Black On Black Cuckolding : Hell

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Officially, we don’t exist. That’s what conventional wisdom tells us. If you were to type the words “Black Cuckolds” on Google, all you’d get are references to the standard-issue Cuckolding, which typically involves a big Black guy fucking a White woman while her husband or boyfriend, also White, watches. Nothing wrong with that if that’s what moves you. My name is Shana Brown-Waller and I’m a Black woman of Jamaican descent living in the City of Ottawa, Ontario. I’m five-foot-nine, curvy and sexy, with dark brown skin and long, neatly braided Black hair. I’m a Black Cuckoldress, and my husband Gary Waller is my Cuckold. Let the world beware.

Gary and I met at the University of Ottawa a long time ago. He’s six-foot-one, slim and fit, with light brown skin, light gray eyes and curly Black hair. A civil engineering contractor with various companies all over eastern Ontario, he makes good money. We live in a nice section of Orleans, a suburb of Ottawa. Gary is biracial, born to a Jamaican immigrant mother and Irish-Canadian father. He was born in the City of London, Ontario. Me? I was born and raised in the City of Kingston, Jamaica. I moved to Ontario for school, and ended up staying, for I met my husband there. We’ve had a loving, at times tumultuous relationship since.

Gary and I have two daughters, Stephanie and Amanda, who are currently studying at the University of Montreal. Our son Geoffrey graduated Seneca College with a criminal justice degree last fall and presently works for the Department of National Defence or D.N.D. He recently married his college sweetheart, an Asian chick named Angela Chang, and they have a bun in the oven. I can’t wait to be a grandmother! Yeah, our little family has done well for itself. Still, sometimes trouble comes your way when you least expect it. How you handle some of life’s nasty surprises determines a lot about you as a person. That’s something my mother taught me.

Gary recently revealed to me that he’s bisexual, and since Jamaican culture is one of the most homophobic cultures out there, he feared I might leave him. A lot of Jamaican women would kill their husband if he revealed that he swings both ways. It’s simply not cool to be gay or bisexual in Jamaica, especially if you’re a man. Well, Gary’s revelation turned out to be a pleasant surprise for me. You see, I am not the average Jamaican woman, who is typically religious and quite intolerant. I am quite kinky, and have been involved in BDSM for a long time now. I’ve discovered a long time ago that I am a dominatrix. I like to dominate both men and women. I’ve been doing BDSM sessions with paying clients behind Gary’s back for more than a decade. I don’t consider it cheating because I don’t have sex with these people. I tie them up and whip them, and I torment them physically and psychologically. That’s not sex, that’s BDSM. There is a BIG difference.

When I revealed to Gary that I’m a dominatrix, he was overjoyed. I brought him to the Vanier istanbul travesti dungeon where I operate, and even introduced him to some of my clients. Gary totally loves BDSM. I should have told him about my passion for all things kinky a long time ago. Why are us women so damn secretive? Gary told me he should have revealed his bisexuality to me a long time ago. We shared forgiveness and a passionate kiss after these revelations. I love my husband and the wonderful family we’ve raised. Now that the nest is empty, it’s time for us to do some serious kink together.

Gary told me about his fantasy of being Cuckolded, and I smilingly told him it was right up my alley. Lots of men out there are into ‘forbidden’ fetishes such as extreme female-on-male domination, forced bisexuality, forced feminization, anal fisting, cock and ball torture, etc. I knew there had to be Black guys who liked these fetishes but I never figured I’d be lucky enough to marry one. I once fucked a middle-aged Palestinian immigrant named Yousef Hamid while he sucked his buddy Ahmed’s dick while Yousef’s hijab-wearing, primp and proper Muslim wife Yasmina watched. Hell, the Arabs are a lot kinkier than they’re given credit for.

I had fun with Yousef, Ahmed and Yasmina that night in the Vanier dungeon. After fucking Yousef and making him suck off all of Ahmed’s cum from his thick Arab dick, I made Yousef ride Ahmed’s dick. That’s right, I organized some hot man-to-man action between two long-time friends. Things got so hot in the dungeon that Yasmina, Yousef’s wife, asked to join in on the action. I happily obliged and fucked her with my strap-on dildo while she watched her husband ride his best friend’s dick. I made Yasmina scream louder than her husband Yousef did that night. We had some wonderfully wicked fun.

This is what I’ve done for perfect strangers, to the tune of three hundred dollars for a one-hour session. Let’s see what I can do for my husband. Gary told me that he wanted me to totally humiliate him, break him down and mess him up. As his loving wife of almost three decades, this wasn’t easy for me. Lots of dominant Black women have the same issue when it comes to dealing with Black male submissive types. We love our Black men and don’t want to hurt them. We got no problem tormenting White guys and White chicks, though. I told myself that this is what Gary wants and as his loving wife, I’m trying to please him.

I asked my friend Rico to play the Bull for us. Rico is six-foot-six, broad-shouldered and heavily muscled. He was born in Laval, Quebec, to a Mexican father and Haitian immigrant mother. He’s a teacher’s assistant at a certain French college in Ottawa and he’s also a closet bisexual. Like I said, bi guys are right up my alley. I introduced Rico to Gary, and then the three of us went to the Vanier dungeon to get our freak on. We got naked, and got the condoms, toys and lubricant tubes ready. It doesn’t hurt to be prepared for anything and my dungeon istanbul travestileri is also equipped with First-Aid equipment, a defibrillator and things of that nature.

I took a Chastity Device and made Gary wear it, and I tugged on it, watching as he winced in pain. His dick was hurting. I smiled wickedly and reminded him that I owned his ass. I am the Mistress, the dominant woman and the Cuckoldress. He belongs to me. I could do whatever I want to him. To further emphasize this point, I decided to humiliate him by making him wear a wig, complete with a pink tutu, and high heels. I even applied lipstick and makeup on his mustachioed face. You’re my bitch, I told Gary triumphantly, and declared that for the duration of this session, he would be my male slut Gina The Sissy.

Gary/Gina watched as I knelt before Rico the Bull and sucked his long and thick, uncircumcised caramel cock. I fingered my cunt while going down on Rico. Once I had him nice and hard, I climbed on top of him and began riding his long and thick member like my life depended on it. While riding Rico’s magnificent dick, I gave Gary/Gina the Sissy the middle finger. All my male slut could do was watch haplessly as Rico the Bull pounded my cunt with powerful thrusts of his thick member. When Rico finally pulled out, I let him cum on my thighs and ordered Gary/Gina the Sissy to come lick it up like a good little Cuckold. Amazingly, Gary/Gina did. I smiled and nodded with satisfaction.

Afterwards, I decided that Rico and I would wreck Gary/Gina the Sissy. Ready or not, hubby, your fantasy is coming true today. I put Gary/Gina the Sissy on all fours and lubricated his slutty ass, then made him get on his knees suck Rico’s dick to full hardness. I then guided Rico the Bull’s big dick inside Gary/Gina the Sissy. Gripping Gary/Gina the Sissy’s hips, Rico the Bull began pumping his cock up his ass. Meanwhile, I donned my strap-on dildo and silenced my hubby’s pitiful moans by giving his mouth something to do, like sucking my dildo. Gary/Gina the Sissy sucked my plastic cock eagerly while getting butt-fucked by Rico the Bull.

Even with my strap-on dildo in his slutty mouth, Gary/Gina the Sissy managed to moan while getting ass-fucked by Rico the Bull. I told Rico to fuck Gary good and hard, since this is what Gary truly wanted. It wasn’t easy for me to see my husband and the father of our brood this way, but shit, it actually turned me on too. My pussy got real wet watching my husband getting his ass stuffed like a thanksgiving turkey. We went at it for forty five minutes before Gary begged for mercy. Rico the Bull pulled out of him, and we took a breather. I walked up to Gary and kissed him. He thanked me and Rico for making his ultimate, most twisted fantasy come true.

We hit the showers, then Rico left. Gary and I remained in the dungeon to clean up. Once more my husband was his tall, masculine, macho Jamaican self. No trace of Gina the Sissy remained. Gary travesti istanbul assured me that it was a one-time thing and he had zero interest in cross-dressing. He just wanted to experience extreme humiliation and domination. That’s good to hear because, while I like to torment guys sexually and psychologically, I couldn’t stand to be with a guy who’s a weak fem type 24/7. I had broken Gary’s manhood ( with his permission ) by temporarily turning him into Gina the Sissy. I gave his manhood back to him the best way I knew how.

Kneeling before my husband Gary, I grabbed his long and thick, uncut dick and sucked it. I fondled his balls, and he moaned softly as I pleasured him with my mouth and hands. It didn’t take him long to cum. Wearing the Chastity Device earlier had temporarily blocked a torrent of cum which he had in his balls. He’d been really turned on watching Rico fuck me. When Gary came, I swallowed every last drop of his manly cum. Then we really got our freak on. I got on all fours and spread my big and round, thick Jamaican booty wide open, exposing my anus. Gary got behind me and licked my asshole while fingering my wet, hairy pussy. Then he pressed his dick against my asshole and pushed it inside.

I licked my lips and fingered my cunt, bracing myself for impact as Gary worked his thick cock into my asshole. Gripping my cheeks tightly, Gary sprayed some lube on my asshole, then began fucking me. Hard and fast he pumped his dick into my asshole. I cried like a madwoman. Gary got really aggressive, calling me a slut, smacking my big Black butt and even pulling on my long, neatly braided hair as he slammed his dick into my shit hole.

Folks, anal sex isn’t the easiest thing in the world for a woman to try. And when you’re a tall, big-bottomed and curvy Black woman like myself, everyone wants to fuck you in the ass. My husband Gary is the only man I let do that. His dick felt good in my ass. I loved it, every moment of it. Good to know my King is still there. He totally owned my ass, filling every inch of my hole with his big Black cock. I continued fingering my pussy, and it got wet as a puddle. Moaning softly, I lay there and endured the sweet torment my husband was unleashing upon me. It didn’t take me long to cum afterwards, and I cried out in orgasmic delight, like a woman possessed, as Gary came as well, flooding my asshole with his cum.

Slowly Gary pulled out of my asshole, and I slumped on the floor, a Black dominatrix vanquished by the strong Black man she loves. Gary gathered me into his strong arms and kissed me passionately. I love you king, I purred contentedly. Gary smiled and nodded. We left the Vanier dungeon shortly after, and drove to our house in Orleans to continue what we’d started. I learned many things about my beloved husband Gary in that dungeon that night. Guys fuck a woman really hard AFTER she’s dominated and humiliated them. Spurs them on. Damn, I got to do that to him more often, then. Might inspire him to wreck my mouth, pussy and ass with that delicious, thick Jamaican dick of his. Just like mother nature herself intended. A pleasant thought, for sure. Anyhow, hope you enjoyed this tale, dear reader. This is how us Black folks do the Cuckolding thing. Peace.

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