Stretching Pt. 06

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Part 6. The Next Level.

Circa 2006

In the four-year span since first introducing Amy to a single big toy, her once tiny pussy had gone through an impressive transformation. My plan to get her hooked on huge dildos had worked better than I ever imagined it would, and had maybe even gotten a little out of control. Why would someone want their sexy wife constantly fucking a dildo much larger than their own cock? Amy loved her pussy filled, so why would I deny her the pleasure. She was not the cheating type, and I don’t imagine she every would have strayed, but why not give her all the sexual gratification she deserves, so there is no need to look elsewhere. Some girls just love huge cocks and the stretched feeling, so why not give her all she could ever want and more. I’m not going to say that it wasn’t for selfish reasons too. I wanted to watch Amy impaled on huge toys for my own enjoyment. I wanted a girl that loved putting on a show for me, and not only for me, but because she wanted to.

I never thought she would get to the point of stuffing a huge dildo up her pussy nearly every time I was out of the house, but beggars can’t be choosers. I had come to truly love watching the way Amy would get off on a huge fake dick. I had even considered seeing if she wanted to someday try a real one, but I didn’t think either of us would want to go down this path. The constant sex and masturbation seemed to make her hypersexed, so it was pretty much whenever I wanted it. I always actively encouraged her to pleasure herself with the huge toy, and gave her endless compliments on how hot she was, hot sexy her pussy was, and how I liked her pussy better now. Positive enforcement was key to her success, as well was making sure she was well stretched when she was having an orgasm. I always made sure Amy’s pussy was stretched wide right at the time of orgasm, and would not let her cum unless she was stretched. This type of conditioning ultimately caused her to associate the wide stretch and slight pain with an orgasm, causing her to do it when playing herself. As I had mentioned before, Amy had come to love what she called a “good hurt” when stretching her pussy.

As you can imagine, when your wife is constantly fucking a large toy the size Amy was now used to, sex will change too. Her pussy was always stretched out, and she made no effort to conceal the amount she would fuck the huge dildo. I had happily adjusted to sex with her now bigger pussy. I could pretty much guarantee that whenever Amy was home alone for more than a few hours, the huge cock was in her pussy. The only way she would cum now with my dick in her was with a vibrator held to her clit. That was okay by me, as long as I could play with and stretch her pussy with huge toys. Just watching her on the huge toy was so hot my cock was always rock hard and dripping by the time it was my turn. I could still get off in her pussy, which I almost always fucked after her huge toy had stretched her, and often next to another toy. She still had enough grip left to where I could feel it when she would squeeze her muscles, but it was nowhere near the vice grip she would apply on my cock when we first met, but more like a gentle massage. When she wasn’t squeezing her muscles though, her pussy was very loose. I also happen to have a sensitive penis, so sensitive that it was hard to last long inside of her when she was tight, so I could enjoy fucking her for longer without worrying about cumming to soon. Her pussy was now far more relaxed in a resting state, and definitely looked bigger than before, as her little slit was lengthening towards her asshole. She would give me fantastic blow jobs while riding her huge toy, and we did plenty of double penetrations, mostly both in her pussy (dvp), but sometimes with my cock in her ass. Even a hard fucking with the huge dildo no longer made her sore anymore. Her pussy would start to tighten up after the occasional break, but only a little, and we never took much time off from stretching her pussy in some way.

In the last few years since introducing Amy to stretching, and fueled by the curiosity of watching Amy’s pussy slowly expand, I had been doing more and more research about vaginal stretching, and viewing fisting and insertion porn, on the ever-expanding Internet. Most of the limited information suggested that it was difficult to permanently stretch a vagina, and that even childbirth would often not have a lasting negative effect. Although, there were a few forums, stories, and blogs about people that claimed to have permanently stretched vaginas, the evidence seemed inconclusive. Although I had seen pics and video clips before, this is where I learned more about the act of fisting, and vaginal stretching in general.

This stretching type of porn was hard to find in the early days, but as it became more available, I viewed more and more huge dildo, insertion, and fisting porn, and some of these women had impressive holes. I noticed some women bursa escort seemed very elastic, and would seem to take impressive insertions, and close back up, while others, just seemed to have large vaginas with long looking slits, and sometimes natural gapes, and a more open, or gaping type of pussy. Were these women born this way, or had they just been stretching for a long time? I was drawn to the big, gaping, and loose looking vaginas. Not fully realizing what was happening at the time, my large vagina fetish was strongly taking shape. I was beginning to wonder what would happen to Amy if we stopped stretching her constantly. I knew that she would tighten back up, but suspected we had stretched her enough so that she would never be as tight as when we met. I loved the thought of this. My Amy, now had a permanently bigger pussy. It was obvious just by looking at her pussy the she had at least permanently stretched the tissue in some capacity, but probably only a little at this point. The human body has an amazing ability to repair itself. There was a big psychological aspect to what we were doing as well. Some women love the “full feeling” Amy would describe, and once they got used to that, there is no doubt they will be disappointed with less. Amy was now well accustomed to something large inside her pussy, and would not be satisfied with smaller now.

Life was good, and stable, so we decided it was time to start a family. It did not take long for Amy to get pregnant once she went off the pill. We were having a baby! Amy was sick towards the start of her pregnancy, but soon felt better, and got really horny, and had her usual high sex drive plus some, which meant lots of play time, always with the huge dildo. Towards the end of the pregnancy, we were still having sex, but it slowed down, and she had to lay on her side for sex. I am sure the hormones helped, and also the last year plus of fucking it every day, but she became a real pro at taking the big 2 ½-inch thick dildo. She could now slip in it with no warm-up, and I started to push her limits even more and work fingers in next to it on occasion, especially late in the pregnancy. It had been a long time since she had gotten sore, or torn her pussy, but this did it. What a site, my pregnant wife laying on her side with her big fertile belly, inflated breasts, and a monster toy, plus a few fingers inside of her well stretched hole. This was pretty much our sex life until sex dwindled off towards the very end of her pregnancy. She admitted to still using the huge toy from time to time over the final weeks.

Then the baby came. This was another key moment that I now realize had a big impact. Amy was determined to have the baby naturally, and pushed for hours. It was a long labor, but she did not give up. The baby seemed to crown forever, but the shoulders seemed stuck on her pelvic bones. The doctor kept letting her push though. Amy had a minor tear at the bottom of her vagina, which required only a few of stitches, when the baby finally came out with the help of suction. However, due to the very long delivery process, her vagina was so large and swollen after, that even an experienced nurse was shocked to see the state of her privates. Her pussy was swollen gaping, and hanging between her legs for days, but gradually started to shrink back down. She did not want me to even look at it, although the few glimpses I got were spectacular. I loved it, and it made me hard not only looking at it, but even thinking about it. What was wrong with me? Unless you share my fetish for large gaping vaginas, I do not expect you to understand, but those who do, know exactly what I am talking about. I had by now developed a large vagina fetish. I would later learn through research that these type of long deliveries are often the cause of permanently vaginal stretching.

Six long weeks finally passed, and the swelling in Amy’s vagina had subsided, and the slight tear had healed. We were finally ready for sex again. She was a little self-conscious about her squishy body at first, but a long make out and vibrator session got her hot and ready. I finally got to go down on her pussy and loved what I saw. Granted, her pussy had not fully healed, but It had changed in appearance. It had changed a little bit before with all of the stretching we had done, but her slit was even longer, her inner and outer lips were bigger and now darker in color, and there was now a small natural gap where they parted, almost like we had just finished playing, even though she was at rest. Everything just looked bigger than before. It was so sexy to me that my cock was instantly hard. I licked her pussy for a while and then moved up to sink my cock in. It seemed to slip in barely touching the sides. I had only ever felt her this loose right after using a huge dildo on her. She definitely noticed it too and asked, “Does it feel okay, does it still feel the same?”

“Yes, you feel great baby.” I reassured her.

We fucked for a while and I finished her off by using the vibrator on her clit while she rode me.

I was so turned on by Amy’s “new” bigger pussy I could not wait to have sex with her again. The next time we had sex I grabbed the big 2 ½ thick dildo, and she did not object at all. I think she was expecting it to be more of a challenge after having not used it in a few months, but it was easy for her to take, and slid in like she had just used it yesterday. Soon, sex had returned to normal, which meant me fucking her with the huge dildo or her riding it while sucking me. She could now take the huge dildo even easier than before she had the baby. This was absolutely another one of those crucial moments in time. Unbeknownst to us at the time, working out her pussy again so soon after having a baby allowed her to keep the gains we had worked so hard to get in the last few years, and quickly make more. She had just given birth two months ago, and we were already back to stretching her pussy regularly. The rest of her body slowly returned to normal. She was lucky to not have even one stretch mark and started working not only her body out regularly, but her pussy too, and by working out, I mean keeping it well stretched.

Once night, which was the first time she had had two glasses of wine in a long time, she admitted the she was back to using the dildo solo, and was fucking it almost daily. I knew it! I had always expected she spent more time fucking herself with the huge toy than she let on to. Within 6 months, it looked like she never had a baby, she was back to her pre baby weight of 105lbs, except for her pussy. Her slit was darker and longer, she had a small, but permanent gape, as her labia would hang open when she spread her legs, revealing an open hole about the size of a quarter. Amazingly, instead of shrinking, her pussy seemed to have actually gotten bigger in the last 6 months since giving birth with the constant fucking of the huge toy, and not to mention lots of dvp. I loved how her pussy was looking loose and used all of the time now, and I absolutely loved that fact that she now had a natural gape when she spread her legs. The dildo was no challenge for her pussy anymore and I was amazed at how easily she could lube it up and slide it into herself. I felt a little lost inside her now, but loved thinking about, seeing, and playing with her big pussy, so I did not care. Sensing she needed more, I started pushing down on the dildo while working her pussy, stretching her wider. This always drove her to a huge orgasm. One night I asked her if she had any secret fantasies.

“Not really, you know what they are.” She replied.

“You like your pussy stretched and stuffed, don’t you.” I responded.

“Yes, I do, but you already knew that. I know that you like stretching me. I like it too you know. Are you happy, that’s what you wanted right, you wanted me stretched?” She asked apprehensively.

“Yes, I love doing that to you, I love you.” I said as I looked in her eyes.

I had confirmed what I knew all along. She loved having her pussy stretched, and knew she was bigger than before. My cock spent less and less time inside her, but we found plenty of other ways to have sex. Soon, I started testing her limits again and not just pushing down on the huge 2 ½ inch thick dildo, but adding fingers next to it as well, like I had done late in pregnancy, right before birth. I stared to talk even more about stretching her, and tell her I was “stretching” her pussy while we were having sex. I would make her beg for me to stretch her. I would sometimes push too far and make her a little sore, but she was usually up for a stretching session. Soon, even this did not make her sore anymore. I started seeing how much of my hand I could fit inside of her too. Four fingers up to the palm was not a problem, and she seemed to swallow most of my hand with no discomfort at all. I wanted to fist Amy, and was getting close. I did not think I could actually fist her because my hands are huge, much bigger than the dildo, and bony, and Amy is a small person. I would alternate between the huge dildo and my fingers, stretching her pussy over a long session. I started to tuck my thumb in too, forcing my hand inside of her, stretching her wider and wider. Over many sessions, I started to get more and more of my hand inside her, but never seemed to get past the knuckles.

Once night she was doggie style and I was playing with her from behind while she was holding a vibrator to her clit. I was working her pussy over with the dildo and my fingers, gradually stretching her, and she was near orgasm. Her pussy was open and loose and I kept the pressure against her straining hole with my hand in a duck position. I felt my hand collapse a little being crushed between her front pelvic bone and tail bone. Suddenly, my whole fist just popped into pussy past the widest part, and her deep pussy pulled my hand in, devouring my arm to the wrist. Amy just gasped, görükle escort bayan “Oh my god.”

“Mmmmmm! Amy moaned loudly. Holy shit, I just fisted my wife! For those who have never done it, it’s a crazy experience. I had seen it in videos and pics before, but it’s an entirely different experience to do it in person. I could not believe my huge hand actually fit inside of her. The feeling of her pussy around my hand was amazing. The visual was even better though. Here was my huge arm sticking out of my wife’s small body. It did not seem possible. I felt her pussy muscles clamp around my thick wrist, which is quite thicker than her dildo, as she had a monster orgasm. She was screaming into the pillow and her whole body was shaking. When she relaxed, and seemed nearly passed out, I slowly slid out my hand. Her pussy had tightened a little, so it was kind of hard to pull out, and she let out an “Ouch.”

I flipped her limp body over and pushed her legs back so I could lick her open pussy, but also so I could see it. I was a little shocked at what my wife’s once upon a time little hole looked like. Her pussy lips and clit were a little swollen, but her hole was the biggest I had ever seen it, other than giving birth. It was at least 2 inches in diameter and looked like a big red hole. I licked her a few more times and climbed on top to slide my cock inside her. It did not even touch the sides at first, but did when I was about half way in. I doubt she felt my cock, plus she was still in a trance from her huge orgasm. I was so horny I came in about 60 seconds, even though her pussy felt like a jar of warm water. She reached for her pussy on the way to the bathroom and obviously felt how open her hole still was. “Jesus, what did you do to my pussy, I feel like my insides are gonna fall out.”

I did not know if she knew I had just fisted her, or even if she knew what that was. We did not talk about it other than she said that she liked it and it felt huge. I should have told her what I had just done, but I thought she might freak. Although Amy had admitted to being into stretching, I knew she still battled with the thought of her vagina growing bigger and looser, and fisting was pretty extreme, even for us.

She was quite sore after taking my fist, but we were back stretching her pussy with the dildo and my fingers a few days later. It was about two weeks later before I worked my fist into her again. She was not as close to orgasm this time and a little more aware of what was going on. She was enjoying it though and was saying, “Oh yes baby, umm, that feels so good. Oh it’s so big. Yes, stretch my pussy. Oh my god, it feels huge.”

Then, she reached around and felt only my wrist sticking out of her wide pussy. “What the fuck, is your whole fist it me?” She asked, a bit shocked.

“Yes.” Was all I could muster up to meekly say.

“You’re sick, is this what turns you on, me being your little hand puppet?” She groaned.

“I just think it’s kind of hot and slutty, I like it.” I said.

“So do I.” She said as she moaned, “Just leave it in and don’t move.”

She was working the bullet vibrator against her clit now and was clearly enjoying the full feeling my fist provided her. If it wasn’t for the pleasure she was feeling, she probably would have freaked. Soon, she was working her way to an orgasm. I was amazed at how strong and long her orgasm was. When she finished her monster orgasm, I slowly slid my hand out of her pussy. She climbed on top of me and said, “Fuck me now.”

She positioned her gapping pussy over my cock and sat down. My cock just fell into her open pussy. Then she said something I will never forget. “C’mon, stick it in.”

I did not have the heart to tell her that my cock was already inside of her, so I quickly slid it out and used a couple of fingers to guide it back in so she could feel it enter her. She just started to grind on my cock and reached for the vibrator to put on her clit. Soon she was having another orgasm and it was all too much for me to take as I quickly shot my load in her.

A moment of realization set in. I could not believe that my gorgeous, petite, young wife had stretched her pussy to the point where I could now fist her, and she did not even feel my cock enter her, albeit, only for a moment, but still, she did not know my cock was in her. I started to think about the days when my cock used to snap into her and how much her pussy had grown.

After sex that night Amy was clearly feeling a bit of inner turmoil and started in, “So, you’re fisting me now?”

“Um, I don’t know, I guess.”

“Well, you had your whole fucking fist inside of me. Is that what you want, you want me to be your hand puppet now?” She said.

“No, I just think it’s hot.”

“You’re sick, I think there’s something wrong with you. Awesome, so my pussy is that big now, you want to stick your whole hand in?”

“No, not all the time, I just think it’s really hot. You seemed to like it though.”

“It hurt a little going in and coming out, but it did feel good when your hand was in though. I felt so full.” Amy admitted.

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