The Parking Lot Affair Ch. 06

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The Parking Lot Affair Part 6

The next morning Tom and Heather are sitting at the table as they drink coffee and eat breakfast when Tori walks in. Sitting down they all talk about their nights and make plans for the BBQ that evening. Tori says to them that she hopes it not just all one big orgy, not to get her wrong she hopes it end up that way, but she would like to enjoy a little of normal company.

She asked Heather what she thought of Jason fucking her, she said that it was only a tease and to be honest it wasn’t that bad. She didn’t think she would be able to even feel him inside her, but it was nice, and she would love to have him in her ass while Tom was in her pussy. Tori just smiled as she called her a little slut and Heather glared back at her calling her a whore, as they laughed at each other.

Later in the day, Tom stood on the deck grilling, cold beer in hand as both Jason and Steve walked out to greet him. Food smelled great and Steve brought some cigars for them to enjoy. Turned out Steve and Jason knew each other from the gym, and they knew Tiffany’s soon to be ex Adam as well.

They spoke about Tiffany and how hot she was, as well as Susan and last night’s events. Both Steve and Jason looked at Tom and asked if once Jason was off his little probation that was set by Tori and Shannon could the two of them have a go at Heather without him to interfere. Tom told them we would see how things went.

He then told them that Heather wants to settle down a bit and kind of close out their little group, but she wants to be gang banged first. It was her last sexual fantasy left to fulfill. They just looked at each other, smiled and said the 3 of them could do it. She said she wanted at least 5 or more and it would be no holds bar, she wants to be treated like a total whore at least once. She asked if it could be strangers so we will all see how it goes.

Maybe we can give her a little mini gang bang later. Shannon sticks her head out the door, she tells the guys that Tiffany was on the way, after last night Tori was the only one, she didn’t know. Turns out she sees Becky once a week at the parlor, she knew Shannon through Jason, and she came all over Heathers face last night so Tori gets first crack at her. She then looks straight at Tom and says then she wants to be fucked hard and long by daddy.

Pausing for a moment, she looks at Jason, walking over to him she says that he can relax and enjoy himself tonight, but had to remain subservient to her. As a test she told him she would allow him to fuck anyone here that would allow it, however he would only be able to keep his dick in any one woman for 2 minutes and had to stop. He also had to come to wherever she was and lick her clean after daddy and Steve both came in her.

Not waiting for an answer, she went inside. Steve shivered and asked if he was ok with eating another man’s cum out of his wife. Jason said it wasn’t all that bad, and after cheating on her and realizing how much he loved her he would do whatever he had to do to make it work.

After that the evening flowed flawlessly, Tiffany arrived wearing a skimpy see-through sun dress with no bra. Her and Tori talked for a while and the ladies joined the men on the deck with their wine. Tiffany walked over kissed all the guys on the cheek and asked Tom if daddy liked her outfit. Tom said to her he liked what was under it better.

Tiffany was a fitness model when she was younger, now a high-powered lawyer. She raised her dress up to her chin and spun around. Steve gasped and said to her he couldn’t wait. Tiffany told him he would have to, that the only man she would fuck tonight was Tom and if he was lucky, she might suck his dick like she did Jason’s last night. But by the looks of those ladies everyone is going to have some action.

She pressed her ass against Tom then turned around kissing him opened mouth. She broke the kiss and gave a shiver, leaned in, and whispered to him to please don’t be gentle with me, I want to have the shit fucked out of me tonight. Then she lowered her dress and sauntered back to the ladies. Tori said to the group that was just what they needed one more slut to hog Tom’s perfect cock. They all laughed.

Shannon announced to the group that tonight would be a test for Jason, that her and Tori had spoken about it and if he passes tonight, he would no longer be forced to do things he didn’t want to. Then she smiles at him and says that he will always have to do whatever she says, but after tonight he can have his own fun too.

The drinks flow as did the flirting and conversations. Heather and Shannon went inside to finish prepping the sides as Tom continued to work the BBQ. Tori and Tiffany had disappeared when Tom received a text message from Tori to please come to the guest room. Tom handed the grill over to Steve and Jason telling them he needed to check on something.

As he entered the room to find Tori on her knees with her face buried in Tiffany’s pussy, as Tiffany was pinching gaziantep lezbiyen escort her own nipples. Tiffany could barely breathe from Tori keeping her right on the edge of her orgasm the whole time. Tom got instantly hard at the sight and dropped his pants.

He walked over to the bed and climbed behind Tori and slid the head of his cock along her slit, then deep into her causing her to raise her head up as she moaned. She looked back at Tom, telling him he was supposed to come fuck Tiffany really quick, but she is glad to get him too.

Tom looks down as Tiffany beautiful chest is raising up and down as Tori continues to work her fingers in her wet cunt. Tom asks if she would like some dick right now, and Tiffany responds by shaking her head yes and begging him to please fuck her. She tells him that his big fat cock was all she could think about since she first laid eyes on it and that she would do anything to have it inside her.

Tori sits up, pulling herself off Tom’s dick as she lays beside Tiffany. Tom moves up in between Tiffany’s legs and lines his dick up with the entrance to her smooth-shaven cunt. Tori tells him to be gentle with her at first as he slowly pushes in. As the head of his cock separates her labia she moans, followed by a gasp as Tom has pushed about 3 inches deep into her.

Tom makes a comment to her that she is super tight, and she feels like a virgin. Tiffany gasps back to Tom in between breathes that he is huge, and she hasn’t had sex in almost a year. Tom slowly starts working himself in and out of her, going a little deeper each time. Tori is laying right beside her with an arm around her as she plays with her own clit and stares at Tom’s cock as it moves in sand out.

After 5 minutes of slowly working himself into Tiffany’s tight pussy, she pulls her knees up higher and wraps her legs around Tom’s thighs and she pushes on Tom’s stomach asking him to please hold still for a minute while she gets use to the size of him inside her. She finally starts moving her hips in an upward motion which signals Tom that its ok to start moving again.

As he starts to slowly pull out, Tiffany explodes in a full body spasm as she gasps for air and her legs straighten out. Her pussy starts to grip Tom’s dick in rhythm with her spasms. Tom starts pushing back into her a little at a faster pace than before as he starts to cum inside her quivering cunt.

Tiffany’s eyes rolled back in her head as she tried to pull Tom down onto her and hold him tightly, as she moans and gasped to him. She was trying to say thank you to him as that was the most intense orgasm she has ever had. Tom looks her in the eyes as he said to her that she has the tightest pussy he has ever felt and that he wanted to be the one to stretch it out for her.

As he pulled out of her Tori went down in between her legs to lick her clean. Tom told her that she needed to make sure that Tori came before she comes back out, and Tori slipped into a 69 with her as Tom left the room.

As Tom walked back out, Heather grabbed him sticking her tongue down his throat. She tells hm not to forget who that dick belongs to and that she doesn’t trust Tiffany yet. Tom told her that Tori was riding her face in the guest room and maybe she might need some help. Tom told Heather she had the tightest pussy he has felt since the first time they had been together, and he didn’t think she had anything to worry about.

Tom went back out to the guys, and they knew as soon as he stepped out that he had just fucked someone. He told them it was Tiffany and that she was great, that she had the perfect body and a real tight pussy that he was going to loosen up for her.

Heather walked into the guest room to see Tori sitting with her back propped up with pillows as Tiffany had her face in her cunt with her ass high in the air. As she walked over to Tiffany’s as she rubbed it and inserted 2 fingers into her pussy. She rubbed down her back and grabbed a handful of hair as she pulled her up out of Tori’s pussy and kissed her.

Heather tells her that she really wanted to see her face the first time she took Tom’s cock. She then shoves her face back into Tori’s pussy as she tells her she had best make her cum so she can start working on her pussy. Heather gets behind her and starts to lick Tiffany’s cunt as she pushes 2 fingers in and out of her while putting a 3rd one in her ass.

She starts moaning as she pushes back into Heather and Tori grabs her hair holding her in place as she starts to cum. Tiffany also starts to cum as she throws her legs out collapsing down onto her stomach as Heather continues to finger her. Tori squirts all over her face and into her mouth. As those two finish their orgasms, Tiffany rolls onto her back and Heather sits her pussy straight down onto her tongue.

Tori sits on her knees playing with Heathers tits and kissing her as she tells her that she likes Tiffany and they needed to let escort gaziantep lezbiyen her have Tom to herself for a bit later on. Heather says as long as she continues to eat pussy as good as she does then she can fuck Tom all she wants as she quivers and cums from Tiffany’s tongue.

The 3 laid in bed for a few moments and Tiffany opened up to them a little about what she was going through right now and how Tom’s dick made her feel all giddy and weird like a teenage girl again. They told her that she was welcome here anytime, but to never try to sneak around. Just let everything be known and things would be fine. They cleaned up a bit and returned to the group.

Tori came over and spoke to Tom softly, telling him that he should take Tiffany to the room later and fuck her all alone. She told Tom that she really wanted to be fucked so hard that she couldn’t walk straight afterwards, and she hasn’t had anal since she was a teenager, but he needed to fix that.

Tom looked over Tori’s shoulder smiling at Tiffany, as she spread her legs giving him a view up her dress while blowing him a kiss. Heather returned from the kitchen with Shannon, as she walked over to Tom. She informed him that she wasn’t so sure about all this with Tiffany, something just didn’t sit right with her and if he was going to fuck her the way she wanted him to, either it had to be on film with a disclaimer recorded by both or herself or Tori needed to be there.

As the food was finishing and they all enjoyed the meal, Shannon asked if she could possibly be Tom and Steve’s desert tonight. She said she wanted to make Jason watch her with two men before his punishment would be over. Tom asked what about the rest of the guest, and Shannon asked if the rest of the group minded watching Jason take his test.

Heather announces if she could sit on one of these beautiful lady’s face at the same time, she was fine with it. She reached over to Tiffany rubbed her thigh and whispered to her that if she wanted to get fucked by her husband that she had better eat her pussy good. Then as her hand slides up her thigh as Tiffany spreads her legs, she rubs all over her bald pussy. Tiffany sighs looking Heather in the eyes said to her that she was hoping she would say that and asked if Heather would maybe join them for a while.

She told Heather that she had a meeting with her husband and his lawyers in the morning, and she really wanted to walk into that meeting with Tom’s cum still in her pussy and super sore from getting fuck hard all night. Heather just kissed her and said to her that she could help her with that.

As dinner was done, the ladies cleared the table while the men enjoyed another drink and cigar while cleaning the trash and grill. Shannon started re arranging furniture as the sun was going down, she lines up a few chairs and a lounger on one side and a single chair on the opposite side of the deck. She walked over to Jason, gave him a big passionate kiss, and told him she loved him and was proud of him for putting up with this.

She explained her plan to the men and left, Jason just looked at the guys defeated. Tom was to fuck her silly and end with both Tom and Steve double penetrating her and cumming in both her pussy and ass. Jason was then to crawl over to her, lick her ass clean from Steve’s cum then suck all of Tom’s out of her. She then wanted him to eat her pussy until she came on his face. Then and only after she came on his face, he was to fuck her and reclaim his wife. After that he could have his fun but had a 2-minute time limit with his dick in any one of the ladies.

Tom laughed and saying well at least it’s over after this, Steve was hesitant about the whole thing. He didn’t want to make Jason eat his cum out of her ass. Jason said he was ok with it, it really turned on his wife and he wanted to please her. After that Jason took his seat as he waited for the show to begin.

Heather was the first one to come outside and she was completely nude with a mixed drink in her hand, she walked over to Tom, whispered that she was going to let Jason fuck her ass tonight. Tom reminded her of his 2-minute limit, and she just smiled and said that she would make sure either Shannon was distracted, or he came with in his 2 minutes.

The rest of the Ladies came out all completely nude, laughing at the guys all wide eyed. Tori tells the guys they are all overdressed and to get with the program. Each of them striped, as Jason whispered to Shannon that he loved her. Tom walked over towards the ladies and was meet by the smoking hot Tiffany, who dropped straight to her knees in front of him. As she lifted his heavy cock and slowly stroked it as she admired the size, before taking it in her mouth.

Tom looked up and Shannon was standing behind her, she told Tom that Tiffany was her fluff girl laughing. After sucking him for a few minutes, she stood and guided Tom over to the lounger. Shannon took over with gaziantep lezbiyen escortlar her petite little ass in the air facing and wiggling at Jason as she took Tom in her mouth.

Tori was laid back in another lounger while Heather was leaning back against her in between her legs. Heather, staring at Jason spread her legs wide as she played with herself while Tori reached around her, pinching her nipples, and squeezing her breast. Jason’s eyes would move back and forth, between his wife and Heather. Becky was sitting on the other side of Toms lounger with one leg over the arm of her chair watching daddy and Shannon as she fucked herself with a dildo.

Tiffany, seeing that Steve did not need any fluffing walked over and sat in between Heather’s legs leaning forward kissing and rubbing her then slowly kissed down her until she was licking her pussy. Heather kept staring at Jason as she relished being watched, she also noticed that Steve was enjoying the show as well.

Tori pinched her nipple hard and whispered to her to stop putting on such a show that this was about Shannon right now. Shannon finishing her oral work on Tom had stood straddling the lounger as she squatted down to sit on Tom’s cock.

From Jason’s view as petite as she was and as big as Tom was it looked as though his cock would reach all the way into her chest if she was to take all of it. As she lowered herself onto the mushroom shaped head, she turned to look at Jason. His eyes where focused on the monster about to enter his wife’s precious pussy. She turns back to Tom and lower a third of the way down him with a loud moan and gasping for air.

As he watched his wife lower herself on another cock, almost twice his size, his eyes watered up. He was filled with mixed emotions as his cock also grew rock hard. He was both turned on more than ever and humiliated this was happening in front of others. Heather cleared her throat to get Jason’s attention. When he looked at her, she was rubbing her thigh with one hand, holding Tiffany’s head with the other while Tori behind her was fondling her breast.

Heather just mouthed to him that it would be ok, to try to enjoy the view. He looked back at Shannon to see her looking over her shoulder at him as she lowered herself another few inches. She now had about 5 of Tom’s 8 inches inside her as she started to raise and lower herself, trying to take a little more with each downward thrust. Tom held her waist and squeezed one tit while she was adjusting to the size. After several minutes and loud screams of pleasure. She stood and bent over on all fours facing Jason. Tom got behind her, asked her if she was ready. She looked at Jason and tells him that this is the part where he watches daddy fuck the shit out of her and he gets to see her treated like the true slut she is as she cums on his big cock. She turns to look at Tom and says to him, please fuck me daddy.

Tom starts slow and steady, only giving her about 6 inches at a time. As she moaned loudly and took deep breathes in and out staring at Jason. She gasped with each inward thrust from Tom as her orgasm started to build. She spoke in a quivering breathe to Jason, telling him that she is about to start cumming and when she does that daddy is going to feed her his entire cock. She went on to moan that she would spasm and shake, that he may think she is hurting, but that was what she wanted. It’s the best orgasm in the world.

As Tom slowly picked up the pace, her eyes started to close, she moaned oh god over and over as her hips would thrust up and down in time with Tom’s strokes. She started to spasm and stopped breathing, then gasp after gasp. Tom held her hips firm and started pulling out until only his big mushroom shaped head was left inside her, then violently slamming all 8 thick inches into her.

Shannon’s screams had everyone’s attention; Tiffany looked on as she continued to rub Heather’s clit saying that was exactly what she wanted. Becky started cumming on her dildo as she reached over a squeezed Tom’s arm. Jason sat forward in his chair with his dick harder than it’s ever been, Steve and Tori just look on in awe. Everyone completely quiet, except Shannon.

She was leaning forward, no longer pushing herself back into Tom, but almost like a sprinter lining up for a race. When she would catch her breathe enough to speak, she would just barley manage to say oh please daddy. She had a safe word that was worked out earlier and as Tom fucked her deeper and harder than ever before she tried to get it out. Her orgasm built again and exploded into one long continuous explosion.

Her arms gave out as her torso collapsed onto the lounger, Tom now standing with a leg on each side of the chair holding her hips as he continued to slam into her. Her legs hanging to the side as she looks up at Jason, mouth opened her forehead wrinkled in pain, or was it pleasure. He couldn’t tell so he sat and watched one of his good friends fuck his wife like a 2-dollar whore.

Heather and Tori started whispering to each other, they could tell that something wasn’t right. Shannon caught her breathe and again an oh daddy please, followed by a deep grunt escaped her lips. Then another orgasm on top of her continuing orgasm washed over her and she went into whole body convulsions as if she was having a seizure. Tom leaned back some more and continued to pound away.

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