Sister Golden Hair

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Public Sex

The alarm woke my tired ass up at 9 am that Sunday morning, and I was in no fucking mood for that! I had just moved back into my family home after losing everything but my shirt, or so it felt, in a nasty divorce. Probably the only reason that my ex didn’t go after alimony was that she knew that if she pushed that far, the judge would realize that I had less coming in than she did, thanks to her cushy job given to her by Dear Old Dad. Too much of that, and she might end up having to pay ME alimony, which was not something that Courtney was prepared to do, thank you very much!

As it was, she got the marital home, though she had to cover it herself, plus three out of four vehicles (Her Honor being generous enough to leave me my Harley…how nice of her!), eighty percent of the joint-bank account and my 401 k (remind me next time I get divorced to loot them first, but I stupidly listened to my lawyer and didn’t do that), and the vacation home as well. It was a good thing that I sold the business before she filed. I didn’t have to pay her lawyer, just mine, and the proceeds from the sale of my firm went mostly to him.

We didn’t have kids, though she was pregnant when the judge ruled on my case and she backed down from her demand for child support when I insisted upon a paternity test first. I think that she knew that it would prove the baby that she sired while I was away on National Guard duty was not mine (interestingly, given her complaint about my being away so much, she waited until I was almost done with my term of enlistment to serve me). That was a narrow escape and at least that cokehead lawyer did that much for me.

One thing was sure, I was burned-out on marriage and in no mood to deal with people in general. I had plans to go out that morning and do things, but as I awoke, I wasn’t energized or rejuvenated. I was just fucking down and drained. I was depressed about how dismal things had gotten, mostly about the failure of my first attempt at marriage, though to be fair to me, I had tried to make it work in spite of my misgivings. I had given it every honest attempt, including the mutual decision (her idea, but I tolerated it) to become monogamous early on, in spite of my serious reservations about the wisdom of monogamy. It was Courtney who couldn’t live by her own principles of fidelity, wasn’t it, the fucking hypocritical bitch!

That was the real cause of my despair, of course. I had foolishly chosen a very Ümraniye Ukraynalı Escort bad companion for me, one sure to make me miserable, not happy with my life, though I couldn’t see past her dimples and her goddamn dirty blonde hair! Fuck my luck, I thought, as I tried to get dressed for a bit in spite of myself, and then promptly changed back into my pajamas and slid back into bed. I couldn’t bring myself to face the day just yet. It was only 9 plus something, after all. Maybe if I reset the alarm and got up at 11 or something, I’d be better and readier…or maybe I should just shoot for tomorrow after all, I told myself.

I had just started to drift back to sleep, when I heard the door to my old (and new again) bedroom crack open and someone try to steal their way in, at which point they actually slipped under the covers with me. I didn’t know who they were or what their intentions were, but I was too fucking tired and down on myself to give a shit, figuring that I would learn the truth when I awoke later.

Well, I awoke again and I had apparently missed or messed up the alarm, because it was slightly past noon and I only awakened due to my full bladder, which was about to burst. I rushed to the john, emptied my bladder half-sleepily, pulled up my jammies, and washed my hands in my own lazy, groggy fashion, barely remembering to turn off the faucet and dry them. My brain still half-asleep, I jumped into the shower, letting the hot water jar me fully into consciousness. It did the trick, of course, and that was when I felt someone slip into the shower behind, putting an obviously feminine pair of hands on my body.

“Woah, who is this?” I asked aloud, as I felt the mysterious person’s skin move along mine, as she began washing me in earnest.

“It’s me, bro. Just me,” my sister, Vicky, told me, as she started feeling my cock with her soft, smooth hands.

“Sis, must you do this? It feels good, but it’s fucking wrong, okay? This is a bit too intimate for a brother and sister to be with each other, Victoria,” I reminded her.

“Hey, you’re not the only person lonely here, bro,” my younger sister assured me as she cupped my buns.

“Yes, well, that may be true, but what would our parents say? This…is awfully close to incest for their comfort, I imagine,” I reminded my sister.

“So what? Look, bro, it’s not like we can produce a baby together, which is the only upside Ümraniye Üniversiteli Escort of my assigned gender. I still fucking wish that we could, of course,” my sister, who had been born Victor, pointed out, “Come on, Roger Martin. How about it?”

“You just want to use me for sex, I see now,” I teased her, prompting a searing hot kiss as I began washing her, yes, including her pre-operative dick and balls.

“Baby, you have no idea how much I want to use you that way, but at least a girl can be a good friend to her bro, right? Or am I not blonde enough for you? Not the right shade of blonde?” my fair-haired sister dared me, causing me to ease a finger into her bottom, much to her delight.

“Oh…fuck, bro! That feels terrific! I would love to get fucked by you, whenever you wish it, just so you know. Call it whatever you want. Friends with benefits, siblings with benefits, whatever. Can’t we make a deal…until we both agree to stop, we have sex with each other on demand?” Vicky asked me now.

“Vicky, if we agree to this, what happens if you get a boyfriend or I get a girlfriend? We’re siblings…can we really be lovers long-term?” I wondered now, even as I found myself plunging my now lubricated cock inside her ass, unable to resist her grinding against my dick.

“Sure, but try and keep better contact in the future, will ya, bro? Don’t be a fucking stranger. I wondered at times if you were really not as accepting of my…transition as you seemed to be,” Vicky let the pain and hurt come out in her voice, so I kissed her gently on the neck as we coupled together for the first time ever, in a shower of all places.

“Hey, you were my brother, but now you’re my sister, and if anyone ever treats you like shit, they’re gonna have to answer to me. I always love and accept you for who you are, no matter how much of an adjustment it can be. Still, I’ve been a bit distracted thanks to Courtney and her fucking shenanigans, babe,” I found myself saying, just as Vicky pushed her hips and booty back at me.

“You like this, don’t you, sis? I mean, really like this!” I noted as I began pumping with a vengeance inside my sister’s beautiful bottom (I had no idea just how sexy her ass was since her transition until now).

“Oh, fucking God, yes, bro! I mean, I’m a girl, yes, but I still have a fucking prostate! Your dick feels sooooo good against it!” Vicky told me as she urged me Ümraniye Vip Escort to take her harder.

“You want this dick? You want it deep inside you? Come and get it!” I teased Vicky as she kept trying to take more of me inside her asshole.

“Oh, fuck meeee! Oh, fucking God! Take me, bro! I’m yours!” Vicky really pushed back even harder at me, taking me in to the hilt.

It wasn’t too much before I had too much of that sweet, tight, hot booty around my cock and I couldn’t take any more. I spilled my load deep within my sexy sister, who then spurted her own jizz onto the shower floor. The hormones and T-blockers hadn’t taken a complete hold, after all…not yet. At twenty-one, Vicky was still capable of making spunk and getting at least semi-hard. She was also exactly ten years my junior, more or less, since I was thirty-one myself.

I washed us both off a bit and let the hot water rinse away Vicky’s jizz as it flowed down the drain. We dried off as I held her close, kissing her sweet lips, tangling my tongue with hers. I started to help her dress, but she had other ideas.

“Hey, bro, let’s streak!” Vicky told me, winking mischievously.

“Are you sure that’s wise? There was someone in my bed this morning, after all,” I pointed out.

“Oh, that? That’s just Mom. She’ll be cool with it. She will love it if we climb naked into bed with her, trust me. In fact…I think that she wants you, too. I can’t say that I blame her, ever since Daddy and she broke up, over my transition, no less! She’s been very lonely,” Vicky assured me.

“Wait, woah, Dad left Mom because of your transition? He couldn’t accept it? I never did get the full story, but, awfully sorry for you and Mom, sis. That’s God awful! Well, let’s go cheer her up, right? It sounds like I’ve been a self-absorbed dick, worrying about my failed marriage to Courtney while Mom and you have dealt with plenty of pain of your own,” I commented on my own self-pitying bullshit, since clearly the whole family had suffered a lot, aside from Dad, of course…his pain was all of his own making, thank you very much.

As Vicky and I lay down on either side of Mom and gave her warmth under the comforter, I just knew that this was the first day of the rest of our lives, not just mine. In which case, I wasn’t so damn depressed anymore, though if I suppose if I had been clinical, it would have been harder to shake. At least I could be brought back from the darkness with my sister’s love and her wonderful body. Now, it was time to think of Mom and her needs. Something told me that she would be more than ready to embrace and accept our love for her, and that we would be just fine together, the three of us. What a surprise, all starting with my sister with the golden hair.

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