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Trying to avoid eye contact with the old letch perving on her flip-flopped feet, Jess sat on the tube train with the ghost of her reflection fixed in the dark glass opposite her.

She knew it was a hopelessly narcissistic thing to think, but every day she was reminded just how much of a handicap her looks were. Most people blinked at her as if she was just too bright to stare at, or they peered at her out of the corner of their eye. Her body was healthy and curvaceous and her skin luminously flawless. As was her sleek black hair and huge, liquid eyes. Even her lips were plump and almost absurdly cupid. She hated every bit of it.

Only the delusionally overconfident or downright creepy ever dared talk to her. All the nice people scampered away if she sought them out. It had been over a year since she last had sex. And that was with this – admittedly gorgeous – physicist who was so intimidated he couldn’t get hard then immediately came when she touched him. He was so mortified he avoided her after that. Then he even had the nerve to go and win the Nobel prize for some space-time thing, just to rub it in.

She crossed her legs and frowned at the gawper opposite. Then at everyone else on the tube. Then she got off the train.

She was knotted and tense with a horn she had been unable to deal with that morning. Her idiot flatmate had blundered into the bathroom and actually taken a shit just as she’d been trying to get off with the showerhead. So even that meagre release had been denied her. And it was the weekend. And she still had to work.

She let herself into the empty furniture showroom and cursed her bosses requirement to have someone there all the time, even though the place was so relentlessly chichi all their viewings were by private booking only.

“Darlink!” he said, often, knowing no other punctuation beyond exclamation, “but you are my most exquisite piece! When the morons buy my furniture they think they are buying the chance to be you!”

Jess harrumphed at her desk, set up facing the window, and set about her shop-dummy duty of trying to look busy. She turned on her laptop and flicked through her emails. Spam, spam, spam, spam.

“Bloody Vikings,” she mumbled, then one message caught her eye. Amongst all the other tawdry toss, one stood out, its subject “Jess finally gets laid.” The message was blank, but for a link. She knew she shouldn’t click it. She looked about the empty showroom, outside to the empty street. She knew it was bad. She bit her lip. She knew she shouldn’t… Her brain flipped down between her legs. She clicked the link.

No website, just a video popping up full screen, a naked girl spread across a black bed. He heart lurched and she reached for the off switch then squirmed in the illicit realisation that absolutely no-one could see. Even if they pressed their nose to the window, they’d see her not the screen.

She crossed her legs, supressed a smirk and watched the naked girl. Not naked. She still had a bra on. Somehow that made her seem even more exposed, just her bits out. The view was from some distance, so Jess couldn’t see too much, but the girl clearly had dark hair and kind of looked like her.

Who was this from? Weirdly the email said it was from herself. The girl opened her legs, and proceeded to move a hand between them. Jess stopped caring who sent it.

Jess had never seen another girl do this, though had done herself a few times in front of the mirror in a shameful quest for sexual company. In fact it seemed this “Jess” seemed to be doing the same, watching herself. Or showing someone maybe.

Jess’s heart thumped hard and her fingers trembled as she watched the girl fiddle and tease herself. She flicked a foot. Uncrossed her legs. The video girl looked so enticing, or was it just a “monkey see monkey do” thing? But Jess felt a familiar tight tingle between her thighs.

Her desk had a “modesty” panel. No-one could see her below the Ankara escort waist. She opened one knee and let her fingers brush up her thigh. Then as the girl in the video pulled her legs up and back, her hands holding herself open, Jess squeezed at her knickered warm podginess, trembling as it sent wriggles of electricity radiating out.

A figure stepped into the frame. Another woman.

“Oh yes…” Jess whispered as the woman knelt between the girls knees, face inches from her sex. When the woman dipped her head and started kissing and licking the girl, Jess’ s head spun. She was too horny for this. She needed to cum. Now.

She reached up her short skirt and wriggled off her underwear as discretely as she could. Sliding down to the edge of her seat, she opened her knees and let her finger at her bits, dipping one into her slippery interior and spreading wetness over her clamouring spot. She gasped. The girl in the video looked close to climax, her body made delicious sinuous waves as the woman licked and her stomach muscles clenched and shuddered. Her eyes screwed shut; she clawed the bed beside her. The woman’s head nodded and nuzzled and dipped. Jess tickled at her hard nub and a warm melting sensation gathered around her hips. She slid a finger deep into herself-


A woman shouted from outside the window, knocking at the glass. Jess all but fell off her chair, sitting bolt upright. The woman beamed a smile and gestured to the shop door. She wanted to come in!

Jess’s fingers were wet, her whole body shook – on the very precipice of an orgasm – and here she was faced with an actual customer. She slapped the laptop shut and stuffed her knickers into a drawer. Thank god, she had forgotten to unlock the shop door.

She scampered over to the door and unlocked it; suddenly feeling exposed in bare feet and the intimate breeze of wearing no underwear.

“I’m so sorry dear,” the woman said, “I know I should make an appointment, but I understand you have a Michangelo Chaise, here?”

Jess blinked. The woman looked like herself, albeit in her thirties.

“Are you ok, darling?” The woman wasn’t fazed at all by their similarity it seemed. “You look… flushed. I can come back?”

Jess shook her head clear, smiled and let her in.

“Oh my, I have to say,” the woman said as she stepped in, “you are very beautiful.” They laughed and a shared awkwardness lifted a little between them.

“This way Madam.” Jess led her over to the chaise in one of the rooms at the back of the shop. The woman beamed at it. Her perfume had an expensive dry cleanliness.

“Oh isn’t it lovely?” she said. “I do love this designer. I know it’s a cheeky piece but, well it’s for the bedroom anyway isn’t it?”

Jess smiled vaguely. To her shame, she knew very little about any of the designers. The chaise looked kind of wobbly as far as she was concerned. Kind of Henry Moore with a few more… wobbles. It was wider at the feet and tapered to support the head. She secretly called it the gyno-couch.

“May I?” The woman, for some reason, kicked off her shoes and didn’t wait for Jess’s response before she sat, and then reclined, on the chaise. “How do I look? Would my husband approve, hmm?” She chuckled.

The woman had a fine figure and was dressed in a light silk dress. Jess felt an unfamiliar flip in her belly.

“Why sweetie!” the woman said, wriggling her hips and getting comfy, “You look like a hungry tiger, you are making me nervous!”

Jess felt her ears heat up. “I’ll… umm leave you to-” but the woman held up her hand. She regarded Jess from her regal recline, legs and arms crossed neatly. “Has your awkwardness something to do with what you were watching before I came in?” she said.

Jess’s jaw dropped. Her brain tumbled. The woman laughed, running one knee up the other. Lifting her skirt a little.

“Oh sweet girl, you were sitting in front of a mirror! Escort ankara I’m afraid your screen caught my eye as I passed. I had to let you know!”

Jess slumped, put her hand to her mouth. She closed her eyes. “Oh I’m so sorry,” she said. The woman started to laugh again, but at the sight of a unexpected tear spilling down Jess’s cheek suddenly jumped to her feet. She tipped Jess’s face to hers.

“Oh lovely girl, what are you sorry for? You are young and healthy. I am the one who should apologise for being a filthy old peeping tom!”

Jess sniffed a giggle. Somehow filthy and old didn’t seem fitting. “It’s just been… so long,” she said, “I’m going out of my mind.”

“Would you like me to go?” the woman said. Jess shook her head. The woman tucked a strand of Jess’s hair behind her ear and thumbed the tear from her cheek. “Good,” she whispered, “because, if I am honest, I rather liked your ah… reflection.”

The woman’s eyes seemed to fill the whole room. The thought of those eyes taking Jess in – at her rudest – and enjoying it, made her trickle inside. The woman’s hand lingered at Jess’s cheek. Without a further thought, she brushed her face into it. She closed her eyes and kissed the woman’s palm, rewarded a moment later by exquisitely soft, warm lips.

She relaxed her mouth against the woman’s kiss and the invitation was taken in an instant. A gentle, warm tongue sought hers, and squirmed around it.

“Oh my,” the woman sighed as they gasped apart. “I didn’t expect this today!”

Jess giggled. “Me neither!” she bubbled and felt foolish. “Umm, obviously.”

The woman reached up her own dress, grabbed something and quickly sat on the edge of the chaise. She neatly manoeuvred her feet out of her knickers. Jess felt her knee tremble in excitement as the intimate stranger waved the underwear like a flag and rubbed one foot coyly with the other. “Now we are even.” She chortled and tossed them.

The woman leant back and kicked her foot. Her eyes slid up and down Jess’s legs. Jess shivered at a swell of hunger. “Make me cum,” she said, her voice sounding small and pathetic.

“Of course I’m going to make you cum, silly girl!” the woman said, and lifted a foot onto the chaise beside her, presenting a rude view of puckered bald lips. The woman’s cheeks reddened and she leant her head on her raised knee, playing with her toes. She watched Jess take in her sex. “You like this don’t you?” She purred and slid an elegantly manicured finger along her creases. Jess nodded. Her mouth felt dry. The woman’s pinkness glistened.

“Come here,” the woman said, lying back along the chaise and butterflying her knees. After a moment’s confusion, Jess suddenly saw why it tapered toward the head. She felt her cheeks heat up as she took her place astride the woman’s widening eyes and crimson cheeks.

Jess leant down and opened herself up as the woman’s fingers worked at her own bits. More than anything, Jess wanted this woman’s fingers in her. Her tongue. The woman’s breath rolled up Jess’s thighs as she stared up and flapped her hands between her legs.

In this odd position, watching the stranger moan and writhe beneath her, Jess felt foolish and dirty. Her heart thumped so fast she thought she might pass out. She wanted this to stop, but never end. She wanted to run, but even more she wanted to squat on this woman’s mouth. She took deep breaths and tried to work up the courage. What would the woman do? Would she like it?

“Oh god. Yes!” The woman gasped and Jess looked down with a crushing rush of shame. A long thick loop of her own wetness, dripped and rolled over the woman’s cheek and lips…

“Oh! Sorry!” Jess blurted and moved away, but the woman gripped her in place, digging fingernails into Jess’s buttocks. She rammed two fingers in and out of herself with a sloppy battering noise, sucking Jess off her lips and crying out in a twitching climax. Jess squeezed Ankara escort bayan at her own mound, astonished at how puffy and slimy she was. A warning tremble ran up her legs.

The woman stretched and writhed out her climax, the wet tip of her tongue seeking more of Jess’s juices on her cheek. Jess stooped and kissed her again, upside down, taking woman’s salty tongue into her mouth and wishing it was her sex and wishing she had the nerve to just force it onto that hot mouth. The woman moaned into Jess’s mouth as if reading her mind.

“Let me eat you,” the woman muttered, pushed Jess’s face away, and grabbing her hips. Jess’s legs unhinged at the thought. Her entire skeleton had become nerve jelly.

“Wait,” Jess said, “not like this, let me lie down.” She yanked her dress off over her head and flopped down on a black leather day bed next to the chaise. The woman smiled and threw hers off too, then stood over Jess’s (almost) nakedness with a sly, teasing look.

“Leaving our bras on, are we?” she said as Jess pushed her hips up hungrily toward her, frowning.

“Yes. It’s sort of more naked, don’t you think?” Jess said.

The woman laughed, and this was simply annoying.

“Please, come on!” Jess said, swinging her knees open indecently. The woman peered and crossed her arms. Jess growled in frustration and spread her lips wide, too. “I’m so wet. I’m dribbling again, see? See how wet my… thighs…”

Jess’s fingers couldn’t wait, diving into her soggy marshmallow and stirring. Her hips pushed up; one, and then two fingers sliding up inside. She shuddered. “Please,” she muttered.

Cackling, the woman dropped to her knees and pressed her polite lips to Jess’s rude ones, kissing and nipping at the flushed sensitive flesh. Jess curled her hands behind the woman’s head and gripped her in place with her feet too, for good measure. She let the overwhelming, relentless whirlpool of the stranger’s mouth and tongue pull her inside out, breathing in long quivering gasps as her pleasure snowballed out from her hips. Her entire lower half dissolved into the ebb and flow of warm illicit pleasure.

Her stomach clenched, she clawed at the the woman’s hair, at the bed. She felt her hole stretch and a deep invasion of two fingers, the woman curling them as if beckoning Jess’s orgasm like a nervous kitten. But when the woman took Jess’s clittoris into her mouth and sucked at it – delicious vibrations humming through Jess as the woman laughed – Jess was hit by her orgasm like an unstoppable velvet juggernaut. She arched and screamed, her world flaring and sparkling and the woman hummed and chuckled at the fireworks, not stopping for a moment. She steered Jess through her climax, nuzzled at every pulse of it, then gently scaled it down just before it got too much.

Jess clasped her hands between her legs and curled up, shivering, laughing. The woman flopped beside her, chin and cheeks shockingly glossed and her eyes sparkling.

They chuckled throatily, marvelling and slowly drifting into a peaceful haze of sleep.


When Jess woke, she was alone. It was dark.

She sat up and gathered her clothes from the floor, shakily dressing. She felt floppy and relaxed, like a ton of elastic bands had all been unhooked inside her. There was no sign of the woman at all.

The laptop lights flashed in the darkness. Jess opened it as she retrieved her knickers from the drawer and pulled them on. The porn video carried on playing.

The girl who looked like Jess arched and cried out in raw, abandoned bliss and the woman licked her calmly through it. The girl curled up, and the woman lay down beside her. They cuddled. Soon the girl was sleeping and the woman got up, put on her clothes, then came to the camera.

“Darling Jess, lovely twenty-year old Me,” she said, her voice a husky whisper. “Don’t worry, you will meet someone very soon. He is a brilliant man, maybe the most brilliant there has ever been. And he will let you play with his time machine whenever you like. Oh, and I would delete today’s security camera footage if I were you. After you’ve made a copy for us of course! Mwah.”

Then the woman – Jess’s future – blew a kiss, waved, and disappeared.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32