The Playpen Ch. 04-05

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Chapter four

Return to the Playpen

Mistress Brooke looked on at the sleeping girl that she had once called slave. She thought about the day she had come across her lying in a heap at the side of the road, took her in, and nursed her back to health. Then she thought about how different her own life had become.

She had been born male, everyone called her Brad. She had never really felt like a boy. Growing up he played with dolls in secret and by the age of 8 he had started playing dress up in his sister’s clothes. In his little world he was a girl, heart and soul. Through his teen years, confusion and self doubt had all but consumed him. In college he began taking psychology courses in order to better understand all the things about him. He’d found his calling. He graduated with a masters degree in psychology with a strong background in hypnosis.

Still, he was unsure of himself and the nagging feeling that his gender wasn’t right. He started a small practice in San Francisco catering to the gay community even though he didn’t consider himself gay. In less than a year his practice had grown beyond belief. Bit by Bit as the community accepted him he began to transition, writing his own prescriptions for himself for hormones and blockers. As he became more effeminate and his breasts began to grow he threw caution to the wind and left Brad behind. He legally changed his name to Brooke and his practice soared to new heights.

Things had been going well and with the added income she moved her practice to a more upscale part of San Francisco but that turned out to be the begging of the end. The straight community became infuriated as the Gays and Lesbians and Transsexuals and Transgender found their way through their streets. Then, one of her female to male transgender patients committed suicide. Life turned into a media circus in less than 24 hrs. Questioning her ethics and hypnotherapy. The straight community adopted a slogan of, “Hang her High”. The media spoke of she-males and he/she’s like they were the devil incarnate and the District Attorney’s Office was said to be looking for anything she could be indicted on.

She was torn between staying to fight or leave when the door to her apartment burst open. Before she could move, five men were on her screaming that they were going to fix her good. Four of them pushed her to the floor, the fifth stood with a shotgun pointed at her groin. The man on her right pushed a dildo down her throat and the man with the shotgun pulled the trigger. And that is how the paramedics found her. Barley alive with a dildo jutting out of her mouth.

The media circus died down. The men were never caught. But her life was forever changed. Her life had been invaded by the media from coast to coast. Her last thought as she boarded the plane to Brazil was that she would get even.


The intercom chirped and Marcie informed Brooke that Cheryl had arrived.

Please, send her in.

There was no denying the worried look on Cheryl’s face as she sat herself in the chair across from her desk.

Whats wrong? She said as she looked over her shoulder at the sleeping beauty.

Everything went ok in England right? She’s anatomically correct now?

Everything has gone as we discussed, she is all woman now, but I’m afraid I can no longer help her.

I don’t understand? You told me you could help her forget and have a happy normal life with a few hypnotic suggestions.

I did at that. But the boy seems resilient and refuses to go away. He wishes to speak with you at his own request.

I…I…I don’t think I can.

I don’t think you have a choice….He is awake.

Cheryl turned and sure enough Chrissy was now sitting up on the couch, smiling from ear to ear.

I’ll leave you two alone for a while. If you need anything just push the intercom button and Marcie will be glad to help you out.

Cheryl wanted to run, but she wanted to stay at the same time. When everything went down at the Ranch House it was all so confusing and she had enlisted Brooke to make sure that Chrissy stayed Chrissy so Steve would suffer no more humiliation. Apparently things didn’t go as planned. Steve had orchestrated their escape not Chrissy. Furthermore she was sure that once Steves’ family jewels had been removed Chrissy would become the dominant personality and lose interest in that little talk that Steve wanted. All she really wanted to do was give Chrissy a chance to live like a real girl and enjoy it.

Ah, but you did.

The thought entered her mind and she was looking straight at Chrissy when it did. Her lips didn’t move!



Yes sweetie, I’m here.

But…But…Your not…..

Isn’t this great?

No! I mean yes. But I…I thought….I was only trying to help.

But you were mad at me the day we put that demon into the hell he deserved.

Of course I was mad!

That’s why you wouldn’t talk with me.

I was mad as hell in one respect, you just disappeared and then Chrissy showed xslot up all bubbly and full of everything I’d lost and I find out that you’re her and everything got crazy and I was locked up by a maniac and what else do you want from me?

Your love….


I want you to love me like you did before all this happened. Like you did that day on the Ferris Wheel. Back when everything was right with the world. When the world didn’t matter. When there was only me and Chrissy didn’t exist. I know you loved me once, I could see it in your eyes. That day doesn’t have to be gone and forgotten. It can be here, right now.

Cheryl suddenly realized that his thoughts had left her head. It may have been Chrissys’ voice but Steve was speaking to her. The old fashioned way. Cheryl looked across the room at what now seemed a pathetic waif of a girl trying her best to reconcile something she neither wanted nor asked for. Steve was still in there hoping for the best. She could deny it no longer. A part of her wanted to scream at the absurdity that this wasn’t over yet and at the same time she wanted to hold Steve and never let go. But the image of Steve wasn’t there.


Brooke took a long lunch. She knew exactly what was going on in her office but it was something that needed doing. She was sure that what happened that day at the Ranch House had nothing to do with Cheryl and everything to do with Steve…or Chrissy as the case may be. He or She was gifted. Maybe it was the psychotropic drugs that set things in motion but this girl could get into anyone’s head. Not only that, she could move things. She tried repeatedly to hypnotize the girl but to no avail. And every time she did she felt a presence pressing on her mind. Something she’d felt before? Maybe, maybe not. The whole thing was kind of eerie. Like someone was talking to her but wasn’t. During the last session with Chrissy the voice came loud and clear while she tried to put her in a trance.

Enough is Enough!!

She responded by saying enough is enough of what?

Enough of the mind games that you think are going to help me.

I am playing no games my friend. There was only silence after that.

Brookes thoughts faded to memories of things long forgotten.

Brazil had the most amazing doctors and one in particular caught her interest. A small brawny man but cute none the less. He reviewed her case and what could no longer be called genitals with a smile that gave her hope. But in the end he said, ” It’s bad but all is not lost, with the remaining tissue I can fashion a very real looking and functional vagina. You were looking to go in that direction, Yes?”. Her heart sank but she was on that path sooner or later anyway. But in the far reaches of her mind she thought about how those men would pay. She’d lost everything at this point and there was quite literally nothing left to lose.

With the surgery finished the doctor seemed quite pleased with his work. There was almost a sinister look in his eye when he asked her if she would seek revenge for what had been done to her.

That is something that is going to take some time.

If I could be of help and make a suggestion.

I’m always open to suggestion.

There have been women who have sought my help in the past. They turn men into women against their will purely for the fun of it. They are weak men to begin with so it is no loss to society. There are times when they ask me to use my special skills on these men. There is one who is in town right now that would shall we say, be interested in your story. I can give you her card if you would like.

Brooke knew what that was all about. The sinister look was now in her own eye. She could see it already. She would turn these men into cock hungry sluts and then cut off their pathetic little dicks and shove them down their throats and sew it to their lips. She would leave them crawling through the bad part of town in the biggest of cities. She would have her day!


Chrissy was on the couch sleeping. Then she was sitting up, there were people talking but none of it made sense. Then she was sleeping on the couch again. Weird….

A tear streaked down Cheryls’ cheek. She had convinced Brooke that the only way keep her lost love at bay would be the final transition to womanhood. Brooke had seen to that but now. Now Steve was back stronger than ever. And this power he had over the mind was beginning to worry her. She had loved him so much back then but now it just wasn’t quite there. Maybe it was his appearance or maybe she liked having Chrissy for a girlfriend and confidant better.

Steve was growing impatient. Everyone was doing their best to help the girl that used to be him and no one was trying to help him. Hell, he’d orchestrated the whole escape from the Ranch House and what thanks did he get. He was sent off to England and the last thing that claimed his gender as male had been removed and a vagina now rested in its place. Desperate times call for desperate measures and he was desperate xslot Giriş once again. He didn’t understand that his old life was gone. He stayed in the furthest reaches of Chrissys’ mind, only coming out to manipulate the events of the day to talk with Cheryl. Brookes’ little hypnosis tricks worked at first but now he was wise to them. He would not be fooled again.


Brooke heard Steve scream in frustration. She quickly headed back to the office to find Cheryl kneeling next to the couch, holding Chrissy’s hand as the girl slept.

Help me Brooke. Make the pain go away.

I don’t think that’s wise my dear, this is something you need to do on your own.

You could make me forget!

I can’t make you do something you don’t want to do.

But I want to….Now and forever.

No you don’t honey, you’re just confused right now.

He’s in my head! Anytime he wants. Did he ask you or tell you to bring me here today?

I thought it best you two should get reacquainted.

Oh, you thought it best! Or did he think it best!

Cheryl, I think it’s time for you to leave.

No fucking problem at all. I’m taking Chrissy with me though.

Is that what you think best or is that what Steve thinks best. Your choice. I would advise against it.

You don’t know what you’re talking about.

Actually, I almost think I do. You should leave now or I will have security escort you out.

You wouldn’t.

I would.

Fine….I’ll go. And she left.

You little minx, I know what you’re up to Steve. It won’t work ya know. Divide and concur is a rather pathetic attempt by those who are desperate to bring down others when they are no longer capable of having their own needs met. You won the battle today. Tomorrow I will be better prepared. In the meantime you will sleep like a baby. She gathered her medical bag and filled a syringe. As Brooke plunged the syringe into Chrissys’ arm she saw her eyes flutter open for a moment. Sweet Dreams Pretty Girl.


Tabatha was enjoying the Caribbean sun once again when something touched her mind in an all too familiar way. It was freaky, it wasn’t like the last time when it was a panicked call for help. This was more of a plea to get in touch. She shrugged it off but then it happened again. “What is it”, she thought.

Hi Tabatha, It’s Cheryl.

Hey Cheryl, What’s up?

I’m having a little party and you just have to be there.

Love it already, Hey? Why didn’t you just call?

It’s just easier this way sweetie. Guess I’m getting lazy eh?

No worries, I can be there tomorrow. When is the party?

Day after you get your little ass home.

Great! See ya soon!

Well it’s more of a I’m coming out and your going in kind of party Steve thought to himself. Tabatha is such a flake. Jillian will be a little tougher to convince. Hmmm. That’s the ticket.

Hey Jillian!

Jillian jumped as the thought popped in her head.

Who dat?

It’s me Cheryl, your friendly neighborhood bitch.

Sometimes you just freak me out. What’s up with your sorry ass?

I’m throwing a party, getting that old gang of ours back together.

Gee, I’m awful busy, when is it.

Just as soon as you get your sorry ass home.

I don’t know sis?

Dani will be there.

Really? What about Brooke and Chrissy?

Already booked. Tabatha too.

Great! I’m on the next plane out.


Brooke was just putting Chrissys’ file away, it was late, she needed to go home and get some much deserved sleep. As she stepped into the elevator and it began its descent she suddenly felt like she was falling faster than the box she rode in. She hit the floor with a thump. Her mind whirled as five men appeared before her eyes. No, not men, she-males, all locked in the stocks in her dungeon. Their cocks all rock hard with the pink goo applied to the base and underneath their balls. She walked towards the first she-male and saw the fear in her eyes. She stroked his cock once and then pulled, the she-male screamed but not from pain. The cock and balls simply lifted off her crotch. She shoved the disembodied cock into the sissy’s mouth. She moved on to the next in line.

The elevator hit bottom at the garage. Brookes eyes opened and for a moment she wasn’t sure what just happened. She pulled herself to a sitting position. WTF was that? There was a familiar feeling between her legs. Something had penetrated her. She reached between her legs and pulled it out. It was a cock and balls. The same one she’d seen residing on the she-male. Steve had to be behind this, but how would he know about the 5 men she had systematically castrated one by one and in the end sent to Brazil to have a little cosmetic procedure done. They now sported a nice tight pussy with an extremely sensitive little clit. Hell, three of them never made it out of Brazil and are the most delicious looking happy little whores now. But she had never told anyone about the 5 men. Can Steve look xslot Güncel Giriş that deep into my mind? That’s a scary, scary thought. And where did the cock and balls come from? What else could Steve do that none of us know about.


Tabatha sat at the airport waiting to board her plane. I should call sis and let her know I’m on my way. Cheryl picked up on the second ring.

Hi sis!

Hi Cheryl, just thought I would let you know I’m on my way. Should be there around 5 or 6pm.

You coming for a visit?

Well duh! Wouldn’t miss your party for a million bucks.

But I’m not having a party.

Are you going senile? You did that mind trick thing yesterday and told me to get my ass home for a party. I thought you couldn’t do that anymore?

Honey I can’t do that anymore but I think I know who can.

So that wasn’t you?

No honey it wasn’t.

No party?

No party, but listen, I think you should come home anyway and if you hear that voice again call me right away, ok?

Got it sis, have to go, my plane is boarding.

This isn’t good thought Cheryl. Jillian, I need to call Jillian!

Jillian was about an hour into her flight when her cell phone rang. She looked at the ID, it was Cheryl.

Hi Cheryl, using the old fashioned means of communicating now?

Hi Jillian, what do you mean by that?

Well yesterday you’re bumping my mind and today it’s the old stand-by cellphone.

I can’t do the mind thing anymore Jillian, it wasn’t me.

Well who was it then?

I think it was Steve, listen, don’t come back here, you just stay right where you are.

It’s too late, I’m in the air already.

Damn! Listen, when your plane lands you get your luggage and book the next flight out to as far away as you can get. You don’t need to be here.

Not on your life Cheryl, if there’s going to be trouble I’m in for the long haul.

No honey, your mind is still too fragile.

Fragile my ass, see you when I get there. She hung up.

Damn that girl! I’m gonna spank her ass when she gets here.


Brooke arrived at her office the next day a little early and with worry lines creasing her forehead. Chrissy was still out like a light on the couch. She stood above the sleeping beauty and was just noticing the beads of sweat on her face when the phone rang. She walked to her desk and saw that the backline was blinking. That would be Cheryl, now what could be so important this early in the day.


Brooke! Where is Chrissy!

She’s on my couch, sleeping like a baby. Why?

Wake her up now!

I hardly think you’re in a position to bark out orders concerning one of my patient’s.

Brooke, I’m sorry about yesterday. I’ll explain when I get there but right now you need to wake that girl up.

Brooke thought back to the elevator the night before and the beads of sweat on the girls brow this morning and said, fine, I’ll wake her up but you best get your ass in here now.

On my way.

The panic in Cheryls’ voice was reminiscent of the Ranch House. She was on to something but what could it be? Brooke walked over to Chrissy and lightly tapped her cheek and said, “rise and shine sleeping beauty”. Chrissy didn’t move. In fact she hadn’t moved all night. She was laying exactly as she had when she left for home the night before. Chrissy!!!! Nothing. She slapped Chrissy hard. Nothing. She slapped Chrissy again, harder this time. Chrissys’ eyes fluttered open as a high pitched ouch escaped her mouth.

Damn Brooke, what did you do that for?

Part of your therapy, come on, sit your ass up and I’ll order in some breakfast.

Brooke walked over to the desk and pulled Chrissys’ file from the drawer double checking the time the sedative had been administered. She shouldn’t have been that hard to wake up. She looked over to the couch just in time to see Chrissy fall to the floor. Shit! Suddenly her mind filled with thought’s not her own. Brooke fell to her knees holding the sides of her head and whimpered no.

Steve felt the abyss trying to swallow him up. Fuck! Chrissys’ awake. He clawed his way back up and out till Chrissy was silent again. He flooded Brookes mind with visions of the night those 5 men attacked her. That should take care of her for a while. Damn! I didn’t want to get this going until all the players were here.

Cheryl tried to connect with Brookes mind. It wasn’t happening. She had to warn them somehow. Fuck! Why can’t she do that like she did at the Ranch House. She reached out to Chrissy and bingo. There she was? That was odd? Something felt familiar but not quite right.

Hi Cheryl.

Chrissy! Are you awake?

Yes dear, I’m awake.

Where is Brooke?

On her knees in front of her desk holding her head.


Oh what a smart girl you are.

Steve you have to stop this now.

Or you’ll do what? Come on Cheryl. You’re in the game now.

The hell I am!

Really? Let’s just see. And now…..

Suddenly Cheryls’ pussy was filled. She reached under her skirt and pulled her panties aside and removed the dildo. Very funny Steve…..

Thought you would like that. Now get your ass here before I do something else for Brooke I don’t think she’ll like.

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