The Spot on the Bridge Pt. 02

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Group Sex

Thanks for all the feedback! As I wrote, this is a slow build, but we do get to some good sex here. As always, I welcome the feedback. Thanks!

The next morning, Tom woke up more rested than he’d felt in years. He took Muffin—the eager Golden Doodle that Jeremy convinced him to get when Jeremy knew his brain terminal was fatal in an effort to make sure Tom wouldn’t be alone and would have a reason to get up in the morning—out for a walk. His steps felt lighter. For the first time in nearly five years, he walked the dog and drank his coffee without wanting to burst into tears.

Ben spent the night dreaming and tossing and turning with giddiness. Had he really met Tom at the Eagle? Did they really spend hours talking? He woke up with a start—he’d had such an erotic dream about Tom, he came in his sleep! Cleaning up the mess, he took a piss in the shower, dried off and looked at his phone. Tom had texted a few minutes before. “Thanks a great conversation and walk last night, B. Dinner? Tom.”

The radiance from Ben’s smile could have solved the energy crisis. He walked into the kitchen of his Uncle Doug’s Condo. Doug was reading the paper. He looked up and smiled. “What’s got you smiling this morning, Ben?”

Ben poured himself a cup of coffee and turned to his face his uncle. “I met some last night,” he began softly, running his forefinger over the rim of the coffee cup. As he said those words, he felt the memory of the heat of Tom’s chest on his face and he shuddered, almost imperceptibly.

His Uncle put down the paper and looked at Ben. He smiled. “So? Tell me! Details!” he demanded as he swatted his nephew lovingly with the newspaper.

Ben swallowed and looked at his uncle. “Ok. I’ll tell you. But I need you not to freak out on me or tell my mom and dad. This guy is…” Ben searched for the words. He was an engineer by training; parts needed to fit together for a larger purpose. Systems made sense to him. He liked structure and things that were neat and had their place. But his feelings for Tom were bigger than any structure or system he could conjure up. So he’d just be honest.

“I met a very special man. And you know him. He was at the party last night.”

Doug recalled the party, the drinks, some dancing. He figured Ben had left before him and came home on his own. So while surprised Ben had met someone, he wasn’t overly concerned.

“Nice! So tell me about him. What’s his name? What did you talk about? And buddy—you’re a college graduate and an adult. I won’t tell your parents your business. That’s between you and them,” Doug said emphatically.

Ben smiled and breathed deeply. “The thing is, Uncle Doug, you know him. He was at your party. You introduced us.” Ben stopped to gauge Doug’s reaction.

Doug immediately recalled introducing Ben to Tom. But surely that’s not who his nephew meant. It couldn’t be… could it?

Ben proceeded tenderly. “It’s your friend, Tom. He’s smartest, kindness, most amazing man I’ve ever met. I know—he’s older than me. But we talked and talked and talked—until 3:30am this morning. We walked across the Stone Arch Bridge and watched the stars. He was a perfect gentleman and drove me home. And all we did was hug goodnight.” Ben was glowing.

Doug was taking this in. His friend and colleague Jeremy’s widow was interested in… his nephew? It seemed so odd! What could they have in common? He felt himself starting to get judgmental and protective of his nephew.

Then he looked at the radiant joy on Ben’s face. And he realized that he had a choice: He could be a jerk about this. Or he could be supportive of Ben and offer him advice that would be helpful and supportive.

“I’m happy for you buddy,” Doug began. “Tom is a really good man. He was married to my friend Jeremy who died about four years ago. He’s had a bit of tough time. But he’s a good man. Did he ask to see you again?” Doug inquired, wondering if his 22 year old nephew misread the signs.

“Thanks Uncle Doug,” Ben responded, relieved and grateful. “Yes. We’re going to an art fair later this afternoon and then out for dinner to a place called Café Larcet..or Larmet. I don’t remember,” Ben stammered, excited for the date.

“Café Lurcat,” Doug corrected. “That’s a really nice restaurant. I’m sure you’ll have a great time.”

“Thanks! I’m going to kayak on the lake this morning and then I need to get ready,” Ben offered before kissing his uncle on his head and rinsing his coffee mug in the sink.

Tom arrived to their meeting spot—the bench on the bridge—a few minutes early and was pleasantly surprised to see Ben was there waiting. He smiled. The young man was unconsciously sexy—which made him even hotter to Tom. Standing there, on the bridge, his wavy hair in his aviator sunglasses, Tom wanted to ravage him!

“Get ahold of yourself,” Tom thought to himself as he approached Ben.

Ben smiled with equal measure nervousness and excitement. Tom was so handsome he thought he might cum on gaziantep escort the spot. Ben had little experience in the dating department, less when it came to sex, and none with older men. But he was smitten and eager to please. While he may not be certain what to do, he was clear that his every desire was to please Tom.

“Wow,” Tom said as he reached Ben. “You’re even more handsome in the daylight.”

Ben’s face radiate heat. His mouth opened and he wanted to say something but he couldn’t find the words. Acting instinct, he pulled a slightly surprised Tom into a full hug and started to tremble. Tom held Ben and kissed the top of his head. God the boy smelled incredible!

“It’s good to see you,” Tom whispered.

Ben nodded against Tom’s chest but still couldn’t speak. The wave of emotion was overwhelming for the engineer; he had no words to describe the intensity of his mixed emotions: joy, longing, desire… and a little fear. He gripped Tom harder.

“You ok?” Tom asked.

Ben let out a contented sigh and looked into the dark eyes of the man he’d only met the night before.

“I can’t,” Ben started and choked out what sounded like a mangled sob. “I’m just so happy to see you,” he said as he fought the tears that begged for release.

Tom smiled and almost—though he wouldn’t quite permit himself—giggled. He bent over to rub his nose with Ben’s. “I’m really happy to see you, too,” he replied. “You smell so damn good. You’re all I’ve thought about today.” And the last word he breathed huskily into Ben’s ear, “Boy,” causing Ben to shiver and get immediately hard.

Remembering the conversation they’d had the night before about Ben needing to say what he wanted and needed, Ben took some initiative. “Sir,” he said quietly but with confidence. “Will you please kiss me?”

Tom shuddered. Kissing for him was the ballgame. He had a simple rule—if he can’t kiss, he can’t fuck. So a kiss meant something.

He nodded and leaned forward, pressing his lips to Ben’s, who responded with a beautiful combination of tenderness and hunger. Their first kiss started tentatively, but their lips fit—Tom’s full and experienced, Ben’s younger and hungry for contact. The kiss grew deeper, their tongues soon entwined, exploring, probing, searching for the breath inside the other. At one point, Tom couldn’t tell where his breathing ended and Ben’s started and the desire he felt to protect and take care of this younger, strong, brilliant, sexy man startled him.

They pulled apart and both gulped the warm spring air. Tom’s eyes were glassy with desire. Ben was flush and his neck had splotches of red with the heat of desire.

“Damn boy,” Tom laughed. “You almost gave me a heart attack! Where did you learn to kiss like that?”

Ben blushed with pride and then embarrassment set in. He choked down a sob. What the hell was wrong with him? He was a damn engineer! He did systems and logic and structure! Why the hell was he tearing up over this?

“That was the first time,” he said, feeling the humiliation start to overwhelm him.

Holy shit! Realized Tom. He knew Ben was inexperienced, but didn’t realize that was his first kiss! As an experienced man of 42, he instinctively knew what to do.

“Ben,” he said, cupping the young man’s face in his strong hands. “That was one of the most fucking unbelievable kisses I have ever had in my life! If you can do that, I can only imagine what kind of tiger you’re going to be in bed later!”

Ben smiled. Tom was utterly sincere. And much of his insecurity melted away. In that moment he knew—his great pleasure in life was going to be to try to make Tom feel as good he made him feel about himself. He couldn’t wait to please the man!

Another peck on the lips, Tom took Ben’s hand and said, “C’mon, let’s walk.” They spent the afternoon looking at the art, discussing their families and childhood, debating politics—Tom was a progressive Obama Democrat, Ben focused more on AOC and the Green New Deal along with Black Lives Matter and was willing to shake things up a bit more—and eating various food sold by the vendors at the fair. They shared a beer, a lemonade, ice cream, and Ben’s absolute favorite—mini donuts. Tom couldn’t stop laughing watching Ben literally devour almost the entire bag of donuts himself, then smile bashfully, “I’ll get us another one to share.”

As they admired the art, Tom was impressed by Ben’s understanding of various artists and art forms, his analysis as an engineer, and his appreciation for bold colors. They had similar taste and Tom found himself wanting to buy Ben something to remember the day. As Ben waited in line to refill their lemonade, Tom went to one of the artists stalls they had seen earlier and bought Ben a simple leather bracelet with a sturdy greenish agate stone in it. He paid and quietly slipped it in his pocket to give Ben later.

The hours flew by and at 8pm they made their way to konya escort the restaurant for dinner. While not the fanciest place in town, the clientele was hip and the cuisine was decadent. They were seated by a window, overlooking the park, and Tom ordered them a bottle of wine to share.

Ben, a recent college graduate and not yet working, noticed the prices on the menu-$40 for a steak—and tried not to freak out. Tom sensed Ben’s sudden shift in energy and reached his hand across the table. He touched Ben’s hand and the younger man trembled.

“What’s wrong?” Tom asked.

Ben held Tom’s gaze and resisted the urge to look away. They had been honest so far; he wasn’t about to start lying now.

“This is a great place, Tom. And I’m grateful you brought me here. It’s just…” Ben felt a sudden flood of embarrassment and his voice caught.

Tom immediately understood and realized he needed to make a few things clear with his new beau.

“Ben, are you feeling concerned because of the prices on the menu?” He asked directly.

Ben demurred.

Tom continued. “Look. I get it. You just graduated college a couple of weeks ago. You haven’t started work yet. This is a nicer restaurant. But I wanted to come here tonight with you. I wanted to show you that you matter to me—even after 22 hours!” His eyes glimmered and he spoke to Ben with an almost edible combination of firmness and gentleness. Ben listened and drank in his words.

“So here’s the deal, Ben. I make a ridiculous amount of money as a lawyer. I have a nice place to live, a nice car, and I travel to interesting places. I like art and theater and music. The truth is, I could retire tomorrow. I told you last night about Jeremy. He was the love of my life. And he died. And you know what, Ben?” He asked. Ben listened as if his life depended on it. “When I lowered Jeremy’s coffin into the ground and shoveled dirt on it, I realized—you can’t take any of this shit with you. None of it. So I give away a lot of the money I earn to people who need it. I can’t stand the fact that in the United Fucking States of America any kid ever goes hungry. It’s criminal. So I donate about 70% of what I make every year. And I still have a shitload of money left over. I want to take you to a nice meal and spend time with you. But trust me. I’m not a sugar daddy. I know we have an age difference and we’ll have to see what challenges that may or may not present. You start a job next week and just like you did with the donuts today, I expect you’ll contribute. But for tonight, I’ve got this. It makes me happy to see you happy… boy.”

Ben paused and took a gulp of water.

“Well then,” he smiled. “I would say thank you, Sir. And given your speech, I take it to mean that you are anticipating we’ll have a second date, which suits me just fine.” He held Tom’s gaze and raised his eyebrow. Tom was so hard that he started leaking precum into his shorts.

“You seem confident, boy,” he responded.

“It’s all a front to get you into bed,” Ben said rather seductively.

Tom decided to play with him and rubbed his leg under the table. “Who said we’re waiting for bed?” He retorted. Ben turned bright red as Tom leaned over and placed his lips tenderly on Ben’s. The electricity that flowed between them simultaneously stopped Ben’s heart and restarted Tom’s.

A tear fell from Ben’s eyes as Tom pulled away. “I’ve never,” he began and stopped himself. “Thank you,” he said.

Tom smiled, “Thank you, boy.”

Ben leaned forward and whispered so quietly Tom had to strain to hear him. “Thank you for my first kiss.”

Tom beamed. “The first of many.”

The meal was delicious, the wine flowed, and by 10:30pm, they were heading out of the restaurant.

As they stood outside, Tom gently pushed a curl of hair out of Ben’s eyes. They kissed more deeply and passionately this time. As they came up for air, Tom directed, “Come home with me, boy.” It wasn’t quite a command, but nor was it a question. Ben nodded and then verbalized, “I’d love to.”

They walked home, got the dog’s business taken care of, and then stood in the living room. Tom had put on some dance music and held Ben as they slowly swayed to the light jazz. Tom slowly kissed Ben’s neck and the younger man moaned. Tom made note of it. “Ah, one of your erogenous zones,” he said quietly into Ben’s ear. Ben blushed again. “They’re all erogenous zones with you,” he admitted. Tom growled and grabbed onto Ben’s ass firmly, causing him to gasp.

Ben was more turned on that he’d ever been in his 22 years on the planet. Sure, he’d had a few hand jobs and a few blow jobs, but those were with college guys his own age, both of them clumsy and awkward. He was with Tom now—a man who knew what he wanted. And Ben couldn’t believe he wanted him!

“Sir,” he began. “Last night you told me to be clear about what I want. I want you. I want to make you feel as good as you make me feel.” kayseri escort His hand slid down over Tom’s erection and he unzipped his pants. Ben started kissing his way down Tom’s beard—fuck he loved Tom’s beard!—and playing with his chest hair. He stopped at Tom’s nipple—not quite an eraser head, but pert and at attention. Ben flicked it with his tongue and Tom moaned. His nipples were a direct line to his cock. So Ben looked up at Tom as he played a little harder with them. And Tom grabbed his head and brought Ben’s face into his chest. “Harder boy!” he ordered as Ben began to lightly bite his lover’s nipples. “Fuck,” Tom shook in ecstasy. As Ben nipped at one, he reached up and pinched the other one. Hard. Tom drew in a breath. His body was on fire. This kid was going to give him a heart attack! But at least he’d die happy.

Ben patiently continued his assault on Tom’s nipples and caused the older man to grown and growl. He tried to pull Ben up for a kiss, but the normally submissive man instead moved his head down to greet Tom’s impressive cock. It wasn’t huge—maybe seven inches in length—but it was thick with a nice mushroom head that was leaking like a faucet. Ben looked up into Tom’s eyes and coyly inquired, “May I, Sir?”

Tom was read and pushed out his hips so his cock jutted forward. Ben swirled the end of Tom’s glans with his tongue and then proceeded to bathe the length of his cock with his spit. Ben marveled at Tom. It was not like the couple of guys he fooled around with in college with their wiry underdeveloped cocks; Tom was a man and had a man’s dick. Ben tried to swallow the treat in one gulp, but quickly found himself gagging.

“Easy there, Tiger,” Tom told him. “There’s no rush.” Ben relaxed and then spent the next 10 minutes working Tom’s cock and twisting his nips until Tom grunted, “If you keep doing that, boy, I’m gonna fucking cum down your throat.”

Ben found himself incredibly aroused by Tom’s dirty and demanding talk and sped up the blow job in turn. Within a few more seconds, Tom grabbed Ben’s head and bellowed a primal grunt as he came, Ben brushing his fingers against Tom’s taint as spirts of liquid fire shot onto Ben’s tongue. Tom bucked his hips and the intensity of his orgasm caused him to get slightly dizzy. He sat down on the couch, panting, delirious and pulled Ben up to kiss him.

“Damn,” Tom laughed as he pulled from Ben’s kiss. “That was incredible.” Ben beamed.

“I just want to make you feel as good as you make me feel, Sir,” Ben replied.

Tom just marveled at Ben. He was so handsome, so sexy, so sincere. Fuck… he had it bad for the kid.

And now it was his turn, a lion hunting his prey. He swiftly slipped off Ben’s pants as he then unbuttoned Ben’s shirt. Ben trembled with anticipation. Tom slowly ran his fingers over the length of Ben’s body, stopping at his nipples—they were sensitive but not quite to the extent that Tom’s were—yet. His lightly nibbled at Ben’s neck which caused the young man to writhe around and squirm, have laughing, half moaning. He lifted up Ben’s sinewy legs and ran his fingers lightly over Ben’s hairy legs, up over his ass, up to his neck, and back down again. He grasped Ben’s cock—they were roughly the same size—and began to slowly stroke. Ben made the most luxurious sounds, somewhere between moaning and purring. Tom slowly started to lick Ben’s cock and realized this was the first one he’d tasted since Jeremy died. It was… different. And he marveled at how cocks could be the same and so different at the same time. Having a bit more experience than Ben, Tom was able to deep throat him with ease. And this caused Ben to audibly gasp.

“Tom,” he cried out, but that was all the warning he could give before he started to cum. Tom was able to swallow, but was nonetheless surprised by the volume of Ben’s load.

“Damn boy,” Tom laughed, wiping a bit of Ben’s cum from his beard, “You cum a lot.”

Ben was still trying to catch his breath as he leaned into Tom’s chest and snuggled up to the older man. “No man has ever done that for me,” he said, panting. “That was amazing. Thank you, Sir.”

Tom smiled and kissed Ben tenderly on the lips. “There’s a lot more where that came from, boy.”

Ben began to doze off and woke with a start. Tom was staring at him contently. “I just probably get going…”

Tom was confused. “Why on earth would you leave?” he inquired.

Ben shrugged his shoulders. “I just thought, I mean I wasn’t sure,” he stammered.

Tom smiled and pulled him close. “You are, of course, free to go, boy. But I’d very much like you to spend the night in my bed,” he invited, sucking on Ben’s neck, driving the younger man wild with passion.

And then he pulled out the leather bracelet from his pocket and put it on Ben’s wrist. Ben ran his fingers over the leather. “I wanted to get you a little something to remember our first date,” Tom whispered into Ben’s ear as the young man quietly wept against his chest. He felt so desired, so safe, so complete in Tom’s arms; the feeling overwhelmed him.

“Thank you,” Ben whispered, smiling between his tears. Tom, too, was feeling emotional. This would be the first person he slept with since Jeremy, the first man he welcomed into his bed—and only the second man he’d slept with in nearly 25 years.

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