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All comments and feedback are gratefully received as I’m hoping the feedback will encourage improvements in my work. This is a work of fiction from the deep dank recesses of my mind and any resemblance to real people is purely accidental.

This story contains lesbian sex, if this not to your liking, please visit some of my other submissions, otherwise I hope you enjoy.


Natalie hadn’t gone out for a year after her baby son was born. Prior to her pregnancy she had been quite the social butterfly, in fact in her Uni days Nat was the original party animal but the moment the petite 5 6 high dynamo found out she was pregnant alcohol was completely off the list. It had taken a great deal of persuading from her husband, Des, to get her out of the house and choosing a babysitter had proved a suitably herculean task — or so it seemed to her husband. Nat just wouldn’t leave their son in the care of just anyone.

Heidi had been recommended by the friend of a neighbour who sympathised with Nat’s plight but had nothing but praise for Heidi’s talent and patience with children, especially as she had just turned eighteen and therefore classed as an adult now. Heidi had readily agreed to come see Natalie before the fateful night to ensure both Nat and little Mason were comfortable with her. Nat need not have feared as little Mason had taken to the mousy teenager right from the off.

The night had gone really well, and Nat found herself able to relax right up until the point where Des’s phone went off. His company’s network had crashed, and the production lines were at a standstill. She was silently thankful they had at least had chance to finish their main course before the phone went off. Des had to go quickly and being in the opposite direction to home she had told him to go right away, and she would get a cab home. With all the alcohol she had consumed and shock of the call she had purposely asked the cab driver to drop her off at the top of their cul-de-sac so that she could walk the short distance to her house and try and clear her head slightly.

It never occurred to Nat that she was 2 hours ahead of what they forecasted with Heidi and when you combine this with Nat using the back door — the front door had a tendency to stick when closing, shaking the furniture in Mason’s room directly above — something unexpected was bound to happen. The Dark haired mum stepped inside the kitchen and immediately heard heavy breathing. Her first instinct was to assume that Heidi had a boy over which disappointed her greatly as she slowly closed the back door. Suddenly she heard a female voice say, “Oh I do like the taste of your pussy.”

Nat was temporarily put on the back foot. Instead of having a boy over, it seemed Heidi had a girl over but then it is the 21st century and so Nat shouldn’t have been shocked — it turns out she was more shocked by what was being said than she was about Heidi having someone in Nat’s house. Nat couldn’t pin it down but something was not quite right in their conversation and so she listened closely before storming into the living room — it was the accent. Nat slowly crept to the door, gently eased the handle down and then pulled the door open slightly. Thankfully the sofa was in direct line of sight and Nat gasped at what she saw.

There was no one with Heidi but she was illuminated by the TV screen. Her top and bra were lifted clear of her breasts and the young girl was using her left hand to pull and tweak at her own nipple of her right breast. The slim young woman’s trousers lay in a heap on the floor and had her legs held high and wide while furiously working two fingers in and out of her pussy at the same time as her thumb bashed her clit. It was obvious how turned on she was from the squelching sound coming from her pussy and her fingers were bashing away at lightning speed — the light from the TV showed her fingers glistening.

Nat found herself routed to the spot. She knew that she was witnessing a private moment and was wrong for watching. She knew from the sound reaching her ears that Heidi was watching lesbian porn, something the young Mum had no comprehension of. She knew that Heidi was in some way violating the sanctity of Nat’s home and yet she knew she couldn’t take her eyes off the spectacle in front of her — her feet felt like lead. What Nat didn’t know is that her own panties were damp from witnessing the spectacle.

Inadvertently the door opened slightly as Nat tried to get a better look and Heidi spotted the movement out of the corner of her eye. The movement drew her eyes to the door and then she saw Natalie looking at her, making the young girl jump in shock and quickly pull her top down with her right hand at the same time as the left came up to her open mouth. “Oh god I’m so sorry you saw this. Oh god. Oh god. I’m so, so sorry” Heidi said as she made a grab for her trousers while still holding her top to cover her pussy.

Nat’s heart went out to the young girl and could only guess the level of embarrassment she was feeling at that very moment. The young mum held her hands out as she stepped istanbul travesti into the living room “It’s okay. No-one is harmed and nothing has been broken” she said as she stepped nearer to the young girl.

“No. I’m so sorry. Oh god, how embarrassing” Heidi said as she buried her face in her hands.

Nat came and sat next to Heidi on the sofa and put her arm around the young girl as she was visibly shaking while she wept. “Look, it’s okay. Yes, I’m sure it’s embarrassing but this is a secret that will stay between the two of us as my husband had to go into work for an emergency. That’s why I’m home early” Natalie said to comfort the girl, adding “It’s not as though you had someone in here with you.”

Heidi looked up at Nat’s face with a pleading expression and stated “Oh, I’d never do that, nor would I go riffling through your possessions like some girls I know. I promise you I’ve checked on little Mason a couple of times tonight. He was sound asleep, that’s why I held off until now as I didn’t think you’d be back for a while.”

While this exchange was going on, the film continued to play in the background and out of the corner of her eye Natalie could see the two female protagonists had wriggled around and had their faces buried in the others pussy. Occasionally the camera would zoom in so that the audience could see one or other of the woman licking away at the others pussy — it wasn’t so much the actions she could see that was bombarding Natalie’s senses but the sounds the two were making. They were either very good actors or they were really into what they were doing.

As Heidi started to cry again, Natalie pulled her in close as she couldn’t think of anything else to do to comfort the young girl. She needed the young girl to know that despite the obvious shock, the world was alright. What the young mum didn’t realise is this is just the action that the babysitter was hoping to see. The young mum had inadvertently nestled Heidi’s head to her breast — a very substantial breast Heidi would have added. Now when Heidi said she hadn’t riffled through Nat’s possessions what she had done, while upstairs checking on the infant, was go searching for the bedroom drawer containing Nat’s underwear, more specifically her bras.

When she found the required drawer, Heidi had carefully extracted the first few garments, carefully noting how they were folded, and took a look at the substantial garments to note the label of each saying 48E — Jeez were they impressive tits and had fuelled the young girls lesbian fantasies that very night, purposely picking a film clip on her phone starring two very busty ladies that she could cast on to the big TV. One of the characters an older brunette like Natalie, the other a younger mousey brown-haired character much like herself all be it the actress had substantially more up top than herself.

Nat was stroking Heidi’s shoulder while cuddling her to her chest and the young babysitter continued to feign her upset, giving the odd sniffle, shake and cough to ensure the mum didn’t pull back anytime soon. What Heidi could make out was Natalie’s prominent nipples standing proud, but she couldn’t make out if the reaction was the scene unfolding on the TV or Heidi’s closeness. The babysitter guessed the former but was happy to ride that wave if it got her to the required destination and so didn’t reach for her phone to halt or pause the stream. In time Heidi looked up at Nat’s face with doe eyes, conscious not to pull away from the chest she was nestled into. She mumbled “I truly am sorry, please don’t be mad at me.”

Again, her actions and words produced the required response as Natalie said “Don’t worry about it. No harm has been done. Besides at your age it’s the ideal time to experiment.”

Heidi pulled back slightly and asked, “You say that as though you experimented at this age?”

“Oh no. I haven’t” Natalie shot back instantaneously.

Heidi looked disappointed and replied “That’s such a shame. I know plenty of women that would just go positively GaGa over you.”

Nat was confused and asked, “What do you mean, why me?”

Heidi brought her right hand up to Natalie’s right boob and gently squeezed. She traced her hand down to the prominent nipple and replied “Why? These silly. They really are magnificent, and your nipples are just too inviting.”

Nat was stunned. Her head was spinning not only from what she saw Heidi doing but her reaction to seeing/hearing the video and then the babysitter goes and caresses her chest — and what’s more she was really, really enjoying the attention. She hadn’t had any action for close to two years since Mason was conceived and a mixture of abstinence and sensory overload worked against her as Heidi craned her neck upwards and gently kissed Natalie on her full red lips while continuing to work her fingertips over her prominent nipples.

Heidi pulled her head back and whispered in a husky voice “Are you enjoying that?” Nat was silent for a few heartbeats but then tentatively nodded. Heidi smiled broadly as she realised her fantasy could quite istanbul travestileri possibly become reality — as long as she played her cards carefully. She leant up for another kiss and was delighted to feel Nat press into the kiss. Then she kissed the young mum again, and again. Each time Natalie took a more active part. Heidi then leant her head down and kissed the top of Natalie’s chest, and then again and again. Slowly but surely the babysitter was inching the neckline of Natalie’s top down so that more breast flesh became visible for her to kiss.

Little did Natalie know but Heidi had seduced a number of wives that used her sitting service — including the wife of Natalie’s neighbour’s friend. Some were left traumatised and never used Heidi’s services again, others couldn’t get enough of Heidi and persuaded their partners to socialise more often so that they had an excuse to get the young girl around their house once more. Their favourite ploy was to send their partners upstairs to bed while the wife had a catch up with Heidi — only the catch up tended to be the mum kneeling down before the young girl and sampling her delicate pussy. Heidi had high hopes that Natalie, with her fabulous chest, would be the next one of them.

Heidi left Nat’s chest behind and craned her neck up once more. After another soft gentle kiss Heidi shifted her attention to the side of Natalie’s neck where she left a trail of little kisses up its side until she reached just behind the brunette’s right ear and interspersed little kisses with whispering “You look amazing. You smell delicious. You’re so sexy.” All the while the young girl continued to manipulate Natalie’s large nipples that by now were fully engorged.

Natalie gave a little whimper but crucially she was neither protesting nor wriggling to get away, she was letting Heidi do precisely as the young girl wanted. With her left-hand Heidi reached behind Nat and drew the zipper down on the young mum’s dress. As the neckline loosened with the zip’s descent Heidi used her right hand to pull the dress forward slightly and down exposing the expanse of creamy white flesh covered in white lace. Crucially Natalie bunched her shoulders forward to ease the dresses progress, but it had the dual benefit of bunching her lovely boobs together, deepening the already impressive cleavage.

Heidi couldn’t believe her luck. She always marvelled at turning a straight girl to lesbian love, but Natalie was something beyond the ordinary. Natalie looked down at Heidi with a tentative look on her face, the young girl smiled back at her and leant her head down once more to gently kiss along each side of her cleavage that stood above the bra. With the dress removed at the front, Heidi now went back to work on Nat’s full rubbery nipples, making the young mum groan loudly.

It was now time for Heidi to step this seduction up a gear. She reached behind Natalie once more, this time her focus was on the lacy bra. With its size she could feel it had four stout clasps to hold it and her dexterous fingers unclipped with ease — all of her previous seductions only had two clasps to work but the treasure this bra contained was worth the extra effort. As with the top of her dress, Natalie inched her shoulders forward so that the garment could be pulled off her arms and before Heidi was the ultimate goal. Natalie’s breasts stood proud, and her dark pink nipples were just screaming out for attention. Nat was rooted to the spot; part of her brain was screaming that this was wrong while another part screamed about how good it felt. Her ears were still being bombarded with the soundtrack of the two actresses in full swing but the ultimate winner was how her pussy was buzzing.

Heidi, slipped to her knees in front of Nat and without losing contact continued to kiss across the expanse of breast flesh until her lips came to rest on the young mum’s right nipple. Heidi took the rubbery flesh between her lips and repeatedly bashed it with the tip of her tongue while pulling slightly on her lips. Natalie’s pussy had started moistening before she had stepped into the living room, but Heidi’s slow tender seduction had been increasing the flow. Now Heidi had captured her nipple so resolutely the pulses shooting down to the young mum’s pussy increased in severity tenfold although it had to be said that Heidi’s pussy was feeling similar as she still couldn’t comprehend how easily the older woman went along with her wishes.

Natalie’s natural reaction was to cradle Heidi’s head to her breast, lean her own head back and let out a deep groan to demonstrate her enjoyment of what was happening. A small voice in the back of her mind was telling the young mum that this was ultimately cheating behind her husband’s back. However, that tiny voice was being shouted down by another voice that was making Natalie realise what was transpiring was actually way more than she thought she wanted and that something this good could not be a bad thing.

Heidi found herself working from one breast to the other and back again. Heidi would have been happy just travesti istanbul staying like this for the rest of the evening but found herself reaching down and gently caressing Nat’s inner thigh with her fingertips. More electric shocks were shooting to Nat’s pussy but now from a new direction as the fingertips stroked and tickled their way higher. Inevitably the upward travel reached the apex of Nat’s legs and Natalie found herself fanning her legs wider so that the younger girl had unlimited access to her pussy.

Heidi’s fingertips came into contact with soft cloth other her lacy panties and sensed straight away how damp it was down there. As Nat opened her legs Heidi looked up into Nat’s down turned face and the young mum could see the edges of the sitter’s mouth circle up in an approving smile as Heidi nodded her head approvingly without losing contact with the nipple she was sucking on. Nat drew in a sharp breath as she felt her panties being pulled aside and she sensed the fingers quest further. A quick brush against her clit made the young mum jump slightly but then the fingers searched further down. They immediately found the source of the dampness and wormed their way inside Natalie who on instinct thrust her hips forward to get the fingers to work their way deeper inside her.

Her own heightened anticipation, the suction from the mouth on her nipples and the fingers searching deep inside her tipped Natalie over the edge, and she gave a cry of relief as her pussy clamped down on the fingers inside her. Heidi was both shocked and thrilled that she had induced such a strong reaction in no time at all. Heidi hated having to remove her mouth from Natalie’s tits but she had to taste her and brought the two fingers of her right hand that had just brought Nat off up to her mouth to taste the tangy nectar. As she slowly drew the fingers from her mouth, Heidi closed her eyes to enjoy the taste all the more. Nat just sat there open mouthed witnessing the act.

Heidi looked up at Nat with a devilish expression. She reached up and pushed on Natalie’s shoulder so that the young mum fell backwards against the sofa. Heidi next action was to prise the young mums’ legs as wide apart as she could manage, hook her lace panties aside once more but this time she leant her head forward and drove at Nat’s enflamed clit with her darting tongue — the same that had been used to good effect on her large sensitive nipples. The tongue worked it’s magic once more, and Natalie gripped the back of Heidi’s head to encourage the young girl not to move. Heidi alternated between attacking the young mum’s clit and search the tip of her tongue lower to swivel and wriggle its way inside her. In time Heidi would combine a dedicated clit lashing with her tongue with feeding the index and middle finger of her right hand deep inside Natalie.

The young mum knew something big was approaching and she had the good sense, as she writhed from side to side, to bury her face in the deep cushions as she came in what could only be described as the mother of all climaxes. Nat’s vision blurred and every nerve in her body was quaking in the aftereffects of her climax. She had always enjoyed sex but this was on another level. Slowly but surely her senses returned, and she moved in slow and steady movements. Her first instinct was to look down at the still kneeling Heidi and smiled broadly before gasping “Sweet Jesus but that felt phenomenal.”

Heidi smiled back and replied “Good, but that is only a fraction of what I can teach you about lesbian love.”

The brunette mum slowly hauled her upper body up, reached down with both hands to capture Heidi’s head in her hands and then leant down to place a slow sensual kiss on the young girls’ lips. She pulled back and replied, “I’m sure you have but right now I need to say thank you in the only way I can think possible — to try and repeat what you just did for me on you.”

Heidi’s smile broadened as she replied, “You don’t have to as I’d really like to carry on providing you with the pleasure.”

Nat slide down on to the floor on her knees stating “No need. I really want to try this for myself.”

Heidi steered the young mum to lie on the floor saying, “I tell you what. Why don’t we pleasure each other?” Nat looked puzzled as Heidi swing herself round so that her face was directly above Nat’s tits and the young girls boobs directly above Nat’s face. The brunette mum cottoned on to what she intended and as Heidi leant forward to capture Nat’s nipple between her lips, Nat returned the favour by latching her own lips around Heidi’s puffy buds loving the texture of the rubbery nub between her lips.

Five minutes later Heidi started to wriggle down so that her face hovered above Natalie’s sparsely haired pussy as her own came to rest above Nat’s face. The young mum reached around and grasped the sitters butt and brought her crutch down directly on to her tongue. For the first time in her life, Natalie willingly used her tongue to search around another woman’s pussy — and was loving every minute of her adventure. Nat was desperate to bring Heidi as much joy as the young girl had given her and tried her best to remember what the young girl had done to her. Little did she know that Heidi would have been more than happy to continue suckling on the young mum’s wonderous tits but what the brunette was doing was a very good second best.

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