The Girl With Pink Hair: Pt. 02

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The Girl With Pink Hair: Pt 2

Any resemblance to individuals living or dead is purely co-incidental.

Constructive criticism is very welcome


In “The Girl With Pink Hair” we follow the travails of Elena Kowalski, a post-graduate student in the throes of completing her thesis. Her previous romantic interest has left the country to pursue his career and Elena is trying to fill the emotional void. She has a couple of less than satisfactory encounters before hooking up with Jess, a waitress. Jess reveals herself to be a member of another covert branch of humanity with the ability to detect and influence emotions. Elena decides that she is happy to accept Jess at face value – for the moment.


The Loft

Elena came awake with a little bit of a start, initially not knowing where she was. Then she smiled and stretched languorously in the warm comfort of Jess’s bed. It was still very dark, and Elena snuggled under the duvet.

“I’m off to work, love. I finish after lunch. Will you be here when I get back?” Jess whispered.

“Wild horses,” Elena murmured, and she heard Jess’s quiet chuckle.

The mezzanine floor creaked gently as Jess padded round to go downstairs. Half awake, Elena listened to the sounds of her new girlfriend getting washed and dressed, before quietly closing the door behind her as she left.

Mazily drifting in and out of sleep, Elena’s thoughts bumbled around in her head. Some delicious recollections of yesterday’s coupling had her nipples stiffening and she squirmed her thighs together. There were lots of problems now, she thought dreamily, but they could wait awhile. The word ‘love’ echoed as a soft lullaby as she drifted back into sleep.

Some few hours later, she sat up and wondered how to raise the blinds on the Velux. Looking around in the dusky light she noticed a remote hanging on a cord from the end of the headboard. It was admirably simple in design, there were just two rocker switches, one for the blinds; the other for the windows themselves.

The blinds started to come up in sequence, starting at the opposite end of the loft, and the big room came alive, with shafts of bright sunlight bouncing off the white walls. Elena hummed the theme to Thunderbirds with delight as a geeky teenage smile spread across her face. Hats off to whoever had the imagination to create this Boho loft rather than dividing it into four. She paused and chided herself, more likely eight extra bedrooms. There were plenty of predatory landlords in the city that would do exactly that if they got their hands on it. Sylvie’s uncle must be seriously rich.

She wondered what to do with herself. The first port of call had to be the bathroom and then breakfast, or brunch, she thought guiltily, looking at the time. Jess had already been at work for nearly five hours.

The shower was a wonderful mixture of high and low tech. A sophisticated mixer supplied the drencher style head and was fed by two colourful red and blue plaid hosepipes snaking across the floor from taps on the wall. Elena eyed these dubiously, but her worries were unfounded. A touch of a switch and she luxuriated in a decadent flood of hot water.

Afterwards, wrapped in a robe and with her hair piled up into a towel on top of her head, she sat at the small table and wondered at her unexpected situation. Now – what was it Jess had called it – entangled with an elven spy. That was absurd on so many levels! She’d known Jess less than 24 hours and only had her word for any of the fantastical things that they’d spoken about between bouts of lovemaking. A smile curved her lips, the sex had been very good.

She shook her head and attempted to organise her thoughts.

What did she actually know? Jess claimed to have three paranormal powers, but only one that she had demonstrated. There was that business of the dream and she had to admit that Professor Edwards had been considerably nicer to her since then. Elena pulled a Gallic shrug; Jess could demonstrate the other two to her satisfaction when she came back.

Next bit of evidence: Jess was a waitress in a bistro by the station. She also claimed to be a spy! There was no way to substantiate that. It would also have to wait until sufficient proof was provided. It was Elena’s fervent hope that Jess wasn’t a delusional fantasist.

Lastly, she thought back to the previous evening. Jess had said she loved her. Bizarrely, of this she was more certain. She examined her feelings, doing her best to rely more on instinct and leave her analytical brain out of the process. The business with Jack Turner had shaken her deeply and she hoped she wasn’t leaping from the frying pan into the proverbial. However, there was a little knot in her breast that didn’t feel fake, and she tentatively probed it.

Jess felt open and genuine, which might be what was expected of a spy but then why bursa escort tell the target? She had rescued her from the lying shitbag Dr Turner. Or, at least, she said she had. That couldn’t be confirmed unless Elena felt like having a very surreal telephone call. ‘Hi Mrs Turner, I don’t suppose you can tell me the name of the anonymous person that tipped you off to your scumbag husband’s infidelity?’ No, perhaps not. And wasn’t analytical brain supposed to be keeping its nose out of this?

Elena realised her shoulders had hunched with tension. She exhaled long and slow and made herself relax. Instead she thought about trust. Trust was very definitely not an analytical brain concept. And her instinct was to trust Jess. At that she felt a vast relief and was hugely reassured. Perhaps take things on trust (analytical brain sighed) for the moment and keep her wits about her. And the sex had been very good.

A little frisson shook her as she remembered the slick and the sweat, the soft cries, the sensual moans, the shuddering climaxes. So many words starting with ‘s’. Part of her immediately took up with thinking about why that might be while the rest of it dreamily recollected their twined limbs and she pressed her hand to her groin, squeezing her thighs together.

Memory supplied that at least one of the dildos was on top of the fridge by the bed and Elena groaned quietly. She should not be contemplating getting herself off, but her feet carried her upstairs, nevertheless.

She sat on the side of the bed and picked the sex toy up. It had several modes, but she settled on the simplest and opened her legs wide. Elena let the vibrating tip rest on top of the hood of her clit and thought about Jess’s full breasts, firm and shapely with prominent nipples. The memory of those stiff points between her lips and her teeth quickened her breath and she lay back, pressing the dildo more firmly into her sex.

A fire started to build in her belly as she thought about Jess’s brilliant blue eyes, looking up at her from between her legs. That blue intensity was evidence enough for a separate species all on its own.

There was a lump under her shoulder and Elena ferreted it out from under the duvet. It was no real surprise to discover another vibrator and she grinned to herself. This was the one that rotated and squirmed, and she felt an abrupt ratcheting up of her excitement as she switched it on. Jess had made her come like a rocket with this and Elena licked her lips as she anticipated a reprise. It was not going to be as good as if Jess did it but until her lover returned it would have to do.

She gasped as the head probed her opening, and then moaned as it eased further inside her, while she kept up the pressure on her clit with the other device. Her hips started to surge off the bed as she tortured herself by slowly fucking her sex with the knobbly plastic sex toy. Her lubrication was a rhythmic series of liquid sounds, easing the passage of the thing deep inside her.

Her climax arrived as a slow wave, cresting through her as she rammed the dildo home, and held the vibrator on to her clit as she shook and quivered. As she reached the peak, a melange of neon pink and deep blue swirled through her head and an ecstatic grin spread across her face, her eyes squeezed shut.

Across the city, Jess felt a little surge of crimson shot through with clear white light, and the corner of her mouth ticked up. Wish you were here indeed.

Elena lay back, staring at the ceiling, some things crystallising in her head. When it came down to it, all relationships were founded on trust. But perhaps Jess was going to have to work a little harder to earn it.

That decided, she rolled off the bed, climbed down the glorified ladder that counted as stairs and set about investigating the kitchen. Opening one cupboard door after another Elena discovered that this was a kitchen in name only. The two or three that weren’t empty contained only the most basic of items. Elena pursed her lips and frowned. The frown only deepened as she realised the coffee was instant out of a jar! Elena took a deep breath. This was akin to neglect. And something had to be done about it.

Calculating that she had about three hours before Jess came back, Elena eyed yesterday’s clothes before deciding that she couldn’t very well go out naked… well, she could… no, she couldn’t. With a grimace she pulled them on.

“You dimwit, Kowalski, shower after you have clean clothes,” she muttered to herself, “and before you decide to get yourself off,” as she left to return to her room in the shared house.


Exmoor Place

Shortly she was standing outside the house she had lived in for the last two years. Looking up at the shabby exterior she cringed. There was no way in God’s heaven she was bringing Jess here. With that she had another little epiphany, she wanted Jess’ respect.

Letting herself into her tiny room, she felt bursa escort bayan a momentary twinge of jealous anger at the unfairness of their relative situations. But then she wasn’t the one waitressing – even if it was a cover – she thought, before getting some clean clothes and setting off into town, texting with one hand.

‘I’ve gone out for supplies. Can I make dinner? Is there anything you don’t/won’t eat? I won’t be able to get in of course so I’ll wait for you outside.’

The reply came as she inspected the vegetables in the supermarket.

‘!!! ♥♥♥ ‘

Elena smiled. It was only the third text Jess had ever sent her; the whole of their conversation, seemingly mostly heart emojis, fitted on to the screen of her iPhone. The little knot in her breast put out a surge of warmth that lifted her step as she made her through the shops.


Somerset Street

She was a little reckless with her credit card, and just after 2pm she staggered back to the house with three large bags and sat down on the steps to wait for Jess.

When Jess came round the corner, Elena felt faint at the swell of emotion in her breast. Jess laughed, and like in all the best romances, ran to embrace her. They kissed briefly, then deeply, then passionately until Elena put her lover at arm’s length, swaying slightly. She swallowed and tried to bring herself back to the present She waved at the bags leaning against the steps.

“We’re not going to do anything until I’ve put this lot away.”

“What have you been buying?” Jess exclaimed, as she inspected what she could see of the contents.

“Civilisation,” her lover said, firmly. “I am going to civilise you. Grab that and let’s get inside.”

Soon Jess was staring at the sideboards in the kitchen. “What on earth is all this stuff?”

Assuming the mien of a domestic science teacher, Elena pointed at things in turn.

“This? This is butter. That gunk you have in the fridge is not fit for human consumption. That is salmon; I am going to poach it in white wine with lemon and bay. This is the cream with which I am going to make a lemon sauce. That is unoaked white Burgundy that we are going to drink with the meal. This collection is what you use to make coffee. I hope you don’t mind but I threw the instant in the bin.”

“What do you want me to do?” asked Jess, humbly, awed by Elena’s brisk decisiveness.

“First off, you can kiss me again, and then you can go and flop on the sofa, so that after I’ve made you a proper cup of tea, I can give your feet the rub they deserve.”

Jess laced her hands behind Elena’s head and drew her slowly in until she was kissing her way up the line of Elena’s neck. She nibbled on an earlobe and dipped her tongue inside to swirl round. Elena gasped and arched to expose more of herself to Jess’s attention. Jess kissed her on the forehead and then continued down to make the faintest brush on her lips.

Elena found herself breathing so deeply she was on the verge of hyperventilating. She struggled for coherence and pushed Jess away, adopting a dramatic pose, feet apart, head down and one arm outstretched with her hand’s palm open to her partner.

“Away from me, witchy woman!”

Jess looked at her in amusement. “Go on then! I can’t remember the last time someone offered to make me a drink.”

She sauntered to the sofa and flopped on it, watching Elena with an unreadable expression. Elena could feel those eyes tracking her as she poured boiling water into the pot and lowered the infuser inside. Setting a tray with two bone china mugs and the teapot, Elena brought it over to the sofa and set it down.

“Where did all that come from?” Jess asked, brow furrowed.

Elena didn’t answer, instead sitting at the other end of the sofa and picking up one of Jess’s feet. Her thumbs dug into the instep and made circling movements. Jess groaned aloud and her head rolled back. Over the next few minutes, she moaned and sighed as Elena ministered to her.

“Right, that’ll have brewed,” Elena said and putting Jess’s foot aside, leaned over and poured two mugs of tea. Handing one to Jess, the other looked at it suspiciously.

“Where’s the milk?”

“Only plebs put milk in Lady Grey. Smell it.”

Cautiously, Jess sniffed at the brew. Her eyebrows shot up. “That’s amazing! What did you call it?”

“Lady Grey. It’s a slightly less full-on version of Earl Grey, with added citrus peel and less bergamot. Careful, it’s very hot.”

Jess blew and sipped carefully, then snorted in amusement. They sat in companionable silence for a while and then Jess picked up her phone. A moment later, a low note from a string ensemble filled the room. Elena looked around for speakers and failed to find them. She looked questioningly at Jess.

“Sylvie’s uncle put in a state of the art sound system. That’s how he made his money, started off as a sound engineer and ended up in studio design. There’s some enormous escort bursa hard drive somewhere in the basement with just about everything you might ever want to listen to.”

“But the speakers?”

“See those abstract prints?”

On each wall there was an anonymous picture, the sort you might pick up from IKEA to brighten up a blank space. Elena frowned and got up to look at one of them. Resting her hand on the surface she could feel the vibration. She chuckled and turned to where Jess was smiling.

“I guess we get to surprise each other!”

“I wouldn’t want you to think I’m boring.”

Elena walked around to the back of the sofa and leaned over to kiss her lover. “You are anything but boring.”

Try as she might, Jess couldn’t suppress the emotions that burst from her, but Elena only smiled, shaping her feelings to fit; like a salmon making its way upstream. Jess was nearly overcome; this was partner-for-life stuff, not for people that had only just met. She put her hand up to stroke Elena’s cheek.

Her lover’s grey eyes crinkled slightly. “Must be doing something right.”


Elena liked cooking, especially when the results were simple to prepare but delicious, and poached salmon doesn’t come much simpler. Jess floated through the kitchen periodically, leaning over the pan to inhale deeply.

“What’s in here again?”

“White wine, a couple of fresh bay leaves that I nicked from one of the houses down the street-“

“You stole their plant!” Jess said in alarm.

Elena laughed. “A plant? Their bay tree must be twenty feet tall. It’s not going to miss a couple of leaves. It’s one of those things that treats any attempt to tame it as a challenge. It’s almost as bad as Ligustrum.”

“Li -what?”

“Privet. Now, out of here while I deal with the potatoes.”

Jess hovered just outside as Elena added several twists of pepper, a knob of butter and a little cream to the potatoes before turning them into a rich mash. Then she drained the peas and lifted the salmon from the pan. She cut a piece and arranged it on a plate with a scoop of potatoes and a decent ration of peas before pouring a little of the lemon and cream sauce over the top.

She cast a glance in Jess’s direction. “If you want something to do, pour us both a glass of wine. One third full.”

Jess rolled her eyes but obeyed. “One third full.”

Elena felt a little rush of pleasure at Jess’ surprise, first at the wine and then at the combination of the wine and the food. A couple of times, her eyes closed in near ecstasy.

“Elena, my love,” Jess said, dreamily as they lounged on the sofa to the strains of Debussy’s ‘La Mer’, “the price of this amazing figure is eternal hunger. Now you may have the metabolism of an ox, but I will be the size of a house if I eat like this regularly.”

“You’ll need plenty of exercise, then.”

Jess looked at her doubtfully, only for Elena to look coy. “I wasn’t thinking of running or swimming.”

She twisted to kiss Jess. A feathering of lips and a nuzzling of noses, cheeks sliding past one another so that she could plant a kiss on Jess’ shoulder, then another on her neck, the tip of her tongue slipping out to trail across the smooth skin as Jess shivered. Jess’ hands came up to find her shoulder blades under the fabric of her blouse.

Elena was so gentle and tender that Jess felt tears prick at the corners of her eyes. She went to press a kiss on the side of Elena’s head. This was sufficiently unexpected for Elena to stop what she was doing and look up at her. Her eyes widened and she huffed a laugh. “What is it?”

“I love you so much and you’ve only just met me. Part of me can’t quite believe you.”

“Well,” her lover murmured lazily, “this is obviously a new phenomenon, and we’ll have to gather some data first. I might have enough to start drawing some conclusions in, oh, a year or two. Maybe longer.”

Jess laughed giddily and Elena drew her in. Their lips opened to allow tongues to duel and dance.

Elena could feel a warm glow from Jess. It was a peculiar sensation: somehow in her head but not in it. She supposed empaths sometimes broadcast unconsciously. Analytical brain wondered what an empath’s sporting event would be like and whether it would have to have lead shielding. Maybe individual tinfoil hats. She sniggered at the mental image and Jess sat upright.

“What are you laughing at?”

“I’m sorry,” Elena apologised. “My brain just runs away with itself, sometimes.”


Elena sighed, “I was wondering what it’s like when a lot of you get together and get passionate about something. Not sex, necessarily but you know, politics, sport…” She tailed off. Jess looked very serious.

“What?” Elena asked.

“We do have to be careful. Politics is conducted by correspondence. Sport is generally avoided except in those sports where headgear is a requirement… what?” Jess frowned as Elena collapsed into helpless laughter.

“Are you making fun of us? Me?” Jess demanded.

“Tinfoil hats!” Elena hooted.

Jess looked severe. “It’s not a joke! We have to be so careful. Your kind is ruthless when it comes to competition. You’ve exterminated all rivals.”

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