Beach Models – Photographer Needed

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Big Tits

It had been a stressful week at work. Actually, it had become somewhat of a habit. Leave work on Friday at lunch and hurry home. Hook my boat up to the truck and head out to my sanctuary, a small island off the Gulf Coast of Florida. That day turned out to be different due to Christina and Maria.

It was mid-afternoon when I pulled my restored wooden Chris Craft into the cove. I had spent a year restoring all the wood on the small boat back to its original condition. It gave me such pleasure to take it out.

I spotted them immediately but then again who wouldn’t have. Two girls, maybe mid 20’s, standing there on the sand. No, they weren’t just two girls; they were beautiful even from a distance. One was very tall with long blond hair. She was wearing a skimpy blue suit that showed plenty of skin. The other girl was short with dark hair and dark skin.

The island is rather isolated and very few people go there even though it is a beautiful place. It looked like we were the only people there. I gathered my stuff and waded on shore. As I walked by the girls, I noticed that the shorter one had a camera and was taking photos of the taller one. They seemed to really be enjoying themselves. They waved and I walked down the beach a little way and started to put out my towel.

I had just settled in when the girls walked up to me. The taller girl introduced herself as Christina and the shorter girl as Maria. I offered them a spot on my blanket and they sat down. It was then that I realized how truly beautiful they both were. I offered them a beer and both accepted. Maria explained that they were both professional models and had just finished an assignment in Miami and they decided to take a few days off. Maria asked about my boat and wanted to know if they could take some photos around and on my boat since it would really work in their photos. Of course, I said. Maria winked and said that I could watch if I wanted. They seemed to be very carefree.

The three of us walked back to my boat and I tidied it up a little. Maria took out her camera and told Christina to stand by the boat. I put my towel down on the beach and decided to watch the two of them. It didn’t take but a minute to see why they were models. Christina struck suggestive sex hikayeleri poses while Maria clicked away.

After about 20 pictures, Maria walked up to Christina and said something to her. Christina undid her top and handed it to Maria. I am sure they saw my mouth drop open as I stared at Christina’s perky tits. As Christina struck poses, Maria clicked away. Christina climbed on my boat for more poses. She untied her bottoms and threw them to Maria. If my mouth fell open before, it was in the sand now as I stared at her ass. Maria took more photos and then Christina turned around and I was treated to the view of her small, perfectly trimmed, pubic hairs. More pictures and then Maria said it was her turn. Christina climbed out of the boat and took the camera from Maria. Christina was standing maybe 10 feet from me and didn’t make any attempt to cover up or put her suit back on. She turned to me and asked me if I was OK with nudity. I must have looked like a deer in the headlights when I muttered that it was OK with me.

Maria started to pose while Christina took the pictures. It became clear quickly that Maria wanted to pose more provocatively. Within a few minutes, Maria had taken her top and bottoms off. She climbed onto my boat and sat on the bow with her legs hanging over the front. She leaned back and supported her herself with her arms. With her legs spread, I could see everything. Maria pinched her nipples until they became hard and then put a hand between her legs. I could feel myself getting hard. Christina moved in for some close-ups. I couldn’t image Maria posing like that without getting turned on.

After some very graphic shots, Christina paused to change the card in the camera. I could hear them talking but couldn’t hear what they were saying. Maria called to me and waved me to the boat. She told me that they wanted to get some photos of the two of them and wanted to know if I wanted to be the photographer. Stilled stunned with my luck, I nodded yes and flashed a big grin.

I was a little disappointed when both girls put their suits back on but began taking a few photos as they posed. After a few shots, Maria told me they wanted me to act like a photographer and tell them how to pose. I used my imagination the porno hikayeleri best I could to come up with poses. The girls really seemed to be getting into me giving them directions.

Taking a chance, I told Maria to untie Christina’s top. Neither girl hesitated as I clicked away. I then told Christina to take Maria’s top off. Their smiles seemed to get even bigger. Since I had them topless, I figured why not go for it all. I told Maria to untie Christina’s bottoms and remove them. She did as I told her and threw them to me. I had them move around the boat taking pictures from different angles. I told Christina to take off Maria’s bottoms. As she slid Maria’s bottoms down her legs, I got a great photo of Christina’s ass. It sent shivers down my spine. I was so in grossed with what I was doing that I didn’t even notice the hard-on that I was sporting.

At one point, I had Christina standing behind Maria and told Christina to put her hands on Maria’s breasts. Christina did as instructed. After the shot, she took Maria’s nipples in her fingers and toyed with them. Maria turned toward Christina and kissed her on the lips. I was so floored that I forgot to take a picture of it. The two continued to kiss and I began to take photos. I know they knew I was taking pictures but they didn’t seem to care. Their kissing became more passionate and I saw Maria’s hand slide between Christina’s thighs. Not wanting to miss anything, I continued taking pictures. My mouth was dry.

They broke their kiss and climbed into the boat where Christina lied down on her back as Maria knelt between her legs. It was obvious what was going to happen next. Maria looked up at me and said that if I got in the boat, I would get a better camera angle. She didn’ have to say it twice. I climbed into the boat and focused on Maria’s face as her tongue touched Christina’s clit. Christina arched her back and closed her eyes. I clicked away. Maria took a finger and inserted it in Christina as she continued to lick and nibble on Christina’s clit. Christina’s head was going side to side as she told Maria not to stop. I felt like I was going to cum just watching these two girls.

Christina came several times before she sat up and pushed Maria onto her back. Christina seks hikayeleri used her finger to toy with Maria’s clit. Once Maria’s eyes closed, Christina lowered her face to Maria’s pussy and went to work. This obviously wasn’t the first time she had done this. She had Maria squirming and coming in short order.

As they finished, both looked as me and began to laugh. I think it was the first time they noticed how hard and turned on I was. Without saying a word, Christine reached for the camera and Maria reached for my shorts. There I stood on the boat with my suit around my ankles with a professional model taking me in her mouth. It didn’t take much and I knew I was going to cum. I told Maria that I was going to cum and she just took me deeper into her mouth. As I began to cum, she looked up into my eyes. She took every drop of me in her mouth and swallowed. She gave me a few licks to clean me up and then stood up.

At first it seemed kind of awkward but they thanked me for the use of my boat and for being their photographer. I told them it was my pleasure and that I really had enjoyed myself. That was an understatement.

Before leaving, they asked me if I wanted them to send me a photo so that my friends would believe my story. I said sure and gave them one of my business card. As the afternoon was now gone, I packed up my stuff and headed out leaving them on the beach.

Several weeks later, my secretary put an envelope marked confidential on my desk. There was no return address on it. I opened it and there were several photos. The first was a photo of Christina and Maria on the beach next to my boat with their suits on. The second photo was of the two of them nude facing away from the camera standing near the boat. The third photo showed a woman whose face was partially covered with hair taking a man’s penis in her mouth. Though you couldn’t see either person’s face, I knew it was Maria and I. On the back of the photo there was the following note, “Until next time, Love Christina and Maria PS. Check out the Sept issue of Stuff Magazine.”

It took two months before the Sept. issue of Stuff Magazine was available. I bought one at 7-11 and opened it up in the car. At first, I didn’t’ see anything but then noticed an article about what Models do in their time off. I flipped to the article and there was Christina and Maria at my sanctuary. The photos came from the photos we took that day. There in the corner was my name as the Photographer. I guess everyone will believe me now.

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