Bound To Be Loved

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The light summer breeze, wafting in through the open window, makes me aware that only my thin panties shield me from total nudity as I kneel tied arm and leg to the soft, deep blue velvet club chair in the living room. A chill runs along my spine, more from anticipation as to what you are planning to do me than from any cooling breeze on my skin. I know you had threatened to pay me back for the night I tied you to the bed and bedeviled you with massage oil and ice, but I never thought that you, the sweetest and gentlest of all my lovers, actually would do it That is not until the moment you grabbed my wrist and quickly tied me to the chair with one of the scarves you had hidden under the sofa.

I can hear you in the bedroom, happily humming to yourself as you open drawers. Twisting my head around, I try to see for myself what you are doing, but I can’t see a thing.

“What are you doing?” I ask, trying to sound more nonchalant than I actually feel.

“Just getting some things I need.” Your voice is so cheerful as you gather your tools for the evening.

“Hey! No peeking!”

“Okay. I can’t see a thing anyway.”

Behind me I hear a clatter of things being dropped onto the coffee table. Then a soft brush of fingertips trail down my spine, followed by the warmth of your breath at my ear.

“Don’t worry baby. I’m not going to hurt you. But you know teasing me the other night got me to thinking. And it’s always dangerous when I start to think too much.”

Laughing at you. “Oh yeah, you’re a real tough guy.”

“Tough enough for you sweetheart. Believe me, you’ll be begging me before this night is over.”

“Yeah, right. Don’t hold your breath.”

Receiving nothing but a chuckle for an answer, the pressure of your chest against my back is suddenly gone. But almost instantaneously I can feel a feathery sensation on the back of my legs. A sweep of something that feels like dozens of little fingers barely brushes against the back of my calves and then up the sensitive flesh on the inner aspect of my thighs. It’s a nearly unbearable sensation as it crawls up higher, closer to my silk covered cunt lips. Enjoyable in the perverse way that sensation can be when it hovers at that fine line between pleasure and pain. Crossing over that line is so easy and I find myself holding my breath anticipating, waiting to see if the pleasure becomes frankly unbearable. Waiting, while the tell tales signs of my arousal start to build. Wondering if you can sense that I am starting to enjoy this slow agony as my flesh responds to your touches, almost against my will. I can feel the pleasure in my nipples as they rub against the upholstery of the chair, and the heavy dull ache beginning to build in my cunt as it starts to expand and moisten.

A soft sigh escapes my lips as I feel the feathers (at least I think they are feathers) brush against my panty covered nether region. I don’t want you to know just how much I am actually enjoying this. But I fear that I won’t be able to conceal my body’s betrayal for much longer. There are times I wish I could have more control of my responses.

As I let my thoughts wander on my own shortcomings, I hear your voice intruding, as if from far away.

“Well what do you think of my new feather duster? Do you like?”

“It’s okay.” Trying my best to sound detached and uninterested.

Laughing at me.”It’s more than just okay with you. Your ass is waving back and forth like a flag in the wind. If I slipped my fingers inside your panties wouldn’t they come out all covered in your juices? You would like that wouldn’t you? My fingers in your wet cunt, fingering you, making you cum all over my hand?”

“Oh yeah, I would love that. But so would you.” Undulating my ass side to side, trying to beckon you to finger me.

Your voice is soft in contrast to the roughness of your words.”You greedy bitch. Did you really think that I would fall for that simple trick of yours? Not tonight doll. Tonight you’re just going to have to wait until I say it’s okay for you to cum. That is, if I decide to let you cum. I might decide to get myself off and just leave you here waiting for more.”

“You couldn’t be that mean to me. I know you, you can’t deny me.”

Suddenly you come around the chair and lift my chin up with your fingers. Your green eyes are blazing, deeper in color then I ever saw them before.

“Don’t tempt me, I will leave you here all night, if you aren’t a good girl.”

Laughing coyly. “I’m always good.”

“Don’t be so cocksure. You’re awful close to the edge now.”

“I’m not THAT close.”

“Just be quiet. I have things to do.”

Deciding that I have better take your advice and just be quiet for a moment, I lay my head down on the back of the chair and close my eyes for a moment. As I wait I think that this may be a long night. It seems that you are determined to do with me whatever you want to and I really don’t have much choice in the outcome. But as frustrating as it is, this is also terribly exciting. It’s strangely calming to realize that I have nothing bursa escort to do, that I just have to surrender my will to yours. And the anticipation is starting to get to me.

“Sit up! Right NOW!”

Snapping out of my thoughts at your shout, I sit up so that my breasts rest on the top of the back cushion. You reach for them, cupping them in your hands. The thumbs teasing my sensitive nipples, making them stand up and out. I can see how their shape changes from flat pale pink rounds, to a deep pink, pointed and hard. Ummm, how I love the way your hands move over me, exciting me, the pleasure beginning in my peaked nipples and then moving down to my cunt as that wonderful heavy ache begins between my thighs.

My eyes close as you pull and pinch my nipples lightly between your thumb and forefingers, rolling them together. Sighing with pleasure as you tease me, I can feel my clit starting to swell, aware suddenly of a pleasant low key throb begining in me, timed to the beats of my heart. As you pull your hands away from me, I moan. As I look to see why you have stopped, I see something shiny between your fingers.

“Keep your eyes closed. Just feel.”

“Ummmm…What is it?

“I thought I told you to be quiet and just feel. Stop being so damm curious about everything.”

I can feel you lift my right breast in your hand, pulling it upward towards you.

“OW! Hey don’t pinch so hard!” I shout as I try to pull back from the fingers that have my nipple in a vise like grip. Opening my eyes I can see its not fingers, but a tiny sliver clamp attached to my right nipple. There is a chain connecting it to another clamp. As quick as I take this all in, you open the pinchers on the other clamp and slip it over my left nipple. Oh god I can’t believe how much it hurts. I look into your eyes as tears well up in mine. I can see how your emerald eyes blaze with fun and amusement at my surprise. But as you look at me, your hands reach out to stroke the undersides of my breasts in a slow gentle manner. Your touch calms me, and in few moments I feel the pain fading and being replaced by a steady pressure that is not as much painful as it is more a throbbing ache.

Dropping to your knees in front of me brings your mouth level with my breasts. I lean forward to give your lips better access to my nipples, but instead you catch the chain between your teeth. I watch fascinated as you tug at slender chain, alternating the pressure between the nipples, first the right and then the left. Each pull is a ghostly reminder of the painful first seconds when you placed the clamps on me. Now it’s no longer painful. In fact it’s starting to feel like a fire in my nipples and each playful tug of the chain is sending jolts of red hot pleasure racing through me and ending in my clit.

Sighing, I feel the excitement that had subsided in me begin to grow again. I am so aware of the sensation racing through me, the fire in the tips of my breasts, the expanding of my cunt, the wetness starting to flow out of me. My clit feels enormous, engorged and so very sensitive against the silk of my panties. I can feel how hard it is sliding inside my panties, as I rub my nub gainst the back cushion.

“STOP THAT!!” ou shout at me.

Startled out of my reverie, I see you stand, a look of dark anger on your face. Suddenly you move around to the back of the chair. Grabbing the elastic at the back of the thin panties, I feel it ripping away from my body.

“I told you that tonight I was in charge of all the pleasure you feel. You are not going to get yourself off by masturbating on the chair. You will be punished for this. Right NOW.”


I flinch as you administer a stinging, open handed slap across the cheeks of my ass.


Another, harder slap this time.


Again, I can feel the heat as each successive slap lands square across my rump.


I notice the warmth generated by the spanking spreading throughout my pelvis.


You stand there, regarding me solemnly.”I think I’d better stop this now. Punishment isn’t really punishment, when you start to enjoy it.”

“You think I LIKE this?”

“I know you do. I can see in the way you’re waving your rear at me like a matador waving a red cloak at a bull. What’s more I bet, let me see here….”

As your voice trails off, I can your hand slipping between my thighs and coming up to cup my entire pussy in the palm of your hand. Sighing as your fingers slide over my outer lips, parting me easily with the tip of your index finger.

Leaning over my back, I can feel your breath warm against my neck as you continue to let your fingers roam over the folds of my lips.

“See, you greedy slut, I was right. You’re soaking wet. Right now all you are thinking of is how much you would love to feel my fingers slide into you, fucking you. Am I right?”

A strangled whisper escapes against my will. “Yes.”

“What? I couldn’t make that out?” As I feel one of your fingers malatya escort poised at the entrance of my vagina.

“Yes, please”.

“Please what?”

As you probe around at the entrance of my cunt.

“Please fuck me.” I plead.

Pushing back against your fingers, trying to push them in, where I know that they will do so much good.

Your amusement at my plight is so apparent in your voice. “No way, not yet. I want you really ready for this. Your not nearly excited enough for what I have planed for you.”

As you speak I feel your fingers being pulled away. A wave of indigent anger washes over me as I feel the frustration of being left wanting so much more. Harsh, bitter words rush unbidden to my lips.

“Your not being nice you know. You’re being a bastard. You think your being so dammed manly by doing this to me? Is that it?”



Suddenly you are back around the chair, standing before me. I watch you as you quickly strip off your clothes. As your your clothes dropl to the floor, I can see that I am not the only one in the room who is excited. Your cock is jutting straight out, hard and swollen. Your eyes are closed as you stand inches away from my face, stroking yourself lightly. My hands stain against the bonds that are holding me fast to the chair, wanting nothing more to reach out and touch you.

Opening your eyes, you look at me and I know you can read the naked lust and need that is mirrored in my face. I want so to be able to touch you, to run my hands over you, to cup your balls in my palms, to stroke your cock between my hands. Your expression changes to one of, well, almost compassion, as you look deeply into my eyes. Stepping closer to me, your cock grasped lightly in your hand, you hold it in front of me so I can watch you. You guide the head of your hard prick so that it lightly touches my cheek, letting your hand glide the soft head across my face, down the bridge of my nose, over my eyelids, down the side of my neck and brushing across my chin to lips, leaving trails of pre-cum over my face. As you continue to massage my face, you start to murmur, gently speaking.

“I’m not doing this to harm you or to hurt you. But you must learn to obey me when I tell you to. I have a plan for you tonight and I will not be dissuaded from it, no matter how hard you beg me or whimper or complain. I told you I am the one who is in control. You have no choice but to do just as I say.”

As you are speaking your other hand has found the silver chain hanging between my nipples and as if to emphasize each point you make you give it a short tug. Each tug in turn sends a shiver from my nipples to my cunt as I me groan involuntarily. Your cock is now resting against my lips, I open them, taking little licks over the tip of the swollen head. Letting my lips close over it, sucking you in as you start to respond, you respond to me by pushing it in a bit. Opening my mouth wider, I pull you in deeper with my lips. I hear a sigh of pleasure from you as your hands clasp the back of head, your fingers tangling in my curls as you pull me onto your hardness.

Slowly you begin to thrust your hips forward in past my lips. Your cock is now harder than I can ever remember it being before. As you slide in and out, I let my teeth scrap lightly along the shaft as my tongue follows, wetly soothing any hurt areas. Remembering how much you like it, I clamp my lips down tightly just below the head, as you pull almost out, and hold you there, just inside, as my tongue flickers wildly around the head.

As my tongue begins to trace the veins standing out in relief, I can feel your cock begin to throb against my lips as the aching need in my cunt throbs in time. With a groan you pull completely out of my mouth. Watching you standing before me, your hardness glazed with the moisture from my mouth, I know I have a dazed look in my eyes. You voice snaps me to attention as your hand in my hair pulls my face up to look into yours.

“Oh, you are such a bad girl. You really do think you can get your way with me? You wanted nothing more a second ago than to feel my cock pumping cum down your throat, didn’t you?”

“Well… I…”

Jerking my head slightly.

“Didn’t YOU?”

I can barely whisper my reply.


“You’re learning, but not quite fast enough. I will fill you with my cum, eventually. But only when I am ready to, and not a moment before.”

With a gentle caress of the back of your hand on my cheek, you move away from the chair and come around to the back of me again. I can feel your fingers, strong and lean, separating my lips, opening me wide. My sweet gentle lover’s voice is gone, replaced with this rougher version of yourself.

“You are so wet, you greedy slut. Feel how my fingers slip all over this cunt? You’re dripping juice down your thighs. I can smell how much you want me to fuck you rght now.”

As you continue to tell me what a wet cunt I am, your fingers appear in front of my lips, glistening with my own çanakkale escort moisture.

“Taste yourself. Lick ’em dry. See how turned on you are?”

Taking your offering, my lips wrap around your fingers, sucking the salty yet sweet mixture from them in a faint recall of the way I was sucking on your cock just moments ago. As I continue to lick, you lean against me, fitting your chest to my back, your pelvis tucking in underneath mine, your cock gliding back and forth against my wet sex and your voice, cool and detached, whispers in my ear.

“This is what you really want you know. You always want it. This is what it always comes down to with you. You’re such a cock hungry cunt. Just the idea that I can fill your pussy with my dick gets you off. Look at you, you want it so bad, your cunt is so needy, so wet, needing me to fill you up. Can you hear yourself, whimpering, trying get me inside this greedy bitch cunt of yours? What will you do to get it?”

As your voice whispers in my ear, your breath is so warm and the tenision in your voice matches the tension in my body as you move your cock head to the entrance of my cunt, letting the tip just rest there, pushing forward a tiny bit, just enough to tempt me, tease me.

“Tell me baby, just what will you do to show me that you will mind me from now on? “

I can feel my cunt starting to close around you. I want it so much, more than that, I need your cock in me. A strangled cry erupts from my throat.

“Anything. I will do anything you want. Just fuck me now. Please, FUCK ME.”

The only response I get is a low chuckle.

“Is this what you want?” I feel you push yourself just a fraction more into my wet channel.

“Is it?” Your voice low and insistent.

“Yes.” Now whimpering with the need that is consuming me, a pleading tone enters my voice. “Please, oh please give it to me.” Pushing back at you, trying to impale myself on that hardness. All I can think of now is how much I want to be filled with that tantalizing hot cock.

“No! Your not really ready for it.” Your voice low and harsh as you whisper in my ear. I feel you slide your cock back out of me, and carress the swollen lips of my pussy with the shaft, pushing it back and forth, relentlessly teasing me, each movement driving me crazy, making me aware of how much I want and just how much I need to cum. “My god you are so wet, so slick. Your dying to get my hard dick in you. I can feel you quivering, just hanging there, so ready to cum when I decide you will. All it’s going to take is a couple of hard thrusts and you will be over the edge cumming all over my cock, won’t you my sweet lil cock hungry slut? If I give you the dicking you want so much now, will you remember that you are mine? That as much as I love fucking you my sexy bitch, that I am the one who is in charge now?”

“Oh god. Please.”

Shouting loudly, grabbing me by the hair and turning my face to look directly at you. “Say it! Tell me!”

Giving in, having no more will to restrain myself in the face of your assault on my nerves and senses. All I want is your cock. All I want is you. You, fucking me.

Sobbing out my need, tears streaming down my face. “Yes I am yours. I’ll do anything you want. Just please fuck me now.”

One hard thrust and finally you are all the way inside of me.You are hard as steel, but it’s steel encased in velvet, filling me with pleasure as i feel my pussy engulf you. Your cock stretchs me wide as you grab my hips, guiding me hard and fast onto you. Back and forth, the need and desire quickly building to a fever point. The spiraling sensation that signals my orgasm peaking. Starting to thrash from side to side, my back arching against your chest. The animal need and desire taking over as I begin to spasm wildly around your cock, cumming in intense waves of pure pleasure, pure ectacsy. Unitelligble moans of joy erupt, unbidden, from my throat.

As I continue to ride the crest of my orgasm, I hear you, like a distant roar in my head, growling as you grow even harder in me.

“Oh jeze baby your cunt is on fire. So hot.”

As you slam your cock in me, pushing hard for your own peak. Finally stopping for a second as you start to pulse with your own climax, spilling your cum deep into me, then thrusting deep once more and finally holding me tight on your cock as you empty the last of yourself into me.

“Arrgggh. Cumming in you babe. So hard. Hot. Yes!”

Your body collapses against me, both of us breathing hard and ragged, our bodies slick with sweat from the exhertion. I am dazed at the total intensity of what has just passed. My mind is numb and disjointed as the pleasurable glow of perfect satisfaction grows in my body and heart. For a long moment nothing is said, nothing needs to be said as you hold me tight.

Finally you grow soft and slip out of my wetness. With a kiss on the nape of my neck I feel a cool breeze of air move over me again, as the warmth of your chest covering my back disappears. I can feel your hands on my ankles, removing the ties that bind me and then moving on to lossen the ties at my wrists. You lift me in your arms and carry me to the sofa. Wrapping a soft fleece blanket around my body, you hold me tightly in your arms. Now I have my sweet, gentle lover back. Kisses from your lips on my neck and shoulders warm my soul. Your voice is now once again honey soft and silky sweet.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32