Stormie Pt. 02: Strange and Dangerous

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American Dad

Stormie Part Two: Strange and Dangerous


The night quickly became a dream, the best dream ever. It’s no joke – the whole fucking thing was beyond my wildest dreams. Stormie, wonderful fucking Stormie, surprised the hell out of me, and banged the hell out of the pleasure centres in my brain with every new revelation.

The fucking lingerie, man, right out of one of the Mayfair magazines under my bed. She wore it all with such style. She posed like a pro, and pouted and blew me kisses. She fucking blew my mind, and I realized that she was more than a girl, she was a woman; no girl moves like that, like a vamp, like a stripper. Fuck.

“Jesus, get over here, baby, you’re killing me,” I said in a voice that was half-pleading and half-urgent command.

But I didn’t wait for her. I grabbed her and threw her on the bed. She let out one of her throaty giggles as I crawled up after her. I pushed her down and gave her a quick hard kiss, kissing her whore-ish red-red lips. I wanted to savour her, but I was too eager to get down to her crotch.

I wanted to play with those wonderful silk panties, but I couldn’t contain myself; I almost ripped the fucking things off her. I didn’t even notice that she didn’t have any tits to speak of as I rapidly kissed my way down past her firm belly, to her hairless package. I’d seen her cock before, but never really understood it.

The foreskin; I don’t have one, none of the other guys I know have one. We were all given ‘haircuts’ as babies, before we left the hospital; I don’t even think parents were asked about it. But Stormie was born in England where they did things differently.

Her cock was a beautiful, pristine white. I got both hands on it, and to my surprise the head popped out. It was a beautiful head, darker than the shaft, purple and shiny.

“Your cock is beautiful baby,” I said.

Those were words that I never would have imagined coming out of my mouth, but I meant it. How can a cock be beautiful?

When it’s naked, and hard and white; when it’s attached to Stormie-Fucking-Lee, that’s how.

I knew how to pull a wire. The angle was strange, but I adapted without thinking. The little guy felt so good in my hands as I pulled and stroked it. His hairless balls were fucking heavy and as hard as rocks. Oh, fuck ya. I was thinking with a weird ecstasy, “I’m gonna to get Stormie off!”

I kissed her flat stomach, and then I took the head of her cock into my mouth and started to suck. Strange feeling, strange taste, but sucking came naturally.

My brain was screaming, “You’re sucking a cock!”

I knew I should feel bad about it, only fags suck cocks. But this was Stormie’s cock, so it wasn’t the same at all. I felt her shudder and respond to me as I sucked and stroked, and that really made everything okay.

I loved it, but I’d lost control of myself. I sucked the whole thing into my mouth, and reefed back on it to get it to the right angle, while I fucking crushed her balls. She trembled and thrusted, and moaned things I couldn’t make out. It all happened too fast.

Her whole body clenched. Fuck, I knew what was coming next, and I got my mouth out of there. I sure as hell wasn’t ready to suck and swallow. Besides, I wanted to see it. I wanted to see what I’d done to her.

I was on my knees, and I let her cock take a more natural angle, pointing up her body. I stopped stroking, but kept a death grip on her shaft and balls, feeling them pulse. I could actually feel her balls let loose. Then, she exploded. Fuck me! She had one hell of a load, and I mean, she let fly, man. A thick rope spurted up in the air and splattered her chest and even her face.

Her slutty face, taking her own load. Jesus, I might have come myself from the sight of it, except it was so awesome, so fucking transcendent. It was fucking spiritual, man. Fuck!

She was up on her elbows, and her face was come-splattered and dreamy. “Baby, you sure know how to handle a cock,” she panted.

Wild desires possessed my mind. I wanted to fuck her face, really pound it. More than that, I wanted to fuck her. I wanted to shove my big fat cock up her tight little ass and make her scream. Where did those thoughts come from? I didn’t want to hurt Stormie, she was god dammed precious to me; but somehow, I wanted to fuck the shit out of her, right up the ass. Because I loved her?

I was sweating, and confused as fuck. Without realizing it, I still had a death grip on her cock, and I used it as an anchor to control myself.

“What are you thinking, Mark? I want to hear what you’re thinking,” she said.

She smiled. Fuck, she sure as hell wouldn’t have been smiling if she knew the things that were running through my head.

She was teasing me, pouting, smiling with her red lips. She took a bit of come from her cheek and sucked it into her slutty mouth.

“Oh, fuck. You are such a fucking dirty, little slut, Stormie,” I blurted, but I stopped short of adding, “And I want to fuck your ass off”. I shook my head, trying to throw Ümraniye Esmer Escort off the craziness in there.

“Oh babe, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t call you that. I don’t know what came over me. No, fuck. Stormie listen that was great; you’re great, and you’re fucking beautiful, babe.”

I hung my head in shame and embarrassment, but her voice caressed me, drawing my eyes back up to look at her.

“Don’t feel bad, baby. I want to be a slut for you. I want to be your dirty girl.”

My mouth dropped open. She meant it. Oh man, that was too much to get my head around. I took a couple of deep breaths and let go of her now limp dick. I had no idea what to do next, what to say.

“Somebody’s gonna get hurt tonight,” I mumbled, but she ignored me, or didn’t hear me.

“Please, go get my cigarettes, will you, lover-boy? I really need a smoke after that.” Incredibly, her voice was light and happy.

I was relieved to get out of the bed, and have something to do. I was swinging some serious lead as I headed back to the living room. I didn’t even dare kiss her for fear that I’d rape her, right there.


I found his parents’ robes on a coat stand; his mother’s fits me nicely, I noted. It was cotton, lilac, understated. Mark’s parents always did have such good taste.

I propped myself up on a pile of pillows, smiling with a glow of post-orgasmic, creamy delight. Right on cue Mark handed me my cigarettes, and I lit up; savouring the cool smoke and the tingle of my nerve endings, I slowly let it drift from my mouth, curling up towards the ceiling. Fuck, it doesn’t get any better than that.

He joined me on the pillows and just looked at me. I held out my cigarette for him but he shook his head. “I don’t anymore, baby; besides, I just want to watch you!”

I liked that. It made me feel so cool and sophisticated anyway, but knowing he liked to watch me? Wow. Naturally, I was going to have to be extra stylish, now, and I held it a few inches from my mouth between drags, poised delicately between my fingertips.

“Stormie, man- you still have cum on your face!”

‘Don’t care,’ I pouted, exhaling a perfect cone into the air, and we both laughed.

I turned to face him; we shared a quiet smile and a kiss. I was aware of a presence on his belly- a dark, brooding presence. I touched him, lifted him, stood him up erect; the wonder on my face could not be hidden.

‘Wow. Wow, Mark?’ I just stared into his face, open mouthed.

He chuckled gently and shivered, just enjoying the implied compliment and the feel of my hand. I guess the confidence of a guy’s hand felt different to the times that real girls have played with his dick. “Hey, sweetie, I’m just so relieved you enjoy touching it.”

I compared it to mine and it was definitely approaching twice the length. I stroked him slowly and absentmindedly, with full eye contact. I glanced down and realised my cigarette was between my outstretched fingers of the same hand, and couldn’t believe how amazing and trashy it looked. He groaned with the same realisation, and I grinned as I took a final drag before stubbing out in a convenient ashtray.

We kissed some more as I continued to play with him. He was enjoying my voice, so I keep chatting. ‘I’d like to measure you some time. I’m proud of you, proud of your cock… Does that make sense? It feels so good to be wearing pretty underwear for you… Next time I’ll go further…’

He groaned again, writhing with enjoyment. “Oh, tell me about it, honey…”

I giggled. “Well, I do look pretty in eyeshadow and mascara! And you’ll be amazed when you see me in heels…”

He gritted his teeth and fucked his full length through my soft grip. “Mmmm…”

“God”, I thought, struggling to hold onto it. “That could be my anus later”… I wanted to keep it going, heightening his arousal and my own. I whispered confidentially in his ear: “I went out as a girl once, in Montreal!” I kiss his cheek and continue to toy with his cock, noting with satisfaction a bead of precum forming on his glans.

“Wow, that sounds hot, Stormie! Tell me about it…”

‘I booked in at the Holiday Inn just so I could go out as a girl in public… Can you believe it? Well, I put on a striped T-shirt and black miniskirt and nylons. I’m not kidding, Mark! I’ve been quite daring since I last saw you…”

“What did you have on your feet,” he asked, wide-eyed.

“White tennis shoes! And I backcombed my hair, with an Alice band, and…’ Fuck, his cock is even bigger and harder than it was earlier, if that’s possible.”

“Go on, baby; it’s great!”

“It’s true! And of course I was wearing a black bra and panties underneath,” I winked. “A little A-cup sports bra…”

He moved against me, kissing me firmly. “God, girl. That is so hot! What did you do?”

I blushed and rolled my eyes. “I was self-conscious at first, it felt like everyone was looking at me. I had these mirror shades on. I forced myself to walk slowly, I went to the park, walked Ümraniye Eve Gelen Escort around… It’s funny, I started to relax… the breeze around my legs; it was this April. I saw myself in the window of the café as I walked by and I just looked like a girl, a girl student. I put on my lipstick and smoked a cigarette, went back to the café, smoked another cigarette… God, Mark, I was showing off now, reading the paper with a Black Cat hanging out of my mouth. I wanted people to look at me…”

He ran his hand up and down my chest, inside my robe. “Fuck, Stormie Lee. You’re outrageous! How did it feel?”

“It felt amazing, buddy, like I could be a guy one minute, riding my bike, doing guy stuff, chasing girls. But I could also be a chick, put on flimsy knickers and makeup, and… Oh God, Mark,” I sighed, climbing astride him, “I really, really need you to fuck me.”


I was all fucked up. Stormie hit me with waves; new sensations, new revelations, setting off explosions of emotion. It was like she was strolling through a minefield in my head and purposely stomping on every mine.

Fuck, where to begin? She was laying on my mom’s bed, in my mom’s familiar robe, and smoking, using my mom’s ashtray. Fortunately, she didn’t look anything like her, and thank God, my mother never smoked like that.

I thought I knew Stormie, but she’d changed a lot in the past two years. When I’d thought of her during that time, she reminded me of Jamie Lee Curtis in ‘Grandview USA’, a kind of cute tomboy. Jamie Lee smoked with a cigarette dangling casually out of the corner of her mouth, kinda ‘don’t fuck with me’ tough. Stormie Lee used to smoke like that too, but not now.

With the lipstick and the confident, womanly attitude, she was more like Marlena Dietrich in the ‘Blue Angel’. I was getting a slow hand job from Marlena Dietrich, with cum on her face, while she teased me with her throaty voice.

Like I said, wham! What a thought! Me at Rideau Ferry with Stormie Lee, dynamite Stormie Lee on my arm. Fuck. Dancing with her, rubbing up against her, and nobody knowing our little secret. All the fucking guys, all the jocks and rednecks, jealous of me, and all the little cottage girls wanting to be her. Oh fuck, she was killing me.

“Do you have more stuff with you?”

Fuck if she says no I’m willing to drive to Toronto and empty my bank account to dress her up.

“Oh, I came prepared,” she replied.

But, it wasn’t that simple. Nothing was simple when it came to Stormie Lee. She told me in such detail about girl’s clothes and makeup, and how great it felt to be a girl. Then, she tells me that she still likes to do ‘guy things’. And I thought, how great is that? Go hunting all day, and then get home and fuck the ass off your best-bud, while she’s dressed in lingerie!

And, she still wanted to fuck girls. It’s like my head was split open as it filled with outrageous thoughts. What about fucking a couple of girls with Stormie at the same time? What about sharing a girl – holy fuck! A cute white girl. Fuck, what about a black girl, a real dark Jamaican, as black as me. I got this obscene image of lily-white Stormie entwined with a black-as-night Nubian, kissing, and me over top of them, jerking off. Fuck me!

I was still reeling from all of that, when she threw off her robe, and climbed on top of me.

“Come on, Mark, I want you to fuck me,” she said.

There it was; the thing I couldn’t say. I didn’t know how it was possible with my freakishly large cock, and her sweet, tiny asshole. I could fucking kill her. But God help me, I was already at the point where I was willing to take that chance.

“I’d love to fuck you, baby. Sure, I would love that! But it’s your ass, so you gotta drive, okay?”


“Mmmm, I guess that could be OK…” I straddled him and kissed him. Reaching back to put my hand on his magnificent length, I pressed his shaft against my anus for the first time, making him sigh audibly at the implication. “But I gotta be fucked like a girl, the first time!”

Before he could grab me I jumped up, light as a feather, and visited the bathroom again. When I returned with a tube of body lotion, a fresh coat of lipstick and a twinkle in my eye, Mark was standing by the bed, and boy was he ready for me.

I slunk up to him and put my arms over his shoulders, kissed him as I told him how it was going to be. I could tell he liked me to talk like this from the effect it was having; his cock was rigid and hot against me, and I instinctively reached down. The strong smell of cum was making me extremely horny.

“You’ll have to be gentle with me, lover; (*kiss*) I do like to play with my little bum with a vibrator, (*kiss*) dreaming about this lovely dick, but I never dreamed you would be (*kiss*) so big!”

I stroked ever so slowly as I spoke. I wanted to keep talking, filthier and filthier, and stroke him until he came, but that would have to wait for another time. He responded to my kisses and his mouth Ümraniye Evi Olan Escort moving down to my nipples, where he sucked hard. I loved it; I wanted to be love bitten, swollen and sensitive. How I wished I had proper titties for him; they wouldn’t even have to be big, just pert little ‘B’ cups.

I squeezed a huge blob of the cool body lotion into my hand, and he jumped slightly as I applied it to his shaft. Our eyes met and we both smiled; I think he understood now what was about to happen.

I kissed him again. “I’m going to get on the bed, now, and I’m going to open my legs for you.”

“Oh, baby, you got me so hard again!”

I lay down on the cushions and spread my legs, applying some of the cream to myself. My cock was hard and I was so tight; I knew I’m going to have to relax, take it slow. “Come and kneel between my legs, honey…”


It was a good thing that Stormie knew what she was doing, because I didn’t have a clue, and I was so fucking horny, my big, hard, impatient dick might have ended up anywhere. She wanted me to fuck her like a girl, which surprised me. I didn’t think it was that easy.

I’d always thought bum-fucking was done from behind. Maybe because the guys didn’t want to look at each other. But, of course, Stormie was a girl, so sure, she wanted to do it face to face!

We kissed, and she led me to the bed and laid down with her legs open, just like a girl. I knelt between them with my beast in my hand and I tried to calm down, to enjoy it all. It was my pal Stormie, but the way she looked, she was sexier than any girl I knew.

Her eyes, and her lipstick-painted mouth called out, “Fuck me, baby. Come on and fuck me.” It was Stormie, but it was like Stormie, uncovered.

She was hairless, and so snowy white, that I was afraid of leaving black marks all over her. Her adorable little nipples were rock hard, and her flat stomach trembled with anticipation. And then there was her cock; it was hard, and her high ball sack was tight. What was going to happen with that?

I watched her with both hands on my cock, and my mouth hung open as she rubbed herself with hand cream. She took her time and rubbed it into her nasty place. It was like watching a girl finger herself, but even better. Her butthole was so small that I didn’t know how I was ever going to fit in there, and that excited me even more.

My heart skipped a beat when she said, “I like to play with my bum.”

‘My bum’, with that accent of hers, fuck. Those words, for some reason just grabbed my balls like a vice. The thought of her doing that, wow, with a vibrator? Fuck, that was something I would have to picture later, but right then, she had my full attention.

She pushed me off. “Okay, baby, just rub it around my hole like this.”

Her hole, oh fuck! She spread her ass for me. It’s impossible to say what that meant to me, it was such a sweet surrender, such an act of trust. It felt great, the cool slippery cream and her tight, inviting rim.


He climbed onto the bed, a look of pure wonder on his face, gently stroking that amazing cock with his fingertips. I pulled him down to kiss me; I wanted to feel his weight, his strength on me, but we needed to rein it in for now, and I put a hand on his chest.

“OK, buddy; just put the head against my hole, like this…” I held myself open, my forearm holding my own cock flat to my belly, just allowing the tip to dilate me slightly.

“Oh, Stormie… Fuck.”

“That’s it, babe. Feels nice, doesn’t it?”

“Oh, hell, yeah…”

He rocked slightly; I moved in response to him, my heart pumping. We looked at each other, laughing silently. “Oh, fuck, Mark! I can’t believe we’re finally doing this!”

We continued to move in this way for a while, just enjoying this most intimate contact. Waves of pleasure engulfed me as I felt my sphincter warm and stretch, and I groaned, rapidly losing control. “Fuck, if you knew how… OH!”

Suddenly the head of his magnificent member was in me, and we stared at each other. “Oh, Mark, babe… Do that again! Take it out…”

He withdrew briefly, and I felt the pressure again, my anus yielding more readily this time. “AHHHH! Oh FUCK!”

I frowned, and he thought he’d hurt me. “You OK, Stormie?” The concern in his eyes was touching.

“Oh, God, baby… Do it again. Keep doing it!”

He repeated. I felt like I was going to faint as he did it again and again. I had my hand on his shaft, just in case. My own was streaming precum all over my belly. I could sense he wanted to go deeper but, fuck, he was so big, and I was new to this. He was so gentle, but I could see in his eyes he was holding himself back. Thank God.

I encouraged him with a wanton look, eyes narrowed and mouth open. “Go a little deeper, Mark… It’s OK. I want just a bit more length…”

He penetrated me again, going an inch further this time. I felt incredibly full already and wondered how far we could take it, this first time. I could wank him off now, giving him the most satisfying orgasm of his life. As I stroked him, though, I felt him push an inch deeper.


I fucked her up the ass, fucked my little slut Stormie Lee right up the ass. I sweated and trembled as I fought for my last bit of control. She was wet and warm now, and I was a rod of iron.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32