Folly! Ch. 05

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The following day, wanting to get plenty of work done early to clear away a backlog, Miriam left home before seven and got to work early. As she went through the empty office she was pleased that she had the office to herself only to find a message from Gabrielle already on her desk.


Bob wants to see you as soon as possible –


She dropped her bag on her desk and immediately went to the Managing Director’s suite.

“What’s the excitement about this morning?” she asked Gabrielle when she arrived at her desk.

“VIP’s,” Gabrielle replied succinctly. She waved her arm toward the door dramatically. “Better go see for yourself. He wants you in there.”

Miriam knocked on the door and went in without awaiting an answer. As she entered Seagram’s office the four male occupants stood respectfully.

“Ah, Miriam,” Seagram began. “Thanks for coming in.” He introduced the men. Richard was tall, dark and good looking in a plain sort of way. Paul was fair, shorter and stocky but obviously a fit man who looked after himself. The last man, Matt, was a big negro, tall and broad, and wonderfully handsome.

Seagram indicated a chair. Miriam perched silently on its edge wondering why she was involved in this meeting at all. None of the conversation involved her in any way. The project, she knew, had been handled by Ian Peacocke. Why wasn’t he here? Her thoughts were returned to the present by Seagram’s voice…

” … so while they are here I want you to liaise directly with them. You are to be my interface. If there is anything that they need or desire, I expect that you will provide it for them. Anything at all! I have explained your skills and abilities to them and, believe me, I am fully confident in your ability to satisfy them. Okay?”

The shock hit her in the face like a punch from a heavyweight boxer. The hide of the man! “…anything they need or desire… …provide it for them… …anything at all… …explained your skills and abilities… …satisfy them… ” What did Bob think she was – his private whore? Calm down, she told herself. You may be reading more into this than there really is. This is probably some innocent business get together.

“Fine by me, Bob,” she replied with a well disguised smile. “When do we start?”

“Tonight,” he replied simply. “However, it will be intensive time because these gentlemen will be on a flight out at six tomorrow morning. You’re to pick them up at the Regent at six thirty tonight. There’s a table booked at The Outrigger. You know where it is?” Miriam nodded. “Take the Rockdale file off my desk. I suggest you cancel the rest of your day, take it home and be very familiar with it by tonight. This contract is in your hands, Miriam, and any decisions you make will be binding. You’ll be acting with my full authority and confidence on this one. Clear enough?”

Perfectly clear, Bob.” Miriam smiled, then stood and took the appropriate file from his desk. She spun around to face them holding out her hand. “Gentlemen… until tonight then.”

They stood, took her hand in turns and watched her as she left. As she closed the door behind herself, she smiled at Gabrielle. Thank goodness I was wrong she told herself. An indignant outburst in there would have blown the whole thing for Bob and, as a consequence, for her.

“Good luck!” Gabrielle wished her cheerfully as she walked out the door.

Miriam got her secretary to cancel all of her appointments for the day and went home with the file. As she drove home she thought about the job in front of her but slowly her mind drifted. The weather was beautiful, warm but not too hot and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Too nice a day to be working. She chastened herself for the thought and put the weather behind her. There were important things to think about. She was going to barricade herself into the study and work. But all of that changed appreciably when she arrived home. There were no lights working. She went to the refrigerator. It had power. Oh, well, at least there was power to the house and, whatever the problem, it wasn’t serious enough to have turned off the fridge and freezer. She went around to the side of the house and checked the power box. The circuit breakers were all up and in place. Not knowing what to do next she rang Roger.

“I can’t come home now,” he told her. “I’ve got meetings on starting in about twenty minutes and going for the rest of the day. You’ll have to call Phil Ferguson and get him over. By the way, how come you’re at home? I thought you went to work early to get things done?”

Miriam explained what had happened. “Don’t rush home. I’ll arrange for David to stay over at Richard’s house tonight. And don’t wait up for me,” she added. “Bob seems to think it will be a long night of negotiations.”

“He’s obviously got a lot of confidence in you. Sounds like a great opportunity. Good luck and have fun. I’ll see you in the morning if not before.”

Having no lights in the house was a real bummer, she thought. istanbul escort She rang the electrician next. Phil was a friend and she knew he would come over as soon as he could but he still couldn’t make it before three. Damn! she thought looking at her watch. It was nine twenty.

She went into the bedroom where the weather popped back into her head. Why not have the bast of both worlds? She had six hours alone so she could enjoy the sun and work at the same time. She stripped off her clothes and slipped into her G-string bikini. Surveying herself in the mirror she decided that it was a good thing that Roger was not coming home. She chuckled to herself… He’d never get back to work! She picked up the file, a bottle of sun screen and some coffee from the kitchen and settled at the table by the pool. For more than four hours she worked – uninterrupted until the phone rang.

It was Gabrielle. Bob was sending a courier over with the contracts for the Rockdale project. If all went well, Gabrielle told her, Bob thought that she could expect to conclude the deal over dinner. Several minutes later the door bell rang. She wrapped her sarong around her hips and set off for the door. Miriam’s shock was immense when she came face to face with one of the warehouse staff. She recognised him and instantly wondered if he had been one of the men who had fucked her and begun her rise to the top of the corporate tree.

“Well, fancy meeting you here,” he smiled at her staring at her tits barely concealed by the brief bikini top. “You must be Mrs Porter. “I’m Steve. We all wondered what had happened to you. Rumour has it that you got yourself a promotion.”

“That’s right.”

“This is for you.” He handed her the envelope he had brought. “It’s a shame you had to move upstairs, really. We all miss you in the warehouse. The boys were hoping for a repeat session.”

“That’s unlikely,” she replied tersely.

“I see.” He looked disappointed. “Too good for us now, are you?” There was no apparent malice in his voice and she felt for him. Who knew what sort of life others lived. Anyway, she hated being thought of as a snob.

“Not at all,” she smiled, “and to prove it I’m inviting you in for a cup of coffee. If you’ve got time that is. I was just going to make one for myself.” She stepped aside and allowed him to pass her.

“Nice place,” he commented as she led him into the kitchen. Not that he had noticed much. His eyes had been fixed to her hips and arse as they swayed under the thin sarong.

“Thank you,” she replied moving over to the sink. Miriam picked up the electric jug and, as she began to fill it, she felt his hands on her hips.

“What about a proper thank you?” he asked quietly as he ground his hardening cock between the cheeks of her arse. His mouth was right up next to her ear. She could feel his hot breath on her cheek.

I don’t need this, she thought. I’ll just put him off gently. “Look, I’m kind of busy right now preparing for a very important meeting tonight. Thanks for the offer, Steve, but what you have in mind would distract me from my purpose.”

His hands came up to her breasts seeking her nipples through the thin material of her bra. “I promise I won’t keep you away from your work for long.”

She pulled the hands from her breasts and turned on the power for the jug. “I told you – I don’t have time!”

His hands immediately returned to her breasts and she allowed them to remain longer this time reluctant to curtail the pleasure feeling through the thinness of her bikini top. She reluctantly pulled the hands away then reached up to get the coffee cups.

He had noticed that her nipples had hardened and, encouraged, his fingers returned to her breasts without hesitation pulling the fabric of her skimpy bra to one side. His fingers reached for her erect nipple.

Miriam put the cups down, pulled his hands away yet again and adjusted her top. ” I said no, Steve,” she said but there was little authority left in her voice. She reached up for the coffee and sugar. His hands returned to her breasts and she allowed them to remain while she prepared their drinks.

Steve’s hands groped at her tits, pulling at the turgid nipples and arousing the lust he knew was within her. His cock had now reached full length and he ground the hardness into her. Slowly she began to respond pressing back against his rampant cock as he thrust his hips into her. His fingers pulled the bra cups aside exposing her tits once more, allowing his fingers to pluck at the inflamed points of her tits.

Miriam moaned loudly in response to this renewed assault on her breasts and pushed back harder than ever against him. She felt her cunt contract and the juices begin to flow. Miriam knew that she should stop him but she knew just as well that she probably could not. She was beyond caring anyway and turned in his arms pressing her lips against his. Her tongue curled around his passionately as his hands roamed over her thinly covered arse.

Steve reached Escort Anadolu Yakası down with one hand and pulled the sarong from her hips. His free hand snaked over her back, between the cheeks of her arse and along the coloured ribbon of her G-string while the other continued to work at her nipples bringing her to successively higher levels of arousal. The hand at her arse began to trace lines over her cheeks, its light touch creating desire at fever pitch. He dropped his head to her breasts and sucked hard at her nipples. The pleasure shot through her nipples down to her cunt and she began to pound her pelvis against the hardness in his trousers.

Quickly Steve spun her around again pushing her down over the sink. He unzipped his trousers and, with some difficulty, pulled his rampant cock out into the open. With one hand he pulled the G-string aside over her arse cheek while his other hand guided his cock to her wet and waiting cunt.

“Mmmmmm,” she sighed contentedly as his cock shoved into her deeply.

Steve’s hips moved rapidly, thrusting deeply into her while his hands held her hips steady. He could see her puckered, pink arse hole winking at him as his cock pounded into her wet gash covering the shaft and making it shine.

“Yes! Oh, yes. Yessss!” she called out passionately as she reached her peak. “Oooohh, yes! Yes, Steve… That’s the way!” She shuddered and moaned through the orgasm as it crashed over her.

* * * * *

Phil Ferguson turned the wheel of his van and coasted to a halt outside the Porter house. He had made good progress during the day and he knew that Miriam would be pleased to see him there early. There was another car parked in the driveway so he elected to park in the street. From what Miriam had told him he wouldn’t be here for long unless she offered him a coffee. He never said no to spending time with Roger and Miriam. Roger was okay but Miriam was a constant cause of perpetual hard ons whenever they met. She was one sexy customer and he had often wondered what it would be like to fuck her. But there had never been any signs of disharmony between them so he had never tried his hand.

He closed the door of the van and lightly skipped up the drive. He went directly around to the back of the house assuming that Miriam would be working by the pool as she had said. Suddenly, as he neared the open door of the family room, he stopped, alerted by sound he had not expected to hear.

“Oooh, yes! Yessss… That’s the way. Do it harder! Yes, fuck me harder.”

It was clearly Miriam’s voice but that had not been Roger’s car in the driveway. Then, it looked new. Maybe Roger’s company had bought him a new car. Phil knew that he should retreat to the front of the house and ring the door bell like any other visitor but this was an opportunity too good to miss. He was never going to get an opportunity to fuck Miriam. He knew that with total certainty so he was not giving up the chance to watch her being fucked. No doubt about it, Roger was a lucky prick!

Carefully, and with as little noise as possible, Phil went back and placed his tools by the power board before he crept back to the family room door. It was difficult to move easily with such a throbbing hard on. He listened for a moment. They were in the kitchen by the sound of it so he carefully moved across and, ducking down, stopped under the window. He waited allowing his ears to do the surveying for him.

Both of them were breathing heavily right above his head. That meant they were right by the sink. If he went across to the other side he should be able to see her without much chance of being seen himself. He had human nature on his side. After all, what woman looked about at the scenery with a stiff cock reaming up into her?

Soundlessly, he moved away from the window. He stood upright and inched his way to the corner of the window frame.

There she was! Roger was out of his line of sight. Miriam was leaning over with her arms resting on the sink and, clearly, she was being fucked from behind. Her big tits were hanging out of her bikini top swaying gracefully in time with the thrusting she was so obviously enjoying. Her eyes were close and the look on her face was pure bliss. As Phil watched open mouthed, she continued to moan out her pleasure.

He had always suspected that there was more to Roger that what met the eyes but this was something else again. He had this gorgeous woman way up there and over the moon with sexual bliss. He watched her being fucked for several minutes as he rubbed at the bulge in his shorts. She certainly looked good. As the cock pumped into her from behind, he wished that it was his. He had always imagined her tits to be good but not this good. He could hardly take his eyes off them. The were superb, full rounded and sitting high on her chest in spite of their impressive bulk.

“Oh, Steve,” he heard her sigh as a mini-orgasm hit her.

He watched her shudder through it. Steve… Steve? Who the hell was Steve? Anadolu Yakası Rus Escort And where was Roger? The poor bastard was probably still at work oblivious to what was happening here. Then again, maybe it was Roger and they were playing some fantasy game.

Moving slowly, he chanced a glimpse at the body behind her. He leaned against the wall, sweating. It sure as hell wasn’t Roger! Now he was really interested. He swallowed and peeked around the window again. The man had picked Miriam up off the floor and, without pulling his cock from her, carried her out of the kitchen.

Shit! he said softly. Just when he was about to get another look at the sexy Miriam. Now what did he do? He could go away or he could wait until the man went. If he waited Miriam would be aware that he knew. He certainly didn’t want to spoil their friendship but the chance to watch her beautiful body in action… His cock throbbed making the decision even harder than his cock. He moved around to the side of their house and peered into the master bedroom. Damn, they weren’t there! He checked the other bedrooms. Nothing! Where the hell were they? He checked the kitchen again. Still no sign of them. It took about thirty seconds for him to make a decision. He would have to take the chance and go inside. Now he knew what they meant when they talked about people thinking with their cocks. His lust and desire to watch them was driving him. Nothing he was doing now, he thought as he slid the insect screen away from the door, had anything to do with common sense.

Silently he approached the end of the family room and looked around the corner into the hall. There were muffled sounds coming from the lounge. He tiptoed down the hall as the sounds became louder and clearer. Both Miriam and the man, Steve, were nearing their climaxes. Phil peered around the corner, over the balustrade into the sunken lounge. He looked down over the fucking couple. Steve was still fucking Miriam from behind. She was on her hands and knees and he was pounding into her with his trousers around his ankles. Her now discarded bikini top lay beside them and he could see the swell of her big tits under her chest as they moved in response to the man’s shoving hips. Being above and behind them he was unseen unless they turned even though he was fully in the room with them. He pulled his aching cock from the confines of his shorts and began to pump it slowly. He could see the glistening cock as it shagged in and out of her dripping cunt.

He watched with intent lust as the woman of his fantasies was fucked before his eyes. The man’s strokes began to shorten while they increased in strength and intensity. Miriam’s climax hit and her arms gave way under her. Clearly it was an intense orgasm for her as she moaned and cried out repeatedly . Still she was not finished when the man came inside her. Harder and harder he ground into her and his cum shot deep up inside her. The man groaned and threw his head back. He released her hips and she collapsed like a rag doll under him. His cock, now free of her spasming cunt, spurted out a couple of lines of white cum onto her arse cheek and then he, too, had finished. The man’s breath was loud and ragged as he dragged in the air.

Phil suddenly realised that he was standing there, rampant cock in hand, exposed for both of them to see. He ducked back behind the wall tucking his cock into his shorts painfully before he dashed out into his van leaving his tools under the power board. He sat there for a while wondering how long to leave them before he went in. Then, after a few minutes – what he thought was an acceptable time – he got out of the van and started to go in. Suddenly he realised he had no tools. He doubled back to the van, removed a second set and went back up the driveway. As he got to the car, Steve came out of the front door and looked at him suspiciously.

“Which way to the power box, pal?” he asked cheerfully. “We got a call to check out the lights here.”

Steve looked at him perplexed.

“This is 119 Coronation Street, isn’t it?” Phil asked.

“Yes,” Steve replied, “but I wasn’t aware of any calls for service. Doesn’t matter,” he continued deciding that it wasn’t worth the discussion. “It’s around the side.”

“Gotcha,” Phil said as he opened the side gate. He stopped at the power board and put down his tools letting out a huge sigh of relief when he heard the car fire and reverse out of the driveway. He went to the back door.

“Miriam,” he called. There was no answer. “Miriam!” Louder this time but still no reply. Maybe she was in the shower. He opened the door and went inside. Instinct took him to the lounge. Miriam was still on the floor exactly as she had been when he had scampered out.

“Miriam,” he said quietly. Tentatively he descended the stairs to where she lay. No question, she was breathing. He looked at her – arse pointed upwards, head on the floor. Her tits were squashed beneath her chest, one exposed under her outflung arm, its nipple still red and erect. The lines of cum on her arse were still wet on her arse cheek and her G-string bikini bottom was still pulled over the other. There was the glistening of wetness around the wide open lips of her cunt. He felt his cock thicken and grow erect in his shorts again. What a beautiful, cock stiffening sight she was.

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