stared at her wet opened pussy for a moment. Then I heard something that almost made me cum right on the spot.

My mom said “come on baby eat mom’s pussy”. I immediately got into position and lowered my head to my moms cunt. First I just kissed and licked her inner thighs. Then I began to lick up and down the soft skin just on the outside of her pussy. Then I began to lick her wet slit up and down with just the tip of my tongue. On the downward lick of her slit I went across her taint and flicked my tongue over her ass hole. Wow, my mom let out a moan. I licked back up and it was then I felt my moms hands on my head. She said “oh baby eat mommy good, make mommy cum”

With that I began to tongue my moms wet hole. Her pussy juices were flowing and she tasted really sweet. I probed her depths with my tongue. I plastered my mouth on her pussy and began french kissing it. My moms hips began to rock a little. It was weird really because all I had to do was just stick my tongue out and my mom was fucking it. Her hips would rock causing my tongue to come out of her hole then she would impale herself back on it. But I had another idea. I began flicking my tongue over her clit. Her breathing got harder and faster. Moments later, my mom came. Her back arched up and she held her breath for a few seconds before exhaling with a loud passionate moan. After that all I heard her cry was “oh god”.

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