Snapped: A Shemale’s Story

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Camilla took a few steps out the door of her balcony to get a feel for the temperature. Thankfully it was cool out. It had been a hot day, which meant a cool night was welcomed.

She closed the door and pulled out a pair of gold hoop earrings. She was suffering from a mild case of the jitters. There was a date on the agenda tonight with a guy she’d been seeing for a couple months now. Camilla kicked a pair of high heels out of her closet while fastening the earrings.

A date was a big deal for Camilla. Even though she’d been out of school for about a year, she hadn’t done much dating in her life. Not because she wasn’t pretty, she certainly was. Many people mistook her for an Islander because of her long black hair and dark complexion. Camilla was tall and she had an attractive thickness to her body, mostly due to her full breasts and wide hips which branched out into her shapely and often-admired posterior. A guy friend of hers liked to call her Dubble Bubble, and I shouldn’t have to tell you he wasn’t talking about the bubble gum.

There’s one simple reason for why she’s been a little shy to date and often politely declined offers from many hopeful young men. Camilla’s a shemale. She has a penis; a big one in fact – not that men would more easily accept a small one. It took Henry a few tries before he could convince her to go out. They’d met at her job; Camilla was a bank teller and Henry would purposely wait in her line even if it was the longest one there.

Henry was cute and nice too, though a bit of tough guy; or at least, that’s how he carried himself. She thought he was the kind of tough guy who’d just never been taught that he wasn’t yet, and Camilla thought that was sort of cute. One thing she knew for sure, with every date, Henry was getting more and more sexually aggressive.

He made no secret of his desire to get into her panties. Each time they saw each other he seemed to be more determined than the last time. That prospect was a little scary to Camilla. Henry wasn’t going to find a pussy inside her panties, instead he’d find a big hard cock. How would he react to that? Camilla wasn’t sure she was ready to find out the answer to that yet.

Still, when she got dressed, she felt drawn to the sexiest lingerie she owned. Camilla chose a beautiful red dress which showed off enough leg to be risque at the fancy restaurant he’d chosen to take her. Camilla figured Henry wanted to spring for an expensive meal in an attempt to guilt her into putting out. He could be silly like that.

Camilla applied a deep red lipstick to her full pouty lips in the mirror. She put on a little eyeliner then flung her hair back until it collected in the right places to give her the look she was most fond of. Camilla just had time to slip her heels on before Henry buzzed the phone. He was downstairs waiting.

They greeted each other with a peck on the lips that left his red from her freshly applied lipstick. She rubbed it off and giggled. That’s red lipstick for you. Henry complimented how she looked throughout the entire ride to the restaurant. The words beautiful and knockout were used more than a few times.

The two got a premier table at the restaurant. Henry made it a point to slide her chair out for her. He was a perfect gentleman at the restaurant and they were having a great time. The wine started flowing. It seemed like every time Camilla finished a glass, Henry would be filling it up again.

They had plans to go elsewhere after dinner but after Henry opened the car door for her. She got in and he kissed her; Camilla eagerly returned the kiss. She felt like a lush after all the wine she’d consumed and it caused some of her inhibitions to go out the window. Her guard was officially down.

When she could pull his tongue from her mouth, she spoke, “Baby weren’t we going somewhere?”

He tried to attach his lips to hers again instead of answering but she gently avoided it. Slightly frustrated, he answered, “I’d rather go back to your place. I’d take you home with me if my roommate weren’t home.”

She didn’t have long to think about before his lips had found her tender neck. He sucked down to her collar bone. Camilla threw one leg over the other in an effort to hide her growing erection. It really was feeling good. “I don’t know if that’s a good idea.” She said with her voice shaking. Henry kissed lower on her neck.

He pulled his lips from her and then gave her a kiss on the forehead. He looked her in the eyes. Henry ran his hand through her hair lovingly as he spoke, “Don’t you trust me?”

Camilla’s resolve was wavering; her strength shrinking. She wanted him as much as he wanted her. Camilla looked at Henry’s boyishly handsome face and gave him a reassuring smile. Her lips sought his and they shared another tender kiss. “I do trust you. Henry I do.”

He smiled back at her like a little kid on the first day of summer. He ran over to the other side of the car and got in. Henry stole another glance at her as Ümraniye Sınırsız Escort he started the car almost to make sure she was still there. Thoughts of how fantastically beautiful Camilla was and what she might allow them do back at her place filled his head. . .

Henry’s body was pressed up against hers as she fumbled through her purse for the keys to her apartment door. Camilla could feel his bulge try to pull the full cheeks of her butt apart. It was quite distracting! So much so that she dropped the keys once she’d finally found them. Camilla ground her ass against his erection as she reached down to pick up the keys.

He was on top of her before she even got the door open. Henry kicked the door shut behind him. Camilla fell backward onto the couch and he followed. They necked for a couple minutes, with Henry’s penis desperate to squeeze between her legs and Camilla desperately trying to hide hers.

“Come on. Let’s go to the bedroom.” Henry told her in a smooth voice.

She kissed the side of his mouth and looked up at him happily. “What if I don’t want to go? Are you going to carry me?”

Henry was going to say something sarcastic about how he didn’t want to throw his back out, but Camilla closed her lips around his before he could. They kissed and rubbed one another’s body passionately.

He eventually grabbed her arms and tried to lift her up in the direction of her bedroom. She wasn’t budging. “I’ve never seen your bedroom before. Tonight’s the night. You don’t have to worry – I’ll take care of you!” He said enthusiastically. Henry could finally feel her move. She gave him another kiss and then let him lead her to the bedroom.

Camilla teased him a bit, pretending to give him a mini-tour of her room, but he was only interested in the bed. Before long they were both on the bed; both shedding footwear and clothing fast. Henry was pulling his clothing off and revealing his cute little scrawny body to her just as quickly as he could. His red cock popped out of his boxer shorts and then Henry began tugging at the straps of her dress.

Camilla started to get a little panicky as her dress came off. How would he react to the surprise between her legs? Her heart had been racing from their steamy smooching, but now her heart felt like it was going to pound right out of her chest. Camilla started to think about how she trusted him. She said she did. He said he’d take care of her. Maybe she should have sat him down beforehand and had a discussion in which she explained –

“What the fuck?” She heard him whisper, to himself at first. Once he’d gotten her dress off, the bulge was obvious in her panties. Henry couldn’t comprehend it for a good few seconds. Camilla had a cock? Were his eyes deceiving him? Henry knew that they weren’t. Camilla did have a cock!

“Baby.” Camilla said softly, reaching out to him.

Henry jumped up and once the initial shock disappeared, he was angry. “You have a dick! Why didn’t you tell me you weren’t a woman!” He said with a disgusted look.

“I am, I am a woman. Baby come here. Let me explain.” Camilla reached out for him but he dodged her hand.

“Get away from me! You have a fucking dick!” Things were happening so fast. Henry hurried around the room and tried to collect his things. Camilla could feel the pit in her stomach grow.

“I do but please don’t go.” She was on the verge of tears. ” Let me explain. Just lay back down honey and give me a chance explain.”

Henry pulled his pants up. He said, “Don’t ever call me again. Looking at you makes me sick.”

“Looking at me makes you sick.” Camilla muttered the words back to herself, tears now freely rolling down her beautiful face. Henry grabbed his shirt and bolted out the bedroom door. Camilla had fallen back on the bed. She tried to ignore the cotton feeling in her throat and burning hot tears streaming down her face.

As she mulled over what he’d said, something happened. She thought about how he was the one who pursued her. She’d only agreed to go out on a date with him because he wouldn’t quit asking until she did. Just tonight he asked her if she trusted him and she’d foolishly answered that she did. Henry said he’d take care of her only minutes before telling her that she made him sick. He’d gotten her drunk with the express purpose of sleeping with her!

In those moments of reflection, the old Camilla, the one that was too shy to look most men in the eye, was replaced with something else. Camilla snapped. The weak Camilla was gone. She got up from her bed and wiped the tears away. She was in nothing but the sexy lingerie when she rushed out of the bedroom door.

Henry was still at the door to the apartment, slipping on his shoes when she spotted him. Camilla grabbed him from behind. “What, what are you doing to me! Let me go!” He yelped.

She didn’t answer, preferring to let her actions do the talking for the time being. Camilla hauled him back to her bedroom. Henry Ümraniye Suriyeli Escort fought but he couldn’t get free of her hold. “Let me go!” He shouted again as she dragged him to the foot her bed.

“Okay, I will.” She told him coldly while lifting him up and then throwing him down on the bed. Henry was disoriented and he couldn’t understand what she doing. He tried to get off the bed, but before he could, Camilla had jumped on top of him.

Henry fought and kicked his legs as hard as he could. It was no use as Camilla outweighed him by a good bit. “What are you doing? Get the fuck off me!” He could feel her entire body against him; her big soft breasts and yes, her hard cock.

Then she started to wrestle his clothes off. He opened his mouth to say something but she shoved her tongue into his mouth before he could. Camilla whipped her panties off so fast that her dick sprung up like a diving board. Henry renewed his fight when he felt the tip of her cock tunnel between his legs and press against his vulnerable asshole. She was going to fuck him! And do it without lubricant! He worriedly thought.

Henry was actually relieved when he felt the tip of her cock discharge precum. Camilla’s cock could create enough natural lubricant. It felt so thick, he didn’t know how he’d take it. The realization that she was going to fuck him and there was nothing he could do about it hit him hard. That thought caused him to fight as hard as he could, again to no avail, she was bigger and stronger than him. His pleading and his crying were both muffled by her mouth. Camilla rubbed the big tip around the opening to his asshole and then roughly pressed it inside him.

The unrelenting tightness of his anus created the most pleasurable feeling of Camilla’s life. Once she was inside him, she couldn’t stop until every inch was stuffed up that little ass of his. Camilla plunged the length of her penis into the depths of his unprotected asshole and let out a long moan.

On the receiving end of her cock, the pain was immense for Henry. He couldn’t fight her off. He couldn’t do anything but lie back helplessly as she reamed his virgin orifice. Henry whimpered under her. He could tell by the look in her eyes how good it felt. He was ashamed that his asshole was giving her this gratification. Henry’s body flailed around on the bed as she pounded his defenseless butt.

Camilla pulled her lips off his and looked into his eyes while her cock hammered into his virgin hole. “You shouldn’t have walked out on me.” She said as her hips rocked forward and caused her cock to bury all the way inside him. “This could’ve happened easier. I was actually going to let you fuck me. I know – hard to believe now. Now that you’re nothing but Camilla’s bitch.” Camilla’s cock withdrew just to be slammed back in. The sheer size of her penis and the strength with which she pummeled him took Henry’s breath away.

He wasn’t going to escape, but he had to stop trying to push her out of him. The friction it created was just making it more painful for him. Henry tried to relax his throbbing asshole. Instead of fighting her, he forced himself to stop trying to push her out. His eyes focused on her big breasts. They bounced around on her chest in time with her thrusting. He finally managed to stop his hole from spasming uncontrollably around her.

Camilla felt his body go limp under her. He wasn’t fighting. “You’re not trying to stop me anymore. You made this happen Henry. I think you wanted to cling to Camilla’s big strong womanhood with your tiny little cock-glove of an asshole from the beginning. Didn’t you?” She drove her dick inside him with every ounce of strength in her body.

“Ughmm. . .” He sputtered.

“You’ve probably fantasized about being taken by someone like me. A girl like me with a cock so much bigger and better than yours. Haven’t you?” Camilla was close to blowing her load. She’d never done this inside a man. She was so excited; so overtaken by lust. “Haven’t you, you little dick-taker!”

“OOOOHAhummm. . . Camillaaaaa!” He squealed.

Camilla rammed her cock inside him and gave into her orgasm. “Oh shit! Fuck YESSS!” She hissed, her dick beginning to spurt. The load was massive. Camilla ground her cock hard as the thick fluid filled him. Every inch of her monster was buried inside his tender walls, and now, every drop of her cum was dumping out deep into his body.

Her body was dripping with sweat. She collapsed on top of him. Camilla’s soft breasts covered his face. She withdrew her shrinking cock with a pop from his gaping hole then rolled over on the bed. Henry took that as his opportunity to leave. he got up on the bed but his legs were so wobbly. Camilla grabbed him by the arm and pulled him back.

“You stay. If you go home you’ll just wash all of Camilla’s sweet cream out. I won’t fuck you anymore. . . tonight.” Camilla pulled his face against her tits. She held him in her arms, waiting for him to nod off to sleep. Ümraniye İranlı Escort Whether Henry liked it or not, getting fucked takes a lot out of a man. The aching in his ass started to dull as he began nodding off. She felt his breathing slow and finally closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep once she was sure he’d done the same. . .

Camilla woke up the next morning to find her bed empty. A puddle of ejaculate which must have dripped from his ass while they slept had formed on her bed sheet. Camilla chuckled to herself. She’d given him quite the load. She staggered into the bathroom and washed the sleep from her eyes at the sink. She took a shower after brushing her teeth and it almost felt like she could still feel Henry’s little spasming asshole around her cock. It was going to be a long time before she forgot such a feeling. Especially since she had plans to feel it again real soon.

After her long shower she picked up the phone and dialed Henry’s number. His machine kicked on and Camilla could hear Henry’s voice say, “Hey, it’s Henry. Leave a message if you get a chance – oh and if this is Camilla, I’ll be there to pick you up at seven. We’re going to have a great time tonight. I’ve got it all planned out. Anyone else – just leave your message.”

Camilla decided to leave a message. “It’s Camilla. I did have a great time last night. Call me back when you get the chance lover boy.” She teased.

Camilla got ready for work and braced herself for a boring day at the bank. She checked her messages at lunch and saw that Henry hadn’t called. Camilla was talking to a customer when she got the devilish idea to go over there tonight and surprise him. The bank was usually pretty deserted in the afternoon which meant there wasn’t much for her to do. She straightened up in the back while counting down the seconds until her shift was over.

The long work day finally ended and she found herself outside Henry’s door. She knocked on the door. There was no answer. She knocked louder. Still no answer. Camilla was pounding on the door with her fist before she stuck her ear against it and listened quietly. There seemed to be someone inside

“Henry, are you in there?” She shouted. “I wanted to thank you for the wonderful time we had last night. And you know, I think you’re gonna be a lot looser next time. It shouldn’t hurt nearly as – “

The door flung open. Henry stood in the doorway and pulled her into the apartment. “That isn’t funny!” He whined. Henry was mortified that she shouted about such a private matter, about something he’d rather forget if only he could, so loud that the whole building might hear.

She chuckled at him. Camilla took a look around his apartment. His roommate wasn’t home. That made Camilla a very happy girl. “What’s wrong with everyone knowing about our love-making bliss? You’re telling me you weren’t going to go bragging to your friends about it if you’d fucked me?”

Henry shut the door behind him and hoped no one had heard her outburst. “What do you want Camilla?”

“You weren’t planning on skipping town or anything, were you?” Camilla sat down on the couch and put her feet up. “My dick hasn’t gone soft since last night. It just remembers being inside you – it wants to go back there again. I told you I wasn’t going to fuck you anymore last night and I didn’t. Unlike you I actually mean what I say. But I never said I wouldn’t want to fuck you today.”

Henry’s face turned red. He looked at the beautiful woman whom he’d longed to get into bed for months, the same one who pulled a cock from her panties and fucked him once they finally did get in bed. “I let you stick your thing in me once. I’m not gonna let it happen again. I’m asking you to leave Camilla.”

She calmly processing his words. A broad smile played out over her full lips. Camilla stood up and got within inches of Henry. “You let me? I don’t remember you having any say in the matter.” Camilla suddenly grabbed his arm and locked it behind his back, he didn’t try to fight as she pinned him up against the wall. “I took you then and I can take you anytime I want.”

Henry groaned because he knew she was right. He couldn’t stop her then and he certainly wouldn’t be able to stop her now. Henry felt her erection against his backside as she held him pinned. It pressed against his sore ass. Getting fucked again in the ass so soon would really hurt.

“Camilla. Please. My ass still hurts after you, after you made me yours last night. Can we let my asshole rest so it’ll feel better the next time? We can try something else. Please.” He told her in a soft, hopeful voice. Henry realized he was going to play by a different rulebook if he’d survive Camilla.

She started to nibble on his neck. She rubbed her hardened womanhood against his butt and gave a low moan in his ear. “I won’t hurt you baby. Camilla just wants to feel good is all. Do you think you can make Camilla feel good?”

“I can, I can. I promise.” Henry squeezed out of her grip and turned toward her. He gingerly pressed his lips against hers. They were so soft and full. Her mouth tasted sweet as their tongues met. How could she have a penis? Even though he knew it was true, he had felt every inch of it throbbing inside him, as he stood there kissing her, it still didn’t seem real.

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