Important Business Comes Up

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Finally I’d made it. There I was sitting in the boardroom of our company. A Vice President at 35 years of age and after only five years with the company, and this was my first board meeting. The long table stretched far away down the room to where the more senior partners sat and the agenda was being read. The first item was my introduction to the board; the chairman, Bob Hardcastle (usually known as Hardarse because of his manner) said, “Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to take this opportunity of officially welcoming Mr Jason Meadows to our board. He has been with us a few years and shows great promise in gaining the firm some new accounts. Welcome Jason!” it was the most friendly tone I had ever heard from him.

The eyes of the board were on me as they applauded the announcement. I nodded and smiled in my nervousness and muttered something approaching a thankyou only to be cut off by the return to the brusque tone of Bob’s voice. Next to me was one of the partners of the advertising agency, Dana Jones. She was a stunning and statuesque woman in her mid 30s with a reputation for being a go-getter that earned her a partnership several years earlier.

Amongst other things Dana also had the reputation of being a predator in the office but she always seemed to reserve her attention to the people in this room, never the junior workers. She was sitting quite close and her perfume was soft but distinctive. As the meeting continued and discussion roamed from topic to topic I started to notice the amount of attention Dana was paying me. It was about forty minutes in that it happened. Her foot brushed against my foot and rubbed up my shin.

I assumed it was an accident until a minute or so later it happened again. She was playing footsy with me, brushing up and down my trouser leg! This made me nervous. Until now my focus was on the meeting and I had been formally welcomed and been asked to make some comments about what I had to offer the company. Now my leg was being rubbed with the foot of this gorgeous woman. Her attention was making me uneasy and just a little bit of panic was rising in me amongst other things.

The meeting continued and so did the foot. Then it started to very deliberately move up my shin in quite long strokes and I was becoming horny and more nervous at the same time. My reason for my nerves was simple. She had taken off her shoe and was now using her stockinged foot — Oh dear! Now it was panic time as she was about to find out! Throughout all of this I had only really seen her stunning profile as she had at no time looked in my direction except when I had been talking. It was as if it wasn’t happening. But within a second of her rubbing up under the cuff of my trouser leg with her shoeless foot she stopped and her deep blue eyes looked directly into my eyes with a clear expression of surprise and then she smiled and stopped. Her stockinged foot had been rubbing my stockinged leg and I knew she knew it. A few seconds later, she excused herself from the table and left. The meeting continued and after several minutes Dana returned.

When she got back to her chair she handed me a medium sized envelope that had my name on the front. As she gave it to me, in a voice loud enough for several others to hear, she said, “Jason, these just came for you. Apparently they need your urgent attention.” Then she sat back in her chair. I opened the envelope and looked inside and nearly fainted. Immediately that I put my face near the opening I could smell her perfume and there inside the envelope was a pair of obviously wet red, satin panties! I almost passed out but now it was Bob who got my attention by asking, “Is there urfa escort a problem Jason, or could we continue with the meeting?” I stammered a yes and straight away the foot was back. My cock was fit to lift the table!

The last point of business was to discuss a new client I’d brought in and her account. I must have sounded like an idiot with the distraction of Dana’s foot caressing my leg but no one seemed to notice or at least comment. It was a rather lucrative account for a lingerie company. I discussed the key ideas and then Bob suggested that, as this would be my first major project as a VP, perhaps I should work with one of the partners to ensure I learned the ropes. A millisecond later Dana had offered to help me commenting knowingly, “We should get together immediately after this meeting to see what you’ve got on and arrange a time to work on the account.” I half smiled and agreed and then the meeting was adjourned. I made a point of taking my time putting my bits and pieces together and composing myself and receiving the congratulations of the board. As Dana stood up from the table she leaned toward me. Her long slender legs brushed mine as she moved between our chairs and her breasts strained against her blouse buttons as she leaned close to give me a very direct, lecherous look as she said, “I’ll see you in your office in a few minutes.”

I left the room and went to my office, carrying my briefcase that held the envelope, in front of me to hide the only slightly reduced lump in my pants. When I got there I told Alison, my secretary, that I was expecting Ms Jones only to find out that she was waiting in my office. I told her that we were going to be planning the new account and were not to be disturbed and, sounding convincing and in-charge, I entered my office and closed the door. She was sitting on the leather couch opposite my desk on the far side of the office and I moved to the desk and put my case down and then I turned to her. She uncrossed her legs, giving me a brief look at the lace stocking tops and her gorgeous thighs, and stood up.

Her 4″ patent leather red pumps made her slightly taller than me as she walked over to me, her legs peeking through the split skirt with each step, and stopped about two-feet away. I had a few moments to observe her as she approached; her knockout legs rose to some womanly hips and a narrowing waist up to her D cup breasts encased in her silk blouse. She was elegantly powerful in her movement and her beautiful face was framed by her stylishly cut shoulder length blonde hair. “Did you like the little surprise? I enjoyed making them wet for you. Now tell me what exactly are you wearing under that suit?”

The last was enough to make me go weak at the knees. I was caught and I couldn’t think of a way to escape. She walked back across the large office and quietly locked the door and then she came back to stand in front of me. Her rather soft husky voice came out of her beautiful mouth with “So we enjoy a little cross dressing do we? I’d like to see. It would only be fair. I showed you mine so you can show me yours.” With that she started to undo my belt. I stood stunned and motionless and soon my pants were about my ankles.

I had chosen a plain black thigh-high hold-up stocking that could pass for expensive business socks as long as they weren’t examined too closely. A complimenting pair of lace panties finished my ensemble. I’d been wearing women’s underwear since I was about 14 or 15 and had explored my sensuality as well as my sexuality with my mother’s and sisters’ underclothes. When wearing lingerie I feel confident and assured balıkesir escort and I am certain it was this that got me my new job and right into this awkward situation.

Dana walked around me, gently running her long red-polished fingernails over my panty-clad backside while she examined the garments. She had a little smile and cooed with approval, particularly when she was back in front of me and she could see the erection that was pushing the lace away from me and exposing my pubic hairs. “We’ll have to do something with that or we’ll never get any work done.” And immediately she said that she went down on her knees in front of me and reached into my panties with her long slender fingers to pull out my cock. One of my favourite fantasies was coming true. To find a woman who accepted my habit and was prepared to act on it. I had no idea how true that statement was to become but right at this moment I was busy as her sexy lips spread around my cock head and she started to stroke my stockinged legs and panty-clad butt. I couldn’t have been much more horny and it didn’t take long for her bobbing head to have my cock twitching. I was coming quickly and it was going to be big. When the first spasm erupted, Dana took it in her mouth but then lifted my panties back over my cock and continued to stroke and rub while I came in them. It was an exhausting come. The sexual aroma filled the office.

When I’d landed back on Earth from cloud nine Dana said, “Well I thought it only fair that we share — I gave you some cum soaked panties, now you can do the same.” She slowly pulled the lace panties down my legs leaving my deflated cock dangling half-flaccid in front of my stockinged legs. She helped me step out of my pants and panties which she tossed onto the envelope on my desk. “Now perhaps you can do me a little favour!” and with that she stood up and moved to the couch where she faced me, bent and lifted her skirt before she sat on the edge. “Eat me out!” It was a sexy voice but it wasn’t a request and it made my cock and I both jump. As I moved across the room toward her I could easily see the juices all over her upper thighs — she was really enjoying this too. Her cunt was moist and open between her well-spread legs. The blonde mat of neatly trimmed pussy hair was glistening and soaked. I knelt in front of Dana and moved closer to her enticing hole. The smell was identical to the wonderful aroma from the envelope. I brushed my face along her stockings as I moved in to lick her thighs. I moved closer to the protruding petals of her cunt and made a few tentative touches with my tongue before taking her pouting lips into my mouth and began to suck and thrust my tongue into her waiting hole and then around her protruding nub while she moaned her approval. I burrowed my tongue into her and she leant back on the couch, opening herself up even more to me as she humped back into my face. It was not at all difficult to find her clit. Although I hadn’t been with that many women, that little button of pleasure always amazed me, but with Dana it stood out so much that I was able to get it between my teeth. She was very vocal about what she wanted and didn’t hold back in telling me.

“Eat me. Bite and suck! Harder!” As she was saying this, her hands grabbed my head to ram it home into her and one of her legs wrapped around my back to hold me in position. After several minutes of this more intense part of our lovemaking — not that love actually had much to do with it — Dana came. She quivered and clamped her thighs together; she was quite quiet about it but that was probably due to where we were. I could trabzon escort now understand how come her panties were so soaked and strong smelling. She came in a jet that squirted into my mouth. It was similar to the first spurt of come I have when I’ve not had sex for a while and then enjoyed a lengthy session of masturbation while wearing my finery. It squirted into my open mouth and easily slipped down my throat. Some women don’t like to swallow a man’s come — in her case I didn’t get a choice. But it tasted fantastic anyway.

Dana held me tightly between her thighs while I gently nuzzled and licked her outer lips, avoiding the engorged and sensitive button, until she had recovered and pushed me away. Then she lent forward and kissed me. I could taste my come in her mouth and I am certain she could taste hers in mine. She told me to stand and then she stood up, collected the clothes from my desk and led me into the en suite in my office and we cleaned up a little. I was still only stocking clad but with her skirt you would never know she was also panty free. She took my come soaked panties and slid them up her legs and rubbed them into her pussy. She then put a hand on her hip, tilted her head to one side and said, “Well? Aren’t you going to get dressed too?” I started to reach for my trousers and she gave a little cough and nodded toward the envelope that she’d dropped on the vanity unit. I leant over and got the envelope and took out the red satin knickers that were obviously a couple of sizes too small for me and proceeded to put them on. They were snug but they slipped over my hips and my cock was more or less held inside them. Then I put on my pants and she took my hand and led me over to sit on the couch.

She explained how we needed to keep this very discrete, as office gossip was always a problem. Obviously I agreed but I didn’t bother to tell her that in the last hour she had confirmed several bits of the gossip about her. She was thought to only put out for the executives and was believed to have ‘welcomed’ most of the new ones as they joined the board. She didn’t mind developing a relationship with a co-worker so that’s probably why she was only interested in the executives. There was too much hard work in a relationship with an employee — too many laws to be worried about if it doesn’t last. Next she made me a little proposition. “You seem to have grown in confidence since you first joined the company. Is that because of the clothes?”

I explained that when I first joined I had to get settled in and that the risk of getting caught kept me fearful of wearing my frillies beneath my suits. Then, when I had received big praise for a couple of my campaigns and was given my own office downstairs, I started to take small risks. And the answer was yes, they do make me feel good and I suppose that must affect my confidence. She shuffled a little closer to me and said, “That’s what I like to hear – someone who is prepared to take risks.” The intensity of her eyes staring into mine was very powerful. I couldn’t have moved away even if I had wanted to. Then she said, “Here’s a little deal. You book an hour each afternoon for us to work on the new client’s campaign and we can meet in the evening to do the work also. The bonus in this deal is that the more adventurous you get in the office with your lingerie, the more adventurous I will get with my response to it. How does that sound?”

She was obviously speaking the language of cock because he responded with a big jump inside her wet panties. I stammered a little and then whole-heartedly agreed. “Done then. Meet me at my place tonight at 7 and I’ll make us dinner. We might even talk about the new account. Get my address from staff records on your computer. Oh, and wear something nice!” And with that and a dazzling smile she got up and left the office. I watched the gentle sway of her hips as she walked out and longed for the opportunity to put my cock inside that woman.

To be continued…

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