Diane the Sex Slave Ch. 03

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The following Saturday night dead on 7 the doorbell rang. That fucking cow just didn’t get the message did she?

“Look I don’t, Nigel!” I gasped in surprise.

My angry face dropped and I smiled nervously. I ran my fingers through my hair hoping I didn’t look to messy.

“Come in,” I said excitedly, “are you OK?”

I tried to ignore his negative expression. Just seeing Nigel again had given me such a lift I couldn’t believe it myself.

“Look mum is doing a birthday dinner for me on Wednesday. She said I should invite you.”

“Oh I’d love to come. But it is up to you,” I added, hoping he wanted me to.

He nodded, but not with any great degree of certainty, but after all the shit I had put him through who could blame him?

“Why don’t you come in and have a drink? You can see Sammy, he misses you.”

“I’m going out, another time.”

He turned away still not giving me much of a clue as to his feelings.

“OK, I’ll see you Wednesday night. Thanks for asking me,” I called excitedly.

“Like I said it was mum’s idea.”

I watched him walking down the path. I closed the door when he was out of sight. I began wondering if I had a chance to get him back. Why did she want me there? Maybe she had changed her mind about me? OK it wasn’t like a date but at least I would see him again. Now I realised just how much I missed him, I had a chance to try and put things right.

It was a start wasn’t it?

The door went again and there she stood. God was I confused now!

She breezed past me and began petting the dog. This time I waited I didn’t want to ask her what she was doing here. I wanted to wait; she would tell me when she was ready.

“So are you coming to dinner?” she asked, still concentrating on the dog.

“Yes, thank you.”

“Did Nigel tell you it was my idea?”

I nodded as she straightened up.

“You will be my guest, not his you do understand that don’t you?”

I was a little confused by this, but just the chance to talk with Nigel had me ready to put up with anything, or so I thought.

“It will be like you are a friend of the family, not his wife do I make myself clear?”

I gulped, “What does that mean, exactly?”

“Nigel will be there with his new girlfriend. If that is too much for you to handle don’t come.”

I took a deep breath, “Why are you doing this? Why are you letting me see him now?”

“Although it hurts me to say it I think he still loves you, but he would never admit that to me. I want to see for myself, and for some reason I find your behaviour, interesting.”

I knew if I was to work all this out now I would get a headache.

“How are you off financially?”

I swallowed, “OK I suppose.”

“So you have enough money to buy my son a nice birthday present, a £300 watch or something of similar value?”

She knew I didn’t have money like that.

I knew this was insane but I couldn’t help myself. I sucked and kissed her toes as money fluttered down by my face. Again her feet were slightly sweaty, but it wasn’t unpleasant.

“I don’t think you can earn enough for my son’s present by just kissing my feet do you?”

I looked up at her. What the hell was she suggesting now?

“Stand up and take off your clothes down to your bra and panties.”

She didn’t bat a bloody eyelid! The words just flowed out of her mouth like she was talking about knitting or something.

I shook my head.

“Come on it’s not that difficult. You have intercourse with total strangers don’t you? Don’t you?” she spat.

I tried to think of a reason to tell her how this was worse, but I couldn’t. I just nodded my head.

“Isn’t my son worth it?”

Slowly I slipped my top off over my head. I couldn’t look her in the eye. I unzipped my skirt and just before I let go I realised she would see a wet patch again. I just let go of my skirt and I looked into her eyes, god those dark brown circles were eating me alive.

“Wet again aren’t you?” she said, with a real mocking tone.

I just stood shuddering in my white bra and pale blue panties, with a darker wet patch that I hadn’t seen but I knew it was there.

“Now go and make me a cup of tea.”

I hurried to the kitchen to boil the kettle. I found myself in the daft situation of feeling so turned on but not daring to admit it to myself. As for Maureen was she a lesbian? Was she likely to jump me and start kissing me? No, that wasn’t her style. I took the tea into her put it on the coaster. I had already spotted the roll of money she had left there.

“Put it in your bra.” she whispered.

I hesitated for a second.

“Go on you can’t be worrying about it now. Pick the money up.”

I pushed it into my bra.

“So you get turned on by kissing my feet do you?”

I gulped. I had to respond to this, but she was far better at mind games than I was and we both knew it.

“And you like it?” I said, waiting for a volley of abuse.

“Oh is that what you think? Well yes I do Ümraniye Yabancı Escort but only because I like being touched. It is you who can’t control yourself. You really are quite pathetic but you amuse me,” she said, with a slight grin.

It just made me feel worse as I knew it would. Her next move shocked me even more! She lifted her dress up slowly. I know this was so bizarre and I shouldn’t look, but she had complete control over me.

“Do you see a wet patch?”

I shook my head again.

“So who has a wet patch?” she asked, in a soft mocking tone.

I didn’t want to answer, it was like I was admitting I was the pervert and she was doing nothing wrong!

“I do, I have a wet patch,” my strangled voice said.

“Hmmm, and it’s getting bigger. Do you fancy me?”

“No!” I spat quickly.

“Then if it’s not me you fancy it must be what I’m telling you to do?”

I watched her sip her tea like she was at some bloody garden party.

“Can I get dressed now?” I mumbled.

“Not yet.”

I stood there watching her drink her tea. She didn’t look at the shuddering wreck that was leaking more and more into her panties.

She took out a purple coloured cigarette and started blowing out plumes of smoke. She had that strange way of smoking; it was like she really savoured every puff. She only smoked a few times a day but when she did she enjoyed it.

“So what are you going to do to earn the last £100?”

God this was it I had to now strip completely I thought.

She just watched me revelling in how tormented I was. She had that superior smug expression, and for once I suppose it was fitting.

“Come with me,” she said.

Like an idiot I followed her to the kitchen. I watched her put on my yellow rubber gloves. I backed away as I had visions of her groping my pussy with them.

“Put these in your bra covering each nipple.”

I looked at the two dripping tea bags that she had fished out of the tea pot.

Again I shook my head. She just pushed the tea bags to my hand.

“My son would like a very nice watch,” she said, raising an eyebrow.

I took the tea bags and put one over my left nipple, and then one over my right. My pussy began to run with my juice. I looked down at the two bra cups watching the brown tea stain grow and grow.

She just smiled as she picked up the teapot.

“Have you had an orgasm yet?”

I was shaking and shuddering, feeling tea dribbling down my breasts. My face was bright red. She raised that damn eyebrow demanding an answer from me.

“Not quite,” I gasped, in a throaty voice.

I mean why the hell I answered I didn’t know, and why I was just stood there letting her abuse me was just as incredible. I was panting quickly now I had only ever felt like this once before. I was sat on train and this man just stared at me. He had a real dirty leer on his face. He just kept looking at my legs. I should have been annoyed or scared, but I just had the most intense orgasm. I mean I even raised my skirt and exposed my panties to him!

I watched her lower the teapot.

“Pull your panties away from your pussy.”

“What are you going to do?” I asked like a twit.

She didn’t have to tell me again just that look demanded compliance.

We stared at each other. She was focused and confident. I was trembling and panting unable to keep my legs still.

I felt the rush of liquid pour over my pussy. I came immediately quivering and jerking as she just stood there grinning.

The tea flowed for ages trickling all over my fanny and soaking my panties. I could feel it dribbling down the insides of my thighs, onto my knees, and then over my ankles, a warm wet stream of tea. I pulled myself away clamping my legs together as my orgasm washed through me. I clung to the sink whimpering, with my legs almost collapsing.

“See you Wednesday night,” she whispered.

I turned to watch her leave. She looked back at me with a big grin.

“Cunt!” she spat.

I whimpered at the very sound of my nickname.

I spent ages trying to work it all out. But every time I thought I had an answer, two more questions came up. Maybe the money wasn’t the only reason, but that would be my excuse in case anyone found out. All I could really understand at the end was I liked to be dominated. I had never had these feelings before, I hadn’t even thought about it until now. But how had this woman (my mother in law) seen all this in me? She must have found it sexual too. Or was the real thrill for her punishing me? Did she hate me that much?

I tried to stop remembering the smell of her feet, or the way I hated her so much. Was this a love hate relationship? But this was my bitch of a mother in law! I hated the cow but why the fucking hell did it turn me on!

Wednesday night I went to her house. My head was full of doubt, but my pussy was full of excitement. Stupid I know because she was hardily likely to pour tea in my panties with a room full of people, was she? Ümraniye Yeni Escort

Now I had dressed quite sexily in a low cut yellow top, black miniskirt 6 inches off my knee, black tights, and black high heels. Two reasons for this, the first was to attract my husband, the second was to attract my mother in law!

I suppose you think I’m mad, but I couldn’t get either of them out of my head.

I stood at the front door and rang the bell. I tried to calm myself down but I felt flushed and horny.

“Well it looks like you made an effort. Cheap and tacky but then that’s you,” she said with a sneer.

I followed her into the house. Any sane person would have fled but not me. Her words made me feel so small and her eyes shot lasers into my head. Both of which had my pussy tingling.

I watched her swaying hips in the plum coloured dress. The hem was just off her knees and swirled around elegantly with every step. I watched her plum coloured high heels and the black tights she wore, they were far more expensive than what I had ever worn.

I’m sure she noticed my eyes drop to her cleavage when she opened the door to the living room; she gave me one of those almost undetectable grins. Her breasts were pushed together and filled the top of her dress, hanging slightly due to the weight and her being braless.

“Ah Harriet this is Nigel’s wife, on paper only of course,” she said with a titter.

OK Harriet suited her, stuck up bitch, but then she had the money to be stuck up. She seemed quite odd a little childish perhaps. Mummy and daddy spoilt her rotten by the look of her. She wore nice clothes, expensive but what I would consider dull, an ankle length flowery print dress and a white pearl necklace. Her ginger hair was a scraped back in a bun. How the fuck Nigel could fancy this thing was beyond me! Mind you his mother would probably tell him he did, and he wouldn’t argue with her, none of us did.

I tried to smile at her but my eyes were drawn to Nigel. She must have noticed because she slipped her hand through his.

“Hello Harriet,” I said.

God she looked straight down her nose at me, “are you a waitress or something?”

Her question was lost on me, and she must have noticed my mystified expression.

“Didn’t you have time to change?” she asked, as she looked over my clothes.

I opened my mouth but Maureen intervened, “you remember Uncle Jack don’t you Diane?”

How could I forget that disgusting old man? He never lost an opportunity to grope my backside! Now he was coming forward pursing his scabby lips!

I could see the look of delight on Maureen’s face as he pressed himself onto my lips. I felt his hand give my ass a pinch and a pat.

“Jack, stop that!” Maureen snapped.

Jack Green was the black sheep of the family. But he was the one who had money. You wouldn’t think it by the clothes he wore, or the state of his house! I remembered going to see him with Nigel once. I actually felt sick when I had to sit on his couch, I’m sure it was covered in fleas!

My father in law was 55, and had suffered a stroke or something which damaged his brain. Now and then he would drift off into his own little world. Some days he was better than others, but tonight I could see that far away look in his eyes. It was just like he was on his own, and sometimes he wouldn’t have a clue what was being said around him. People had to talk directly to him like he was deaf or something. Tonight he was on planet mars judging by the look in his eye!

I gave Nigel his present and got an, “Oh dear” from Harriett.

She lifted Nigel’s wrist showing me what looked like an expensive watch. It was far more expensive than the one I had bought him.

“Oh well I’m sure you’ll get a refund,” Harriett said, with a chuckle.

At dinner Maureen insisted I sat next to Jack.

“Just put up with it dear, pretend you are in the pub with one of your boyfriends, “she whispered in my ear.

Now I suppose I should have gone home, but she had gently stroked my neck and nobody seemed to pick up on this. Jack didn’t waste anytime. Every now and then he would squeeze my knee or my thigh. Again nobody would have seen this. But Maureen would give me a little knowing grin now and then.

I managed to get Nigel alone in the garden after dinner.

“Nigel you can’t fancy her? Why the hell are you going out with her?”

“Because she won’t sleep around and plan to run off behind my back,” he snapped.

OK I suppose I deserved that. But she wasn’t his type by a long way.

“You’re hiding something from me. I’ve seen the way you look at me. Every time I crossed my legs you looked. I know you still fancy me and I’m still your wife.”

I was getting a little annoyed by his attitude. But I calmed myself down before I spoke again.

“Look I know what I did was wrong, but please give me another chance, please? Nigel I’ll do anything you say if you just give me a chance.”

“I’m not fucking stupid Diane. I’m just doing this Ümraniye Masaj Salonu to please mum for a few weeks, when she sees I don’t fancy Harriett she’ll drop it. God it’s like the bloody history lessons, arranged marriages and that sort of stuff.”

“Then tell your mum you don’t fancy her now. We are still married; please I don’t want to be alone again.”

“Diane I don’t really now about us, I just can’t forget you were willing to walk out on me can I?”

Yes he had a point.

“Look you know how she goes on about things. You once told me the only way to stop her nagging is to show her. So in a few weeks she’ll give up on Harriett. I do miss you but it is too early to think about getting back together.”

“But you will think about it?”

He nodded and went back into the house. I felt a little happier now; if he was going to dump Harriett then I hoped I would have a chance again.

Nigel and his uncle Jack went down the pub, but not before the dirty old sod squeezed the top of my thigh as he kissed me goodbye.

So there I was getting ready to leave when Maureen starts on about nail varnish. Harriett had never painted her nails, and just one look from Maureen had me agreeing to do it for her! OK doing her fingers was fine but when Maureen insisted I did her toenails too I almost died on the spot.

I sat at her feet painting her nails feeling quite embarrassed.

“You really are quite good at that for a barmaid.”

I looked up at Harriett feeling a little angry.

“Oh Harriett I said she spends most of her time in pubs,” Maureen said, with a chuckle.

“Oh!” Harriett exclaimed, with a horrified look.

“I think she goes looking for a new boyfriend, but she never seems to keep them, do you Diane?”

I looked up into the smirking faces. I felt like some cheap tart because of the looks.

“Now why don’t you blow on Harriett’s toes so she can put her shoes on?”

I just knelt there in disbelief. Harriett lifted her foot slightly.

“Go on, she’s waiting,” Maureen said, in quite a demanding tone.

“Hold my foot so I don’t get cramp.”

I didn’t have to look at her face to know she was enjoying playing lady muck!

I held her ankle and began to blow on her toes that were inches from my face. I felt like a bloody maid but for some reason I couldn’t stop. She changed feet and I blew again.

“Oh it’s nice being pampered and made pretty for Nigel,” she mumbled.

Yes it was bloody humiliating!

“I think it’s about time you took the wedding ring off too. You are not my son’s wife anymore are you?”

“No,” I mumbled weakly.

“Give them to Harriett, she can look after them.”

I looked at my wedding and engagement rings. I didn’t want to let them go it would mean too much to just hand the over. Even when I was with Gary I hadn’t removed them, I wasn’t sure why I just couldn’t.

“Oh let her keep them. They might serve as a reminder how she has screwed things up!”

There was a change to Harriett instantly. She pulled out her hair and a glossy main of soft ginger curls bounced free. Her silly face had changed to that of a sexy young woman. I just stared at her in shock.

“Oh dear I seemed to have shocked you. Don’t worry Nigel hasn’t seen this look yet. But he will, tonight. You see we can all play the tart when we need to. You should know that more than anyone!”

I was on my feet and heading for the door, as the two cackling bitches couldn’t control their laughter.


I stopped in my tracks at Maureen’s command. She moved close behind me.

“If you want my son you’ll have to fight for him. Harriett won’t give in that easy, she can play the tart too, and she has money in the family. I’m sure watching him tonight he wants you I can accept that. But Harriett is worth more to me than you.”

I could feel her breath on my bare neck.

“So you will have to do certain things for me to win Nigel with my blessing. Think very carefully before you commit yourself.”

I felt her lips on my neck and she kissed me lightly.

“Also you are very wet, and I’m sure Harriett might think my game a little, improper?”

She gave my pussy a little squeeze causing me to gasp. Her hand had shot up my skirt as soon as she started talking, she lightly touched between my legs and I did nothing to stop her!

My hand was now on hers with just the thin material of my skirt between us. I pressed her hand against my pussy.

Her lips moved over my ear, “go home and finish yourself off, cunt.”

I tried to think of Nigel that night in bed. It was his face I could see, but his mother’s fingers that I imagined taking the place of mine. I moaned and groaned as Nigel’s face faded from my mind, and Maureen’s superior sneer took over. I hated her but I wanted to be able to smell her feet. I wanted to tell her to go to hell, but I wanted her to pour tea in my panties again.

My moaning and groaning became so loud Sammy barked. It was then I denied my orgasm right at that point.

I’m sure my bitch of a mother in law would be amused if she knew. I could just imagine her grinning face telling me to stop. I imagined it was her hand and she had cruelly pulled it away at the last moment. Yes she would do this to me she would do this to her daughter in law, her cunt!

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