The Call

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She felt a twinge in her panties as she took a deep breath and dropped them to the floor. She climbed up on the bed, picked up the phone, and began to dial. She dialed slowly, first the area code, then the next three digits, then the last four, pausing between each number. She was surprised by her nervousness and excitement. After all, she had spoken to him hundreds of times before. But, this was going to be their first telephone conversation and she had big plans. She smoothed her dark, silky hair and glanced over her shoulder to check her make-up in the mirror above her dresser. She felt silly as she noticed what she was doing, it was just a phone call she thought to herself. The phone seemed to ring for an eternity before she heard his familiar voice on the other end of the line.

“Hello” he casually answered.

“Hey baby” she softly said in her sweetest little-girl voice.

She could almost feel his smile as he recognized who it was. He was so excited to hear from her, he loved her deeply and their distance was almost more than he could bear. Just the sound of her young voice made his cock twitch. She cracked a slight smile as she glanced on the bed beside her. They had played some games before with normal household items, turning them into sex toys. It made her feel so naughty, in such an amazing way.

“Baby, I went on a scavenger hunt right before I called you” she told him coyly. She knew what it would do to him knowing his sweet, little, girlfriend was about ready to turn into his kinky, little, play-toy.

She had selected a few things to tease him (and herself) with. A long, thick cucumber, a small metal flashlight, a couple of clothespins, a bottle of baby oil, and a jar of Vicks VapoRub.

Before he had a chance to ask about the things she found to play with, she lowered the phone from her ear. She laid the receiver between her parted thighs and began to dip her fingers into her dripping pussy. She slid them in and out and swirled them around. She wanted him to know just how excited she got thinking about him.

He had begun slowly stroking his cock when she told him of her scavenger hunt. escort bayan bursa Hearing her “wet noises”, as he had once referred to them, was almost more than he could take. He nearly shot his load, but he held back. He wanted to cum with her and he knew she was only just beginning.

She brought the phone back to her ear, smiling, she heard him breathing heavily. She had succeeded, he now wanted her as badly as she wanted him.

“Did ya like that baby?” she whispered into the phone.

He composed himself and let out a low groan

“Mmmmm, yes sweetheart, that was amazing, you are driving me crazy” he said through a smile.

They were in sync now, their bodies and minds completely in tune and focused on the other. He decided it was time for him to take charge.

“Baby” he said in a slightly gruff tone “grab that bottle of Vicks, I want you to rub that on your nipples as you pinch and pull them for me,” he smiled “don’t be gentle, you know I wouldn’t be”.

She did as he instructed her to do. The tingling from the Vicks mixed with the pain of manhandling her nipples sent bolts of electricity directly to her now hard clit. She let out little whimpers and moans as her delicate fingers danced across her little pink nubs. As she looked at the bed beside her she knew what was coming next. Just them he interrupted her sweet little sounds of pleasure…

“Ready?” he questioned her.

“Mmmmm Hmmmm” was all she could manage to answer.

“Good” he chuckled “now baby, take those clothespins and put them on each nipple, imagine they are my teeth, biting down hard…” he trailed off.

She clamped the clothespins over each nipple. She winced in pain letting out a loud moan. She was positively dripping now, her wetness running down the crack of her ass. She dipped a finger back into the Vicks bottle and brought her hand to her pussy. Her finger hovering over her throbbing clit. She giggled as she began to speak.

“Baby, I’m ready to move the Vicks down a little further”

“Go ahead” he coaxed “rub that Vicks into that hard little clit for me baby”.

Before he bursa sinirsiz eskort had finished speaking her finger full of Vicks was circling her clit. She rubbed furiously. The intensity was mind boggling. She didn’t have a chance to tell him as she erupted into her first orgasm of the night. She cried out as her body jerked and her legs shook. She continued rubbing harder and faster. She needed him so badly. She exploded again, screaming and panting. She sank into the pillows and gently massaged her pussy lips. Her clit was almost too sensitive to touch.

“Who told you that you could come?” he teased. He always wanted her to experience as much pleasure as possible and she knew that.

“What now?” she breathed into the phone smiling.

“Are your fingers wet?” he asked.

She brought her hand up to the phone and wiggled her fingers together.

“Yes, you could say that” she grinned.

“Great!” he exclaimed “now I want you to rub that sweet, sweet pussy juice over that tight little asshole of yours, press on it a little, then shove your finger in, get it good and ready for me” he instructed.

She did exactly as directed. She loved hearing him tell her what to do. With him leading her she reached now levels of pleasure, things she had never before experienced or known to be possible. She pushed her slippery little finger into her ass and with his coaching began to slide it in and out.

“Tell me when that is comfortable baby” he said “in, out, in out, innnn, out, innnn, out, in, out, in, out, in, outtt, in, outtt…” he trailed off again.

“I’m comfortable” she moaned.

“Okay baby” he smiled “now take that body oil and smooth it on that flashlight, you can rub a little extra on your ass too, tell me when you are ready” he sat quietly stroking his cock, anxiously anticipating taking her ass.

She picked up the flashlight and warmed the cold metal in her hand for a few seconds. Then she drizzled the sweet smelling oil onto the flashlight. She dropped her hand between her legs and rubbed a little on her ass.

“Mmmm, I’m ready baby” escort bayan she moaned softly.

“Press it against your little hole baby” he softly guided her “now push it in, push it all the way in baby girl, take the whole thing in your ass” he began stroking his cock faster. Oh how he wanted to be there shoving it into her tight little ass.

She pushed it all in, up to where it started to get bigger, after all, she had to have something to hold on to. She pumped her homemade anal dildo in and out of her ass. She couldn’t believe how amazing it felt to have her ass violated. His voice broke her concentration.

“Grab your cucumber baby” he said “grab it and shove it in that tight little pussy baby, hard”.

She picked up the large cucumber. She wet the end of it, running it up and down her slit. She circled it around the entrance to her little love-hole and then thrust it inside of herself. She rammed it all the way in. She moaned and her breathing became quicker and more shallow. Her pussy was extra tight with the flashlight in her ass. She could feel them rubbing together through the wall that separated them. The feeling was intense, amazing, and like nothing else.

She reached up to remove the clothespins from her nipples. As she released her nipples from their grip blood rushed to them. The throbbing ache was painful, it added to the intensity she was already feeling. The pressure was building and she desperately needed to cum again.

“Oh god, fuck me!” she screamed “Fuck me hard baby” she moaned as she pumped the cucumber in and out of her pussy. Her bucking hips pressing the flashlight into her a little more every time she met the bed.

“Oh god, I’m going to cum” she moaned loudly

“Yes baby, cum” he groaned ” cum with me” he let out a long deep groan and with that they let go. Their bodies taking over, releasing every last drop of built up sexual tension.

“Oh my god” she whimpered over and over.

“You okay?” he grinned.

“Uh-huh” she breathed, still trying to recover. “That was awesome” she smiled.

“Yes baby it was” he agreed. “Thank you so much for calling, it was so . . . Unexpected” he continued to smile.

“You are so welcome, we are gonna have to do that more often” she giggled.

“Next time, I make the scavenger hunt list for you” he chuckled.

With that they exchanged I Love You and fell asleep, both wishing they were in the others arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32